Julie Whann Way Mexicana Tres

Julie Whann Way Mexicana Tres

The Morning Sun (Sol) Shining Through my Banana Tree Palm

(Not to mention the humidity on my camera lens makes for a beautiful shot.)


This is my Tres Mexicana, Julie Whann Way Mexicana Tres post.

Julie’s Fried Green Tomatilla’s


If you would like to view my Uno, Dos…….

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Mexico to Go!

I am notorious for bringing Mexican food to my daughter’s house when I go visit.

  It is a Favorita of ours!  This is just a layered Mexican dip with some chips and Sangria.


Bowls, Plates, Avocados


Spooky, a.k.a., “Taco’s” First Photo Shoot

Hey Taco!  I just need for you to sit in the bowl. 

That would be soooo cute!  Come on, you can do it!

OK.  Well, would you at least wear the Sombrero while you sit on the table?

Who’s the pretty senora?  🙂  It’s TACO!

O.K.  Here’s some treats for your trouble.   🙂


Yo Quiro Taco Julie


Chicken Taco’s To Go!

This is a Flashback from 2013 when I was taking my brother Ben my chicken taco’s out to the beach condo one Saturday.

My Chicken Taco’s are Ben’s most FAVORITE thing in the world to eat.  So, I made him some and included everything needed to eat with them.  Various Cheeses, Lettuce, Tomato’s, Spring Onions, and Taco Sauces.


I also made some Key Lime-Ade with some of our Key Lime’s from our backyard.

And I didn’t forget the Taco Shells.

Our Nieces Kate and Lola from Ireland. 

Today was the day they ate their very first Taco’s and they loved them!  🙂

Lola, Kate, Gordon and Me at the Beach Condo Swimming Pool

We had a great day with the girls and my brother Ben was happy he got his favorite food.  Si!


Click Here For:  Julie Whann Way Mexicana, Si!

For my Chicken Taco recipe.  Ole!


Julie’s Chicken Taco’s

I decided to make a few batches of my Chicken Taco’s with the intention of freezing some for when Gordon comes home from overseas.  It was one of my dishes that he requested. 

Siphoning Some of the Liquid

I reserved some of the liquid from my Chicken Taco’s for this Dinner I created here.

Royal Eggs with Guacamole and my Chicken Taco Sauce

Recipe Below


And as always Chicken Taco Mixture is always perfect with Chicken Taco’s.


Pretty Served in a bed of Lettuce

Pretty Bowl Food

Great Taco Dinner Spread


Julie’s Chicken Taco Wraps

(As you can see, I really can’t wrap very well.)  🙂

Bean Dip, or Refried Beans, Black Olives, Chopped Tomatoes, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Chicken Taco Mixture, and Sour Cream.


My New Favorite Thing!

Hilados Mexico Coco-Coconut Ice Cream Bars

I LOVE these things!  Loaded with fresh coconut too!


Red Chilies

Mexican Chili Oil with Spices

Fresh Red Chilies on a Mexican Oil Cloth Red Chili Tablecloth

(Recipe Below)


Green Tomatoes, and Tomatillos


Mexican Avocados and Tomatillo’s

Julie’s Fried Green Tomatillos and Royal Eggs

Royal Eggs, Guacamole, Fried Green Tomatillo’s w/ Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes, and Mexican Tarragon from our Herb Garden.

Recipe Down Below


Mango Juice with Tequila and Lime

Mexican McMuffin’s

A Dinner of Corn English Muffins, Royal Eggs, Fried Green Tomatoes, Fresh Red Tomatoes, Lettuce, Bacon, and my Green Chili Dip/Spread.


Pepper Poppers with my Green Chili Dip, Wrapped in Bacon

The Ultimate Mexican Inspired Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Sandwich

Recipe Below



Royal Eggs with Salsa and Guacamole


Making Julie’s Mexican Sun Tea

(Of course I had to wait for the sun.)  🙂

  Or rather SOL…..

(And so happy to be able to use my cactus’s here.)

The entire inspiration for this sun tea lies right here in this 1980’s sun tea jar I bought in Hawaii many year’s ago.  At the time I would just make regular sun tea in it.  I would leave the jar outside our front door in Honolulu every week with just water and tea bags for hours in the warm Hawaiian sun, and when I came home I would place it in the refrigerator to cool, and it gave me great tea to drink all week.

I came across the jar while looking for a few things in our garage and remembered back to the sun tea that I used to make and I wanted to recreate it, except with a very Mexican twist.

This is the closest recreation that I could make of our backyard in Hawaii.  We had a wonderful banana tree that produced the most delicious banana’s, and I had purchased an outdoor table and chairs as an anniversary gift for Gordon and myself.  Of course the chairs were ruined over time and we got rid of them.  And as for the table, we literally just got rid of it last year.  But it was with us for a very long time.

So, here I have a new white table, and a new banana tree in our Florida backyard.  I do still need to buy some sort of chairs or benches for the table, but that will come in time.

But for now, here is Julie’s Mexican Sun Tea (Sol Te)


I purchased a few bottles of Mexican Mineral Water and poured them into the jar.

  I also purchased some Green Tea to use here as well.

You can see the bubbles from the mineral water.

I used a clothespin to keep the tea bags from sinking to the bottom of the jar.

Now I just need the Sun (Sol)


I had the tea outside for about 6 hours before I brought it in and then immediately placed it in my refrigerator to cool down.

(Do not judge me by the contents of my fridge.)  🙂

In the meantime, I also purchased some Aloe Chia, and Mango drink for my tea, as well as 2 bottles of pure Mango Juice.

DRAGON FRUIT (Pink and Yellow)

Ready to Assemble the Tea Ingredients

I poured in the Aloe, Chia, Mango drink, then I added the 2 pure Mango Juices, to the Mexican Mineral Water, and Tea.  I did remove the tea bags and threw them away.

Now I am ready to add the Dragon Fruit

I placed some of my flowers into the leftover Mexican Mineral Water bottles, I got out my Mexican juice glasses, and now I am ready to slice up the Dragon Fruit, Pink and Yellow.


It has such a great taste.  I also like that you can either slice it, or scoop it out like pulp.

The Sweetener’s

Guava Shells and Green Papaya chunks in syrup.  Here is my sweetener’s.

I drained the sugary syrup from the cans and chopped the fruit into small chunks and placed into a bowl to be used as a sweetener.

Bowl full of Sweetener’s

(Simply add a chunk or two of the fruit that had been marinating in syrup to your tea and it will be an excellent sweetener.)

I am not a big “sweetener” at all.  I prefer most of my foods to be sweetened naturally.  When it does come to my tea, I actually prefer it to be unsweetened.  I didn’t grow up sweetening my beverages, so I am used to them tasting a bit plain.  But, when it comes to something special like this, I do want sweet but I want it to be a natural sweetness.

The Pink Dragon Fruit

This fruit slices up extremely well.  You can also peel the outside layer/skin, and eat it as it is.

Julie’s Mexican Sun Tea (Sol Te)



Making Fried Green Tomatoes/Mexican Style


Corn Meal mixed with Mexican Spices of Chili Powder, Sazon Caliente, and Sazon Completa.  I just eyeballed it.

Crush up some Jalapeno Potato Chips



Making my Green Chili Dip/Spread


Making Royal Eggs


Laitue Verte

Green Leaf Lettuce







Julie’s Royal Eggs




Royal Eggs



Mexican Chili Oil

Red Chilies

Mexican Chili Oil with Spices

Fresh Red Chilies on a Mexican Oil Cloth, Red Chili Tablecloth

Ingredients are Olive Oil and……..

Lots of Red Chili’s.

The Ratio is about 1 Cup of Olive Oil for 6 Red Chili’s.

I had all these spice jars leftover that I like to recycle and use for other projects. 

They are perfect here.  I just made sure they were clean and dry.  I also used a few funnels here as well.

I took a knife and sliced down each chili about a half an inch to an inch.

I placed a wok on the stove top and brought the heat up to a medium-low and added the olive oil.  You can add as much or as little as you like.  But again, the ratio is about a cup of Olive Oil per 6 Red Chili’s.

I also added some Mexican Badia spice blends of Sazon Caliente, and Sazon Completa.  I added a few teaspoons each to my 8 cups of Olive Oil.  But you can just eyeball as much or as little as you like.

You now want it to simmer away on the stove top for about 10 minutes

The remove from heat and let cool before using your funnels to pour the oil into small jars.  I placed the red chili’s in the jars prior to pouring the oil.  When cool, place into your refrigerator.

These are great little gifts to give to friends.

Also great for making your morning Huevas (eggs). 

Just place a little of the oil in a pan and then add your Huevas for a spicy morning breakfast.


Plantain Bread with Mexican Chocolate

(Garnished with a Platano Chip)

plantain bread with a platano chip_small

I’m told I make some of the best banana bread but here I wanted to do something different. 

JPBWMC_small Julies Plantain Bread with Mexican Chocolate_small

While Gordon and I were shopping in our favorite Latino’s Supermaket last week I got the idea to use the fried plantains from the cafeteria buffet as a substitute for my bananas.  I also thought that I could add some Mexican chocolate to this recipe as well.

plantain bread secret ingredients_small Mexican Chocolate_small

My Secret Ingredients

Mexican Chocolate and Fried Plantains

adding a chip as a garnish_small plantano chips from Spanish store_small

The homemade platano chips are just a garnish.  I bought them at the Latino market as well.

plantain bread_small ready to delivery_small

Plantain and Mexican Chocolate Bread Ready for Delivery

 plantain bread ingredients_small

My Plantain Bread Ingredients

(Measurement Recipe Down Below)

This is my basic banana bread ingredients the only difference here is in the substitutions and omissions.  🙂

grease with Crisco_small

You first want to preheat your oven to 350F and grease and flour whatever baking dish you plan on using.  Because these will be gifts I like using these little mini loaf pans.   For those novices you just wipe some of the lard (Crisco) all around the inside of each individual loaf pan, even up the sides, and then dust with some flour getting rid of the excess.  I just sprinkle a bit of flour into each loaf pan and rotate it around distributing the flour to all the nooks and cranny’s, and then dumping the extra flour in the kitchen sink.

mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl_small

Mix the Dry Ingredients and Set Aside

 ready to add the plantains_small ready to add the plantains 2_small

I Doubled This Batch

i doubled the batch_small

Here I creamed the butter and sugar together and then added the eggs and blended before adding the fried plantains. 

NOTE:  If you want a smoother batter then I would put the plantains in a food processor prior to adding here.  Or you can chop them up a little bit and then add to the mixture.  I wanted this bread to be very rustic, and it is. 

 Mexican chocolate and roasted pecans_small roast on a medium setting to toast_small

The only additions that I added to this bread were some chopped roasted pecans, (just place into a small pan on  a medium heat and brown them a little bit.)  I also added some Mexican Chocolate.

Mexican Chocolate_small

Mexican Chocolate

chop the chocolate_small

I used Chiammaya Custom Crafted Chocolate

Chiammaya Chocolate Website Link

(4 Ingredients:  Cacao, Sugar, Cinnamon and Almonds)

This product is custom crafted from the Mexican Maya traditions.  It is not your typical chocolate as it is loaded with ground cinnamon and almonds.  Really good nice chocolate.

TIP:  I’ve included the link above if you would like to check out their website and learn more.  But I do recommend that you order the chocolate during cooler weather months as it is shipped through the mail. 


Because I was making this for the masses, I did use regular dark chocolate bars in place of the Mexican chocolate in some of the loaves.  You can also use whatever chocolate that you prefer.


This is the thickest batter that I have ever worked with. 

After combining the wet and dry ingredients together I added the chopped, toasted pecans.

I roasted the pecans for the plantain bread_small

 this was the thickest batter ever_small thick lumpy batter_small

I ended up having to just dig my hands into this and blend it that way.  Kneading it all together.

So after exhausting myself I knew there was no way that I would be able to blend all of the chocolate throughout the mixture so I did this instead.  I spooned some of the batter into the pans, then then sprinkled a layer of chopped chocolate on top, then added another layer of the batter.

add chocolate then cover with more batter_small

In the photo above the chocolate I used here was regular dark chocolate.

chocolate for baking_small


Mexican chocolate plantain bread_small

Fresh Mexican Plantain Bread Right out of the Oven

Oh yeah, who’s your momma??

 waiting for the bread to thoroughly cool_small adding a chip as a garnish_small

Once the bread has thoroughly cooled then wrap them individually and here I added a fried platano chip as a nice accent and a hint about what kind of bread this is.

garnished beauty_small

Gordon took a few of these into work and passed them out along with my regular banana bread and everyone preferred the plantain bread.  Although before I created this I used to get big raves over my banana bread.

The men seemed to prefer the hint of chocolate (I had just added a sprinkling in the middle of the loaf) instead of having the chocolate mixed throughout the bread. 

I thought that was interesting.  I guess it’s just us women that seem to love a lot of chocolate.  🙂



Seeing as how I just created this plantain bread with Mexican chocolate I think it only appropriate that I name it after me.  🙂

Julie’s Plantain and Mexican Chocolate Bread

Preheat your oven to 350F and grease your baking pan with some Crisco and dust with flour.

Next combine all of your dry ingredients:

  • 2 Cups of All Purpose Flour
  • 1 teaspoon of Baking Powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Salt
  • 1 teaspoon of ground Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of ground Nutmeg

Combine all the dry ingredients above into a large bowl and set aside.  I like to double and triple the batch depending on how many mini loaves that I want.

Wet Ingredients:

  • 3/4 Cup of Butter or Margarine, softened.
  •  2 Eggs
  • 1/2 Pound of Fried Plantains


  • 1 Cup of Sugar

You want to cream together in a blender the margarine and sugar until combined, then add the eggs, mix together, then add your fried plantains.

This is a very thick batter. 

Now as you mix in your blender you want to add the dry mixture and combine it with the wet batter slowly.  Add a little at a time and mix together until all the dry mixture has incorporated itself into a thick batter.

Now transfer into a large bowl. 

Additional Ingredients:

  • 4 oz. Mexican Chocolate, chopped

(or any chocolate that you desire, I recommend dark)

  • 2/3 Cup Roasted and Chopped Pecans

Now you want to add your roasted pecans to the mixture and you can also add your chopped chocolate and stir through.  Or you can save this step and sprinkle the chocolate throughout your batter as you place it in each little loaf tin.  (See photo above.)

Pour into your loaf pan.  I used the little mini pan loaves and I get 6 out of this recipe.  Which is why I tend to double the batch so that I can get at least 12.

It took the loaves about 30 minutes to cook.  If you do decide to make a large loaf then you will need to double the cooking time.  My advice is to always keep an eye on what you are cooking.


Once they have cooled then garnish with a platano chip

plantain bread with a platano chip_small