Cool, Refreshing Summer





In Progress………..

Happy Summer

Welcome to a VERY Cool, Refreshing Summer on our Backyard Lanai Extension. 

It is Hot, Hot, Hot!

But we are doing all we can to Cool, Cool, Cool, it down!

Gelato, anyone?

Gelato is Italian Ice Cream that is so superior to our American Ice Cream as Gelato is very thick and rich, whereas our Ice Cream tends to be whipped with lots of air in it.

We wanted to have Gelato on the Lanai so this is what we did.

I used some terra-cotta pottery to hold the ice packed Gelato’s of all different flavors.

We had a leftover Pumpkin Spice Panettone, some dark chocolate Pumpkin Spiced, and some Italian biscuits that needed to be eaten up.


The Pumpkin Spice Panettone

The Italian Torcetti Pastry Cookies

And some Cream Filled Pastry Cookies


Gordon with our Monk

We are really enjoying our new Lanai Extension and hope to spend as much time out back as we can.


Inside Leftover Gelato plus……

Gelato for 4!


Enjoy your Summer Treats!

Julie and Gordon