Our Asian Easter

Our Asian Easter

Our Asian Easter
Our 2015 Asian Easter Dinner
This Asian Easter came about from our laziness of not wanting to put away our Asian collectibles and drag out the traditional Easter items.
I was looking around the room and asked Gordon, “What do you want to do for Easter?  I really don’t feel like packing all this Asian stuff away quite yet as I am still enjoying it.”  That is when I got the idea to have an Asian Easter.  And that is when Gordon’s mind flips into overdrive and he came up with the idea to have a Peking Duck, and all the Asian fixin’s that come with it.
Hence, our Asian Easter.
We had the best time creating this, and planning our menu and even doing the shopping.  That was so much fun!
I am proud to present to you, our Asian Easter.




Gordon Carving our Easter Duck

Our Asian Easter

How our Asian Easter came to be.


We bought a Peking Duck from the Asian Supermarket, added some Asian side dishes, it was great!

So that is what we did!


“No, Chop, Chop Duck!”

While we were at the Asian Supermarket  we wanted a Peking duck and we gave the woman behind the counter our order.  She was trying to be helpful and she asked us, “You want I chop, chop duck”?  She had a large cleaver in her hand and was moving it in a chopping motion.  She once again asked, “You want I chop, chop, duck”?

That’s when we realized that she was asking us if we wanted her to cut it up?  She was holding the cleaver over the duck.  Seeing as how we wanted a nice whole duck on our Easter table and not something chopped up we immediately shouted simultaneously,



Plum Wines

The Japanese plum wines were great before dinner drinks.

Bamboo and my Money Tree

Looks like a lovely Asian spring.

My Karate Kid II Matcha tea whisk.  I found it at one of the Asian stores we visited.  It is like the one Kumiko uses in the tea ceremony with Daneil-san.  I was so excited to find one!  When we were paying for it the girl behind the counter looked at it and asked me what it was?  I jokingly told her that it was SHE who should be telling that to ME!  🙂

The Tea Ceremony From Karate Kid Part II


Kumiko Tea Ceremony

 I love the music from this movie.

You can see the matcha tea whisk in the photos above.   Now I have one.


Happy Asian Easter

Can you spot the only egg on the table?

How about the bunny?

I bought the egg in Hawaii, I think at the Byodo-In Temple from the Valley of the Temples.  It’s hand painted.  I’m surprised it has lasted through all of our moves.

Funny how an egg is as fragile as it is strong.

It was a lot of fun getting out all the lovely Asian ware that Gordon had brought me back from places like Singapore and Hong Kong from his 20 year career in the Navy.

Brian, Veronica and Gordon digging in!

They Have Eyes!!

I think the one thing that we aren’t really used to in our American-Caucasian communities are the fact that our food usually doesn’t have it’s head with eyes staring at us while we eat.  🙂

With 6 You Get Eggroll

(Wasn’t that a Doris Day movie from way back?  Anyway, it just reminded me of that when we bought the eggrolls.  Execpt that we bought 9. Oh, Nevermind!!)

On the left are our napkins with fans for the ladies, even some candies bouquets of flowers and on the right is my tea set from Singapore.

My Easter Dinner Plate

Our Menu

Peking Duck

Roasted Vegetables with Tofu

Char Siu Pork

Steamed Dumplings


General Tso’s Chicken

(Pronounced Two)

Lo Mein Noodles

Fried Rice
Egg Roll with Dipping Sauce


Hot Green Tea with Dinner



Honey Melon Cake Roll and Green Tea Ice Cream

I think that we all agree on what this ice cream tastes like but sorry Japan, to us it tastes like we were sucking on a wet green tea bag.
(Check out the ‘party size’ on the ice cream.  If this is their ‘party size’, no wonder they are so tiny.)

But we LOVED the cake!


Monkee with his Monkey

Happy Easter to all,



Who Needs an Easter Basket Anyway?

My Twist on a Easter Basket

I picked up all these items at the Asian Supermaket.

Pretty Bowls with Pretty Candies

That is NOT Easter Grass!

They are dried tapioca sticks used in soups.  I thought they were very colorful and lovely.  Asians are smart people.  You can tell that simply by shopping in their grocery stores and seeing how they eat.  It’s ingenious!  No wonder they are so good in math.

Oh, and FYI:  They don’t lose their hair the way that Americans do.  It’s because of their diet.  Also, Asian women that stay in Asia have the lowest breast cancer rates in the world.

Look how pretty!

Salted Duck Eggs

While we were scouring the supermarkets I spotted these salted duck eggs and Gordon and I decided to try them.  We knew about them from our years of living in Hawaii with the Filipino culture.  They take eggs and bury them in the ground for one month, then dig them up and eat them.  They are considered a delicacy.  I figured that since these were salted (cured) that they would maybe taste better.

WELL, we did try them and all gathered around the kitchen trash can spitting them out.  I also deleted all photographic evidence of that.

But they do look really pretty all shrink wrapped in their

red packaging.

My Noodle Nests

I had some old vegetarian noodles in the pantry that I was going to throw out when I realized that they would make cute little nests for these egg shaped rice crackers.

My Vegetarian Noodles

I love these noodles!  They are great in soups.  Just drop one little clump into the broth and you have this instant noodles soup.

(I also placed them in the red bowl above with the duck eggs on top of them.)

Everything at the Asian store is always so beautiful.

My favorite, the melon seed and sesame seed cookies.

So what do you think?

  It’s different, but I’m not afraid of different.

Sometimes different is a lot of fun!


No matter what your culture,we wish you a Happy Easter!

Julie and Gordon