Gordon’s Dole Pineapple Outrigger Canoe and Cocktail








Welina Kanaka, Pomaikai oe i ‘ane’i

(Welcome people, happy you are here.)

The Aloha Way

Flowers, Foliage, Fruits, and Coconuts


Julie and Gordon at a Dole Pineapple field on Oahu, 1987, I’m pregnant with Veronica and eating a Dole Whip.

The beautiful mountains of Hawaii.

The trade winds create the mountains to look like this.

Dole Pineapple Shop

Veronica, Brodie, Julie, and Grammaw Nell at the Dole Shop, 1996

Eating a Delicious Dole Whip

When you think of Hawaii people automatically think of pineapples, and especially the Dole brand of pineapples.

The pineapple plays a big role in the Hawaiian culture whether eaten, or used as decoration.  You will see many a pineapple at a luau, perfect just as a centerpiece.

The Dole Whip is to die for!  A pineapple smoothie eaten with a spoon.


We have been doing a bit of reliving our Hawaiian past lately and creating lovely memories of food and drink.

Here is something that Gordon created with the legendary Don Ho in mind.

Our Don Ho Cocktails

Gordon’s Pineapple Outrigger Canoe and my Mango Mac Nut Bread Cake

To View My Vintage Mango/Mac Nut Bread Cake Blog Post Click Below:

Kulii’s Vintage Hawaiian Mango/Mac Nut Bread Cake with Pasta Flowers

This is honestly the nicest sweet I have ever eaten.  The batter was even to die for!


Gordon Making our Don Ho Cocktails

These are actually souvenir glasses that we picked up from various luau’s we went during our life in Hawaii.

The Ingredients for our Cocktail:

Pour 3 Cups Orange Juice and 2 Cups Pineapple juice into a large pitcher.

Add 3 Tbsp of Grenadine Syrup and 4 shots of White Rum to the pitcher.

Now add 3 shots of Malibu Coconut Rum to the pitcher.

Add ice and pour into your rock glass.

The ice “rocks” we brought from home with us, we have a great mold for them.

Top with roasted shaved coconut or …

grilled pineapple wrapped around by a wedge of dried mango speared through a skewer.

Ke Aloha!


This is my ‘delicious drink face.’


Gordon Creating an Outrigger Canoe out of a Pineapple

This is a fairly common table decoration at any luau or Hawaiian party.

An Outrigger Canoe Carved out of a Pineapple

To make these cuts, use a thin long blade.

First, cut the pineapple just in front of the core almost in half.

Then cut an an angle toward the core to where the edge of the cut is just below the core.

Now, take your knife a slice just under the core from the top to the bottom of the pineapple without cutting through the base or the top.

Below are better pictures illustrating the cut.  Then slice down the edge of the core just enough to loosen the edge of the core.

DO NOT slice deeper than the depth of the core.  The pineapple core should now be loose.

Now, take your knife and slice through the bottom edge of the fruit to the base and top ensuring your knife goes all the way through from side to side as seen below.

Slice down below the core from the top down, to loosen the top edge of the fruit.

Then slice five more times making equal cuts to the base of the fruit.

Making the cuts as said above will allow you to loosen the section as seen below.

Slide the wedges on opposite sides away from each other creating the outrigger.

Add some small paddles to finish the outrigger.


There you have it!  A unique table decoration for your next tropical themed party.


A Hui Hou Kakou

(Until we meet again.)

Gordon and Julie


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