Hawaiian Hum Lum Sun Prunes

Hawaiian Hum Lum Sun Prunes


hum lum prunes out on the balcony_small

Hawaiian Hum Lum Sun Prunes

We had the privilege of living 13 wonderful years in Hawaii, where we experienced many different foods from the many different cultures that settled there.  One of the delicacy’s that we were introduced to were Hum Lum Prunes.  To me they are similar to Preserved Lemons, except these are “cooked” out in the sun for 3-4 days until ready.  Although we are living in Florida now, with a different climate than Hawaii, (Oahu has a year round temperature of 75 degrees, while Florida’s does fluctuate from extremely hot summers to milder winters with some freezing days, I calculated when the best time to make these would be, given our Florida Temps.)

Hum Lum Prunes outside_small

  I decided that making these in our cooler winter months, where are temps were in the 70’s, would be the best time. 

I also had to take into account our backyard critters, the mischievous squirrels!!  I knew that they may topple over my jar of Hum Lum Prunes and crack them open, as they sometimes do things that they shouldn’t.  🙂

So, I decided that the next time I was out at the beach condo, and the temps were in the 70’s, that I would make these, and now is that time!

Finished hum lum prunes_small Hum Lum prunes finished_small

Hum Lum Sun Prunes all Ready


Ingredients for Hum Lum Prunes_small

The Ingredients for Hum Lum Sun Prunes

This is an old Hawaiian recipe that most no longer make.  They are hard to find and expensive to order.  Yet extremely EASY to make!

Sea Salt from Hawaii_small


-3 lbs. Prunes

-9 lemons, juiced with the rind cut into strips.

-6 T.  apple cider vinegar

-6 T. Hawaiian sea salt

-1 1/2 – 2 cups brown sugar

You then want to mix all your ingredients together and place into a large glass jar or some sort of glass container.  Then you place out in the sun for 3 -4 days.  Prunes should be ready to eat at that time.  The sun will “cook” the prunes in the lemon juice. 

making the hum lum prunes in the condo_small

The Making Of:

who doesnt love a bowl full of prunes_small

A Bowl Full of Prunes

a bowl full of prunes_small

Who doesn’t love a bowl full of prunes?  🙂

First place your prunes into a large bowl.

lots of lemons_small

You next want to slice your lemons, juice them into a small bowl, then cut up the rind into slices.

juicing and cutting up the lemons_small lemon rind and juice_small

Then add all of your ingredients to the prunes.

Added the sea salt_small

making hum lum prunes_small brown sugar on top_small

Here Hawaiian sea salt and brown sugar is added to the prunes, apple cider vinegar, lemons and lemon juice.

ready to place in a jar_small

Mix Everything Together

You then want to place everything in a jar and place secured outside in the sun.

Here I use my son’s skim board and a beach towel.

Hum Lum prunes out on the condo balcony_small

Bring Inside at Dusk Each Night

bring inside at dusk_small

Then place out in the sun the next day.


When the Prunes were Ready….

Ready to head down to the beach for sunset_small

We decided to go on a sunset picnic.

Our cute little picnic_small

We have a beautiful beach here on Indian Shores.  Every chance we get we love to view our sunsets and have some sort of picnic.

our sunset pu pus on the beach_small

Here we had a lovely evening of pu-pu’s on our beach.

Gordon opening the wine_small opening bottle of wine_small friends family label_small

The wine was a gift from a friend who’s family has their own vineyard, makes their own wine, but does not sell it. 

They give it to friends.

beautiful beach table_small

It was delicious!

our hum lum prunes_small

Some of our Dirty Garden Martini in a Jar, and our Hum Lum Sun Prunes

pretzels and a rhasberry mustard sauce_small

Delicious Mustard/Raspberry Dip and Pretzels

pretzels and dip_small


Julie January beach_small

Sunset on the Beach

Gordon looking for sharks teeth_small

Julie on the beach in January_small

Sunset Is Here

look its Jesus_small option_small

Ahh.  Doesn’t get any better than this.

Our January Sunset_small

Happy New Year!

Julie and Gordon



Happy Birthday to Gordon!

His Spongebob Squarepants Birthday Cake

January 8th.

eating Spongebob_small Happy Spongebob day_small

Great Way to End our Day!


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