Julie’s Vintage Snow White Birthday

Julie’s Vintage Snow White Birthday

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Julie’s Vintage Snow White Birthday

My cute vintage ‘made in England’ tin.  My vintage Snow White ‘Happy Birthday’ card.  My vintage deer, vintage champagne glass that house some lovely white roses.


Very elegant looking.  Also very special to me.


I had the best birthday possible.  One to remember.  This birthday stems from my youth.  When I was 5 for my birthday celebration my friends and I were taken to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the movie theater.  I adore you Snow White.  You were very special which is why I wanted this particular birthday.

Julie’s Vintage Snow White Birthday

I just wanted to share it with you.



  February 13, 2014
   My Vintage Snow White Birthday

Today is My 53rd. Birthday

It’s hard to believe that I am over half a century old!  I like to look at it as fine wine gets better with age.     You know I don’t mind getting older as long as I feel good.  And I do still feel good.  I like to appreciate every birthday that I have because I know they are only going to get worse.    So here’s to me on  my 53rd. birthday!  I hope I get 53 more!

My Snow White Birthday Then and Now

1966 and 2014

Julie age 5

Having cake and ice cream at my party.

The original Walt Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie was made in 1937.  One of my favorite scenes from the movie.  Snow White at the wishing well.

You know when I re-watched Snow White recently I noticed more of an old European influence in the cartoonists drawings.  Especially when it came to the seven dwarfs cabin.  America has really changed in my lifetime where our influences are concerned.  It’s really evident in this Disney movie.  Those influences came from immigration to this country.

Lynn, Julie, Cathy and Jackie

That is me in the red coat with my friend Lynn, in the white coat, and my cousins Cathy and Jackie.  It’s my 5th. birthday and we are on our way to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the movie theater in downtown Rome, Georgia.  This is the best birthday that I have ever had in my life.  It is the one that I remember fondly.  Why this birthday?  I think because all of my grandparents and great-grandparents were alive.  I was lucky enough to get to know them.  They were all around when I was young.  They were the best family that I could have had.  Unfortunately I didn’t have them all for very long, but I remember them as if it were yesterday.  So this year I wanted to recreate that nostalgic birthday feeling.

Here is my vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Birthday.


That is me, below, in the red sailor dress at my grandparents house.  Although you can’t see it, I am holding my slinky in the photo.


Opening my presents, below.


  I love the vintage Snow White tin, made in England.  Also pictured is my slinky.
Coincidentally, the sugared rose was from a past birthday from Disney World that I made sure I kept. 
Photo at right is my Snow White birthday card and watch.
  Old Lady Legs
I think that the game that we are playing in the photo is Hi Ho Cherry O.  What I love most about this photo is the ‘old lady legs’ in the background.  I grew up looking at those ‘old lady legs’.  I was always playing on the floor and they were at eye level.  Notice how they are crossed at the ankles?  Old lady shoes, support hose and their dresses.  I wonder if that is why I love dresses?  I will wear them instead of pants or shorts every chance that I get.  I miss those ‘old lady legs’.  When they were around I knew that I was being looked after.

This is my Snow White record that I got as a child.  I still have it and I still listen to it.  I love all those old silly songs that just made you happy.
Adriana Caselotti was the voice of Snow White.  She was from an operatic singing family of immigrants from Italy.  She was born on May 16, 1916 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Died:  January 19, 1997 at age 80 in Los Angeles, California. 
Adriana Caselotti
Adriana Caselotti, the voice of Snow White.  She was quite a beauty herself. 
Photo below:  Adriana Caselotti’s hand prints at Disney.
Shy Snow White peeking from behind the curtains on her balcony and my own Snow White doll that I have had for many, many years.
I made sure that I included an Apple on my birthday table setting.
The Apple
My Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Tree
I decided to use my vintage Snow White planter as the tree stand and I created this for my birthday.  Who says trees are just for Christmas?  I did receive the vintage Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ornaments as a Christmas gift this past year so I couldn’t wait to put this together.
There is just something so special and unique about vintage Disney.

The snow globes above, under the dome, I made a few years ago.  The vintage deer and trees I found online.  I love vintage.

I wanted lots of roses for my birthday and here I have white as well as red.  I used my old red velvet jewelry boxes to act as steps for my Snow White and Prince Charming.  Vintage wine and dessert glasses hold roses.

My little box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.  Because my birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day I always blur the two together.  I get TWO special days in a row, not just one.
I also wanted plenty of simple cupcakes and delicious heart shaped cookies everywhere.  The cupcakes represent my childhood.  To me food is not just to be eaten, it is also a decoration, just like flowers.

I placed my Snow White necklace around my silver pitcher that I used to house my white roses.  I also placed little plastic Snow White characters all around, even as cupcake toppers.

Sweet treats of cookies and sweet Disney Princess jelly beans.
Here are some of my pedestal plates that I made by gluing candle stick holders to the underside of various plates and platters.  I love the effect.  The one at left looks as if it goes together.  The pink cut glass nut dish belonged to my grandmother and I found the cut glass candle stick holder at Goodwill for a dollar or so.  Together the two pieces look like they belong.  It also adds height to the dish to make it look grand.

Although hard to see this is such a lovely plate with pretty pink roses all around.  The candle holder is also pink with some pretty  edging on the base of it.  I found both pieces at Goodwill for just a few dollars.  I also made the pedestal plate that the apple is on in the photo up above.

My wine glass cupcakes.  I added some cranberry glass wine glasses to the plates and placed some cupcakes inside just to add some height.  I think this is my sub-conscious merging the little girl side of myself with the grown-up woman.  I love the look.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Copywright 1978 by Walt Disney Productions

(I found this wonderful book at a thrift store for a few dollars.  It is such a treasure trove of information on all the classic Disney movies).

 The Story of the Production

Walt Disney’s first attempt at making a feature-length cartoon was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a milestone in motion picture history.  Based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, Disney’s eighty-three-minute entertainment is one of the most popular and beloved movies ever made.  Once known as Disney’s Folly, it is now called Disney’s Masterpiece. 

“You should have heard the howls of warning when we started making a full-length cartoon,” Walt Disney recalled years later.  “But there was only one way we could do it successfully and that was to plunge ahead and go for broke—shoot the works.  There could be no compromising on money, talent, or time.  Well, as everyone knows, the picture did make money, and if it hadn’t, there wouldn’t be any Disney Studio today,” 

Snow White with the Apple

Production began in 1934 and was completed in 1937.  More than 750 artists worked on the picture, creating at least one million drawings, of which over 250,000 were used.  Studio chemists in the Disney paint laboratories ground their own pigments from special formulas and mixed 1,500 colors and shades for the characters, and backgrounds.  The multiplane camera, invented and developed by Walt Disney Studio technicians, first reached a high degree of perfection in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  With it, animated scenes achieved a three-dimensional quality because characters and backgrounds could be photographed on several levels or planes. 

Walt Disney with Shirley Temple in 1939 at The Academy


(RIP Shirley, 1928 – 2014.  You were a cutie.  Thank you for all the entertainment that you gave me when I was a child watching you on television).

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences gave Snow White a special award in 1939, with nine-year old Shirley Temple making the presentation to Walt Disney of a large golden Oscar and seven miniature replicas.  There are eight songs in the picture, several of which are now considered “standards” in the trade: “I’m Wishing,” “One Song,” “With a Smile and a Song,” Whistle While You Work,” “Heigh-Ho,” “Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum,” “The Dwarfs’ Yodel Song,” and “Some Day My Prince Will Come.”  The songs have been translated into thirteen languages (many more by now) and are well known throughout the world, wherever this record-breaking picture has played.

(As taken from Walt Disney’s Treasury of Children’s Classics).

I blogged a few years ago about how disappointed that I was in my generations “Disney Princesses” as being so helpless that they had to have men come and rescue them.  I admired the bravery of Mulan and the skill and determination of Merida and I literally viewed iconic roll models of Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora, Sleeping Beauty as weak and helpless.  But I have come to realize that Snow White, for example, wasn’t as helpless as I originally thought.  She couldn’t fight anyone if she had to but she was good and kind and pure and innocent that she did charm her way into getting the help and shelter and food when she needed it.  She had attributes that although are wonderful to have, they are not always appreciated by the masses.  Luckily for her the dwarfs did appreciate her and they helped her when she needed it.  They gave her a “job” when she was homeless.  Maybe Snow White wasn’t so helpless after all.  Maybe I should view her more as a positive roll model that did the best with what she was given.  She bloomed where she was planted.  She was not such a helpless one after all.  If only more people were as good and kind as she was then the world would be a better place.  So Snow, you are now on my top 10 list.  I will always love you. 

Thank you for the happy birthdays that you gave me.

We ended the day with the best possible outcome.  My  daughter Veronica and I watched Snow White and the Seven  Dwarfs on television.  Just the two of us.

Watching Snow White on Blu-Ray

I felt like a silly girl again.  That’s what I wanted.  That feeling.

Happy Birthday to me!


Check out what my daughter gave me for my birthday! 

A Snow White robe.  Loving it so much!!!