Our Alice in Wonderland Christmas

Our Alice in Wonderland Christmas


Do You Have the Key?

That is the only way you can enter Wonderland.

So, do you have the key? 

Oh Dear, it’s on the table.  Can you reach it?  Oh, you just have to reach it.  Otherwise we cannot enter into the garden.


Wonderful Wonderland

(The Wreath is a gift from Gordon’s Parents.)

Straight Through the Door to a Christmas Wonderland

Oh, Look!  There is Alice Frolicking in the Forest

Beautiful Butterflies Everywhere

(The crocheted butterflies were handmade by my Great-Aunt Margie and given to me to enjoy and appreciate.)



It’s TIME!

Lovely Flowers in Small Vases to Dot Around the Tables


Our Niece Vivien as ALICE


Vivien in Wonderland


This particular Christmas my brother Johnny, and his partner Sabina and their daughter Vivien, flew in from Ireland for the holiday’s.  It was at this point that I got the idea for us to have an Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas in our backyard.  I knew that Vivien would be the perfect Alice!

Here I bring to you our Wonderland Backyard, Decorations, Foods, hopefully some Ideas for you to try yourself, and to bring a very nice Fantasy Christmas to your own backyard.

I am always chasing that White Rabbit. 

See you in Wonderland…….



In addition to our Alice in Wonderland Christmas, Gordon and I also created a Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas in our backyard for the guys.  I thought that they would probably care less about our Alice Christmas and would see it very feminine and silly.  Not so!  They loved our Alice Christmas!  They also loved our pirates section.  If you would like to take a look then click on the link below Matey’s. 

Click Here For:  Our Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas


I had Vivien doing double Princess duty later on in the evening by having her to successfully impersonate Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.

Click Here For:  Beauty and the Beast Holidays

This was our dessert table of Beauty and the Beast Cake, and Cupcakes. 

Not to mention the lovely gifts for all the Princesses. 

I guess you could say that this was something of a Disney World Christmas in our backyard.


Our Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree

I got the idea to have Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole in our Christmas Tree.

I used some of my doll furniture, and or course the Alice in Wonderland dolls, some of our tea cups, lots of silver beading as garland, and pretty blue, white and silver ornaments throughout the tree.

Mad Hatter’s Hat of course had to TOP the tree!  🙂

An old clock, pretty gifts, and a Field Mouse all around the tree.

To the left of the tree is our Alice in Wonderland Pet Cemetery. 

Julie with Sugar as Canine Alice (before she died.)

We do have our sweet Sugar buried there, and a few betta fish.  Some Flamingo’s, a Topiary adorned with ornaments, and a birdbath.  You can also see our croquet set.

Our Alice in Wonderland Pet Cemetery


Our Alice Backyard

This is before our guests arrive……..

We set up a canopy and draped it all around with my grandmother’s curtain sheer’s, a chandelier, some lovely large Christmas ornaments hanging down, an a table with antique chairs.


This is the main table.  Of course it only seats six.  I have the table draped with some original Alice in Wonderland cloth, a teacup surrounded by small vases with lovely flowers, a checker board set with Alice in Wonderland figurines, a some ViewMaster Reels of vintage Alice in Wonderland.

The Tea Pot Centerpiece

Of course the Cheshire Cat was invited!

We also set up a Drink Table (left), and a nice bench for photo opportunities.


Through the Curtain Sheers………


Through the Looking Glass…..

Vivien’s Place Setting, Tea Cups, Flowers, Alice Doll, Alice Books

Vivien’s (Alice’s) Table

(With her own little Alice Christmas Tree.)

I created a table of honor for our “Alice.” 

However, Vivien saw it as an insult that she had to eat all alone.  🙂 

We tried to explain to her that in our culture it is something of an honor to be separate and to have your own table as she is our Guest of Honor.


The Alice Prequel Christmas

Me, having some quiet moments before our party.

Vivien is LOVE


The Buffet Table

I wanted Gordon to create a canopy over our food table.  Here he had to create one.  Meaning, that he purchased PVC Pipes, buried them into the ground and draped a canopy over them, strung up some lights, etc.  My thinking was that we need to cover the food from any sort of rain or falling leaves, and so on.


I am Rather Proud of the Tree  🙂


The Cupcakes and Keys

I, Julie, made the cupcakes.  They are simply a White Sugar Free Cake mix with Royal Icing.  Some of the cupcakes I inserted butterflies or keys, and the other’s I placed Edible Flowers on top.

On Display



Our Alice in Wonderland Section in our Backyard

Just doing a bit of “reflecting.”  🙂


The Guests are Arriving for Christmas Dinner

Sabina and Vivien

Vivien Exploring and Enjoying the Atmosphere


Our Monk has come out to say Hello to all!


Just give me my dog bed and I will be fine.


Mother and Daughter


Alice Playing Croquet


Gordon with our Alice

I think Vivien finally started getting into the whole “Table of Honor” thing and started to enjoy herself.  🙂

Vivien Eating our Deviled Eggs


The Keys, and Eat Me, Drink Me


Time to Open Gifts

It Looks Like Alice Gets An Alice Doll

Sabina and Vivien


Vivien Showing me how to play one of her games.

Julie and Monk

A Beautiful Rose for me on Christmas Day in our Garden


Gordon Bringing out our Down the Rabbit Hole Cocktails

From L-R:  My brother Ben, Sabina, my mother Mary Keith, and my brother Johnny

Vivien with her Cousin Joseph, my Nephew. 

I had just bought him those clothes for his November birthday.


Vivien in front of our Drink Me Table

The “Drink Me” Table

My mother Mary Keith

Our daughter Veronica with me and Vivien

Playing a Game with Vivien

(And Vivien is winning!)  Of, course!


Julie’s Alice in Wonderland Deviled Eggs

Gordon, Johnny and Ben

Passing out our Stuffed Pasta Shells

Our Stuffed Mushrooms


More Guests Arriving

Everyone Snacking on our Alice Appetizers


Brodie, Veronica, Ben and Joseph

Me with Lovely Vivien


There is Always Room for Cinderella

I suppose that this completes our Disney World Christmas, our Cinderella Fountain and Carriage.


Vivien at the Cinderella Fountain

Sabina and Vivien, Cinderella Fountain


Alice and the Guys in our Pirates of the Caribbean Hut



As Darkness Falls in Wonderland……..


Setting our Dinner Buffet Table

Our Menu:

Stuffed Cornish Hens

Julie’s Wonderland Deviled Eggs

Stuffed Pasta Shells

Stuffed Mushrooms

Julie’s Wonderland Mac and Cheese

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Grandma Nell’s Squash Casserole

Dinner Rolls

Gordon’s Cranberry Sauce

Down the Rabbit Hole Cocktails


As my brother Johnny said about the Stuffed Cornish Hens, it was a perfect amount to eat!


The Ever Color Changing Christmas Tree Colors


With Dinner Finished……


Christmas Ghostly Apparitions Roam the Grounds

I do believe I see a Princess!


It was a wonderful Christmas filled with good food, fun, and fantasy.  I am so happy that we hosted such a great Christmas.  I hope that it will be one that will always be remembered.  I actually think that it will.  🙂





Glitter Name Place Setting Tags

I had these beautiful ornament card holders that were a glittery blue and silver, some with feathers.  I knew they would look pretty holding place cards of our guests names by their seats so that everyone would know where they would be sitting.  I also had some old white business cards to use for printing on your computer that I simply tore them apart into business cards and used white glue to write out our guests names and then sprinkle some blue glitter on to the glue and let dry overnight.

The Gift of Alice for Vivien


Alice Christmas Kitchen Shopping

This was one of many grocery carts of food where I was shopping for our party.  🙂


Our Kitchen Nook Area

Literally loaded with bowls, plates, silverware, foods…..many things needed for our Alice Party.


Thawing casseroles in the bathroom.  🙂

I will say that this bathroom was CLEAN!  AND, no one had used it in weeks! 

But still, I realize thawing out casseroles in the bathroom……..

Well, we had NO space other than here!


Alice in Wonderland Deviled Eggs


Making Blue Marbled Deviled Eggs

I honestly don’t know where I got this idea from?  Did I invent this?  Did I see someone making marbled eggs in some Martha Stewart Magazine?  I don’t know?  But, I took this idea, wherever it came from, and applied it.

The first thing you need to do is to hard boil some eggs.  As many as you like.

Here I have some bright BLUE food coloring.

Once you have hard boiled your eggs and they are cooling in water, you want to get a large baggie and place some water in it, along with some blue food coloring.  You then want to crack the egg shells, but NOT remove them!  Just lots of cracks all around the eggs.

Now you place them into the plastic baggie…..

Now place them into the plastic baggies into the bottom drawer of your refrigerator in order for the blue dye to set.

Keep them into the refrigerator for a few days in order the dye to take full effect.

After a few days they will look like this…..  Beautiful Blue Marbled!

Now you just need to make your deviled eggs……..per your own recipe.

I will give you my eyeball recipe.  Meaning that I just eyeball it.  I slice the boiled eggs in half and remove the yellow yolk and place it into a bowl.  I save the white, (which is now a marbled blue, and place it into a dish.)  Once I have all the yellow yolks I add some mayonnaise, yellow mustard, pickle relish, freshly ground black pepper, Tabasco sauce, and a little bit of pickle juice.  I then mix together.  When mixed I spoon the mixture into the egg white’s.  Then top with a bit of Paprika to add some flavor and color.



Making the Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes

(And our Pirates Cupcakes)

Because we were doing an Alice in Wonderland themed cupcake, and a Pirates of the Caribbean Cupcake theme, I wanted to do a white cake mix for my Alice cupcakes and a Devil’s Food for the pirates.

My goal was to make a bunch of white cake cupcakes, and a bunch of devil’s food cake cupcakes.

For the Pirate Cupcakes you can view our Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas. 

The link is listed above on this post.

But these Alice cupcakes are very simple and easy.  Just make a white cake mix into cupcakes.

Following Packaging Instructions

Then BAKE…….

When done just add some Royal Icing and decorate as you like.

In some of them I inserted KEYS, and in others I placed a butterfly with the words “Eat Me.”  And some I just placed some edible flowers.


Wonderland Macaroni and Cheese

This was my, Julie’s, Idea.  I found this beautiful pasta from Italy at Tuesday Morning.  There were these beautiful pasta shaped flowers, vegetable dyed, as well as these lovely leaves.  I wanted this dish to represent the flowers that sing in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.


I’ve made this recipe before except I used some lovely Autumn colored pastas.

The Ingredients:

Approximately 1 lb. of Pasta (any that you like)

4 T. Flour

3 Cups of Milk (I used Skim)

1 Cup Half and Half

4 T. Butter/Margarine

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Optional:  A Sprinkling of Red Peppercorns

Now for the Cheeses:

I probably grated about 4 cups combined, of:

Parmesan, Fontina, Gruyere, and Parmesan Reggiano

When the butter finished melting on a med heat, I whisked in the flour, one tablespoon at a time until it was combined.  Then I started adding the milk, just a little at a time as I whisked away! Then I added the Half and Half as I once more, WHISKED AWAY!

In a large pot I’m boiling the pasta as per package instructions.  Because I’m using two different pasta’s, they require two different pots.  Boil for package instructions.

I’m grating cheese now.

I’m whisking away the milk, half and half, flour, butter…..

I kept adding the cheeses to the saucepan and the cheese sauce thickened up very nicely!  I was pleased.

Although there are no photos, I did drain the pasta and placed it into a large mixing bowl.  I then added the cheese sauce and mixed thoroughly.  Then, I placed everything into a casserole dish that I had sprayed with an olive oil spray.


Here Gordon is adding the green leaf pasta to the cheese sauce mixture.

This was something of a joint effort as I had to play hostess outside while Gordon did most of the cooking.

I tried to use a spoon to arrange the flowers and leaves into something of a nice little garden.

Like so……

Some pasta flowers and leaves I held back to place on top to make them more prominent.


Now it goes into a 350F oven for about 35 minutes, or so, depending on your oven.

You can cover with foil if you think the pasta may burn while it cooks.

Now it is done and hopefully resembles a flower garden.


Here are some photos of Gordon in our kitchen cooking up a storm, as usual.



Gordon’s Wonderland Stuffed Mushrooms

These are quite easy and delicious. 

White Button Mushrooms and Baby Bellas

You just want to remove the stem from the mushrooms so that all is left is the caps for stuffing.

You can also make the stuffing ahead of time.

Then just Stuff and Bake!

(This recipe is on the link below.  Also our Down the Rabbit Hole Cocktail.)


Click Here For:  Our Down the Rabbit Hole Drinks and Mushroom Appetizers


Alice, in the Kitchen Checking on our Progress.  She’s hungry!

You can see my Wonderland Macaroni and Cheese, and our roasted Brussel Sprouts on the stove top in back of Vivien.


Our Stuffed Cornish Hens

I believe Gordon made about 10 of them.  They fed the men easily, as in one per man.  But the women couldn’t quite eat an entire Cornish Hen themselves, or in Sabina’s case, she shared hers with Vivien.

This is the inside of the Stuffed Cornish Hen

If you would like the recipe, then just click here……..

Click Here For:  Our Alice in Wonderland Easter Dinner

We based all of our recipes for this Christmas on our previous Alice in Wonderland posts.  The only food item that was new was my Wonderland Macaroni and Cheese.

Everyone loved all the food.  I also bought several food containers so that our guests could take food home with them.  That is something that Gordon and I do quite often.  We believe in lots of leftovers!  We like to continue to feed our family and friends even after they leave our home.  🙂  So, there are always bags of food as they leave and can eat for lunch or dinner the following day.


Our Alice in Wonderland Section of our Backyard

Some Shopping for me at Home Depot for the Backyard

Lovely Plants and Flowers to Add to our Alice in Wonderland Christmas


Prepping the Backyard for our Alice in Wonderland Christmas

I knew that we wanted a main “tent” for guests to eat.  You can see that in the background.  I wanted lighting, a chandelier, and some ornaments to hang down from the ceiling of the tent.  Also, the Cheshire Cat.  I also knew that a table would be placed underneath that would easily seat 6 people. 


I also wanted our “STAR” Vivien, as Alice, to have her own table.

The round table left, was to be our “Drink Me” table to house our beverages.  I also had a cooler, the red one to the left, to house all the beer and sodas.


The Food Tent

How to Set Up Your Own Canopy Tent

First, measure your tarp or sheet cover and make your square on the ground slightly smaller.  Here I am digging four holes using a post hole digger to place my four PVC pipes into the ground.

Use a sturdy bag or bucket to place the dirt onto from the hole.  You are saving the dirt to pack the hole now, and when you remove the pole after the party you want to replace the dirt to fill the empty holes.

Dig the hole about one foot deep and use some pieces of concrete or rocks to stabilize the pole, then pack the dirt around the pole until it stands on its own.

I’ve got Julie holding the pole straight for me while I do this.

Once you have all four poles solidly in the ground, you will next need four small rocks and some twist ties or plastic zip ties.  Place your rock in the corner of the sheet and fold down the corner as shown.

This is going to stabilize and add some weight to the ends of the white sheet we are using here to wrap around the top of the pole.

Next, fold in the sides over the rock…

Then twist the rock about three times.  Place your zip tie around the base of the rock and secure tight.

Now using a short bungee cord, wrap it around the rock and then wrap the rest of the cord around the top of your pole and secure it with a knot.

Repeat this around the other three poles and your are all done!


Getting the Backyard Ready

Gordon Working the Food Canopy

Trying to Make Everything Secure


Our Sweet Monk Getting Into the Act

Our Pretty Pathway

Now you know how we did it!  You can do it all too!  It does take some work and some creativity. 

But with Christmas over with it’s time to go to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!


After celebrating our Wonderland Christmas we all decided to visit Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. 

Here is our account of our Wonderful Day!

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Peeking into an Alice in Wonderland window of Gifts and Goodies

In a way it resembles our Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree. 

(What a coincidence.)  🙂


Cheshire Cafe

Gordon and Johnny Ordering for Us


On January 6, 2018, Me, Gordon, Johnny, Sabina and Vivien visited Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. 

We had a wonderful time!

One of our first stops was to eat a Cheshire Cat Tail at the Cheshire Cafe.

Here Vivien and I are sharing one.

I do love the Chinese Lanterns at the Tea Cup Ride.

The Mad Hatter Tea Party Ride


The Chinese Lanterns

The Tea Cups

Me and Vivien In the Tea Cups

Spinning and Spinning……and Spinning……

Vivien and Julie Selfie

Vivien was a Pro!


Vivien Meeting Disney’s Magic Kingdom’s Alice


Vivien is very sweet and loving.  Too bad that Alice isn’t.  🙁

That would be ME and MY Shadow!


At the end of the day, Sabina and Vivien rode the Tea Cups one more time!


Sabina and Johnny waiting in line for the Monorail to get into the park.

Tip:  If there are 2 lines to get into the same event, get in the left line, it will go faster as most people will get in the right line.


The Train Station at the Front of the Park

I LOVE Disney at Christmas!

  Everything is just so beautifully decorated and festive!

Main Street U.S.A.

Mickey Mouse Balloons

Gordon with Vivien

Here Comes the Parade Down Main Street


I do believe that I see Cinderella’s Castle coming into view.


Vivien wore her Belle dress from Beauty and the Beast that I gave her for Christmas.  🙂

Beautiful Vivien

(The dress has a hoop in it and I couldn’t help but notice how well Vivien maneuvered it.  I saw her hike up the front and step over puddles, never skipping a beat, never getting that dress wet or dirty.  I couldn’t help but notice her southern roots come out and shine on this day.  Scarlett O’Hara has some competition.)  🙂

Johnny and Gordon

Doing Some Shopping

Vivien Loves the Sweets


Vivien with Cinderella’s Castle in the Background

Magical Cinderella’s Castle


Sabina and Vivien Selfie



The Beast’s Castle


Merida from BRAVE

Vivien Loved Meeting all the Disney Princess’s



Vivien with Gaston


The Wardrobe is Speaking to Us!

Lumiere Speaking to Belle

Beautiful Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Vivien was so sweet and smitten by the lovely Belle.


The Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant



This is where we ate and Gordon found $100.00 on the floor which he snatched up immediately!  🙂

I snagged this table. 

We have a perfect view of the It’s a Small World After All boat ride while we eat.


Vivien Meeting Some Lovely Princesses…….

Tiana from The Princess Frog and Rapunzel from Tangled

Strong Princess’s with Attitude


Vivien and Julie Waiting in Line for the Dumbo Ride


Beautiful Princess Vivien Playing in the Playground

Vivien was so sweet and shy.  She would wait her turn and could be very timid at times. 

I was very proud of how sincere and thoughtful that she was.


We finally made it to the Dumbo Ride.



Having a Blast!


Sabina and Myself, and Sabina and Vivien in a Dumbo Car

Vivien is Such a Sweetheart


Trying to Stay Warm While We Wait for the Next Ride

In Tomorrow Land Riding Buzz Lightyear

(Apparently doing some serious shooting.  Well, we are Americans……)


Fireworks From Tomorrow Land


Johnny and Vivien Riding Tomorrowland’s Astro Orbiter

Beautiful Cinderella’s Castle at Night


Vivien Trying on some Hats


Leaving Main Street U.S.A.

Stopping by our Rental Locker to pick up everything we stored in it.

On the Boat Ride Back……….

Had such a wonderful time with the best people on earth!

Merry Christmas!



Still painting the roses red…….


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