Julie’s Jabberwocky

Julie’s Jabberwocky


Jabberwocky:  Invented or meaningless language, nonsense.

Origin of Jabberwocky:  Coined by Lewis Carroll in Jabberwocky, poem in Through the Looking Glass (1871).


Welcome to Julie’s Jabberwocky

This page will be about whatever silly thing that I wish to talk about.  Like all my blog pages and posts, I get to them when I feel like it.  You will see many a “Under Construction” on so many posts here.  But oh well, I get around to them when I get around to them.  That is how this page will be as well.  So check back in about 3 years and I’m sure I’ll have my first post written.

But until then, I’ve got some lazy days ahead of me where I would rather look through a Viewmaster Reel than do anything else.

Vintage Alice in Wonderland

Of Course!


Blog Posts Will Start Here…….Eventually

A very, very, unmorning to you!




My Birthday Gift

We went Barnes and Noble shopping on my birthday and I picked out this book, Alice in Wonderland.  When I looked at the bag when I got home you can see the White Rabbit and the beginning of the story written on the bag.  I thought that was quite coincidental.

A Very, Very UnBirthday to ME!


August 23, 2017

Me, Age 8, (I think) Climbing a wall the way the Grinch did when he came down the chimney to steal the children’s Christmas toys in How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  I scaled that wall by bracing my hands against the paneling in back of me, and using my feet to inch my way up until I was at the top of the cabin ceiling.  My mother took the photo.

I could climb anything, and I usually did.  I was very athletic and usually better at sports than most of the boys at school.  Sadly, there was no girls sports when I was growing up.  All I had was recess.


The Good…

The Bad…

And The Alice….


Time For Tea

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.  As in TEA!

TIME for Tea and Biscuits


2017 Halloween

Halloween In Wonderland

“Every day is Halloween, isn’t it?  For some of us.”  Tim Burton


I’m still chasing after the White Rabbit.

I’ve discovered the “enhance” feature on my photo program.  I swore that I would never airbrush any of my photo’s no matter how old I get, but I see nothing wrong with adjusting the color and lighting.

And yes, I’m still in Wonderland.  Ever since Easter. 

Hey, I am going to get my money out of this dress even if I have to get buried wearing it. 


Our Alice in Wonderland Section of our Backyard

So, what do you think?  I’ve wanted an Alice in Wonderland section in our backyard ever since Sugar died.  She is buried in back of the small fountain in the photo above.  Normally, the white mushroom is her headstone but we did movie it around for this photo shoot.  Sugar loved mushrooms.  Whenever anyone thinks of Sugar they think of mushrooms too.  This is also where Monk will be buried as well when it’s his time. 

Sugar as Canine Alice

Although I do not wish to name any names so as not to spoil this post that I love, I believe it’s nice to have an imagination of beauty and adventure to retreat to in this era of harshness.  Turn off the t.v., get off the internet, and just stroll somewhere that you feel safe and happy.  So, Wonderland sounds very nice to me.  🙂

Just to be able to look outside and see this little section just for me, makes me happy.  It’s a reminder to me that anything is possible, that imagination is healthy, and that my sweet Sugar will always be with us. 

Happy Halloween


Me, as Alice

I came across this photo of me, clearly dressed as Alice in Wonderland.  Note the blue dress and white apron?  That is my grandmother there and lots of children.  I’m assuming that this may be a birthday of mine where I am turning 2 or 3?  I do clearly remember that riding toy duck.  I LOVED it!!  When I outgrew it they donated it to the church nursery and even though I had outgrown it I would still go into the nursery to sit in it and ride it.  I very clearly remember that.


Oh, Gotta Go!  I’m Late!!!


Our Alice Christmas

I just wanted to post a few photos of my Alice in Wonderland nook.

Drink Me!

Flowers, Keys, Candles, Sugar Cubes

Alice in my Nook

The View from my Nook Window

My Peaceful Place


Mia Wasikowska as Alice

in Tim Burton’s, Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s, Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice is a Sea Captain on Board The Wonder

I love both movies and how Tim Burton imagined Alice to be.  I also loved that he made her a sea captain aboard her father’s ship.  In the beginning of the second film, Alice proves herself as an excellent sea captain by using creative thinking to save herself, her crew, and her ship.

Creative Thinking is the Key!

I imagined what items that Alice would take with her on her voyage….

Of course her father’s timepiece.  And Books!

Childhood Mementos

Mementos From Wonderland

And of course, her mother would make her some cookies for her voyage.

Alice and Helen Kingsleigh Leaving on The Wonder Together

The ending of Alice Through the Looking Glass, sees Alice and her mother leaving to go on another adventure to foreign lands aboard The Wonder.  Pretty much sailing off into the sunset.  And I love it!

Mia Wasikowska and Lindsey Duncan

I love the strong mother/daughter duo.  These women don’t need men to support them, they have taken charge of their lives and they are now a fierce force to be reckoned with.

Happy Ending!


Monk and his Wonderland Friends  🙂


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Julie’s Jabberwocky

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