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Feliz Navidad a Casa Whann

Feliz Navidad a Casa Whann

      En Construccion!!!      

Our Haunted Honeycation

Our Haunted Honeycation

          COMING SOON!!!!! OUR HAUNTED HONEYCATION Honeycation:  A Honeycation is a Vacation and a Second Honeymoon combined.  The term was originally coined by a woman who resides in the state of Florida whose name is Julie Lancaster-Whann.  That would be ME!…

Pumpkin Carving Party

Pumpkin Carving Party






























A. Hitchcock CLUE for Halloween

A. Hitchcock CLUE for Halloween

            Welcome to our Halloween Home We are Gordon and Julie and we LOVE Halloween, and Alfred Hitchcock! ———————————————– Psycho! I’ll be out of the shower in a minute!! COMING SOON FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!! Lock your doors and windows. You awake…

“Old” Miami

“Old” Miami

        Welcome to “Old” Miami I had originally entitled this post “Vintage Miami” because I wanted to harken back to those lovely old days of Miami in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  But the name “Vintage Miami” kept bothering me.  It just…

Stay Out of the Water, JAWS Week

Stay Out of the Water, JAWS Week








Good Morning!

Welcome to our JAWS Shark Week Dessert post:

Microwave Note: 

Make Dish that looks like the Beach

I’ve had that note on the microwave for the past 2 years. 

Then I finally created a dish that looks like the beach.

The Beach from the first JAWS Movie

The Lagoon from JAWS

I based my “Beach” dessert on this beach, and lagoon from the original movie, JAWS.

I believe this would make a great dessert for a child’s birthday or pool party, beach get together, etc.  I just recommend eating it outside as all the “sand” gets everywhere!  🙂


Julie’s Beach House

Click Here For:  Julie’s Beach House

Gordon and I made this beach house for me, that I absolutely love! 

I have since added some real sand underneath my beach house.  Instead of getting sand off our beach, I just bought a bag of it from the pet store.  It’s cleaner that way.  I just wanted it to look a bit more authentic.

If you would like to know how we built this beach house then just click on the link above.  This beach house does play a role in my Beach Dessert below.

Does this not look like a beach house where the “people” walk down the steps to the “beach” to enjoy their vacation? 

I think it does.  🙂

I did add a few extras to Julie’s Beach House.

The nice lifeguard station with some tourist beach chairs, beach ball, and a cooler. 

LOOK OUT!  That first step is a doozy!

The Beach, and the Lagoon

I LOVE how this turned out.  It really does look like the beach.  You have the “wet” sand, which is darker than dry sand.  I used graham cracker crumbs underneath the “water.”  You see how the waves come in and flow leaving some beach areas exposed and other’s underwater?  You can also see the “dry” sand as well, those are ground up cookie crumbs.  The dry sand is always lighter in color than the wet sand.

All the little beach chairs, float ring, beach buckets, cooler, beach ball…..  is all dollhouse furniture.


(You know there had to be a shark in there somewhere.)  🙂

The Beach on a Plate

This is a cheesecake dessert with a graham cracker crumb crust, topped with sandy cookie crumbs, and chocolate sea shells.  Served with cookie crumb rimmed glasses of pink juice.


I made this cheesecake for Brodie and Mackenzie.

The Shark Bite!

I made this from all the leftovers.


Oh, NO!!!  A shark is eating Spooky!! 


Blue and Pink


Here you can see how the beach dessert looks when you cut into it..


I would like to state that the color of sand on my beach is the same color of sand in Hawaii.  Oh, they do have the black sandy beaches, but the sand on most of them are a very coarse, tannish, brown color.  However, our Florida beaches are a bright white with sand that resembles powder.


How To Make a Tasty Beach

Oddly enough when I first got the idea to make an edible beach I knew that I wanted it to be a no-bake cheesecake instead of something like a giant cookie, etc.

I remembered back to this very easy, and tasty cheesecake that I made years ago.  Could I have made one from scratch?  Yeah, sure, but I didn’t want to.  Making this brand is fast, easy, and delicious.  I like cutting corners every now and then.

I bought about 5 or 6 boxes of this cheesecake but only 4 are shown in the photo above.

I bought about 3 Classic, and 3 Cherry Cheesecakes.

Just follow the package directions.  It’s nothing more than crumbled graham cracker crumbs, melted butter/margarine, and sugar.  It does call for making the crusty bottom first.  I even bought some extra Graham Crackers because I knew I would need to stretch the “sandy bottom” much further than a pie plate.

The Melted Butter/Margarine, Graham Cracker Crumbs, and Sugar

When you mix it all together it looks like sand.  🙂

This is a no-bake sandy bottom cheesecake.

I gathered up a large baking sheet, and I purchased 2 smaller baking sheets that are recyclable. 

You just want to spread the sandy beach around the baking sheets, pressing with a spoon, or your hands, to get the “sand” flat.  You don’t need an oily spray before you apply the “sand” because the butter in the “sand” keeps it from sticking.

I did anticipate that I would need more “sand” so I bought a box of Graham Crackers.  I ended up using that entire box in making my beach.  I would like to state that each box of cheesecake does come with a packet of graham cracker crumbs, but it was not enough to make my beach, which is why I bought extra.

Once you have finished with the “sandy beach,” set it aside and work on the cheesecake filling itself.


Just follow the package directions except I do add one thing not included in this kit.  BLUE food coloring!  Which blue food coloring you use is up to you.  But I just keep adding it until I get the color that I want while I mix the cheesecake filling in my mixer.


My BLUE Ocean Cheesecake

I do recommend using a cake frosting knife on this.  It will make it easier to spread.  You just want to cover the graham cracker crumbs with the “ocean” all the way up to the top of the baking sheet.

I did 3 baking sheets.  Now it’s time to place them in the refrigerator overnight.  We have an extra fridge outside in our garage so that is where I placed them.


How To Make The Dry Sand

3 Boxes of Nilla Wafers (reduced fat)  Why not?

(Cheaper version of Vanilla Wafers)

I used the dangerous Ninja food processor for this. 

Those blades do scare me! 

I did grind into a light sand all the cookies and placed them in baggies.

These are an Iced Almonette Cookie that I ground to a fine powder.  But what is so different about these cookies as opposed to the Nilla Wafers is that these cookies were iced.  That made them a moist sand, which I liked.


Making the Beach

What is so great about making this “beach” is that everything can be made the day before so that all you have to worry about is assembling your beach on the day of.

Here is our beach, and lagoon.

Something to consider when creating a beach is that the water/waves that come into the shore should show more “sand.”  Whereas the water deeper out should show more “ocean.”

I first set my “beach, and ocean” on the table to see how I wanted it to look.  I wanted to place it on our wooden table as it does kind of resemble a beachy drift wood.

My dry sand cookie crumbs, dollhouse beach furniture, and candy coated sea shells.

(I did have some gummy sharks for this project but Mackenzie and I ate all of them.)  🙂

I placed the table underneath my beach dollhouse that I have on this cabinet.  I also placed the steps that I had made for my beach house above to look as if they were steps leading down from the beach house to the beach.  I also placed a lifeguard station along the “beach” as well.

Spread some of the cookie crumbs around the outside of the table, like so in the photo above.

You then place your beach and ocean/lagoon where you want them and then cover with the cookie crumbs.  Add some beach furniture, candy sea shells, and then you are all set!

Oh, yeah, and just because it’s for Shark Week………







I had one box of cheesecake leftover from my beachy project so I decided to make it and give it to Brodie and Mackenzie.  It was a cherry cheesecake.  I also had some extra packets of cherry glaze that I wanted to use up.

So, I made everything according to package directions.

The Crusty Bottom

Seeing as how I had 3 cherry glaze packets leftover from all those previous boxes from above, I tried to use them all up here. 

First, by placing on top of the crust.


Adding PINK food coloring to the cheesecake filling.

I then just globbed it on top of the cherry filling…….

And added the remaining 2 packets of glaze to the top of the cheesecake…….

And NOW we have a SHARK BITE!!!


See you at the Beach!






Meet Sparky and Spooky

Meet Sparky and Spooky

            Meet Sparky and Spooky       They are the newest members of our family.  They are rescue dogs.  A mother and her son.  Spooky is a Chihuahua, and Sparky is a Chug.  A Chug is a Chihuahua/Pug mix. …



          Meet Hurricane Hurricane is a Blue Mustard Betta Fish If you look closely you can see his mouth here.  It kind of looks like he’s smiling.  🙂 Hurricane Acclimating Betta Fish are from Asia.  They live in the rice fields. …

Shark Week Feeding Frenzy

Shark Week Feeding Frenzy







We Love Shark Week!

I couldn’t think of a better start to Shark Week than this!

Shark’s Enjoying their Feeding Frenzy

(Carved wood sharks that Gordon purchased in the Philippines during his Navy career.)

Various Sushi’s with Ginger and Wasabi, Shrimp Sushi Rolls, Rollmops Herring, Creamed Herring, Pickled Onions and Beets Salad, (Sea) Cucumber Salad, and a Seafood Salad all nestled into beds of fresh Kale (Seaweed) while the sharks hover above.  🙂

Great Start to a Great Shark Week


Short Shark Week History

Shark Week originally premiered on July 17, 1988. Featured annually, in July and/or early August, it was originally devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks. Over time, it grew in popularity and became a hit on the Discovery Channel.

(As taken from Shark Week Wikipedia)

 Click Here For:  Shark Week Wikipedia


Click Here For:  Shark Week Discovery Channel Website

Great White


We have a few Shark Week blog posts if you care to take a look.

You can also view our Sh..sh..sh..sh..SHARK!!!  Week here……..

Click Here for Shark Week:



Click Here For:  Our Southern Shark Week Table

Just a few great recipes that you can make for Shark Week as well.


It wouldn’t be Shark Week without the Jaws Franchise, now would it?

I have Jaws 1, 2, and 3 on DVD.

Am I the only one that still watches DVD’s?  🙂

To me Shark Week isn’t just about watching The Discovery Channel official programs on sharks.  It’s also about us recreating our own Shark Week Fun!

(And just to give you a head’s up…That Jaws banner (above) will play a big role in our Shark Week 2020.)  🙂


Hurricane, our Betta Fish

I just felt compelled to include Hurricane in our Shark Week as he is our live “bait” in our kitchen.  🙂

Click Here For:  Hurricane




JAWS Cocktail

With Watermelon, and even a few Gold Fish Crackers


I wanted to make a cocktail for Shark Week so I searched through our “STASH” and came up with this one.

I knew that I wanted it to be RED, hence the Watermelon mixer, Blood Orange Juice, Fresh Watermelon, and the Shark HOT SAUCE!

A blender is needed here.

  I placed several ice cubes in the blender along with several chunks of watermelon.

I had my son Brodie do the pouring as I did the photography.

But here he is adding the Watermelon Mixer, The Blood Orange Juice and the White Rum.

(My advice to everyone is to use your own discretion.  Add as much or as little as you like.  For us we did about 1/3 of each.)

Now you want to blend everything together in the mixer.

Pour into a Pitcher


Now for the SHARK’S BITE!

Add your favorite hot sauce to the cocktail and a few watermelon wedges.


She Sells Sea Shells Pasta and Crab Salad

With Shark Literature, of course.

On a bed of fresh seaweed…. (Kale)


Or on a lovely platter.

Julie’s “She Sells Sea Shells” Crab and Pasta Salad


I based this recipe on Gordon’s Imitation Crab Salad:

 Crab Salad

Gordon makes the best crab salad ever.  The secret is using rice wine.  Also we don’t use real crab, this is imitation crab, white fish from Alaska.  I love real crab but unless we know where it comes from then we don’t eat it.  Next time we are in Virginia and Maryland we will definitely chow down on some crab.

The pretty bowls I bought at the Asian Supermarket.  Here I glued two bowls together, one upside down.  I have a friend who’s birthday sign is Cancer, the crab, I’m planning on giving her a nice set as a gift.  I do love mine though!


2 Packages Imitation Crab 8 oz. Louis Kemp Crab Delights (flaked)

3 Celery Stalks (finely chopped)

2 tsp Old Bay Seasoning

1 Cup Miracle Whip Salad Dressing

3 Tbsp Sweet Cooking Rice Seasoning (Kikkoman Manjo Aji-Mirin)

In a medium bowl, flake your imitation crab meat then add the rest of the ingredients. 

Mix all the ingredients well and taste to ensure the seasoning is to your liking.

Chill for 1 hour in the refrigerator and serve with your favorite crackers. 

We like the butter flavored ones best!


Julie’s Recipe

I base my recipe on Gordon’s, above, except I use a bit more of everything.  I also like Hellman’s Mayonnaise here as opposed to Gordon’s Miracle Whip.  I also added some shredded carrots I had leftover in the ice box.  And I added some extra Mirin, about 6 Tablespoons. 

My advice is to taste it as you go.



I’m also adding Sea Shell Pasta to mine!

The Mirin here is the secret ingredient! 

Buy it!  Also use it in macaroni salad.  It brings a better taste to these kinds of salads.

I used my hands to flake the Imitation Crab (Alaskan White Fish)

Dice some celery, as much as you like.


Rinse and add your shredded carrots.  I just eyeball everything.  Give the salad a bit of balance.

I did try and dice the carrots as small as I could. 


While I was assembling this salad I did boil some pasta shells on the stove top until al dente. 

When drained, add them to the ingredients in your mixing bowl.

Hellman’s Mayonnaise to Bind

I myself don’t like a lot of mayonnaise. 

I like to see my salad and not have it all drenched in white.

Now just place into the ice box for about an hour so that the salad can chill together with the flavors blending.

Serve any way that you like.

See You at the Seashore!











Our Southern Shark Week Table

Our Southern Shark Week Table

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Cool, Refreshing Summer

Cool, Refreshing Summer

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Julie Whann Way Mexicana, Si!

Julie Whann Way Mexicana, Si!

Continue reading Julie Whann Way Mexicana, Si!

Julie’s Beach House

Julie’s Beach House

Continue reading Julie’s Beach House

Our Stars and Stripes 4th. of July Breakfast

Our Stars and Stripes 4th. of July Breakfast

Independence Day

Good Morning Patriots

Welcome to Our Stars and Strips 4th. of July Breakfast

(These would be the “Stars.”)  🙂

Wakey, Wakey.  Can’t you just smell the Patriotism?


Gordon and Julie Whann

(Not a “Real” American last name.  We humbly apologize.

A real American last name would be an Indian name.  Just sayin’.)

Orange Juice, (Florida, of course.)

Ah, Liberty Sausages from Patriotic Pigs

(who voluntarily lined up for the slaughter.)

You can just Taste the FREEDOM!


So, what’s on our Patriotic Menu?

-FREE-TTATA (Fittata)

Because “Frittata’s” aren’t FREE!

-Chief Whann’s Blue Potatoes


-The Southern Biscuits Shall RISE AGAIN!


Chief Whann’s Blue Potatoes

Gordon is a retired Navy Chief.  He served 20 years in the military.  When we created this great breakfast Gordon and I were thinking of names to call it?  Gordon suggested that we use the colors of the flag to determine the names of the dishes.  However, the colors Red, White and Blue did not have meanings for the Stars and Stripes in 1777. 

But, the GREAT SEAL did.

White signifies Purity and Innocence.

Red, Hardiness and Valour.

And Blue, the color of the Chief, signifies Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.

Hence, our Chief Whann’s Blue Potatoes

(Because these blue potatoes don’t run.)  🙂


I am so giggling as I type this.  We did this breakfast in 2018, but I didn’t get around to working on it until this year, 2019.  Gordon is currently working overseas but we do talk on the phone daily.  I was telling him that I am doing the write up for this and we have been batting around fun “patriotic” names on the phone while laughing our heads off.

Stan and Francine Smith, American Dad

Not because we aren’t patriotic, but because we had the T.V. show American Dad, on our minds.  We are a huge fan of the show and this is the kind of breakfast that the Smith’s would serve on Independence Day morning.

Happy July 4th. to ALL!

Because whether or not we agree politically, we are all American’s no matter what our last names may be.  And we all should love our country enough to protect it from foreign adversary’s.  This is our holiday!  I really don’t want to say——

-Cyactnnboro 4ro.nionr ——-in the future. 

That’s Happy July 4th. in Russian!


Old Glory


Chief Whann’s Blue Potatoes

Rinse your potatoes well using a large colander as shown.


1 large bag of Blue Potatoes = ~ 18 potatoes

½ stick of Butter
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1 large Yellow Onion
3 Garlic Cloves
Salt and Pepper to taste

Using a sharp knife slice your Yellow Onion into rings as shown about ¼ inch thick.

Place about 2 Tbsp of butter in a large sauté pan on medium heat.

Slice your Blue Potatoes into ¼ inch think rounds as shown. Once the butter has melted, add your
potato slices.

Add your Olive Oil to the pan and stir to coat and cook evenly.

Nice picture Julie!  🙂  (Thank you Gordon.)

Add some salt and pepper to taste. The salt we used is a Florida Blend!

While the potatoes are cooking, slice your garlic thinly and the onion rings in half as shown.

(Here Gordon is flipping/tossing the potato mixture to blend together. 

To “Flip” means to Saute in French culinary terms.)


When your potatoes are tender and almost finished cooking, add your onion slices. Toss the mixture to
mix or stir them all together.

Now, add a touch more butter and olive oil to the pan. Continue to Sauté the mixture until the onions
start to brown as shown, then add your garlic slices.

Sauté the garlic for about 5 to 6 more minutes to rid it of its raw flavor and then you are done!

What a great addition to any breakfast!


Breakfast FREE-ttata’s

With this recipe, you can use as little or as much as you want with the ingredients. Just be sure to not
use too many vegetables though so you will still have room for your eggs. I like the ratio of ¼ veggies to
¾ egg mixture.

FREE-ttata Ingredients:

½ Red, Yellow, and Green Bell Pepper – sliced and chopped
¼ Yellow Onion sliced and diced
2 Garlic Cloves sliced and thinly diced
4 to 5-inch piece of ½ of a Leek – sliced into half rounds
Cherry Tomatoes
¼ stick of butter
Green Onions
1 Dozen Eggs
1 Culp Half and Half
Italian and Mozzarella Cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste

Washing Herbs

Depending on how many FREE-ttata’s you are going to make, will depend on how much of each ingredient
you are going to use. With that said, begin to slice up your Bell Peppers.

Slice your Bell Pepper in half, then remove the seeds and the stem.

Now, slice the bell pepper into long thin slices as shown.

Using your knife, remove any white part of the inside of the bell pepper as it is very bland.

Nice picture Julie!  🙂  (Thanks Gordon.)

Do the same for all the Bell Peppers.

 Then chop the
slices into medium dice pieces.

Here is your Leek which can be very dirty inside, as seen later on.

Be sure to rinse all your vegetables before slicing them.

Pour about 3 Tbsp’s of Olive Oil into a large sauté pan and turn to medium heat.

When the oil is hot, add your Bell Peppers as they take the longest to cook.

Add some salt and pepper to taste.  We are using a Florida blend salt mixture here. 

But you can use whatever you like.

Slice your Leek in half as shown. I told you this vegetable is Dirty!

Rinse the dirt away from the root end as shown. Doing this will ensure the dirt doesn’t get further down
into the white part of the leek.

Here, I am slicing up the onion.

Now, slice your root end off the leek, then slice the leek into thin strips as shown.

Picture of me cooking everything… multitasking at its best!

Once your bell peppers are nicely sautéed, add your leeks and onion and stir.

Slice your Cherry Tomatoes in half as shown.

Now, slice your garlic thinly.

Once your onions and leeks have begun to wilt, add your cherry tomatoes.

Then add your sliced garlic and stir together well.


Add about a tsp of butter to the mixture and stir some more.

Add some freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Left, Slice your Chives thinly as shown. These are from our garden!

Next, slice the root ends off your Green Onions, and slice into thin rounds as shown.

Beautiful Colors!

Remove the Oregano from the stems as shown.

Remove some of the larger stems from your parsley before slicing.

Slice your parsley thinly.

Gordon Cooking in our Florida Kitchen

We do so love our tacky Florida Kitchen.  🙂



Crack your eggs into a large bowl… here we will use a dozen.

Using a whisk, combine all the eggs until well blended.

Pour 1 cup of half and half into the whisked eggs.

Whisk to Combine


Add some salt to the egg mixture … here we added a special Florida blend.

And also add some freshly ground pepper.

Add as much or as little of the herbs you just chopped to the egg mixture and whisk to combine.


Using your favorite cooking spray, coat each ramekin with enough to just cover the surface.

Now, add a large spoonful of your sautéed vegetable mixture to the bottom of the ramekin.

Add about a Tbsp of Mozzarella cheese to your ramekin.

Using a ladle to add the egg mixture to your ramekin. Add just enough to go ¾ of the way up the side of
the ramekin as shown.


Top your egg mixture with about a Tbsp of any Italian cheese.

Place your ramekins on a cookie sheet just in case the eggs spill over during the cooking process.
Preheat your oven to 350’F and when at temperature, place them in for ~15 minutes.


Here is a great picture of the eggs most of the way through the cooking process. Nice close detailed
shot Julie! Cook them about a few minutes more and they should be fully cooked. Remember, the
residual heat will continue to cook the eggs well after you have removed them from the oven.

Here you can really see the beautiful colors of the herbs and vegetables.


Our Southern Biscuits Shall Rise Again!!

As someone who was born and raised in the south, except for our 13 years of living in a foreign country, Hawaii—— and our Yankee year’s living in Maryland.  I am ashamed to say that I have nevah made biscuits.  I shall have to remudy that in the fewcha.

Howevah, these biscuits are a nice substitution for the real thang.


Our Patriotic Sausages

Heuh is the “red” in houwuh Red, White, and Blue.

These are just little smokey sausages that Gordon browned in a saucepan with olive oil, on the stove top, on a medium heat. 

You just want to brown them.




“As GOD as my witness, As GOD as my witness,

they’re not going to lick me!

I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again.  No, nor any of my folk. 

If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill, As GOD as my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.”

Scarlett O’Hara

(At least not until the BBQ Dinner later on.)  🙂


Happy 4th. Y’all!

Julie and Gordon “Whann”

(And no, we’re not Mexican, or Chinese.) 

Whann is Welsh.  🙂

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