Magic Kingdom Christmas

Magic Kingdom Christmas

Christmas in The Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World’s

Magic Kingdom


Welcome to our Little Magic Kingdom Homage

Living here in Florida, just less than 2 hours away from Orlando, we can’t help but be big Disney fans as we visit the parks quite frequently, especially around the holidays.

Besides, who didn’t grow up loving the Disney movies at the theater and on t.v.? 

And who isn’t fond of Mickey Mouse?

I wanted to share with you some Mickey Mouse cookies that we made ourselves and gave as gifts to some very special Disney fans.

M and M cookies with cutter and tin_small

I found some Disney tins at a local store and I just made the sugar cookies using a basic recipe.  Then adding some royal icing and some lovely dragees.  I also included the Mickey Mouse ears cookie cutter along with the gift.

Mickey Sugar Cookies_small

Making Mickey Mouse Sugar Cookies

colorful frosting for the cookies_small

Colorful Frostings

let frosting drip off cookies_small

Let Your Creative Side Flow

frosting hardening for gifts_small Mickey and Minnie cookies and tins_small

Delicious and Beautiful, A Great Gift!

Now visit the park!

Have a Magical Day!


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Broad Street and Cinderella’s Castle

One reason that I love to go to the Magic Kingdom during the holidays is because I know that the park will be decorated quite grand, especially Cinderella’s Castle.  A Cinderella Christmas does get me into the spirit of things.  I always look for a few special souvenirs that I can only find at the Disney parks.  I always take lots of photos and I just enjoy the experience of the fairy tale in the happiest place on Earth. 

Town Hall

Christmas Gordon

  All the lovely Christmas decorations that are everywhere.

 The start of Christmas for me.

All the Decorations are Up

Christmas Touches Here and There

I do love Christmas Shopping Here

(Especially when I have some little princess’s to buy for.)  

Mickey and Minnie looking Wonderfully Green


Cinderella’s Castle in all It’s Splendor

The Grand Balcony

of Cinderella’s Castle

This harkin’s back to my childhood, but isn’t that what Christmas is supposed to do?

So very beautiful! 

The castle is actually fashioned after an old castle in Germany.


Beautiful Day

Statue of Walt Disney in front of Cinderella’s Castle


Sweets for a Sweet

(Don’t forget to pick up a cookie from one of the sweet shops while you are there.)

Cinderella and Belle


The Castle From Beauty and the Beast

Gaston’s Tavern

This is where we decided to eat.

Gordon enjoying a delicious pork shank.

Me, enjoying my delicious pork shank and my “ale”.

(Some apple juice thing with foam).

Warning: There are NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES at The Magic Kingdom!!  Unless you eat at one of the finer restaurants in the park.  Just my public service announcement.  Your very welcome on the head’s up!  You’ll have to make merry some place else.

Belle’s Castle at Night


We ended the night perfectly with a funnel cake at Sleepy Hollow.

(FYI:  The story and legend of Sleepy Hollow is American’s only fairy tale, but I will talk about that another time.)


The Nightly Disney Parade

Me, eating a delicious funnel cake.  Gordon and I did share it. 

I just had a few bites but boy!  Is it great!

Be sure to stop by Sleepy Hollow and try one for yourself.

You will thank us for it!


I did want to end with a bit of advice about touring any of the Disney parks.

Carry The Light Stuff With You

When we do the Disney parks we rent a locker.  In that locker we keep  our jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. (When it is cold).  Also some of our edible things and some water.  Whatever purchases that you make during the park you can pick up at the package pick up area near the front entrance before you leave.  Just tell the cashier that you would like to pick up your package later on and they will give you a form to fill out with your name, address, and phone number.  That way you don’t have to carry them around with you all day.  There is no charge for this service.  There is a charge for a locker for all day.  I think it was about $20.00.  But if you give them back the keys at the end of the day you will get $10.00 back.

It couldn’t be any easier.

  That way your hands are more free to enjoy the day and to take lots of photos.

Now I am all ready for my Disney Christmas.  I could not be more in the mood than I am right now.  


Cinderella’s Castle at Night

Just Magnificent


Merry Christmas,



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Hey, you forgot your shoe!


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I’m sending you the Royal Wave of Farewell,