Julie’s Easter Muchness

Julie’s Easter Muchness


Happy Easter

Welcome to Julie’s Easter Muchness

Julie Easter afternoon 1965

This is me when I was about 4 in Rome, Georgia on Easter afternoon with my dog Cookie and my Easter gift, a duck.

Julie Cookie and Easter Duck

My Easter duck thinks that Cookie is his mother.

Julie Cookie and Duck

So why Julie’s Easter Muchness?

In Tim Burton’s, Alice in Wonderland, there is a part in the movie where Johnny Depp’s character , The Mad Hatter, turns to a grown up Alice and says, “You’ve lost your muchness.”  Alice then questions, “My muchness?”  To which Johnny Depp points to her stomach and says, “In there.  Something’s missing.”


Easter was originally a European pagan festival honoring the spring and the goddess, Eastre.  Christ’s Resurrection coincided with the revival of new life in nature and the beginning of spring.  We witness the awakening of life from the cold death of winter.

Spring is Here


Easter Stories and Songs

Peter Cottontail’s Easter Book

by Lulu Delacre

(The cute little wormy bookmark was crocheted by my Great-Aunt Margie.)

Hello!  I’m Peter Cottontail. 

I’ve come to share a song and a game.

Let’s decorate some Easter eggs—–

I can show you many, many ways.

So please, my little girls and boys, follow me.  I’ll lead you all in this great Easter parade of fun spring things to know and share.

Itisket, Itasket

Itisket, Itasket, a green and yellow basket. 

I painted you an Easter egg—-I’m on my way to bring it. 

I’ll bring it.  I’ll bring it.  I’ll hurry up and bring it.


Itisket, Itasket,

A green and yellow basket.

The egg was pink

and red with hearts…..

And on my way….

I lost it!


Itisket, Itasket,

A green and yellow basket.

I stopped a while to watch the game

And oh!  Your egg, I lost it.


Itisket, Itasket,

A green and yellow basket.

I will be late for the parade

And oh!  The egg, I lost it.


Itisket, Itasket,

A green and yellow basket.

Will you please help me find the egg

Before it gets too late?


(Who knew this song was soooooooo long?  But it wouldn’t be Easter without it.)


My favorite Easter things…..

Baskets, Bunnies, Eggs, and Cards

The Rabbit:  To the Egyptians the hare was a symbol of the moon.  Since Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon which occurs either in March or April, the rabbit is an important part of Easter.

The Chicken and The Egg:  Both represent the symbol of new life.

Some Jewels as Easter Eggs

I always loved making Easter cards with Veronica and Brodie.

The Butterfly:  Represents resurrection.  The caterpillar is life, the cocoon is death, and the butterfly is reborn.

My Great-Aunt Margie also crocheted all these lovely butterflies for me.


Nothing Prettier to Me than Easter and Spring Memories


Easter Craft

I love crafts!  I think it started at church actually.  Every year I would make a milk carton Easter basket in Sunday School.  The adults would cut a plastic gallon milk carton, leaving the handle intact, we children would then use paints to paint our Easter “basket.”  Then we would add the pretty plastic green Easter grass.  An Easter egg hunt outside would then ensue.

My Pretty Little Easter Gift Bags

All of my Materials Spread out onto the Floor

Lovely Ribbons and Eggs

And of Course, Some Chocolate

And a Few of Aunt Margie’s Butterfly’s

I found these 4 burlap bags at a craft store.

I then used some of my supplies for embellishments.  The pretty multicolored flowers you see above I purchased at the Dollar Store.  Interestingly enough when we were at Busch Gardens I saw the same thing for $7.99.  And I only paid $1.00 for this one!

Felt Flowers and Ribbons and Beads

(The green bag came with that Yellow and White flower when I purchased it.)

I hot glued the ribbon onto the bags along with some of the beads.  I just placed a piece of cardboard inside the bag so that the glue didn’t seep through to the other side.  Then when it dried I removed the cardboard.

I ended up pinning the butterfly’s to the bags.

All that was left was to add some Easter grass and some candies.


Easter Baskets

Easter grass made of shredded paper and baskets filled with chicks, eggs, butterfly’s and candies.


A Meadow of Animals and Eggs on my Cake Plate, and a Carrot full of Chocolate Carrots

Happy Easter Wooden Card I Made

(Love the candy Fried Eggs.)

Easter Everywhere!

One of my little pots that I painted Easter eggs onto many years ago.

As I get older and my children grow up and leave home, I don’t get out as many of our Easter things that I used to, but I do still enjoy setting out a few things because it wouldn’t be Easter without them.


Vintage PAAS Dye Company


It Also Wouldn’t be Easter Without Coloring Easter Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs Ready to Color

An Easter Tradition that my children and I would always enjoy was coloring Easter Eggs.

I would usually buy about 2 or 3 different egg coloring kits and lots of eggs, and usually on the weekend before Easter we would start our colorful project.

I can’t even tell you what is going on here, I don’t really remember, but what I do remember is how much fun it was!

They are pretty aren’t they?


Easter Egg Salad Sandwiches

What Else to do With These Eggs?

I adore Egg Salad Sandwiches and I have since I first ate one when I was in the 4th. Grade.  I would then request Egg Salad as my preferred sandwich from then on.  I took them to school, I took them on various field trips where bringing a lunch was required, and various picnics and outings.  It is also my preferred “Travel Food.”  Whenever Veronica and Brodie and I would go on long car trips to visit relatives I always made Egg Salad sandwiches for all of us to eat in the car.  They love them as much as I do.  It also doesn’t matter what kind of bread I use.  Egg Salad tastes good on just plain whole wheat or a nice pumpernickel.  Always!

It Starts Right Here

My Egg Slicer

Egg Still Stained from the Coloring

All the eggs sliced and diced and ready for the accompaniments.

I cannot begin to give you any measurements as each batch I make is different from the last.  I can only tell you the ingredients and you can take it from there in making your own Egg Salad.


Hard Boiled Eggs, Sliced and Diced



Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Tabasco, a few shakes

Sweet Pickle Relish

Pickle Juice

and some Turmeric Powder, 1 t.

The Turmeric gives the Egg Salad a lovely Golden Color

All Ready!  So Delicious!

A great way to eat up all those Easter Eggs!


The truth is that I will always be something of a kid and carry around an Easter bunny in my purse, color Easter eggs, set out my Easter baskets, make Easter crafts, and make Bunny Cakes.  I hope I never lose my Muchness.  🙂


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