Our Alice in Wonderland Christmas

Our Alice in Wonderland Christmas


Do You Have the Key?

That is the only way you can enter Wonderland.

So, do you have the key?  Oh Dear, it’s on the table.  Can you reach it?  Oh, you just have to reach it.  Otherwise we cannot enter the garden.

Wonderful Wonderland

Straight Through the Door to a Christmas Wonderland

Alice Frolicking in the Forest


Our Niece Vivien as ALICE

Vivien in Wonderland


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Just doing a bit of “reflecting.”  🙂







The Keys, and Eat Me, Drink Me


Julie and Monk



The Drink Me Table

Playing a Game with Vivien

(And Vivien is winning!)





Vivien at the Cinderella Fountain

Sabina and Vivien, Cinderella Fountain




The Ever Color Changing Christmas Tree

Christmas Ghostly Apparitions Roam the Grounds




Alice Christmas Kitchen Prep

Thawing casseroles in the bathroom.  🙂


Making Blue Marbled Deviled Eggs



Making the Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes

(And our Pirates Cupcakes)




Gordon’s Wonderland Stuffed Mushrooms





Prepping the Backyard for our Alice in Wonderland Christmas


How to Set Up Your Own Canopy Tent



























Still painting the roses red…….


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See you in Wonderland……