On Being an Empath Part II






My name is Julie and I am Empathic, and I have been my entire life.

At this writing, 2017, I am 56 and I’ve wanted to share my story for many decades now but I was too afraid to really speak out about it.  Also, I didn’t fully understand it all myself.  I didn’t want it to reflect negatively on my children, but now that they are grown and have left the nest, I don’t care how negatively that I may be viewed and I feel very comfortable talking about it.

In addition to being an Empath, otherwise known as Clairempathy, 

I am also Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentience, Clairscent, and Clairtangency.

This is my second blog post on the subject.  If you are interested in reading my first one…..

Click here for:  I Am An Empath

Although I am all of the “Clairs,” I identify most with being an empath.  I am an empath 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but my other psychic abilities do come and go.

But as I get older and more in tune with them I am realizing that I can do more with them. 

I suppose that if you are interested in my future blog postings here, that you should perhaps start with the’ I Am An Empath’ blog post first.  The best way that I know how to explain what I am is through examples and story’s.


On Being an Empath

My family members always said, “Julie helps old people.”

My Grandfather Franklin, My Great-Grandmother Honnie, and Me

In the photo above I am about 3 or 4.  I believe we are in Vincinnes, Indiana here visiting my Great-Grandmother’s family.  The reason that I am posting this photo is because you can see me helping Honnie up the stairs.  How many 3 or 4 year old’s that you know stop to help the elderly?  That is what being an empath is about.  I felt her feelings, she needed help, so I turned around and helped her.  She didn’t need to say a word to me, I just knew.  I will forever miss my Honnie, and my Grandfather.

 It was always said in my family, “Julie helps old people.”  I always have and I always will.

Thank you for being here. 

I do appreciate your interest.

Julie Lancaster-Whann



April 4, 2018

The Different Kinds of Empaths

(This entire posting will take me a while to write so I will list the different kinds all together in this piece and have them listed from top to bottom.  So, the date above may say April 4, 2018 but the next postings will say different dates.  Just keep reading downward.)

Empaths that are Connected to Animals

I have to admit that I thought all Empaths were the same.  I never realized that there were different kinds of Empaths.  When I read about the different kinds I noticed that I am all of them.

My take on Empaths was my take on anything else, you will always have those people that are better at it than others.  For example, dissect any great basketball team and it’s true that they are all great players, but there are always those “star” players on the team that are just a bit better than everyone else.  To me, that’s how it is in every profession.  You have a lot of talented people that can do something great, but then you have some that are just so much greater at it than the others.  That’s how I view Empaths.  I believe some are more powerful than others.

So, I wanted to start out with the different kinds of Empaths and where I fit in all of this.

My mother, Mary Keith, and her cats.  I have that couch, I have that alabaster lamp, and I have that table it sits on, and I even have that sconce on the wall.

I always grew up with animals because of my mother.


My Connection to Animals

This is our old barn in Rockingham, North Carolina on our property.

That is me, when I was dating Gordon, and my little brother Frank.  Oh, and the man is my step-father.

Our Horse Prince, he had blue eyes.

Me at my best.  A horse in one hand and a kitten in the other.

In Dahlonega, Georgia, our dog, our cat, and her kittens.

Because my mother was an animal lover I grew up with lots of dogs, cats, horses, etc.  I got to know them.  I observed their behavior’s.  I knew when they were upset, happy, hungry, sad….  I was never afraid of animals even when some of them tried to hurt me.  I don’t know why?  I just wasn’t.  For example, one time I was riding a horse that I was unfamiliar with and he didn’t want me riding him so he walked through the owner’s wife’s clotheslines outside trying to knock me off.  Although he wasn’t successful, I did do the Keanu Reeves Matrix bullet dodge where I was laying sprawled out on that horse’s back.  I have had horses to try and kick me.  I never got upset about it.  I made sure that I stayed directly behind them because a horse needs room to kick you.  So, if you stand directly behind them, as in right by their rear end, they can’t kick you.  They will try to move around in order to get room to kick you.  Be sure to continue to move right along with them, standing directly behind them until you can get away.  But that is horses.  Dogs, they are empathic.  And at one point I literally scaled Prince’s stall to get away from him trying to trample me.


Me and one of our Dogs

Me, with my Great-Grandmother Keith and our dog Cookie

Dogs are like me, they are empathic.  They empathically know who is good and bad.  Dogs and I have always had a connection.  Now, I’m not talking about some Dr. Doolittle talking to animal’s connection.  But I am talking about knowing things about each other instinctively.  Sometimes I think instinct is some code word for being empathic.  I have never been afraid of dogs, even those dogs that have tried to chase me and scare me.  I know they are only doing the bidding of their masters and that they aren’t really that way.  Let me explain…..

Whatever happened to my Freckles, by the way?  🙂 I used to have a ton of them!

When I was about 8 or 9 I was cutting through a man’s property on my way home.  This is when we were living in Georgia.  I was alone.  The man didn’t like that I was on his land and he came outside on his front porch waving his shotgun around in the air trying to scare me and telling me to get off his land.  I stopped and looked at him but continued on my way.  Not running, just walking.  As an Empath I knew that he was only interested in scaring me, not shooting me.  I think he got upset that I wasn’t running away because I then heard him let out a loud whistle and suddenly I could hear dogs running my way.  As they got close I turned around and stared them down.  When they got to me they just sat down.  There were 3 of them.  Two sat down and one did just stand there barking at me.  I then turned around and continued walking home.  The dogs didn’t follow me and the man on the front porch started waving his shotgun around yelling at me saying things like, “What did you do to my dogs?  Hey, girl!  What did you do to my dogs??  He was upset!

I didn’t do anything to those dogs.  Those dogs were trained to scare people off this old man land.  When it didn’t work, the dogs didn’t know what to do so they just sat there looking at me.  I wasn’t scared because I knew these dogs wouldn’t hurt me.  It wasn’t in them to hurt me.  It’s in them to follow their master’s instructions.  And they did.  But I didn’t react the way they assumed I would so therefore their master’s instructions didn’t work.  That confused the dogs so they just sat there looking at me as I was leaving.

Me, with our cat Snowball, and my new Hamster

Another time I was with my friends in Georgia when suddenly a dog started running towards us.  He was big, and barking and growling.  I must have been about 9 years old.  When the dog got close to us I turned around and stared at him.  I didn’t run, I didn’t move.  I could hear my friends yelling at me to run.  I turned around and they were all up a tree.  I asked them what they were doing?  They looked at me as if I were a crazy person, and I looked at them as if they were crazy as well.  I seem to remember saying to them, “It’s just a dog.”

Me, Age 8.  I always loved my stuffed Animals

I think that we have all seen photos on the news of places like Abu Graib where our soldier’s in Iraq were scaring and torturing detainees with ferocious looking dogs.  And the detainees cowering in fear in some corner of the room.  They are very unpleasant images.  But, when I look at those images all I can think of is, “It’s just a dog!  Stand up and face it down!  Scream at it that it is not in control here!  You are!”  To me, it’s just a dog.  What are you afraid of?  The dog is just doing the bidding of it’s master.  If you respond differently then the dog won’t know what to do?  Dogs are Empaths by nature.  They may be trained to do things that aren’t in their nature.  But if you offer them another way, a peaceful way, they will take it.  Which is why dogs rescued from dog fighting rings are usually rehabilitated.

If the owner’s are nice and respectful and loving toward their dogs then the dogs will be nice and respectful and loving toward their humans, even when they are a ferocious breed.



Before Monk and Sugar, there was Kona

Kona was a gift to my son Brodie from my parents for his 8th. birthday.  Kona is a Black Lab.  We gave Kona a Hawaiian name.  We got Kona as a puppy and he grew up to weigh about 125 pounds, I seem to remember he got up to 140 at one point.  We were living in Maryland at the time on a military base.  Some days I would take Kona for walks on the base but it was more like Kona was taking me for a walk.  He dragged me everywhere!  You try controlling a massive dog on a leash.  It’s not easy!

Julie, Ft. Meade, Maryland

A behavior that I noticed while I would walk Kona around the base was that when I would encounter an African-American person coming my way that they would cross the street when they saw us coming.  I noticed it a lot.  I also noticed that when I took Kona outside that African-American children playing would then hurry into their homes.  It started to really bother me and hurt my feelings.  It’s as if they were afraid of Kona.  Thing is, Kona wouldn’t hurt anyone.  Sure, he’s happily dragging me around for our “walks” but he’s just happy to be outside.  Being afraid of Kona was like being afraid of a big marshmallow.

I started asking some of the neighbors that I knew as to why the African-Americans in our neighborhood were acting that way toward Kona?  That was when they all responded by saying, “Because dogs don’t like blacks.”  I think that I very shockingly responded in disbelief with a “WHAT?  WHAT are you talking about?”  Of course they then went on to explain to me how everyone knows that.  They are scared of Kona because they know he doesn’t like them.  I responded by saying that we have had some of Brodie’s school friends over to our house that are black and that although they were nervous at first, Kona was very good to them.

I was SHOCKED by what they said to me!  I had never heard anything more ridiculous in my life but then as am Empath I figured out what was really going on.

DOGS are empathic, so if they are wary of any African-Americans Or any other race for that matter, it’s because they are picking up those suspicions and dislike from their owner’s and then directing it toward people of color.  It’s not that dogs don’t like black people, it’s that they know their owner’s don’t and it translates back to them that they shouldn’t either.

If the owner’s are good, the dogs are good.


Next up!

Emotional Empaths

April 11, 2018

I just Googled Emotional Empaths to see if they had a better definition than I can give you.  I talk about it a lot in my other Empath blog post so I wasn’t really going to get into all that again, but I actually didn’t go very far in explaining how it affects our moods and behavior’s. 


Definition from Google

Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world.


First of all, I differ from that definition in the fact that I do intellectualize feelings.  I will ignore my feelings and make decisions based on my intellect.  BUT, I do tend to stay in relationships longer than I should because of the feelings that I have for someone.  It’s when I realize that their feelings toward me will never change that I exit those relationships because knowing that makes me too sad to be around them.  These people are also very surprised that I’m the one that is ending the relationship.  For some reason they just seem to assume that I’ll always be there for them.  They also always seem so surprised that I can cut ties to them so quickly.  But what they don’t understand is that as an Empath I’ve known their true feelings toward me for awhile so I’ve already been moving away from them long before their even knowing it.  So, when I formally cut that tie to them, I actually cut that tie to them long before I leave them.

Most of the time being an emotional Empath is about feeling other people’s feelings and having their feelings go inside of your body.  Sometimes it can feel like a wave sweeping over me.  Sometimes someone’s feelings just creep inside of me and other times I can be so overwhelmed that I want to just collapse onto the ground from all the weight of it.  I work on my happiness every single day.  But I don’t ignore those feelings that I get.  My detective skills kick in and I then go on a mission to find out whose feelings they are.  I do a lot of thinking.  Actually, it’s one of my favorite things to do.


Emotional Vampires

I do talk about Emotional Vampires in my other blog post so I’m not going to get into any of that again but those are people that subconsciously seek out empathic people and drain us dry.  I do give an example that we used to have a neighbor that was a nasty person, a trouble maker, but she was a very social person and would seek me out every single day.  I may wake up in the morning with lots of energy and ready to start my day and get a lot accomplished but then I would encounter “Edna” (not her real name), and I could not get rid of her to save my life!  And, she wouldn’t budge and go home until she was finished with me, as in draining me dry.  So, she would walk away with a nice spring in her step, feeling so much better, whereas I’m now laying on the couch the rest of the day with no energy because “Edna” stole mine. 

It was sad but for my own health and happiness I had to dump her. 

Empaths know very well those kinds of people.  They are drawn to us because we are absorbing some of their nastiness, or their sadness, or their pain, so they end up feeling better whereas we feel worse.


How Feelings/Moods Affect Behavior

I mean everyone knows that, right?  Of course our feelings and our moods affect our behavior but what you don’t realize about Empaths is that other peoples feelings and moods affect OUR behavior. 

One example that I can give you is something that happened to me years ago.  I knew a woman in Hawaii that invited a few of us to a cabin in Volcano for the weekend.  We all 3 split the rent and bought our own plane tickets to fly over from Oahu.  When we all met at the airport and I approached the other 2 women that I was going with I could sense immediately that for some reason they didn’t want me there.  I had this horrible feeling inside my stomach and so much dread.  I suddenly didn’t want to go with them but what could I do?  I had already paid money for the plane ticket and the cabin rental. 

I viewed this situation with some hope that perhaps whatever was bothering them would change, after all we were going away for the weekend to have some fun so perhaps they will feel better once we get started.  I was trying my best to be pleasant and nice but I also had inside my body their horrible feelings.  After all, I was not wanted!


What I was feeling emotionally was the equivalent of visually having someone roll their eyes at you, glare at you, and throw in some heavy sighs! 


Now, think about this.  What if you were with some people that rolled their eyes at things you would say, glared at you with dislike for just being there, and would sigh just looking at you?

So, how’s your mood now?  And not only that but how is your behavior now? 

Let’s say that you ask them if anything is wrong?  What is the standard answer?  “No, nothing.”  So, now you know you are being lied to. 

Understand that you have to spend the next 2 days with these woman that do not want you there.  What do you do?  Pack up and leave?  I didn’t have a lot of money back then to pack up and head to a motel/hotel.  I had already sunk my money into that cabin with them.  I had no choice but to stay and stick it out.  It was difficult but I decided to just try and enjoy a few things on my own and left the two of them to be together.  When the trip was over I thanked them for including me but I never had anything to do with either of them ever again.  I was contacted a few times by one of the women but I never saw her again.  I never wanted to.


When you are around people that don’t want you there, but you have no choice but to be there, it affects your mood and behavior.  It’s hard to be this pleasant person and relax and have a great time when you are feeling what they really think of you.  Especially when you are staying in the same living space as they are.  And it’s not just knowing they didn’t like me or want me there, I FELT it!  Those feelings are now inside of me and they aren’t going to leave my body until I get away from them.

I cannot push out the bad, negative feelings of someone that I am still around.  The only thing I can do is to get away from them, then I can get rid of their feelings.  Which is why I have ended quite a few relationships in my life and now only surround myself with genuine people.  When I say genuine people I am referring to those people that like me for me and whose feelings I pick up on are of a nicer more genuine nature and not the petty mean girls that I’ve known throughout my life.


The story I describe above has happened to everyone whether you were aware of it or not.  But it’s one thing to suspect that someone may not like you and it’s another thing to KNOW it and FEEL it!  And some time’s when you feel someone’s feelings then you know what they are thinking.  Not always, but often. 


Some time’s it can be very clear and other times it’s a bit foggy but either way I can still see it.


I may add more to this if I think of a better example but for now I guess it’s time to move on……

Next Up….

Medium Empath

I’ve heard that Mediums are always Psychic but Psychics aren’t always Mediums.

I don’t consider myself to be a Medium but I can do some things that Mediums do.  Mediums have pretty much fine tuned their abilities, mine are still raw.  An experienced Medium can interface with spirits on another realm.  They can communicate.  I have written in my other blog of my experience of seeing a man sitting in one of my chairs in our house that we live in.  I believe him to be the man that used to live here that died and his wife kept his ashes here.  I have also written about how I have seen many strange things throughout my life that I can’t explain that do fall into that “Medium” category, but a Medium, from what I have read can control it, I can’t.  However, a Medium also knows how to turn it off from what I understand.  And if that is possible then perhaps I’ve turned mine off without knowing it.  And if that is the case then I have no intention of turning it back on, I’m overwhelmed enough as it is!

I do feel every day someone touch me.  I can’t explain it except to say that it happens to me a lot throughout the day.  Last night Gordon and I were watching a movie and I could feel someone touch my arm and my forehead.  When that happens I automatically think of my grandparents but I have no idea who or what it is?  I’ll be sitting at the computer typing and I will suddenly feel someone touch my hand or my arm.  I’ll be washing dishes and the same thing happens.  Sometimes I feel someone or something touching my ankles.  The touch that I feel is not of a negative nature.  It’s as if someone cares about me.  Perhaps our precious deceased Sugar is rubbing up against me in the kitchen while I do dishes.  🙂

I do find talking about this Medium stuff uncomfortable so this is all I will say for now.  Perhaps I will talk more about it in the future as I figure more out about it.


Next Up, The Future Empaths can See


April 2018

This is a personal message to someone (a woman) that I have admired for many years whom I am not going to name here, but who I have parted ways with.  She knows that I have parted ways with her but I keep hearing this Taylor Dane song in my head.  As an Empath I do pick up when people think about me and it sometimes translates into a song that will suddenly pop in my head and it will sometimes play out for weeks until the person I am connected to moves on and then it goes away.  So, N.L.  I wish you the very best.  You are a successful woman and you have a very nice life so enjoy it.  I do not need to be insulted by you via a third party interview in New York.  Have a nice life!  Much success!  I have put up with the little insults now for a few years and I have dismissed them but I do have my limits.  (Passive- Aggressive, that I am.)  🙂


p.s.  This is a lovely song so I guess if I have to have a song stuck in my head it might as well be this one.   This isn’t just a song about lovers it is a song about ending a relationship and one person thinking the other will be back.

p.s.s.s.  I have not always been treated very well by women my entire life but because I want the relationship to succeed I will stay in the relationship and sometimes put up with a lot of crap so I will then end the relationship when the crap continues and I realize that things will never get better.  But for people that don’t want me, they sure do miss me when I’m gone.  Go figure?

Sometimes psychics can see the future N.L.!!  Don’t knock what you have no idea of.  🙂

The ideas that we post on this website are for those that are genuinely interested.  Not for someone to copy/revamp/and resell.  We freely give them away, not for others to make money off of them.  I have watched you on Twitter and Instagram and in your books not because you are some inspiration, but because I look to see what you copy of ours, and other people.


March 16, 2018

On Being an Empath

My family members always said, “Julie helps old people.”

My Grandfather Franklin, My Great-Grandmother Honnie, and Me

In the photo above I am about 3 or 4.  I believe we are in Vincinnes, Indiana here visiting my Great-Grandmother’s family.  The reason that I am posting this photo is because you can see me helping Honnie up the stairs.  How many 3 or 4 year old’s that you know stop to help the elderly?  That is what being an empath is about.  I felt her feelings, she needed help, so I turned around and helped her.  She didn’t need to say a word to me, I just knew.  I will forever miss my Honnie, and my Grandfather.

 It was always said in my family, “Julie helps old people.”  I always have and I always will.


Julie Barefoot

Although hard to see in this photo, I am showing my barefeet to a cousin in Indiana.  I have always hated shoes and I do get asked why?  I think for many reasons.  Number 1:  I have Greek Feet. 

My Greek Feet

My second toe is longer than my big toe.  Hence the term, Greek Feet.  Number 2:  I have flat feet.  I have absolutely no arch whatsoever.  Number 3:  Whenever my mother would take me shoe shopping she would push down so hard on my shoes at the toe to feel how close my toes are to the end that it was painful.  I HATED shoe shopping!  Number 4:  I am from the south where starting May 1st. we didn’t wear shoes until time to head back to school in September.  Now you know! 

Although I didn’t wait until May 1st. to go barefoot, those were rules when I was a child that I never really followed.  I’ve always been Julie Barefoot since I was born.  Ask anyone that ever knew me growing up.  🙂



March 2, 2018

Comfort Therapy Dogs Waiting to Greet Stoneman Douglas Kids

Dogs are Empathic

The school shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day 2018 that resulted in the deaths of 17 people, teachers and students alike, was heartbreaking.  I had turned on the news that afternoon just to see what was going on, and was surprised to see this ongoing event unfolding right before my eyes!  Needless to say that I was so drawn to it all that I sat down and didn’t budge for hours.  Monk and I snuggled up and watched the horror unfold.  It was so very sad.

I believe that I was very down for days after this shooting.  I don’t think that I even unfolded my Valentine roses that Gordon brought home to me for days later. 

The tragedy was obviously very sad for the students and families that lost loved ones and went through such horror. 

But now they bring in the comport dogs…….

Let me tell you about the comfort dogs.

Just look at those sweet faces in the photo above?  And let me tell you what they are going through.  How do I know?  Because I am empathic.  As sorrowful as I feel for those kids, I also feel for the dogs that are sent in to help those children.  As an empath, we absorb feelings.  For example, I may wake up feeling good and ready to start my day.  Then I encounter someone that is nasty, or sad, or defeated, and their feelings then go into me.  Now my happy mood is gone and I am weighted down with their unhappy feelings.  I made them feel better by absorbing some of their pain.  Which is why empaths are known as healers.  We absorb some of your unhappiness so that you feel better, but we end up feeling worse. 

Those precious therapy dogs above with their sweet faces will be absorbing some of the pain of so many students and adults that they are assigned to comfort.  They will be filled with so much sadness, so much pain.  So, who will be comforting them?  No one!  They are on their own to deal with all the emotions that they are forced to deal with. 

The dogs are who I feel for at this time.



March 1, 2018

I Believe I foiled My Own Abduction

The Day was June 5, 2016 (The motive at the end.)

I’ve been afraid to write about this for a long time but I’m going to now.

I used to manage my mother’s beach condo out in Indian Shores, FL., and did so for about 14 years.  I enjoyed the job because of the benefit of being able to use the condo when it wasn’t being rented.  I was out there quite a bit over the years.  Either by myself, or we as a family.  I was also a regular beach goer.  Quiet Waters is actually located across the street from the beach, with the Intracoastal Waterway running directly behind it.  Our building had it’s own beach access path to the beach.  Actually, we shared it with Water View, the building next to us. 

Indian Shores is something of a best kept secret because we don’t get the large crowds that other beaches do in Florida.  There were many days where I was the only one on the entire beach for as far as the eye can see! 





Some days I was the only one on the beach.

(These are old photos that I took from the past and I’m posting here to give you an example.)


It was wonderful!  I looked at it as being all mine to enjoy.  All that just for me!  I loved it!  I loved the privacy.  But most days there were always a few people.  I would use our beach access path to get to the beach.  I always left the condo around the same time, around 10:30 a.m. to head to the beach.  I always carried my large beach bag full of beach towels, about 6, and magazines, reading glasses, backup reading glasses, tissues, napkins, lip gloss, tons of plastic bags for collecting shells, sun screen, back up sun screen, back up, back up sun screen….my folding beach chair…..


Everyday is Julie’s Day when I’m at the Beach

(Another old photo that I took of my things at the beach.  But this is how my stuff always looks.)


Oh, and my lunch of course, always a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread and some BBQ Kettle Chips, and plenty of water to drink.  It was always heaven being out there, soaking up all that Vitamin D, finding shells on the beach, driftwood too.  Lost in my thoughts….

So, as I started out on this day to head for the beach I was happy as I walked out of the condo, locking it behind me, and taking the elevator down to the ground level which is the parking lot.

Quiet Waters has lots of security cameras so anyone can access them to see who’s parked in the parking lot, who is exiting their condo’s, who’s getting on the elevator’s, who is leaving….  As I was walking toward our beach access path and was nearing the road to cross the street a truck pulled into our parking lot and parked at the spot right beside the road where I was walking.  I saw it and it made me nervous but I kept on walking and crossed the street to the other side.  I remember actually being relieved to hurry across the road away from it.  It was at that point that I had crossed the street and was starting to walk down the path toward the beach that the truck suddenly pulled into the parking lot and parked right by me.  The same truck!

The Red Truck

It has two of those large silver storage trunks in the back.

I was on the beach access path when that truck pulled into that spot.  It was at that point that my stomach was sounding alarms inside of me. I recognized that truck as the one that had just pulled beside me before I crossed the street!  This sense of terror just came over me and before those men could even get out of the truck I doubled back quickly and crossed the street heading back to Quiet Waters.

It was at that point that I saw the building supervisor out front, we’ll call him Will, and he was standing next to another man that I know who comes down to Quiet Waters every year with his family.  I ran up to them because I was scared and I told them what happened.  Will said that he noticed that truck pull into our parking lot and he thought the men were acting funny.  Then he saw them drive to the parking lot across the street where I was.  I told Will that I don’t mean to sound paranoid but I just feel like something bad was about to happen to me.  So Will very reassuringly let me know that he understands and that women are taken all the time so anything is always possible.  So Will walked over to get a good look at the truck.  I told him that I was too scared to walk across the street to the beach and that is when Will suggested that I walk up the road heading north to the public beach access path and cross over there.  It’s much busier and more people cross there so I should be fine.

It was at that moment that I was debating whether I should continue on or head back to the condo.  I was looking forward to going to the beach and I didn’t want to just head back up to the condo so I decided that I wasn’t going to let two men acting suspicious in a truck ruin my day so I headed up the road to the public beach access path and crossed over to the beach there.


I was still feeling nervous and I just didn’t feel good but I was around people and I felt safer so I continued onward.  When I got across the beach I immediately took a left and walked down to where I usually set up camp.  It was a long trek for me but I wanted to be where I usually go so I walked down to where our private beach access path comes out onto the beach and it was at that point that I saw an older man standing underneath this canopy with those two beach chairs that you see there.  One is blue, the other is pink. 

He was an older man probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s but he was fit.  He had gray hair.  He was standing to the right underneath the canopy around where the pink chair is and his body was facing toward the right of the beach, not facing the ocean.  He was looking down at his phone and all of a sudden he looked up at me, I was still a little distance away but he was staring directly at me, as if he was expecting me to come walking down the beach any minute.  There were other people on the beach but he never looked at them, only me.  He didn’t take his eyes off me.  But not in a flattering way as if he thought I was attractive or something.  He looked at me as if he wanted to kill me.  I started to panic inside and I didn’t know what to do.  I was walking toward him but I wanted to remain cool and calm.  It was at that point that I saw a family coming down to the beach from one of the buildings on the beach so I slowed my pace so that they would be around me as I passed the man standing underneath the canopy. He had set up that canopy around where I usually set up camp and the man was really freaking me out so I just kept on walking further down the beach to distance myself from him.

It was at that point that I dropped my beach bag and chair onto the sand and got out my cell phone and called Gordon at work.  I told him about the two men in the red truck and I described them to him.  I told him what happened, and about how I used the public beach access path because the two men made me nervous.  I also told him that if anything happens to me that day that those men had something to do with it.  I also told him that Will got a good look at the truck and talk to him if something happens to me.

Gordon and I went on to talk more and as we were talking I saw the man that was standing underneath this canopy walking  along the ocean and heading toward the left, walking along the beach until he disappeared out of sight.  But as he walked passed me, he looked at me with such hate on his face.  It’s as if I pissed him off somehow.  I knew he was a psychopath and it was then that I put it all together.  He was part of it.  He was upset because I foiled whatever plans that they had for me.  I stayed on that beach for a few hours longer and the man never came back.  He never came back!

Everything Here is NEW!

The Canopy, and the Two Beach Chairs

Who set’s up a brand NEW canopy with two NEW beach chairs underneath it, and then walks away and desserts it at 10:45 a.m. and doesn’t come back for it?  That is my question?

You set up a canopy if you will be staying on the beach all day.  That’s what local’s and tourists both do.  Not everyone has a canopy, but it is very common to set them up.  However, you don’t go to so much trouble and expense and dessert it on the beach, especially before you’ve even had a chance to use it.  The only people that should be on that beach are either vacationer’s that are renting condo’s in that general area, and their guests, or owner’s that live in the condo’s in that specific area.  The public beach access path that I crossed over is for the public to use.  Meaning that some buildings along the beach or the Intracoastal Waterway don’t have their own private access beach paths, like we do, so they make general ones for cases like that.  As a local Floridian I can tell you that local’s go to “local” beaches.  They don’t crash the beach access paths where tourists vacation, they can’t park their cars without them being towed away.  They have various public access beach paths along Gulf Blvd..  We however, are an area that is more private.  The only people that I have ever seen on that beach in my many years of going there either live there, or vacation there.  The reason I know this is that when they leave the beach they turn around and walk straight backward to whichever building they may be staying in.  They don’t gather their things and walk down the beach until they disappear from sight.

The man I saw walking away down the beach glaring at me with such hatred all over his face, the only thing he had in his hand was a t-shirt that he was unrolling as he was walking away.  For a split second there I wondered if there wasn’t a gun in it?  That’s how creeped out that he made me.  My insides were trembling.  I remember wondering where is his water?  He didn’t take anything with him.  Just that t-shirt he was unrolling.  There was no cooler left underneath that canopy filled with cold drinks and food like a real tourist would have if they were planning on staying on the beach all day.  There was no fishing equipment to make me think that he was some local there to spend the day fishing.  And who was the pink chair for?  I always wore my pink swimsuit to the beach every time I would go.  Was that pink chair for me?  Was he going to stick me with something to make me pass out and then plop me in that pink chair.  Perhaps even telling curious onlookers that his wife had passed out from heat exhaustion?  Oh my!  I need help!  Someone help me get my wife to our room!  And then suddenly 2 men in that red truck appear out of nowhere and help carry me underneath that building thus dumping my body and my beach things in those two silver trunks in back of that truck?   

You know, I stayed on that beach until around 2:00 p.m. and he never returned to retrieve his property.

So why was that man even there?  Glaring at me as if he wanted me dead and as he was walking away he just looked at me as if I were something worthless to be discarded.  They way he looked at me terrified me!  No one has ever looked at me like that before.


It was after 2:00 that I headed back to the condo across the street.  The truck was still parked there.  There are actually people walking directly behind me.  I waited until someone was leaving the beach and I either wanted them in front of me or behind me because I wanted to take a photo of that truck.  So, I quickly did, and then walked down our beach access path back to Quiet Waters.

The Suspicious Red Truck


My Conclusions

So, why would anyone want to harm me?

In this day and age no one has to know you to harm you.  Women, children, and men disappear all the time.  Sometimes they are found dead, if the families are lucky then the loved one is recovered alive but forever damaged, and sometimes a person is never seen or heard from again.

This incident happened about 6 weeks after I exposed someone on my website of stalking me for decades.  I even wrote a blog post about him.  Eventually naming him. 

The thing is that I told anyone who knew me well, decades ago, that if anything ever happens to me, look to You-Know-Who.  He did it!  Oh, but he won’t do it himself, he’ll hire someone to do it for him.  He won’t want to get his hands dirty.

So, what do I think happened here?  I believe, as an empath, that this particular person did hire someone to discard me.  This is Florida after all.  We have swamps filled with alligator’s.  What better way to discard a person than to drug them and dump them in a swamp.  The alligator’s will take care of all the evidence.

After this happened I did some research online about murder for hire.  Oh, I didn’t go into the internet underground.  I researched articles that were written by people that did the research themselves.  Mostly reporters in the U.K.  What I read was so chilling.  Anyone can hire anyone over the internet to dispose of someone.  You just deposit money, bitcoin, and someone answers the add and takes care of the person.  The person that does the hiring doesn’t know the person that takes the job and visa versa.  So, for $10,000 you can have someone disappear.  When I read that it made me so sick to my stomach. 

I actually quit going to the beach after that.  Oh, I would occasionally, or if Gordon were with me, but I was never the same after that.  I never felt safe again when I was out at the condo.  But when I was out there I had a series of baseball bats and wasp spray that I had at my disposal if anything happened to me out there when I was alone.  I also slept only on the couch when I was alone out there and not in any of the bedrooms.  I wanted to be alert to any intrusion if it happened. 

Sadly, this is what happens to people when they experience something negative.  It affects you forever.  In my case I believe I thwarted it, but you still live with fear because you know that it almost happened. 


January 25, 2018

Unpleasant Empathic Encounters

Julie, September 2017, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Magic Kingdom, Orlando

If you’ve been a regular reader of my empath blogs, this being my second one, then you know a little bit about me and what it’s like to be an empath, at least from my experiences.  Sometimes it can be very unpleasant coming across someone that you know things about yet there is nothing you can do about it.  I’ll try and explain.  First of all, empath’s, depending on how highly sensitive they are, are usually a bit of an isolationist.  I know that I am.  And I am becoming more so as times get worse in our country.  It’s because I pick up on so many people’s unhappiness and it stays with me throughout the day, and into the week.  Also, empaths tend to put on weight in bad times because that extra layer of fat around our middles does help to dull our sensitivity to other people’s feelings and pain.  We feel everything in our stomach’s.  That’s why I put on weight during 2017, I call it my “Trump weight.”  I have since gotten it off.  I would like to shed a few more pounds though and I am hitting the treadmill more and I’m back to eating better.  (I did go off the rails for a short while but I’m getting back on track now.)  It’s also fine to occasionally eat something that we shouldn’t.  Let’s just not make it a day to day thing especially when it can affect our health negatively.

But, when I do go out in public, and I’m not talking about doing some shopping and running some errands, I’m talking about being around large groups of people.  I tend to shun that.  I haven’t set foot in a mall since 2000.  I shun concerts, black Friday shopping, large department stores, etc.  I also avoid most movie theaters unless they are small ones where not many people go.  We do have our ‘out of the way’ places where we go to enjoy an evening out that aren’t very crowded.  I also revolve my life around rush hour.  I make appointments at low traffic times and do my shopping at non-busy hours.

I do my best to avoid crowds.  If they all run right, then I run left, even if I am the only one doing so.  But, about the only places that I can be around a lot of people and enjoy myself, is at places like Disney, Universal, the beach, various tourist attractions, nature, then I do very well and I’m happy because the emotions of people that I am encountering, are pretty good ones.  Either tourists on vacation having fun, or nature lovers who appreciate beauty and respect wildlife, or local’s, like myself, enjoying an outing to parks around Florida.  I am considered to be a Highly Sensitive Empath.

The Entrance at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Gordon and Julie

(We are enjoying an evening at Disney after having endured Hurricane Irma.)

But it was last September that I encountered a man at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando while Gordon and I were waiting for our dinner reservation at, Be Our Guest Restaurant, the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant, and we were walking around the area that I saw a man, probably in his mid to late 20’s.  He looked very good, as in his appearance.  He would have impressed anyone.  People would have instantly welcomed and embraced him into their circles.  He looked that good.  But I spotted him instantly, even though he was walking among a crowd of a good 30 people or so.  I zeroed in to him immediately.  And when I saw him I got sick to my stomach.  I recognized him instantly as a sociopath, and I knew that he tortured kittens in his basement.  That’s all that I knew!

Understand that I don’t KNOW him.  I had never seen him before in my life!  My empathic self recognized him as a sociopath, and a horrible flood of visuals came pouring into my head of him torturing kittens in his basement.

I kept on walking past him, what else could I do?  I was holding Gordon’s hand and I started to squeeze it hard.  I believe he said something like, ‘Ouch, what’s wrong?’  I told him that I just passed by an evil person and it upset me.  He then squeezed my hand affectionately and we kept on walking.  He knows as well as I do that there is nothing that we can do about it. 

Imagine had I flagged down Disney security?  Pointing him out and saying, ‘Arrest that man!  He tortures kittens in his basement!  I don’t know his name, or where he lives, or where he’s from, but I know he’s evil!!  Arrest him!’

Yeah, I would have gotten thrown out of the park for causing trouble.  You see, I have no proof.  All I have is what I know empathically.


I Wanted To State

(Off Topic)

 I left something up on my other empath blog where I looked at a photo of a very popular celebrity couple, (Blake something and Gwyn Stefani), but, in the photo, I saw something.  I saw in the photo that he was looking around for the next girl, if you know what I mean?  That was over a year ago when I said that, and he is still with Gwyn.  So, to some of you that would mean that I was wrong?  Right?  Well, I left that up, even though I haven’t been proved correct because that is what I saw.  So, whether he is still with her or not, I am standing by what I saw when I looked at that photo.  But I left it up because whether or not I can prove any of it at this time, I still stand by it. 


There are some things that I know with great certainty but cannot be proved.  Sometimes what I see can be proved, and other times, no.  But I am stating what I saw, and what I know to be true, whether I can prove it or not. 

It can be very difficult coming across someone very evil, such as the man I encountered at Disney, yet not being able to do anything about it but carry on with my life.  For these reasons I am becoming more isolated.


Disney’s Magic Kingdom again, January 6, 2018, Same Thing……

We have been doing Disney a lot over the past year, and that has been my large crowd that I do my best to shun, normally.  For the most part my experiences there are very good and positive, but even the worst of us like Disney as well, and that’s when I encounter the most horrid of our society, sometimes.

Gordon and I went to Magic Kingdom on Saturday, January 6th. with my brother Johnny, sister-in-law Sabina, and the best niece I could ever know, Vivien.  🙂  I just love her so much!!! 

My Niece Vivien, Sweetest Girl Ever!

We had the best time, all day long!  But, it was nearing 10:00 p.m. and we were in Tomorrow Land riding a few of the rides, Buzz Lightyear, The people Mover, and The Rockets, that I encountered a young woman.  Surprisingly enough, when I was looking through my brother’s photos that he took, he got a photo of her!

The Girl in the Blue Sweatshirt

I know Johnny was taking a photo of the fireworks, but he got a photo of the girl that I was able to read.  That is me to the left of the photo. 

The second I saw her and approached her, I knew what she was.  Funny, but as I look at this photo of her I see a different person than the one I read.  That’s what being an empath is about.  Being able to read a person based on their feelings, not their appearance.  I mean, doesn’t she look like a nice girl in the photo?  I wish as an empath I could say that she was nice, but what I read was horrible!  If you notice in the photo above I have my arms crossed?  When I encountered her I crossed my arms immediately as a defense mechanism.  I knew she was very bad news!

We are waiting in line for the Rockets here.

What I read of this girl was that she has been horrible to other people so much so that she has caused great pain and suffering to these people.  She has no problem bullying others at school and it wouldn’t bother her a bit if someone killed themselves over rumors she starts on them.  I knew that she would not have a problem lying to authorities about someone just to get them in trouble, and she would be pleased with herself for having duped the authorities.  We had an Asian girl directing us in line for the rocket ride and I knew that this girl in the blue sweatshirt was very racist against her.  The dislike she had for her was overwhelming me.

I was so appalled by this girl that I no longer wanted to read her.  It upset me way too much!   I didn’t want what I knew of this young woman to ruin the rest of my wonderful day so I tried to ‘switch her off.’  But unfortunately we were then herded into an elevator that took us to the top level to ride the rockets and while we were in the enclosed elevator and I was standing near her, her life came flooding into me.  In just a few seconds I saw her in her 30’s as an obese woman with shoulder length brown hair, wavy, and that same disgusting smirk she had on her face.  I saw her between the ages of 33 and 38.  But I couldn’t read her after that.  So, I don’t think she lives past her 30’s. 

Oddly enough that gave me great satisfaction, knowing this woman would no longer exist after her 30’s.  I’ve read people before where I can see them in old age, but her story ended for me in her 30’s and what that tells me is that her future obesity will be her undoing. 

It gave me satisfaction that she could no longer do any damage to those whom she has hurt and who’s reputations that she has ruined because of her own selfishness.  So, when it came to getting on the rocket ride, Gordon climbed in first, I then tried to squeeze in with him, but sadly we no longer fit together!  I couldn’t squeeze in with him and I was laughing so hard that at one point I’m sprawled all over Gordon and I couldn’t move.  🙂  You know how when you are laughing so hard that you get weak?  I was so weak that I couldn’t get off of Gordon and go find my own rocket.  I was laughing so hard that the ride attendant came over and had to pull me off of Gordon.  I then got into my own rocket, still laughing hysterically!  (I also wet my pants just a little bit because I was laughing soooo hard!.)  🙂

But you know what?  I sat back and just watched the fireworks as they are going off and enjoyed the ride!  I took no photos!  Seriously?  How can you enjoy anything when you are taking photos??  But, here are my brother’s photos…..

Johnny and Vivien, cutest girl in the world!  🙂

I can’t remember the last time I felt so at peace.  I was all alone in my rocket and I just sat back, watched the fireworks, and I had this sense of peace.  It was wonderful!  Beautiful fireworks display!  Best day ever!


Oh, and p.s.  I can’t always see everyone’s future.  I can’t control it.  I just get this flood of emotions and feelings and I can sometimes see things that are many years ahead of us. 


January 22, 2018

Engagement Announcement!

Our little girl, Veronica, and her longtime boyfriend, Brian, are engaged!

He popped the question underneath the fireworks at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella’s Castle.  Ahhhh……

But then again, I did pick up on it before we even know a thing:  🙂

Just thank goodness that song is finally leaving my head.  You’ll understand when you read the blog post below.

Gordon and I are very happy!



January 19, 2018

Wedding Bell Blues

The Fifth Dimension

Beautiful Marilyn McCoo and her husband Billy Davis, Jr.

(They’ve been married since 1969.)

So, what in the world does my psychic ability have to do with a popular singing group from the 1960’s, The Fifth Dimension?

For the past two and a half weeks this song has been playing in my head on a loop!  And I have been singing it for the past 2 1/2 weeks because it won’t go away.  Gordon even asked me last weekend why in the world was I singing that old song?  I told him that I have no Earthly idea why.  It popped in there one day and it won’t go away.

Luckily, Gordon knows what I am and he understands these things.  All that I can do is to just let it play out until whomever I am connected to moves on to something else.  I do talk about this in my other Empath blog post and even give some examples. 

However, this time we found out who I was connected to! 

The premise of the song is about a woman who’s in a long term relationship yet her boyfriend won’t ask her to marry him.

It was on Tuesday when Gordon was leaving work that he got a text from Brian, our daughter Veronica’s boyfriend.  He wanted to meet with Gordon and talk to him, but he didn’t want Veronica to know about it.  I knew instantly that he was going to ask for Veronica’s hand in marriage!!!  So, I got out my engagement ring that Gordon gave me, that I cannot get my fat finger in anymore, and I told him to give it to Brian and maybe he can reset it or something.  Oh, my ring is a 1 carat diamond shape and it is gorgeous but I can’t wear it.  So, Gordon set off to meet Brian at a pub for dinner and to talk.

It was at that point that I had my Eureka moment and realized that I had been connected to Brian for the past few weeks and that he was finally going to propose to Veronica!  They’ve been together for almost 11 years.  Their anniversary is coming up and he wanted to ask Gordon’s blessing for her hand.  Isn’t that noble?  🙂

Turns out Brian bought her a ring, and his mother even gave him her heart shaped diamond to give to Veronica as well.  So, Brian will be presenting Veronica with 3 diamond rings on their anniversary and she gets to choose which one she wants.  They may even do a combination of all the rings.  Most girls barely get one, Veronica will be getting 3! 

Well, once this is over then I’m sure the song will leave my head but it’s still in there.

So, with The Fifth Dimension on my mind I might as well post my most favorite song by them, Age of Aquarius and Let the Sun Shine!

I do have an Aquarius birthday coming up soon.

When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planet

and love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius….






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