Tropical Hawaiian Cranberries and our Kalikimaka

Tropical Hawaiian Cranberries and our Kalikimaka





Mele Kalikimaka



Canning and Christmas While Undergoing Home Renovations

We Still Managed to Have a Nice Kalikimaka

All of my Poi Balls

(I made them myself 23 years ago in Hawaii.)

I even managed to twirl my old Poi Balls that I found while our renovations were going on.

And I haven’t put them down since.  🙂

Poi Balls are originally from the Maori people of New Zealand but they do feature the twirling of poi balls at luau’s and Hawaiian celebrations.  They honor the Polynesian’s cultures.  I befriended a Maori woman named Trish Wolfenden, who lived in New Zealand and we because great friends.  She was the granddaughter of a Maori Chief.  Trish was a Girl Guide Leader in N.Z. and I was a Girl Scout leader in Hawaii.  We would trade information from one troop to the other.  We were also pen pal troops.  It is because of my good friend Trish that I had my troop of girls to make the poi balls and we learned to twirl them.  My son Brodie even knows how to twirl them.  He was something of our Girl Scout mascot.  🙂



Christmas Week

You can see here how nice it looks underneath!

The contract coordinator did arrive on Christmas Eve to have Gordon to sign over a check.

Our Christmas Kitchen

Oh, we still have boxes everywhere.  And the den is full of things that we need to get out of there and put back into our kitchen/nook/living room/dining room, but we are getting there.  Gordon put the dog gate back up.  Except this time he had the workers to reinforce the island from the inside construction so that it would have a strong supportive backing instead of him just screwing it into some drywall.

On Christmas Day we were literally laying shelf paper down as we were cooking our Christmas dinner.

(Check out that space between Gordon’s shirt and jeans.)  🙂


It was really nice making Christmas dinner in our new kitchen.

We veered from tradition, as usual, and created our own Christmas Dinner based on what we wanted to eat. 

All Asian and Hawaiian inspired.

An Asian Inspired Pasta Salad, Steamed Muscles….

Baked Ham….

Our Tropical Hawaiian Cranberries….

Sweet Hawaiian Bread and Snow Peas.



Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, Coconut and Cherry Upside Down Cake

With Spooky and Sparky


Having an ONO time twirling my Poi Balls

(Kind of like riding a bicycle.  You can pick it up quite quickly.)










Preparing Our Jars for Gifts and Storing