Happy Birthday To BFIFWJ

Happy Birthday To BFIFWJ










We made it to 8 years!!

July 6, 2019

AND, we have a new website format to boot!  🙂


Happy Birthday To Bare Foot In Florida With Julie

We are 7 Years Old Now

July 6, 2018


This year we gave everyone an assortment of the Barefoot Wines that we love so much.



6 Years, July 6, 2016

Celebrating with some Barefoot Spritzer’s

This outdoor sink was one of Gordon’s projects he installed for our backyard that is featured on our website.

When it’s not holding our refreshments it is also a working fountain.

Gordon the Goof!  Gotta love him!


We didn’t celebrate a 5 because we were busy and kind of forgot about it.  🙁

But, here are some of the leftovers from Birthday 4!


Happy Birthday to Us, We are 4!

July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday BarefootInFloridaWithJulie.com

We are 5 years old today!


Champagne By the Fountain


Happy Birthday to US.  We are 3 Today!

July 6, 2014

Celebrating with a Cheesecake covered with Graham cracker crumbs and chocolate feet.


Happy Birthday to US!

We are TWO Today!

July 6, 2013

Angel Food Cake w/ Seafoam Frosting

My Sea Shells and my Grandmother’s Vintage Pearl Neckace

Don’t forget the punch with green sherbet!



Happy 1st. Birthday to BFIFWJ!!!!!!

The very first coconut that I ever painted in Hawaii.


Our Flip Flop Cake


For our very first website birthday I wanted to make a barefoot cake but I couldn’t find a barefoot mold.  BUT, I did find a flip flop.  So I thought, close enough!


The extra cake batter went toward cupcakes.

Happy Birthday!


Thank you to everyone that has supported us over the years. 

We appreciate you very much!