Potting Bench, Mr. McGregor’s Garden Easter

Potting Bench, Mr. McGregor’s Garden Easter


Happy Easter yellow_small

Happy Easter Springtime

cute little pots_small

My New Backyard Potting Bench

(See the little pot above with the cute flowers?  My daughter Veronica painted that when she was little.  Also, see the little oil can?  I found that in my grandfather’s garage after he died and I took it home with me.  I’ve kept it ever since.)

pot o peas_small Happy Easter on the potting bench_small

Is That Peas?

(Actually they are called Sting of Pearls.)

Happy Easter on the potting bench 2016_small

All the pots that you see that are painted, me and my children did those many years ago.

McGregger garden_small

Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor’s Garden was a story that my children loved growing up.  I read them the various books and we owned the video’s and watched them every year.  We loved the story. 

Peter Rabbit cabbage food_small

With this love that we all have for this story I designed our Easter potting bench around Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor.  After all the story is about a garden of food.

Peter Rabbit food_small

The child’s plate that you see above with our Cabbage Timbale and bread, once belonged to my little brother Ben.  When my daughter Veronica was born my mother gave it to her one year for Easter.  It has since been passed down to her little brother Brodie as well.

Our Cabbage Timbales

(We even used a new garden tool as the server.)

our outdoor Easter brunch pottery bench_small

I’ll bet this is the prettiest potting bench.  🙂

Gordon Serving up our Timbales

(For the recipes, see the link at the bottom of this post.)

I’m very proud of my new potting bench.  When I see it I think of Mr. McGregor.

A pretty view_small A potting bench and fountain_small

Beautiful Spring

Our Easter Fountain_small Easter lililes by the fountain_small

My Easter Lilly’s and My Easter Fountain

The AFTER for our potting bench landscaping photo_small

Our Pretty Section of our Backyard

Easter pink and pink_small Easter egg pink_small

Hidden Easter Eggs…..

pretty chair with flowers_small

Beautiful Flowers….

i love our backyard lizards_small

And a Backyard Resident


basket of lemons and limes_small

No Easter Eggs Here, Only Lemons and Limes

lemons limes and lemon balm_small

Our Lemon Balm Herb Too

refreshing Easter_small

Very Pretty Outdoor Refreshments

our outdoor lemonade_small


Our new backyard sink fountain_small

Our New Potting Bench Sink/Fountain

It also helps in the potting of plants when I need to wash them up.


Limoncello Lemonade in the afternoon_small

Julie’s Drunken Lemonade

Julies Drunken Spring Lemonade_small ingredients for limoncello lemonade_small

Lemoncello Liquor, Lemon Water, Volcanic Lemon Juice, Lemon Soda Water

My drunken lemonade drinks_small

Fresh Lemon and Lime Slices

lots of mason jars with lids_small makind the drinks_smalllemon balm with limes and lemons_small

This cocktail is actually a ‘taste as you go’ kind of drink.  I did use an entire bottle of Limoncello Liquor and some of the lemon soda water and lemon water, then I added about a half a cup of the volcanic lemon juice.  Also add a bit of sugar because this drink can be TART!

limoncello lemonade with herbs_small

Topped with our Fresh Lemon Mint

Excellent drunken lemonade_small

Drunken Lemonade on Ice


love my outside sink_small my Veronica outside Easter_small

Julie and Veronica

Julie and Veronica backyard Easter 2016_small

Veronica and Brian out back_small

Veronica and Brian

Julies pottery bench_small


Happy Easter

If you would like to check out our Outdoor Pre-Easter Brunch and our Easter Dinner…….

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Happy Sunday!

Gordon and Julie

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