How to Make an Easter Bunny Cake

How to Make an Easter Bunny Cake

Happy Easter

One of my favorite holidays when I was growing up was Easter, and the run up to it.  Usually on the weekend before Easter there was a big Easter Egg Hunt out in a large field of someone that we knew where eggs were hidden all over the property.  Girls and boys dressed in nice spring clothing.  Me, always wearing a pretty frock that my Great-Grandmother Honnie would sew for me.  The adults would bring a big picnic lunch for everyone to enjoy after the “hunt.”  Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches, cheese straws… etc.  Oh, and lots of iced tea to drink.  Usually followed by lots of cakes and cookies for dessert.

I loved my Easter basket.  The one pictured in the photo with the bunny cake is the one that Honnie bought for me.  I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen.  Most of the eggs that we would find were hard boiled and not the candy kind. There was always one large Golden Egg and it was the Grand Prize!  I never found that egg.  I always wanted to though.


Coy and Lillian Lone (Honnie), and Nellie Mae Keith and Franklin Ellwood Haskin

(My Great-Grandparents and Grandparents)

Story:  My Great-Grandfather Coy would let my mother play barbershop on him.  She would put a towel around him and pretend to cut his hair.  She has great stories of him being this nice man that he was.  I do remember him too, although he died when I was very young.)

Coy is Strolling me Here


Easter Sunday was all about going to church and then having family over in the afternoon for the best Easter Dinner imaginable at my Grandparent’s house.  I miss those old times as they were very simple and filled with lots of love from my Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, and Great Aunts and Uncles.

So with that lovely tradition in mind I celebrate the holiday with those happy Easter Bunny memories.


I came across a template for making this cake about 30 years ago but never got around to making it.  Well, I finally did!  Or rather, WE did!  I employed my husband Gordon in this venture, so here it is.  Oh, I did cheat and didn’t make the cake myself.  I bought two Pepperidge Farm square Coconut Cakes.  They were my grandmother’s favorite cake, and one of my favorites as well.

My Easter Bunny Cake

Julie and Baby Veronica, Rome, Georgia 1988

This photo was taken Easter morning 1988 at my Grandmother’s house on Morningside Drive.  I loved that house!  Although none of the people I loved the most are still with me, I still have lots of memories and I even own that yellow chair, that Oriental rug, the table beside me, etc. etc.  So, with all those good, happy memories intact, and my love of THE Easter Bunny, here is an Easter Bunny Cake!



2 Pepperidge Farms Coconut Cakes

Flaked Coconut

1-2 Containers of White Ready Made Frosting

Food Coloring

Jelly Beans and Other Embellishments


You can always bake your own cakes but this is a quick and delicious way to make this that does save a bit of time.

Because these cakes are square, you want to carve out a circle in both of them, one will be the bunny’s face.

You just turned two square cakes into two round ones.

Don’t throw out those pieces you cut off.  You can just eat those separately.

Next you want to make a bow tie, and two bunny ears.

Set out a platter where you can work on the cake and that will be where the cake is displayed.

You can see the cake start to take on the shape of a rabbit.

This is where the ready made cake frosting comes in.  Spread it on every exposed area.

Next Comes the Bow Tie

Covering the exposed area with frosting.

You want to sprinkle the white coconut on the areas of the bunny where you placed the frosting.

However, some of the coconut will be blue and it will go onto the bow tie.

The Cake is Ready for the Color and the Embellishments

In order to make the coconut blue you just want to place some regular coconut into a bowl and then add a few drops of blue food coloring. 

We then sprinkled some of the blue coconut for the bow tie.  Added some some jelly beans and a chocolate carrot for the nose, etc.

Happy Easter Bunny Cake


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