Blue Hawaiian’s and Huli Huli Chicken

Blue Hawaiian’s and Huli Huli Chicken


Gordon and Julie atop Diamond Head 1986

Gordon and Julie atop Diamond Head, 1986

Welcome to:

Blue Hawaiians and Huli Huli Chicken

Gordon Blue Hawaii_small J Blue_small

Excellent Cocktail


 Elvis and Hawaii_small BH garnishes_small

Blue Hawaiians

 -3 oz. Rum

-1 oz. Blue Curacao

-2 oz. Pineapple Juice

-1 oz. Simple Syrup (We used the juice from a can of Jackfruit in place of this.

Jackfruit in syrup_small

You can find it at your local Asian supermarkets. 

I love this fruit!  It tastes like gummy bears in syrup to me.



This is what the Jackfruit really looks like.

 Once you’ve combined your Blue Hawaiian ingredients then you want to place them in a blender and add some ice.  Perfect for those hot tropical evenings.

surfboard BH_small

We garnished our drinks with some slices of our key limes, some pineapple and some Jackfruit.

And an orchid, of course.

Gordon and Elvis share the same birthday.


Gordon Huli Huli Grill_small

We had the privilege of living in Hawaii for 13 years where we were introduced to so many delicious island flavors.

Here is just one.

Delicious Huli Huli_small

Huli Huli Chicken

Huli Huli Chicken_small

  I promise it’s not like anything you have ever tasted here on the mainland. 

But I do promise that you will love it!

Recipe Sauce:

-1/2 Cup Ketchup

-1/2 Cup Soy Sauce

-1/2 Cup Brown Sugar (We used Splenda Brown Sugar)

-1 1/2 Cups Pineapple Juice

-1/4 Cup Rice Vinegar (We used Orchids)

-3-4 Garlic Cloves, Chopped

-3 Tablespoons grated ginger

-2 Tablespoons Siracha Sauce (We used Tu’ong Ot Toi Vietnam )

To Make the Glaze:

Combine the ketchup, soy sauce, brown sugar, pineapple juice, vinegar, garlic, ginger, and Siracha sauce in a saucepan.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to medium and simmer until a thick consistency.  It should be like syrup, about 20 minutes on the stove. 

Just arrange the chicken on the grill and baste the chicken with the sauce on both sides, grilling for about 8 minutes on each side until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees.  The chicken should be firm but not overcooked. The chicken’s internal temperature will rise to about 165F, the proper temperature for chicken to be cooked. 

Huli Huli Pork Chops

Huli Huli Pork chops_small

Same As Above, Simply Perfect!

Best pork chop ever_small


raw veggies ready for the grill_small

Veggies Ready for the Grill

grilling red onions zucchini and eggplant_small

What else are we having for dinner?

grillin Japanese eggplant_small

Grilled Japanese Eggplant

Japanese eggplant_small

It looks different from our eggplant as it is long and thin.

 King Oyster Mushrooms_small King Mush_small

King Oyster Mushrooms

King Mushrooms on the grill_small

You just grill them the same way you would any vegetable, with some olive oil.

Huli Huli with Chinese Take Out_small

We also picked up some ‘Chinese Take Out’ as well.


While the Grill Was Hot….

beautiful and delicious grilling veggies_small

We decided to grill up some skewers of veggies for sandwiches.

dont forget the grilled ciabata bread_small

Also some Ciabatta Bread

Herbed goat cheese and nice hummas for our sandwiches_small

Add some Herbed Goat Cheese and some Hummas

perfect grilled sandwich_small

And you have an excellent healthy sandwich.

grilled veggie sandwich with goat cheese and hummas_small

Soooo Good!


Aloha and Mahalo!

Gordon and Julie Waikiki Beach 1986

Gordon and Julie 1986 Waikiki Beach


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