Julie’s Side Project

Julie’s Side Project

Happy Gardening!

My name is Julie and I would like to introduce you to my latest backyard project.

I am very much into gardening, and growing my own herbs, and even a few vegetables.

I also like having everything above ground and not planted directly in the ground.  Because I live in a neighborhood where we live very close in proximity to our neighbors, I don’t want their run off from their lawns where some of them use chemicals in order to make their grass this beautiful green.  The downside is that those chemicals cause cancer. Therefor, we like to grow things above ground to try our best and avoid that.

This is the sunniest part of our yard but it also tends to flood during rainy season.  When I saw this raised planter I knew that I wanted it to grow a few things.

So perfect for this side of our backyard.


Sun is important to growing any kind of herb, or vegetable.

I do believe in utilizing every single space to our advantage.  I also like growing beautiful things mixed in with useful things.

Here you see some succulents, a lovely palm, my planter, and some colorful pots of bell peppers in front.


We also have an Herb Garden.

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We love coming outside and cutting our own herbs to add to our foods.


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The Glorioso Vine, also known as Fire Lilies


My Planter Project

When my planter arrived it was in pieces. 

I asked my son Brodie to put it together for me.  He did!

Brodie Assembling my Planter

Now that it is assembled……


I had Brodie to place my new side project onto about 8 cement blocks on the side of the yard.  I did this because I don’t want my planter to sink into the ground when it rains.  It needed some kind of base.  During rainy season we do have a lot of flooding on this side of our yard.


Glamour Gardening

You are probably wondering why in the world I am dressed as I am here?  Well, I do my gardening in vintage inspired swimsuits.  The white gloves are my new gardening gloves, which I thought looked very formal.  So, I just added some pearls, and hair and make-up, and the rest is history.  And don’t forget the glamour sunglasses.  🙂


Once the project was assembled, and placed where it will be for the foreseeable future, it was time to buy the soil. 

For this project I needed Potting Soil.  If it goes into a pot, or planter, then it needs to be Potting Soil.  I think we ended up using a good 8 bags here.  You also want to fill it up to about 3/4 of the way up.

Me, rolling up my sleeves for the project.


Buying the things that go into the project.

Our Wheel Barrel Full of Plants

Here I am on our Lanai Extension with many plants that will be planted in my Side Project and a few plantings on our lanai.

I put a lot of thought into exactly what I wanted, and over a period of a week I shopped around a few places to see how things would go together.  And I also can never resist buying a few pretty flowers and pots here and there.


Now is the time to set everything out and where you want to place them. 

Some things have to be spaced with room to spread out.

I bought some Roma Tomatoes, Hybrid Tomatoes, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow and Purple Bell Peppers.

I also bought some more basil to place in the spots in between.

Now that I have everything ready…….


……It’s Time to do the Planting

This is what I look like when I work outside.  Hair up, visor, sunglasses, vintage inspired swimsuit, and lots and lots of sunscreen.

Oh, and garden gloves.


Now that everything is planted…….

You can see the Tomatoes and Basil!  🙂

Now for the Cover

This will keep the animals out. 

It is secured by ties and hooks. 

One thing that I did worry about is that the cover may just blow away in our summer storms. 

But, It is secured very well that I don’t worry about it now.

Now I am ready to reap the harvest.  I just need the sun to do it’s part.

  The rain/my sprinkler system, to do it’s part.  And me to make sure everything is in proper order.


And a Watering Can, just Cause.  🙂


Just Adding some 1940’s Glam to Gardening.  🙂

Why Not?




(Hey, we all start somewhere.)  🙂