Huli Huli Julie Caesar

Huli Huli Julie Caesar

Huli Huli Julie Caesar

Gordon and I were first introduced to Huli Huli chicken when we were living in Hawaii.

J Blue_small

(See our Blue Hawaiian’s and Huli Huli Chicken post for the recipe.)

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But this time I wanted to extend it further into my Caesar salad, hence the name.  Any chicken will do but this recipe is especially delicious.  I guarantee that it is nothing that you ‘mainlander’s have ever tasted before.

Huli Huli Chicken_small

Huli Huli Chicken on the Grill

 grilling the romaine lettuce_small grilled romaine_small

Grilled Romaine Lettuce

Tastes delicious by the way.  But anything grilled does.

 both grilled_small leftover cold Huli Huli_small

Leftover cold Huli Huli chicken torn up into small pieces and placed all over two romaine lettuce halves that have been grilled.  Then top with your favorite toppings.  I do tend to go overboard with the croutons but in my defense they are fat free. 

I also added some roasted pine nuts and some grated Parmesan cheese and of course my favorite Caesar dressing.

huli huli caesar close up_small


add the orchid_small

Don’t forget the Orchid


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