Haunted Mansion Halloween


The Haunted Mansion

The Magic Kingdom

The Haunted Mansion is one of my most favorite rides at The Magic Kingdom ever since I was a child and I do think that it was subconsciously my inspiration for our Halloween decorations last  year.

Our floating Ghost and our Pumpkin

Top Hat Pumpkin

I did move it to the front of our house for the trick-or-treaters for Halloween night.

Fog Machine Underneath

I look at this and really do think that I had The Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion in the back of my mind when I designed this.

Oddly enough I cannot tell you how many junior high and high school trick-or-treaters told us that we had the best house for Halloween.

To tell you the truth I don’t think that we did have the best house for Halloween, but I think what I did touch on was a memory of Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  All Floridians have been to Disney more times that we can count so I’m pretty sure these kids were recognizing in the back of their minds The Haunted Mansion.

Disney Memories

To a lot of us Disney inspires all sorts of happy childhood memories whether you visit the parks or not you have watched the lovely Disney movies or played the video games or played with the dolls and toys, or worn any of the costumes with that special Disney character emblazoned on the front.  Disney is everywhere whether we want it to be, or not.


Although a bit hard to see, Gordon and I have a hitchhiking ghost on top of us while on the ride.

Hitchhiking Ghosts

Which is why when I saw this lovely Christmas ornament I had to have it.

  The Hitchhiking Ghosts. 

Just Perfect!!!


Happy Halloween