Hawaiian Popcorn and Moana, Maika ‘i loa

Hawaiian Popcorn and Moana, Maika ‘i loa

 I wanted to start out with a family favorite. 

Hawaiian Popcorn!

(Sometimes referred to as Hawaiian Hurricane.)

Only in Hawaii can you go to the movie theater and have seaweed in your popcorn.  So with that in mind, and seeing as how we were so excited about Disney’s new Moana movie, we decided to make our own.

Hawaiian Popcorn and a Movie

Disney’s Moana

P.S.  Hawaii really does look like this.  It is NO exaggeration.

It’s paradise!


Me and My Girl Scout’s Going Outrigging

You can see Chinaman’s Hat in the background.

That would be ME climbing on board.  In the photos Veronica is sitting at front on the far left.

This was so much fun!  I was so proud of my girls.

Little Brodie managed to enjoy himself swimming while we were outrigging.

Hawaii is such a beautiful state.  Perfect weather all year round on our island.

Me, with my Girl Scout’s and little Brodie, our mascot.  🙂

I think that having the Moana movie has made us all think about Hawaii more and reminisce about our many years there and it is in part of why I started these Hawaiian blogs to begin with. 

This is sooooo good!

So whether we are watching Moana, or re-runs of the original Hawaii 5-0, this is perfect!


The Ingredients:

This is our Whann Way Version

Popped Popcorn

Variety of Rice Crackers

(Some hot and some mild)

Wasabi Peas

Black Lava Salt (Hawaiian Sea Salt)

(But use any salt that you like)


Aloha Shoyu

1/2 Stick of Butter/Margarine

Love The Rice Crackers

First you want to pop whatever brand of popcorn that you like.  We used just a plain popcorn.

Add to a large bowl.

Then start adding all of the ingredients.  Various rice crackers, Wasabi peas…..

This is the best seaweed we have ever tasted.  It has sesame oil in it.

Just remove a few pieces of it and tear it up with your hands.  Gordon and Brodie kept eating it they loved it so much. 

Next I’m adding about a teaspoon or thereabouts of the Black Lava Sea Salt.


Now for the best!

Place into a microwavable bowl about 1/2 cup of butter/margarine and add about 2 tablespoons of Aloha Shoyu.

Just microwave long enough to melt the butter then pour over the popcorn.

Next, stir together with two coconut serving spoons and all done!


Hawaii Popcorn and a Movie


 Aloha ‘oe,

Kulii (Julie)


Just a Little Preview of our Home Life in Hawaii

Brodie in our Backyard Plumeria Tree

Grammaw Nell

This was our home in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

That is my grandmother, above.  She came to visit us many times during our 13 years on Oahu.  We lived here in this house only 7 years, though.  Ewa Beach is the dessert side of the island.  It only rained two weeks a year, and we welcomed it too!  The only reason things are green is because we were required to water our lawns every day.  We were living out in Iroquios Point, a military base.

Our Backyard

(I still have that table.  The chairs have long since broken or torn up.)

This is me in our backyard.  We spent a lot of time out here.  Across the street is the marine barracks, we would always see them run by in formation everyday.  And although you can’t see it, right across the street is the Pacific Ocean.  I would walk a block down the road to the beach access.  It was nice being so close to the ocean, except when we had hurricane’s and tsunami’s headed our way.   There was always an Earthquake in Japan that meant we had to evacuate just in case.  In our 7 years of living here we probably evacuated a total of 6 times.  Our biggest evacuation was for Hurricane Iniki.  At the time we lived next door to a meteorologist that told us that we will either have a flood of water come through our first floor, or the winds will blow our roof off.  That was the trajectory of the hurricane at the time.  Luckily for us it shifted it’s position and we were spared.  But unfortunately, Kauai wasn’t.

Grammaw Nell on our Lanai

I was heavily into sunflowers at the time, if you didn’t notice.  I loved our little backyard.  Actually it was quite a large backyard.  That is me in the background in the photo below, mowing it.

Gordon was in the Navy and deployed all the time.  So that meant that it was just me, and Veronica and Brodie, quite a bit.  So I did a lot of mowing the yard.  🙂

Although it doesn’t look like it in this photo, that plumeria tree was beautiful!  Most days the flowers would fall onto the ground and I would walk on them barefoot. 

I felt like I was getting married every day.

Veronica on her way to Girl Scouts

(She was a sweetie, an honor student, a loyal friend, and a good daughter.)

And that is me, eating something with peanut butter on it.  I do live off peanut butter.  🙂  When you grow up in the south peanut butter is to us what rice is to the Asian’s, and what potatoes are to the Irish.

But getting back to our Aloha Lifestyle.  We were very happy.  The weather was wonderful.  The trades were always blowing,  Shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops, or (slippers, as the local’s call them) would get you anywhere on the islands.

Life was good.  We weren’t rich but we had everything that we needed to be happy.  We miss Hawaii to this day!