Whann Way Sushi

Whann Way Sushi


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(Means ‘Good Afternoon.’  I’m assuming you are reading this in the afternoon, so….)

Yokoso to our Whann Way Sushi

We are happy to have you here.

My Sake_small

A Few of our Sake Bottles

(I placed the pretty paper sticker/graphics on them.)

and my Green Tea Kit Kats that I love so much.

We had the pleasure of living in Hawaii for 13 years. 

Hawaii is a melting pot of many cultures, Polynesian, Asian, American, Portuguese….

We were introduced to so many foods through the different cultures on the islands and came to love them as well as the Hawaii lifestyle.  We brought that lifestyle with us when we moved back to the mainland and it will be forever entwined in everything that we do.

Eating Sushi, Wearing Sushi Pajamas

The Japanese people are beautiful and we love their culture whether ancient or modern.  We wanted to start a food blog based on our love of this food, but we wanted to do it our way, the Whann Way.

Hope you will enjoy.


(All that means Thank You)

Julie and Gordon


We also love our beautiful Asian collectibles.  I am always on the look for more.  The two vintage sake bottles below I found at thrift stores, one in Hawaii and the other here in Florida.

Kanpai! (Cheers)

Cherry Blossoms

Plum Wines and Sake

My Beautiful Geisha’s

Fans that my daughter, Veronica, and I made while in Hawaii.  Chopsticks are the handles.

Plums, Rice Crackers, and a Movie

Memoirs of a Geisha



Don’t forget your take out in the bento boxes.


(Sleep tight)


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