Julie ‘Home Sweet Home’

Julie ‘Home Sweet Home’



Our Home

We are/and will be, doing some renovations on our home.  We will take you step by step into our home improvements. 

Painting, Painting and more Painting…..

Julie painting option 3_small Julie painting option 2_small Juile painting option 5_small

This is what we are doing for the next 3 weekends!

Julie painting option 6_small Gordon painting_small

Christmas and Easter_small

Um, yes, that is Christmas and Easter in the dining room on May 30, 2016.

Your point being??

Gordon painting the dining room walls_small

Gordon Doing the Rolling

ladder and crocquet set_small

Gordon did the taping, I did the cutting, and Gordon did the rolling.

Gordon more painting_small painting forever_small

Oh, and we will still have SOME yellow walls, and some white and some green and some red….

pizza and painting_small Gordon and pizza_small

Painting and Pizza

Our house is so trashed!

But it will be an improvement when it’s all done.


It’s time to change some things around and to make things a bit better for us.  Our first installment was when we purchased a new roof.  $16,500.00 later, we have a beautiful new ‘Sand Dune’ roof.

Our New Roof Under Construction

a new roof for us_small

A (New) Roof Over Our Heads

Getting a new roof_small

No one ever tells you just how messy it is.

look what I have to walk through_small

Finally Finished!

Sand Dune_small

Sand Dune

Our new roof_small

It was a noisy and messy few days but it’s finally over with.

The neighbors were even driving by giving us the ‘thumbs up’ approval.

At least I think that was their thumb.

Now it’s time to get ready for the new year.









The Next Installment

Gordon is egging me on_small

Gordon Egging me On

 A heads up on what is to come.

No More Yellow Walls!!

option 4_small

The last of the yellow, soon to be.