Our Alice In Wonderland “Eat Me” Cakes

Our Alice In Wonderland “Eat Me” Cakes


Welcome to the Continuation of our Alice In Wonderland

This is part of our Alice In Wonderland Easter

I thought the Eat Me cakes deserved a post of their own.  They were so much fun to make and it just wouldn’t be an Alice in Wonderland adventure without them.


Our Beautiful and Delicious Eat Me Cakes

Julie option 2_small

“Alice” Having Tea

Setting up the Sweets Table

The “Eat Me” Cakes

eat me cakes_small Eat me cake_small

I wanted one large cake and smaller cakes of various sizes.

All the pretty blue butterflies represent Absolum.

party 21_small

What a Lovely Tea Table

Party 20_small party 22_small

And of course there had to be a clock somewhere.

party 24_small

I do wish that I had set the clock to tea time, but I didn’t think about it at the time.

Alice table 1_smallParty 1_small

The Tea Time Table and White Rabbit


The Table With the Keys, Cakes, and Drinks

The table is important to the story.

As you know Alice finds the key and the “drink me” potion on it.

I placed both large and small keys, large and small cakes, and large and small “drink me’ potions here.

The key we borrowed from one of Gordon’s co-workers.  It’s a key from England about 200 years old.  It belonged to a church door.


And now for my acting debut…..

Julie Drink Me_small Julie Alice 1_small

Oh Dear, What Shall I Do?

I’m too small to reach the key!


Wait!  What is this?  Drink me?  Well, I don’t see a “poison” sign on it.  Perhaps it is safe for me to drink?  And here is a tea cake that says, “Eat me.”  Well, here goes.

Julie growing 1_small Julie growing 2_small

Oh, my goodness!  I’m growing!

Julie growing 5_small Julie growing 7_small

Well, this is not good!

Julie growing 3_small

At least I have the Key!


Making the EAT ME Cakes

This was simple and easy.  Actually more about the presentation than it is the recipe.

I bought two sugar free yellow cake mixes, followed the package directions.

I used three square pans, spraying them first with a baking spray with flour in it.

Spraying the Pans, and Pre-Heat the Oven


Making the Cakes According to Package Directions

When the cake mix is ready then add the batter to the sheet pans.

Bake According to Package Directions

The two cake mixes made me 3 9×9 sheet cakes.

Remove from the oven and let cool on a rack.

I want one LARGE Eat Me cake, and several SMALL ones.

Sometimes the cake rises uneven on the top, just take a knife and cut a layer of the cake off in order to have them look more even.

You can see that some of the smaller cakes are of various sizes, that’s how I wanted it.

Once the cakes are cut and ready, it’s time for the frosting.

The frosting that I’m using here is the Royal Icing, same as the cookies above.

Just Confectioner’s Sugar, Water, and Meringue Powder.

Recipe is on the meringue powder container.

This took several layers of icing, but I wanted them to look a bit rustic and not “perfect.”

This was lots of fun!

I just kept ladling, and ladling, and ladling…..

I must have made 3 batches of the icing.

Once again, I get very silly and goofy when I’m tired.

(But it was a fun tired.)  🙂

This is how I wanted the cakes to look, with icing just running down them.

When you think you have put as much icing on them as you want, then just let the icing harden on the cakes.

Now comes the Wording


I have to admit, this was the fun part!  🙂

As usual, I enlisted Gordon to help….

While I take Photos




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