Outdoor Pre-Easter Brunch and our Easter Dinner

Outdoor Pre-Easter Brunch and our Easter Dinner

Happy Easter tulips_small

Happy Easter

The Story of the Easter Bunny 2_small

The Story of the Easter Bunny

Outside in our Backyard

The Easter Story_small

Will the Easter Bunny be Good to You?

Happy Easter on the potting bench 2016_small

We Had a Lovely Pre-Easter Brunch on our New Potting Bench Outside

a beautiful outdoor table_small

Delicious Cabbage Timbales

Julie stuffed cabbage timbale_small

Welcome to our Outdoor Easter Brunch

Our Cabbage Timbales_small



Easter has always been a very special time for me.  It conjures up so many childhood memories of past Easter’s with my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents along with other family members.   Everyone all dressed up.  My Grandmother wearing a hat, gloves and carrying her special Easter handbag.  Me wearing a pretty Easter frock that my mother or Grandmother picked out for me, usually with a cute petticoat underneath.   I remember they were scratchy, but yet it never bothered me.  Almost as if it were a ‘right of passage’, something us girls had to endure. 

Also a big Easter dinner on white linen tablecloths with the finest china and crystal glasses to drink out of, that’s what I remember.  Sterling silver utensils set at each perfect place setting with linen napkins that the women would use to dab at their mouths after every bite full, careful not to smear their lipstick.   It always amazed me that they never got their bright red lipstick on their white linen napkins.  I came to understand that it was decades of southern lady breeding and skill to do that.   My Grandfather, Frank Haskin, always sat at the head of the table, while my Grandmother Nell sat at the other end.  As hostess she sat there because she would have to jump up to retrieve things from the kitchen as people needed them.  She was so focused on everyone’s dinner plate or drinking glass, asking if they needed more iced tea?  She was a very attentive hostess. 

She always had her eye on me, seeing as how I usually sat beside her, making sure that I was eating my dinner, and not just the dinner rolls that I loved the best.  She would give me knowing looks when she wanted me to sit up straight, or to quit talking, she didn’t have to say a word to me, I knew those looks.  Sometimes I followed them, sometimes I didn’t. 

My Grandmother was always the last one to finish eating because she spent the entire dinner making sure everyone else was taken care of.  So as I was finished with my dinner I would watch her eat.  She loved to mix her food together, I always thought that was gross, yet she made it look so tasty as she savored every bite.

Grandma Nellie Mae and Me_small

Nellie Mae and Me

(Could this be why I love short skirts and dresses?)

 My Grandmother showed me how to entertain through example.  How to be a good hostess through example.  Although most of the time I am a very informal person, because of her I will drag out the ‘good stuff’, just because.

She is who I think of every Easter, so therefore I will always include her in whatever holiday I may write about.  Because she isn’t gone, she’s always with me, right there inside of me, telling me to sit up straight and to quit eating all the dinner rolls and to eat the other food on my plate.

Easter 1963_small Me and a dog_small

Sitting Pretty for Photos,  and Rolling in the Dirt with the Dog

Mary Keith and Me_small

Me and my Mother, Mary Keith

 Growing up in Georgia, we usually had very warm Easter’s.  Living here in Florida, same thing.

Usually nice weather for the holiday.

This year we decided to have our little Easter brunch outside in the backyard.  To me Easter says Spring, and Spring means newness, warmth, green, and lots of potting dirt.  So therefore, why not have our Easter on my new potting bench outside?

Easter egg pink_small

Easter Egg Pink

 Julies potting bench_small

My New Favorite Spot in the Backyard

Easter pink and pink_small Easter Pink outside_small

So Pretty For Spring

Julies pottery bench_small


lemons limes and lemon balm for lemonade_small

Easter Brunch is Ready

Julie Outside Blogging_small

Hope Your Hungry?


Stuffed purple cabbage timbale_small

So Beautiful and Delicious

1 option_small

Topped with a Pretty Easter Lilly

hello hungry_small

Hello, Hungry?

garden tool_small

Why not use a garden tool to serve up your brunch?

I mean, why not?

(A new and clean one, of course.)

delicious cabbage timbales_small

Gordon Helping Himself

Gordon and the timbales_small delicious brunch_small

This is very pretty and tasty.  The only other food items you would need to serve this would be some nice bread and maybe even a ‘garden salad.’  Just set up some tables and chairs and let everyone help themselves.  You could even throw in an Easter egg hunt for the kids as well.  While the adults mingled, the kids can play.  All you need is a nice warm spring day.

just look at that pasta mixture_small

The Recipe:

(Note:  The following recipe ingredients are our guide.  We tend to add more of this, and less of that, as we go.  Sometimes we throw in more pasta, or more cheeses, or more sausage, etc.  Sometimes substituting ingredients as well.  This mixture is excellent eaten alone with some bread.  It isn’t just for stuffing a cabbage.)


  • 1 – 1/4 Pounds Penne Pasta
  • 1 Medium Head of Green Cabbage (We used about 6 – 7 leaves per mold.)
  • 1 Medium Head of Purple Cabbage (6 – 7 leaves.)
  • Olive Oil for Sauteing
  • 1 Pound Ground Turkey
  • 1 Pound Ground Sausage, (We used an Italian sweet, and a spicy.)
  • 1/2 Cup Marsala Wine
  • 1 Large Sweet Vidalia Onion (You can use whatever you like.)
  • 3 – 4 Garlic Cloves, Chopped
  • 2 Cups Frozen Peas
  • 1 Large Jar Marinara Sauce
  • 1 – 6 oz. can of Tomato Paste
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste
  • Chopped Fresh Basil, About Half a Cup
  • 1/4 – 1/2 Cup Chopped Fresh Parsley
  • 1 Cup or so of Shredded Pecorino-Romano
  • 1 Cup Shaved Parmesan
  • 1 Cup Mozzarella, Chopped
  • Olive Oil Cooking Spray
  • (We also made an Eggplant Timbale with the extra mixture.)


Gordon gathering his ingredients_small

Gordon in the Kitchen Ready to Make our Timbales

Our Timbale Ingredients_small

The Ingredients

(I do have some tortellini pasta, pictured above, that we didn’t add to this recipe.)

sweet and spicy Italian sausages_small

Spicy and Sweet Italian Sausages

You can use any sausage you like, but this timbale is Italian so we used some Italian spiced sausages.

ground turkey_small

Ground Turkey

adding olive oil to a large wok_small

Olive Oil in the Wok

Just enough oil to saute your chopped onions and garlic.

choppping onion_small adding the onion to the wok_small

Chopping the onion and adding it to the wok.

adding the ground pepper_small

Adding Freshly Ground Black Pepper

run knife under cold water_small

Rinse your knife with water after you chop your onion, and before you chop your garlic, so that the garlic doesn’t stick to it.

crushing the garlic for slicing_small choppping up the garlic_small

We love garlic, so we tend to add a lot of it when we cook.  You can omit this or just add one or two.

place the garlic into the wok for cooking_small

Sauteing the onion and garlic in the wok.

adding the ground turkey to the wok to brown_small adding the spicy and sweet Italian sausages_small

Adding the turkey and sausages to the onion and garlic.

Browning the ground turkey and the sausages in the wok.

now you want to brown the meat mixture_small

Your Timbale Base is Ready

now the base of the timbale is ready_small adding the marsala to the ground turkey and sausages_small

Adding Marsala to the Meat Mixture

adding the frozen peas_small adding the marinara sauce to the timbale base_small add a can of tomato paste_small

Next, Adding the Frozen Peas, Marinara Sauce, and Tomato Paste

so very good_small

Simmer to reduce the liquid.


Gordon making our timbales_small


I gathered some of our herbs from our garden for our Timbales.

Curly Parsley and Fresh Basil

me also gathering some of our curly parsley from our garden_small me gathering some basil for our timbales_small

While I was gathering herbs I discovered our first rose of the season.

first rose of the 2016 season_small


our basil is beautiful and delicious_small

Our Basil is Beautiful, Healthy and Delicious

Gordon chopping some basil for the timbales_small adding the basil to the timbale_small

Chop Your Basil and Parsley, Add to the Mixture

boiling some whole wheat pasta penne_small add the drained pasta to the timbale mixture_small

In the Meantime, Boil your Whole Wheat Penne Pasta until Al Dente.

Drain, then add to the mixture.

grating the timbale cheeses_small add the cheese to the warm timbale mixture to melt_small adding some left over shaved Parmesean_small

Next you add some of your cheeses.

Gordon added some grated Pecorino-Romano, and some shaved Parmesan.

the cheeses have melted into the timbale mixture_small

The Cheeses above have been melted into the timbale mixture.

slicing the mozzarella into chunks_small add the chunks of mozzarella last_small

The last step is to chop some Mozzarella and add to the mixture while it is lukewarm.  You don’t want it to melt as the other cheeses did.

OMG this is too good_small


Our Molds for the Timbales

cabbage and eggplant for our timbales_small casserole dish for cooking the cabbage timbale_small

Green Cabbage, Purple Cabbage, and Eggplant

a cooking bowl shaped like this will work best_small spray casserole dish with olive oil_small

Spray your “Mold” with an Olive Oil

We chose the bowls as molds for our cabbage timbales.

Gordon in the kitchen cooking our timbales for our brunch_small

Gordon is an excellent cook!

I may come up with the ideas, but he implements them.

tear off very carefully_small blanching the purple cabbage leaves_small place the purple cabbage like so_small

You want to remove the cabbage leaves very carefully as not to tear them.  In a medium sized pot you want to boil some water on a medium – high heat.  You will blanch the cabbage leaves.  You just want to soften the leaves.  Blanch one leaf at a time, it shouldn’t take long at all, about 15 seconds.  Then set the leaves aside to dry. 

love the color of the water from boiling the purple cabbage_small

I love the color of the water. 

You can color eggs in this, and they would look great, a natural blue hue.

tear outer cabbage leaves carefully for the timbale and rinse to clean_small

Here Gordon is Washing the Green Cabbage Leaves, Above

And Blanching the Green Cabbage Leaves, Below

you want to blanch the cabbage leaves in boiling water_small

blanching the green cabbage_small blanch one at a time and then remove and set on a plate_small

The Blanched Green Cabbage


Place the cabbage leaves onto a plate and pat dry before assembly into the bowl molds.

place each leaf so that they overlap the last leaf_small

Gordon sprayed each bowl with cooking spray before he added the leaves.

once you pat the cabbage dry you want to arrange the cabbage leaves into your casserole dish_small you want to overlap each cabbage leaf_small

Each of our Molds Holds About 6 – 7 Cabbage Leaves

Make sure the bottom of the bowl/mold is covered.

You also want to make sure your mixture has cooled a little and not blazing hot before adding it to the cabbage leaves.

ready to pack the mixture into the green cabbage_small

You want to arrange the leaves in the bowl, overlapping each one.  When you have the cabbage leaves all arranged inside the mold that you want to use, now you add your meat mixture.

packing in the mixture_small packing the cabbage full_small

Filling all the way up to the top, as the top with end up being the bottom. when you flip them over.

pack it down_small pack it like so_small

Make sure the mixture is packed down good.

pack the mixture into the purple cabbage leaves_small purple cabbage timbale packed like so_small

Next you want to fit the last cabbage leaf on top.  Slice a “V” at the stem section for a better fit.

Gordon cut out a section of the stem_small now place over the top and tuck it in to fit snugly_small

now top with another blanched cabbage leaf_small

tuck it in_small tucked in like so_small

Tuck everything in good.  If need be you can use some scissors to do some trimming.

scissors can cut away any excess that may be in the way_small

trim any extra cabbage_small

Next you want to use some aluminum foil to cover each timbale mold, but first you want to spray some olive oil cooking spray onto the part that will touch the cabbage.

spray aluminum foil with olive oil and cover the timbale_small spray your aluminum foil with some olive oil spray_small

Preheat the Oven to 350F

place the foil over each one and place onto a cooking sheet to cook on_small

You Want to Bake 25 – 30 Minutes

when they are ready then remove from oven and let cool_small

When out of the oven, let stand a good 15 minutes before you flip them over onto your cake plate or platter.

plating the green timbale onto this pedestal plate_small

turn the pedestal plate over quickly_small then remove viola_small


place plate over purple timbale bowl_small you want to flip very quickly_small

Unmolding Our Cabbage Timbales

unmolding the purple cabbage timbale 1_small unmolding the purple cabbage timbale 2_small

Don’t they look Beautiful?


We had some leftover Timbale mixture and thought we could make an eggplant one as well.

Eggplant Timbale

Gordon slicing the eggplant for grilling_small

Here Gordon is slicing the eggplant lengthwise, then coating them into some olive oil spray, and placing them on a grill plan on the stove top.

cooking the eggplant in a cast iron grill pan_small Gordon sprays the eggplant with cooking oil spray_small

You want those really nice grill marks.  Cook the eggplant through.

cover with a screen to prevent spattering_small

See How Lovely?

you want those nice grill marks_small set aside the grilled eggplant on papertowels to cool_small

Next you want to arrange the eggplant into an already greased casserole dish, in the same way you did the cabbage timbales above.

grilled eggplant and blanched green cabbage lined into dish_small ready to add the mixture over the grilled eggplant_small

Gordon did experiment with different ways of placing the eggplant into the dish.

Gordon placing the eggplant all around the dish_small

When you decide how you want it, then add your mixture, same as above.

ready to add the mixture over the grilled eggplant_small once it is packed in_small

I might have put the photos out of order, but you can tell how to complete this.  It doesn’t really matter what it looks like because this is one of the best things you will ever eat.  I promise!

we also wanted to do an eggplant one as well_small you can also experiment to see how well to place the eggplant_small

now place the remaining eggplant over the top_small

You can top with grilled eggplant, cover with aluminum foil, bake on 350F for 25 – 30 minutes, then done!

We didn’t unmold this one, we just ate it right out of the dish.


Beautiful Cabbage Timbales for Easter Brunch

peter rabbit timbales_small


Now that we have our Easter Brunch out of the way, it’s time for:

Our Easter Dinner

Brian and Veronica Easter dinner_small

Brian and Veronica Ready to Dig In

Julies Easter Dinner 2016_small my yams topped with coconut_smallEaster Table Eggs_small

Julie’s Dinner Plates

our Easter Table 2016_small

What’s On the Menu?

our Easter dinner 2016_small


delicious dinner of rabbit and duck_small

Fried Rabbit



(We really don’t have a recipe for this asparagus here.  Gordon just sauteed it in some butter on the stove top.)

Stuffed Vidalia Onions

Gordons stuffed sweet onions_small

Roasted Carrots, Parsnips, Radishes

Roasted Rabbit Food_small

Wild Rice

Purple Yams with Marshmallows

adding pastel marshmellow eggs to our purple yams_small

Julie’s Deviled Eggs

my deviled eggs for Easter_small

Dinner Rolls


Brian Veronica and Gordon_small

An Excellent Easter Dinner


Easter Linen’s

To me it would not be Easter without eating our delicious dinner on top of nice linen’s, as in linen tablecloth and napkins.

I find the nicest things at yard sales_small

Fine Linen from Japan

I find the nicest things at yard sales.  This particular set however, Gordon found at a yard sale in our neighborhood that was just $2.00.  Beautiful quality!  I was so thrilled when he brought them home.  And whether or not they get ruined or not, we are only out $2.00 so I always let our guests know that if you spill something on the tablecloths, don’t worry about it.  We never pay much for our linens that we find at thrift stores or yard sales, so it’s no big deal if they get ruined. 

Paying $2.00 for a lovely table for Easter?  Worth it!


The Recipes For Our Easter Dinner



duck with rabbit food_small

With Roasted Rabbit Foods


A proper baking pan for the duck_small Gordon cooking our duck_small

Our MUM Preparing the Duck

M ulitskilled

U npaid

M iracleworker


Gordon preparing the duck_small

You first want to rinse the duck under running water to clean it.

Scoring The Duck

Grodon scoring the duck one way_small then the other way_small

Doing this will help to release the large amount of fat in the duck.

adding salt and pepper_small

Adding Salt and Pepper

spices for the duck_small

The Spices for the Duck

1 Tbsp Rosemary

1/2 Tbsp Sage

1/2 Tbsp Orange Peel

1/2 Tbsp Marjoram

1 Tbsp Thyme

1 Tbsp Southern Spain Pinchito Spice (Savory Spice Shop)

1 Cup shaved Vidalia Onions (from the inner stuffed onions)

3 to 4 whole Garlic Cloves

1/4 Cup Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

adding some orange peel_small

Ground Orange Peel

VO additional onion_small

Add the chopped onions and garlic along with half of the spices to the inside of the duck.

putting garlic inside the duck_smallseasoned duck with garlic cloves_small

Adding the Garlic Cloves

inside the duck_small

and some onions_small and some other stuff_small

Add the rest of the spices to the outside of the duck and coat with the olive oil.

adding the olive oil_small

Place in a 425’F oven for ~ 50 min. or until the internal temperature of the duck reaches 160’F

into the bottom oven_small

Into the Oven it Goes

Once cooked the very hot juices of the duck going back into the center of the meat will raise the internal temperature of the duck to 165’F.

Let the duck rest for at least 15 min. before cutting into it, or those juices running back into the meat will run all over your platter, and your duck will be dry.


seeds and veggies_small

Now for the Rabbit Foods

washing the rabbit food_small

Washing the Parsnips, Carrots, and Radishes

excellent rabbit food_small chopping the parsnips_small

Next Chop the Rabbit Food

Gordon checking the duck_small

Meanwhile, Gordon is checking on the duck.

Rabbit Veggies:

Enough parsnips, carrots, and radishes to fill the pan.  Slice them into equal sizes so they cook evenly.

About half way through the cooking of your duck, add your Rabbit Veggies and a little salt and pepper to taste.

Mix your veggies around with the fat of the duck to lightly coat them.

placing into the pan of duck fat_small place the rabbit food into the pan of duck fat_small

Duck Fat is Very Healthy For You

delicious and healthy_small the duck and the veggies_small

Here you can see the duck fat coating the veggies.

now to go back into the oven_small duck and veggies back into the oven_small

Now you place the duck and the veggies back into the oven.

Gordon cooking our excellent Easter dinner_small

duck with rabbit food_small

Cook the veggies until they are tender…about 25 min.

Gordon preparing the gravy_small Gordon making our Easter gravy_small

Gordon Making our Easter Gravy

the duck and the gravy_small The gravy and the asparagus_small



Stuffed Vidalia Onions


stuffed Vidalia onions_small


 I came across an old recipe in an ancient cookbook and I really wanted to try it, except I didn’t like some of the ingredients that were featured in the recipe.  So, Gordon and I rewrote the recipe to our tastes and here it is.

If we were living in Hawaii then these Vidalia onions would be Maui onions, but seeing as how we are in Florida, Vidalia it is!  What you want is a large sweet onion.  Vidalia onions are grown in Vidalia, Georgia. 

Vidalia onions_small Vidalia onions cut off the ends_small

You want to cut off the end of the onion, so that it will sit flat.

VO 1_small VO 2_small VO3_small

You next want to chop off the top of the onion and remove the outer skin.  About 1/4 off the top.

Then just start twisting this fish scaling tool around inside the onion to make a hole.  You want to make it deep enough, and wide enough for your filling.

Gordon bought the fish scaling tool at the Asian store.

VO additional onion_small VO beautifully hollowed out_small

You want the onions to look like the photo at top, right.  Carved out beautifully.

We never throw food away, the onion that was removed, photo top, left, will go into omelets, salads, etc.

ingredients for making our stuffed onions_small

The Ingredients For Making the Stuffed Onions

My Favorite Ingredient?

frying the bacon 1_small frying the bacon 2_small

Bacon!  Bacon!  Bacon!!

A nice thick bacon is perfect here.

The Recipe:

  • 5 Large Vidalia Onions
  • 10 Strips of Cooked, Chopped Bacon
  • 1/2 Cup Butter or Margarine
  • 1 Cup Black and 1 Cup Green Olives, Chopped
  • 2 – 3 Garlic Cloves, Chopped
  • 2 tsp Turmeric Powder, Mainly for Health Reasons (kills cancer cells)
  • 1/2 Tbsp Paprika
  • 1/2 Tbsp Thyme
  • 1/2 Tbsp Sage
  • 1/4 Cup Chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil
  • 6 Chopped Sweet Cherry Peppers
  • 1/2 Cup Shredded Parmesan Cheese (Craft)
  • 1/2 Cup Shredded Parmesan, Romano, Asiago Cheese (Craft)
  • 1/4 Cup Italian Bread Crumbs
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste

onions garlic and termeric_small sauteed onions garlic and olives_small sauteeing onion_small

Gordon is sauteing the insides of the onion, that was carved out, in a pan with some butter/margarine.  Then adding some chopped garlic cloves and some turmeric.


Sauteing some of our Vidalia Onions, Garlic, and Turmeric

look at these beautiful onions_small

Look at these Beautiful Onions!

look at these beautiful olives_small chopping the olives for the stuffed onions_small

Black and Green Olives

onions and olives and a reflection of Julie and Gordon_small

Onions, Olives, and a Reflection of Gordon and Julie

All Added to a Large Mixing Bowl

SO 1_small SO 2_small SO 3_small

Gordon Adding the Spices

SO 4_small SO 5_small SO 6_small

Next comes the Parmesan cheese, and chopped sweet cherry peppers, along with some chopped sun dried tomatoes.

SO chopping the sundried tomatoes and stuffed peppers_small 

All of these flavors blended together add so much taste to the onions.

SO adding to the bowl_small

Ready to Add the Bacon

SO ready to add the bacon_small SO perfection_small

Chop the bacon into small chunks.


SO adding the bread crumbs_small

Gordon Adding the Bread Crumbs

Then just mix together.

SO gorgeous filling_small SO wonderul filling_small

This Filling is Perfection

Gordon got the idea to place the onions into foil and then put them into the holes of a muffin pan.

put the hollowed out onions in a muffin tin_small

Before baking, place a pat of butter into each onion.

SO put a pat of margarine in every onion_small

SO put filling in each onion_small SO fill to the top_small

Then fill to the top with your delicious mixture.

Bake in the oven for about 25 minutes in a 350’F.

our stoic Brian_small

Our Stoic Brian

Gordons stuffed sweet onions_small

Brian loved the onions so much that he wanted the recipe to cook for his fire fighter co-workers.

  Gordon even gave him the tool to carve out the onions. 

We do love our Brian,



Fried Rabbit

I LOVE rabbit now_small


While I was doing my commissary shopping for our Easter dinner, I saw this in the freezer section.  Rabbit, Tender Young Cut-Up, White Meat.  Hmmm, I thought?  How appropriate.  Rabbit for our Easter dinner?

I knew Gordon would be cooking a duck, so I thought rabbit would be another nice meat to go along with our dinner. 

I then felt guilty, because I love rabbits and think they are so cute and cuddly, and how cruel that it would be to kill one to eat.  It was at that point I realized it was already dead after all, so what could it hurt?  Right?

It’s always interesting how we justify things in our heads.  🙂

So, I bought the box of RABBIT!

I love rabbit_small


It tastes similar to chicken. 

the spices for the batter_small

The Spices for the Batter

1 1/2 Cups Flour

1/4 Cup Corn Starch

1 tsp Garlic Salt

1 Tbsp Onion Powder

1 tsp Roasted Garlic Powder

1 tsp Paprika

1 tsp Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

1/2 tsp White Pepper

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl large enough to dredge the rabbit pieces in.

making the batter to fry the rabbit_small

What I do love about it is that the pieces are so dainty.

frying the rabbit in vegetable oil_small

Just look at those little dainty bones?

the rabbit_small

The Rabbit

The rabbit pieces_small

batter to fry the rabbit_small dredging the chicken_small

Gordon Dredging the Rabbit

(I believe that I captioned the photo at right, ‘dredging the chicken’, but it is really rabbit.

ready to cook the rabbit_small

Dredge the Rabbit in the spice, corn starch, and flour mixture.

Place in a large cast iron skillet with about an inch of vegetable oil.

Heat the oil over medium high heat and cook the rabbit until golden brown… or just like you would fry chicken!

rabbit frying_small


Purple Yams with Marshmallows

pretty just like this_small

This is the first year that we have ever had these purple yams.  I believe they are from the Philippines. 

PY thawing out in sink_small


2 Tbsp Butter

1 Can Coconut Milk

1/2 Tbsp Chinese Ginger Powder

1/2 Tbsp Cardamon

1/2 Tbsp Ground Coriander

1/2 Cup (Splenda) Sugar Blend

3 Packages Purple Yams

1/4 Can Coconut Cream

1 Bag Marshmallows (Egg Shaped)

1 Bag Shaved Sweetened Coconut

PY great brand_small Purple Yams_small

In a Wok or large sauce pan over medium heat, melt your butter and add your coconut milk…

PY 1_small PY 2_small

sugar blend…

PY 3_small PY 4_small

and spices.

PY 6 adding all the spices_small

Once combined, add your yams and mix well.

PY adding all 3 bags_small PY on the stove top_small

then add your coconut cream and mix well.

PY coconut_small

PY next coconut_small PY stirring_small

Heat until well combined.

PY adding yams to baking dish_small PY adding to baking dishes_small

Add the mixture to two Pyrex pie dishes.

PY ready for the oven_small

Easter egg marshmallows_small

Easter Egg Marshmallows

adding pastel marshmellow eggs to our purple yams_small

Top the Yam mixture with the Marshmallows and place in a 350’F oven.

Gordon Adding them to the Purple Yams

pretty pastels_small

We did think about using Peeps for this as well.

Toasting the Coconut

PY toasting coconut_small PY into the oven_small

Place your shaved coconut on a baking sheet and place in a 350’F oven.

PY take out and stir around_small PY cook till golden brown_small

Stir occasionally and bake the coconut until golden brown.

sprinkle with toasted coconut_small

Sprinkle with the Toasted Coconut on top of the Yam and Marshmallow dish.

my yams topped with coconut_small

My Place Serving

It is a bit runny but very delicious, kind of like a pudding.


Gordon Cooked our Excellent Dinner

Gordon cooking our excellent Easter dinner_small

We thank him very much!


coloring eggs 2016_small


Julie’s Deviled Eggs

Julies colored eggs_small

My Contribution to our Easter Dinner

You can’t make deviled eggs without first boiling them.  Here I’m using my colored eggs from Easter.

my deviled eggs for Easter_small

This is a typical southern deviled egg recipe that I learned from my grandmother.

Julie making deviled eggs_small

making the egg salad_small

Im making the deviled eggs_small pretty ridges_small

Being from the south, we cook everything well done so my eggs are always cooked to the max.  I happen to like that green ring around the yolk when I slice them open.  Which is a no-no in cooking circles.

After I’ve removed the egg shell, and I’ve washed the outside of the egg and patted it dry, I use a cutting tool to slice the egg lengthwise.  This particular tool is from Japan and it makes the prettiest ridges along the egg whites.  I think it was originally intended for slicing veggies by sushi chefs.

smashing the egg yolks_small

Once I have removed the egg yolks from the eggs, I place them into a bowl and smash them with a fork.

adding the mayonaise_small

Adding the Mayo

yellow mustard_small sweet pickle juice_small

ground black pepper_small

I wish I could give you exact measurements.

pickle relish_small

But the truth is, I just eyeball everything.

I add mayonnaise, yellow mustard, lots of fresh ground pepper, sweet pickle relish, some dashes of Tabasco sauce, and I always drizzle some extra sweet pickle juice at the end.

Tabasco_small Turmeric powder_small

Here I’m adding some Tabasco and some Turmeric. 

how pretty and golden_small

The turmeric is a very bland spice so it doesn’t affect the taste of the food, but it is known to kill cancer cells and it gives my deviled eggs a beautiful golden color.

sprinkling some paprika_small

Sprinkle some Paprika on Top

my deviled eggs for Easter_small

I’ve also been known to add some crumbled up bacon and even some of our chives from our herb garden.


Gifts For Veronica

Childhood Memories

some of Veronicas old Easter stuff from her childhood_small sometimes reliving childhood memories are the best_small

I was going through some of the old Easter things that were in the attic and I came across some of her old things that I knew she would be happy to see again.  So I passed them down to her.

Happy childhood Easter memories.


I love our Backyard Lizards

i love our backyard lizards_small

Sitting Pretty in Pink

pretty chair with flowers_small




That is me, Easter afternoon 1965 in my grandparents backyard where I just got something very special in my Easter basket.

A Duck!

Cookie and the Duck

They were friends long before it was cool for animal opposites to befriend each other.  What about that?

We even had progressive pets.

Never thought I would ever eat a duck after owning one, but I did. 



Im wearing a petticoat_small

I still like the petticoats.

dont forget our backyard critters_small

Don’t forget our backyard critters.

The nuts above are for the birds.

The nuts below are for the squirrels.

(The birds get a nice plate from New Zealand, while the squirrels get an aluminum muffin tin.)

Easter nuts for the squirrels_small

Hey, the squirrels are messy eaters.  🙂

Our Easter Fountain_small Easter lililes by the fountain_small

Happy Easter

My flowers and bench_small

With Much Love and Appreciation,

Julie and Gordon


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