Julie 2020 Blogging

Julie 2020 Blogging





Hey Y’all! 

(Getting Back to my Roots.)

Welcome to Julie 2020 Blogging

I sincerely hope that this year will be a good year for all of us.

If you are a regular reader of my blogs then welcome back.  I will do away with any introduction as you know me already, and my opinions.  If you are new then welcome!  The game has started so just pull up a chair and join in.  🙂

Seeing as how I am right of the dealer then it’s my turn to roll the dice……counter clockwise but I have a feeling that will be 2020 in a nutshell.

So, here goes!

Me, with Sparky the Chug, and Spooky the Chihuahua

Let’s Get This Blogging Started!


p.s.  I really do like my new pajamas and I will be wearing them a lot from now on.  🙂

Sadly, they do require hand washing.  🙁  The price we pay for beauty and comfort……


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The Scott Tapes

Hey, remember these Scott?

Yeah, I still have them!  It was So Much Fun sending tapes back and forth, wasn’t it?  🙂


January 11, 2020

Happy 55th. Birthday Gordon!

(His Birthday was January 8th.)

Gordon and Julie, Hyde Park, Tampa


Gordon and I enjoying our drinks before our dinner and movie.  I am drinking a Pink Flower and Gordon is drinking The Don.  (Maybe as in Don Juan “Whann”)  In his dreams!  🙂

This is a dinner and a movie kind of place.  Luckily for us there were not many people. 

That is good!  As I hate crowds!

Brodie and Mackenzie Joined Us

I adore being some of the only people in a movie theater!

Goat Cheese Dip with Bread, PERFECT!

At this Cinebistro you arrive about 30 minutes prior to the movie and order your cocktails and food.  I purchased our seats ahead of time and got great ones!

Gordon and I both ordered the Mahi Sandwich w/ Tater Tots

We ordered 3 apps, this magnificent Goat Cheese Dip with Crudities and Pita Chips, A Hummus Dip, and Wings.

Brodie ordered some giant chicken sandwich and Mackenzie ordered a salad.


Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker

My Take……….

If you are familiar with us then you know we are HUGE Star Wars fans!

We even quote Star Wars ALL THE TIME!

( I cannot tell you how many times when our children were growing up and arguing that I was say, “If you two don’t stop fighting I am going to come back there and use the force on you!”)

With this movie being the last in the installment (9), I can’t help but think back to the first time I watched the original Star Wars movie.  It wasn’t at the theater either.  I believe the first movie (4th.) came out in 1977 but I didn’t watch it until 1980 I believe, and I saw it on T.V.  I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina with my modeling agent, Libby Stone and her family.  They had a T.V. in the back of their house and I was sleeping on the couch.  It came on in the middle of the night and I stayed up all night watching it.  I couldn’t believe how good that it was?  I only watched it because I just couldn’t sleep and there was nothing else to watch on T.V. that night.

THE Original Star Wars

So, when the second (5th.) movie came out, The Empire Strikes Back, I happily took my little brother’s to see it at a movie theater at the shopping center in Rockingham, North Carolina. 

THE Empire Strikes Back

(Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back is my absolute favorite!)


When the 3rd. (6th.) movie came out, Return of the Jedi, in 1983 I was living in my Grandmother’s basement in Rome, Georgia and working at Miller’s Department Store at the mall.  Gordon was also living in Rome in the garage apartment of my Great-Aunt Margie and Great Uncle Ray, and working at the Coca-Cola Plant. 

Return of the Jedi

One Sunday night after I got off work Gordon and I went to see it.  I loved it so much that I told Gordon I wanted to go back and see it again the following Sunday.  🙂

I have episode’s 4, 5, and 6 on VHS.  I may even have episodes 1 and perhaps 2 on VHS as well.  But once they did away with VHS and everything went over to DVD I certainly purchased all of them that way as well.  And of course then when they came out on Bluray.

(Oh and a big P.S.  I have the very first Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark on BETA.)  Which btw:  Still works!!!  I still have it as well.  🙂


Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I am probably the only person that loved Episode 1 with Natalie Portman as Queen Amadala.

It was interesting to me that this 14 year old girl was a Ruling Elected Queen.  And when she met Anakin Skywalker, he was a 9 year old boy that was a slave on Tatooine.

We were living in Maryland when it came out on VHS/DVD and I purchased it.  I do admit that it is a bit boring but I happen to like boring.  I like the beginning’s of things.  Queen Amadala’s elaborate wardrobe represents excess and when things are at their height.  It represents peace, but it also represents frivolity and excess.  Also, lots of gossip because there are no hard times for people to fret over so they attack each other.

I loved that her body guards were young women around her age and height, and weight that resembled her.  Camouflaged as hand maidens.  They could take you out in no time if they had to.

But every story has a beginning and not all beginning’s are exciting.  They are usually a bit boring in order to set the stage and tell the story.  Things tend to heat up mid story.


Rogue One

This is Gordon’s favorite Star Wars movie.  It is also NOT part of the 9 part story.  It is an addendum.  An Insert.  But a very important part of the story.  This episode takes place between Episode 3 and 4.

It fills in a gap.

My favorite character in this story is the blind Asian guy that is untrained but he has the makings of  a Jedi Knight.  He does have the force but because there are no more Jedi there is no training for those that are one with the force.  He is literally a powerful blind man but finding his way as a blind man that is force strong. 

I am the Force, and the Force is With Me.


Episodes 2, and 3

Star Wars Attack of the Clones

When this movie came out on DVD we were also living in Maryland at the time and we loved it!  Veronica did see it at the mall with her friend Caitlyn.  Anakin had grown up and was a Jedi.  Padme had grown up and was a woman, and a senator for her country of Naboo.  I loved everything about this movie.  I would even say that this is my second favorite Star Wars movie.  Anakin was a bit of a whiner though.  But if you go back to see the early episode’s of Luke, he was something of a whiner as well.

Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith

I don’t like this episode and I don’t watch it.  This is where they slaughter all the Jedi.  That makes me very sad as the Jedi were the guardians.  The keepers of the peace.  Once they were gone then evil took over.


Keylo Ren and Rey

They ended up being really good characters although I didn’t think so at the time when I saw their first movie, Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens.

But Episode 8, and then Episode 9, they do get more interesting as the saga continues.  They are a “love story,” but a very dysfunctional one.

Ben/Keylo Ren is Han Solo and Princess Leia’s son.  Luke trains him along with several others but during that time he turns evil and slaughters those Jedi that do not follow him.  Luke feels like a failure and isolates himself on the isolated island that houses the Jedi Temple.  Leia keeps insisting that there is good in him and sends Han to retrieve their son, (in Episode 7.)  Ben/Keylo Ren then kills Han Solo, his own father.  When Leia talks about how he still has good in him then all I can think of to say is, “So What?” 

Everyone has some good in them.  Even the most evil and vile.  But that doesn’t mean we should take them back because they have “some” good in them.  In the end Keylo Ren turned back into Ben Solo and he died helping Rey to defeat Palpatine.  He did redeem himself.  But he needed to die as he has just done too many evil things in his life.  He had done way too much damage to be forgiven by anyone.  He was a mass murderer.  It’s nice that he did the right thing in the end but he also needed to die, and he did.

I’m not one of these people rooting for some ‘Space Ghost Relationship’ between Rey and Ben.  She has been through enough in her life and deserves some happiness with a very boring and stable human being that loves and adores her and appreciates her for herself.  I guess we will never know what the writer’s intended but we can use our imagination and have her live out her life how we want her to.  Personally, I always wanted her to get together with Poe.  He is good, and he is cute!  🙂

May the Force be With You,



I decided to write about this instead of not.  At the end of the movie you see Rey on Tatooine at Luke’s home where he was raised and where his aunt and uncle were murdered.  She had taken Luke’s and Leia’s Light Sabers there to bury them in the sand.  After all, she had defeated Palpatine (her grandfather), and all the Sith Lords.  While Poe and Finn and the Rebel Alliance were able to defeat the Empire.

It was while Rey was there burying the Light Sabers that a woman wandered by and asked her who she was?  She told her that her name was Rey.  The woman asked, “Rey, who?”  After pausing and looking out into the distance and seeing the ghosts of Luke and Leia she answered, “Rey Skywalker.”

I have a big problem with that.

First of all, Luke was never particularly nice to her.  And it was revealed that Leia did know her family history which she withheld from Rey and didn’t tell her.  Leia may have been kind to Rey but she kept important information secret that I believe Rey needed to know about.

Next, Ben Solo/Keylo Ren as Leia and Han Solo’s son is also a Skywalker.

Ben/Keylo has been nothing but cruel to her from the moment he encountered her.  He made her life harder than it needed to have been.  He could actually be quite cruel to her.  The last name I would ever take would be HIS! 

I wish that she would have created her own last name and went with that.  Started something new.  Do we really need any more Skywalker’s?  I think the name should have died out with Luke, Leia and Ben Solo.  There is no Rise of Skywalker, they are all dead.  We will miss them forever, but they are gone.  Now it’s time for a new generation of Force Strong individual’s that don’t come from some famous family name to reign supreme!