On Being an Empath Part II

On Being an Empath Part II

My name is Julie and I am Empathic, and I have been my entire life.

At this writing, 2017, I am 56 and I’ve wanted to share my story for many decades now but I was too afraid to really speak out about it.  Also, I didn’t fully understand it all myself.  I didn’t want it to reflect negatively on my children, but now that they are grown and have left the nest, I don’t care how negatively that I may be viewed and I feel very comfortable talking about it.

(This is a living post so updates will continue through the years.)

In addition to being an Empath, otherwise known as Clairempathy, 

I am also Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentience, Clairscent, and Clairtangency.

This is my second blog post on the subject.  If you are interested in reading my first one…..

Click here for:  I Am An Empath

Although I am all of the “Clairs,” I identify most with being an empath.  I am an empath 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but my other psychic abilities do come and go.

But as I get older and more in tune with them I am realizing that I can do more with them. 

I suppose that if you are interested in my future blog postings here, that you should perhaps start with the’ I Am An Empath’ blog post first.  The best way that I know how to explain what I am is through examples and story’s.


On Being an Empath

My family members always said, “Julie helps old people.”

My Grandfather Franklin, My Great-Grandmother Honnie, and Me

In the photo above I am about 3 or 4.  I believe we are in Vincinnes, Indiana here visiting my Great-Grandmother’s family.  The reason that I am posting this photo is because you can see me helping Honnie up the stairs.  How many 3 or 4 year old’s that you know stop to help the elderly?  That is what being an empath is about.  I felt her feelings, she needed help, so I turned around and helped her.  She didn’t need to say a word to me, I just knew.  I will forever miss my Honnie, and my Grandfather.

(Update:  I actually just found out that I am 2 in the photo above.)

 It was always said in my family, “Julie helps old people.”  I always have and I always will.

Thank you for being here. 

I do appreciate your interest.

Julie Lancaster-Whann


The camera represents how I see things differently. 

Through a different lens in life.


With the Coronavirus sweeping towards all of us I wanted to become a bit more candid with my abilities because I don’t know how much time I have left and I want to get it all out before I die.  I guess you could call this my “DEADline.”  So, yes I have been holding back on a few things.  I don’t know when I will die, but I always said that I think I’ll be lucky to make it to 60.  I’m 59 now.  I hope that wasn’t a prediction on my part.  Therefore, I hope you do stick around.  It doesn’t matter what opinions you may have of me and who I am, I just want to get my story out there regardless.  It’s nice to have people believe me but I understand if you don’t.  Hopefully this may be my contribution to this science in the future.

Julie Lancaster-Whann


August 3, 2020

My Predictions for This Upcoming Election

(GOD, I Hope I’m WRONG!)

When Donald Trump “won” the 2016 election that scene from Gone With The Wind where Scarlett O’Hara is wearing the pretty green dress and walking up the steps of 12 Oaks after the BBQ, with all the men running around yelling excitedly, “We’re going to wo’ah!  We’re going to wo’ah!”  That scene kept going off inside my head on a loop for about 24 hours.

I wondered why?  I mean, I figured that Trump would start a war, but I figured it would be with Iran.  But, here I am picking up on a Civil War scenario.  Why?  Because I believe that is where we are headed.  And I saw that in November 2016 when they announced his win.  I even Tweeted about it at the time, and I have written about it here in my website.

So, with that in mind I wanted to share with you what came to me today while I was in the shower, (a place where I pick up lots of information), and when I was in the bedroom underneath my ceiling fan, (another place I pick up information, white noise.)

This song kept going off inside my head the entire time I was in the shower, and for about 30 minutes after that.



If you listen to the words it’s about something coming to an end but at least he did it ‘his way.’

As am Empath when songs or scene’s from movies come into my head and they are on a loop, sometimes for weeks at a time, meaning they play over and over again inside my head, then it means something is coming.  The thing is I don’t know what “end” it will be?

Here are the lyrics:


And now the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full
I’ve travelled each and every highway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way
Regrets, I’ve had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption
I planned each chartered course
Each careful step along the by-way
And more, much more than this
I did it my way
Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew
But through it all when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall
And did it my way
I’ve loved, I’ve laughed, and cried
I’ve had my fill, my share of losing
And now, as tears…


As I said, when these things come into my head and stay there then something is coming my/our way.  I just don’t know what that thing is OR who it is directed to?  Is it directed to me?  My husband?  A family/friend?  My fellow Americans?  My country?  Sadly, I’ll find out eventually.


The second thing that came to me while I was underneath my ceiling fan soaking up all that white noise was that the moderates will most likely break for Trump when all is said and done.  I will explain….

All of this just flooded into my head, something that does happen to me occasionally.

Our moderates tend to vote republican, but they do break away from republicans when they are unhappy with them.  For example, they voted for Obama in 2008 and some of them did again in 2012.  And they are probably set on voting for Biden right now, that is……………..until they realize how old he is and that he is choosing a black woman as his running mate.  I believe that moderates don’t mind a black female VP given the current climate in our country.  HOWEVER, they don’t want a black female President.  Therefore, when they connect those dots they will swing their votes to Trump.  It will not be a landslide election.

Most moderates are religious, so therefore they don’t view this virus as being Trump’s fault.  Right now they are not happy with his response to it, but in the end they chalk it all up to religion and how this is all god’s plan.  Even if some of their relatives and closest friends die they will still view their deaths as them going to heaven and being in a better place.

Moderates do have a racist streak in them, although more subtle than the average republican voter.  They also tend to see black women as being their house keepers, nanny’s, etc. but not the President of the United States.  Therefore, when they realize that Joe Biden could die in office and his black female VP would then be President, that scares the hell out of them.

I am very pleased that Joe Biden is going to choose a woman, and hopefully a black woman, I believe that to be the right thing to do.  I also believe that he will win the Presidency!  But, that he won’t be President.

He will win by a small margin that the republican’s will be able to steal or disqualify.  Trump is not going anywhere on his own.  If you catch my drift.  Of course there are things that can be done to remove him, but I just don’t see that happening.

Like I said, I hope I’m wrong and I hope all of you think I’m some kind of quack because of my predictions.  I’m actually hoping I’m some kind of a quack too.  But, we’ll see, won’t we?


Another explanation could be that I am picking up the sadness and tragedy in the Presley household.  Elvis’s grandson did just commit suicide and Lisa Marie is in court to settle her 4th. divorce.  And although I haven’t read any of the articles where might Priscilla be?  Perhaps wondering if her grandson is with Elvis?  I did look at a photo of them on the internet 2 days ago.  I pick up things from photographs.

That might explain the song in my head but I still think my prediction of moderates is true.

(I would like to say that I don’t consider what popped in my head as a “prediction.”  I believe I just picked up on what’s out there.)

Oh, and I didn’t know Elvis sang this song until I found it on Youtube.  I thought it was originally sung by someone like Dean Martin.  So, I was very surprised to see Elvis singing it here.  I did find out that it was originally sung by Frank Sinatra.


 I’m adding more content here:

July 12, 2020/July 13, 2020

I Am Shaken

No One Has Ever Looked Back!  Not Until Now.

As an Empath I travel when I go to bed at night.  What I mean by that is that I lay in bed, close my eyes, and I can see things throughout the world.  I can see through someone else’s eyes.  I know it sounds crazy but I can.  Sometimes I lay in bed and travel, kind of like when we use the T.V. remote to change channels.  You might channel surf, but I people surf.  I can see all sorts of things.  Scenery, people, love scenes, parties, gatherings.  I am not there, I see these things from people that are there.  I know it sounds confusing.  But that is how it is for me. 

But, in all my years of traveling I have never had someone to look back at me.  To see ME!  The person in the background.  The person behind the “eyes.”  It was last night and I was awake at about 2:30 a.m.  I was looking at a “scene”, it was getting dark there, probably in another time zone.  I was looking out at the ocean and I spotted a man walking along the water’s edge.  He was probably in his 40’s.  He suddenly stopped what he was doing and he looked at me.  He saw ME!  I know he saw me!  It was ME he was looking at.  Not some person whose eyes I was looking through.  I panicked!  OMG!  He can see ME!  He must be like me if he can see me.  I did my best to sever the connection because I didn’t like it.  I did my best to “change channels, ” if you know what I mean?

As thrilled as I was to find someone like me out there I don’t want to ever know this person.  I dread going to sleep tonight out of fear that he knows how to “contact” me.  He may know how to find me and I don’t like that.  I also can’t help but see the irony that I use my ability to see things yet I don’t want anyone to use that ability on me.

The last thing in the world that I need is a psychic stalker.  I’ve had it with stalker’s throughout my life.  Why anyone thinks I’m worth all that is beyond me?  I just wanted to share what I experienced last night and I hope I never experience it again.  Maybe I should think twice before I “travel” from now on.  Having an edge on someone else isn’t always fair.  Just because we have an ability doesn’t mean we should use that ability on someone else.

Perhaps I should just read a book if I am having trouble sleeping at night.


p.s.  I don’t want to go to bed tonight.

p.s.s.  How arrogant of me to assume that I would be stalked.  That’s just what I am used to.  Perhaps now that I’m 59 I won’t have that problem anymore.


I Am Shaken (Part 2)

July 13, 2020

I felt that I needed to expand on what I wrote above.  I initially wrote it very quickly and I think I need to slow down and explain what I go through every night when I go to bed so that you can better understand.  Although I have written about this before in my blogs.

I have also come to remember things from the other night that I had forgotten about and therefor this blog post entry will be more accurate as I’ve had time to think it all through.

When I go to bed at night and I lay down in the dark and close my eyes, the inside of my eye lids become a T.V. screen and I am sitting there with a remote in my hand.  (Not literally.)  The “T.V” (in my mind) turns itself on.  I have no idea why or how, it just does.  The first “channel” that I came to was of a young boy, about 8, 9, or 10, with dark blonde hair sitting at a table and doing what I think is homework.  O.k., that’s boring.  So, I “change the channel” in my mind and go to the next one.  Now I am in the home of a family.  I think it’s a two story house for some reason.  The man is standing in what I believe is their living room and he is looking down at something.  I then see a woman walk into the room and head towards me.


Oh, and understand that I cannot hear anything.  That is how I know I’m not dreaming.  In my dreams I can hear, but when I “travel” I cannot.  It’s like watching T.V. with the volume off.


To continue:  The woman approaches me and I am then lifted in the air.  That is when I realize that I am looking at the scene from the eyes of a small child.  Well, judging by their very boring living room with the huge window they are conservative.  There is nothing of interest to me here so I then “change the channel” and go onto the next one. 

Oh, I like this one!  And I can see it so clearly too!  (Which is not always the case.) 

I see an older man.  He looks a little like Sean Connery.  He’s wearing a black sweater and holding a black pipe but there is no smoke coming out of it.  He has big thick snow flakes on his face.  They are so thick that they look like grated Parmesan Cheese flakes.  There is a blue sky above him.  (I realize blue skies and snow flakes don’t usually go together but that is what I see.  For all I know they may not be snow flakes.)  We are outside but there is some sort of ledge over us.  For some reason I think we are on a boat or houseboat.  Someone is talking to him because he is looking at that person but he’s not looking at me.  I am either a child or I am sitting down in a chair because I keep looking up at him.  I cannot see the other person he is talking to, just him.  I like this “channel!”  I’d like to see more… and then all of a sudden the “channel” changes itself and he is gone.

I can’t remember what happened after that so I must have fallen asleep.  I did have a very disturbing dream because I kept coming in and out of it while tossing and turning.  I can’t remember it though.  When I did wake up from it at about 1:30 a.m. I could hear Gordon’s breathing and snoring next to me.  I then lay awake for probably hours but I enjoy it because the T.V. in my head has gone off and I can’t see anything anymore. 

Oh!  I do remember the next “channel” after the old man that looked like Sean Connery!  It was of this couple on a train.  They were in their late 20’s and apparently going on a trip.  The car that they were riding in was pretty vacant.  I can only see the two of them and they are having a pleasant conversation together.  The angle from which I am looking at them though is odd.  I am above them.  I think I am watching them through a camera.  I’ve never done that before.  Not that I know of anyway.  So, I just learned something new about myself.  I can see things through cameras.

But, to further explain to you about the encounter that I had with the man that was looking back at me, that I talk about above…..

As I explained to you, it’s like I am sitting on the couch with the remote control in my hand channel surfing the T.V.  So, imagine that you are doing that and you come across a channel of a man walking along the beach at night with his dog and he suddenly stops what he is doing and approaches the T.V. screen staring back at you?  Except this is different from my usual “travels.”  He is looking at ME!  He see’s ME!  And he wants to know who I am!  That is why I was so alarmed.  I’m not used to someone seeing me, just the person that I am remote viewing through.  I realize I call it “Traveling, and Scenes”  but it is remote viewing.  Whoever I was looking at can do it too and he saw me.  There are some things that I know about this person.  I think he lives in Florida, probably Miami, and he’s in his 40’s.  That’s all I know of him.

For those of you that feel like I am getting my just desserts because I am complaining about someone doing to me what I do to many of you out there.  Well, first of all you are correct.  I suppose that I have no right to complain.  Second, I want you to know that I can’t help it.  I don’t do it on purpose.  I can’t control it, it just happens on it’s own.  I do have the ability to “change channels” and to sever connections, but other than that I cannot control it.  I have come across intimate situations that make me uncomfortable and I quickly sever the connections.  I am speaking the truth to you.  Because I am an Empath I don’t like all those emotions inside of me so I like to move on.  I realize the average person would watch.  I’m not the average person though.  Same with when I come across people or animals being abused.  I don’t hang around to watch it as it is just too painful for me to see.  I don’t like looking at that kind of thing.  And unless there is a letter sitting around for me to see with someone address on it then there is nothing I can do.  For all I know I am viewing a situation in Holland.  As I’ve said, I cannot hear during these travels.  I can only see.

Oh, and have no fear.  I cannot control where I go.  I have never visited someone I knew.  They are all stranger’s.  And they always seem to be in different time zones than me. 



June 1, 2020

What I See

It was back in March when this pandemic came to us in full force that my son’s girlfriend said to me:  “You predicted this.”

To be clear, I never predicted a pandemic that would affect the world.  But, what I did predict was that something big would happen to our country that would affect our elections and that we shouldn’t fly on an airplane for a very long time.  That was all that I knew.

I have written in the past, 2016 to be precise, that when Trump was “elected” to the Presidency, that scene from Gone With The Wind where all the Confederate southerner’s are running around happy that we are going to woah, and Scarlett is walking up the grand stairs of 12 Oaks, well, it kept repeating itself on a loop in my head for a good 24 hours going over and over and over.  I could not shake it from my psyche.  That is my empathic self doing it’s job.

I recorded it at the time on Twitter, and in my website.

On March 27, 2020 I wrote this to my Twitter friend in Germany:

Thanks ____! You know more than I do and I live here. I just figure that seeing as how Florida is run by republicans, and we are now Trump’s official residence, that our politicians won’t be of much help. I always said from day one when Trump was “elected” was that he is going to get us all killed, and that we are truly on our own. I’ve been self isolating since March 9th., our son’s girlfriend has moved in with us for the forseeable future because her twin sister is recovering from breast cancer and she needs total isolation at home, and now Gordon will be working from home starting today. But, our son does still go into work so I’m sure we will come down with it eventually. It’s like running from something invisible. It’ll catch us long before we know it. If the republican’s continue to fail our country then I predict riots in the next few weeks. Stay safe! And thanks for the link!


I had predicted riots would happen in mid April.  I was wrong.  Riot’s didn’t start until about a week ago, end of May.  So sue me!

This is what’s it’s like being an empath.  You know something big is coming.  You even have some details of what that big thing is.  You just don’t have all the exact information.

I knew riots were coming, I just assumed the riots would be about loosing jobs due to the Coronavirus.  What I didn’t know was that those riots would be associated with the killing of George Floyd.

I predicted a Civil War when Donald Trump was “elected” President.  I see the beginnings of a Civil War right now.  It’s so very sad because there are people that can prevent this, people with power, yet they won’t.  And as sad as that is, a Civil War must happen in order to change things.  Whatever happens, happens.  I have no power.  I only have a vote that can be stolen quite easily.

My advice?  Hope for the best.  Prepare for the worst.



March 13-14, 2020

(Starting this on Friday the 13th.)  🙂

It sounds like someone is whacking a straw broom against a wall.

This morning as I was waking up and laying in bed I heard it once again.  I’ve heard that sound my entire life.  It’s as if someone is whacking a straw broom against a wall.  I can hear the whacking and the scrape of the straw.  At least that is what it sounds like to me.  Sometimes it can be louder than other times.  Sometimes I hear it for hours at a time and sometimes just a few minutes.  Sometimes it lasts for months, and other times just a few days.  It isn’t a sound that I hear on the outside of my head with my ears. 

I hear it inside my head.

Sometimes I turn to the internet to try and do some research to find out what other Empaths or Psychics have to say on the subject, and if they themselves have experienced the things that I do?  I did find something about it long ago and the person was saying that those noises that we sometimes hear are from the spirit world. 

I know.  I know.  I know how weird that must sound to you.  It would sound weird to me to if I didn’t experience it myself.  But I do, and always have.

You know how when children hear a noise they sometimes look to their parents and ask, ‘What’s that?’  Well, I never have.  Not where this is concerned because I don’t hear it with my ears, I hear it inside my head.  And it has never scared me.  So, exactly what am I hearing?  I have no idea.  All I know is that I have always heard it and I guess I always will.


The Ringing Inside My Head

I found this website:


And this website is most of what I experience.  I do differ in some things that she says but to me that is what sharing is about.  I’m sure she knows more than I do about certain things and perhaps I know something she doesn’t?  There is so much to say about it.  If you would like to take a look at what this woman talks about then I recommend that you do.  But I wanted to talk to you about my own personal experiences and then just go from there.

First of all, I hear a lot of things inside my head.  Sometimes it amazes me that I can juggle the noises inside my  head with the noises outside my head.  I guess because I’ve been doing it since I was a baby.  I can remember knowing things about someone and wanting to communicate with them but not knowing how to?  Had I been born into an Empathic world then I would have been able to communicate through feelings from the time I was born.  But, I was born into a world where the people around me couldn’t understand what I was trying to communicate back to them.  Yet I understood all about them, even as a baby.


You know how when you are on an airplane and your ears will experience pressure?  Sometimes a dulling?  For me, it’s as if I’m on an airplane every day because I experience it every day throughout the day.  I don’t even have to move around the house.  I can sit in once spot for hours (my computer, which is where I am right now and yes, my ears are ringing, I’m experiencing the pressure, the dulling…..), this is what I go through every day except more than I can explain right now.  Sometimes it travels from one ear to the other.  I can feel it pretty much travel from my right ear, over the top of my head to my left ear.  Most of my ringing comes from my right ear but if lots of people are thinking about me then both ears ring very loudly. 

I have discovered that the louder the ringing gets the more people are thinking about me.  So, how can I know when people think about me?  Sometimes I might post a controversial Tweet on Twitter that gets a lot of impressions and even a few negative comments, some angry.  But the thing is, I can post that Tweet and then go into the laundry room to start a load and then my ears start ringing like crazy and I will know instantly that I made some people mad.  I can feel their feelings.  That’s when I will check my Twitter only to be proven correct.  And the ringing doesn’t subside until they move on and start to forget about me.  Which is why I sometimes take breaks from Twitter because I need for people to forget about me for awhile.

The only day of the week that my ears don’t ring much is Sunday.  I think because not many people are reading my website or my Twitter Tweets, so Sunday to me is sort of my day off from being a Empath/Psychic.  I’m always an Empath, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but on Sunday’s there just isn’t as much to pick up from other’s as there is Monday-Saturday.


I Always Know It’s Ferrari

Ferrari (not his real name) is a man in Germany that both myself and Gordon follow on Twitter.  Gordon isn’t active on Twitter anymore but Ferrari and I do message sometimes.  He sees Gordon as a “Food God,” and he and I tend to see life in the same way.  We’ve been messaging for years off and on.  But I can pick up on Ferrari very easily.  I can even tell when he gets my messages and when he is reading them in real time.  He is just a person that I can read very easily.  He is a humanitarian and an environmentalist and he cares about people and animals.  As a matter of fact, and you may think I’m crazy, but to me he is so good that I consider him something of a modern day Jesus.  (And when I say Jesus I don’t mean in the religious sense.  I’m referring to the humanitarian.)  Oh, Ferrari is not perfect.  People never are.  Really good people never are.  But they are better than most people.  And some of them are even better than the best of us.

But I can be in the kitchen with Gordon and then my ears start to ring and I know that Ferrari just messaged me.  I’ll tell Gordon to check my Twitter account to see if I’m right and sometimes he will say no nothing has come in.  I will then tell him to just wait one minute and it will come in.  So Gordon will.  And then, viola!  There it is!

My point being that some people I can read so much easier than other’s.  Sometimes I know exactly who is reading my Tweets and other times I just know they are being read by some interested party.  But I don’t know who that interested party is?


My Perfect Psychic Storm


I took this photo in 2014 from the balcony of my mother’s condo that I used to manage.  I quit managing it in December, 2017.  But this view was part of my Perfect Psychic Storm.

I loved managing my mother’s beach condo for very selfish reasons.  First of all, I could use it whenever it wasn’t being rented, which I loved!  I mean, who doesn’t like being out at the beach, especially with those beautiful sunset views?

I not only managed the condo but I was also the “maid.”  Yes, I cleaned it between renters.  But the thing is I never minded cleaning it because that was when I received most of my “information.”  Allow me to explain.

Information travels through white noise, information travels through water.  I would create my perfect psychic storm when I was out at the condo.  I would run the very loud washer and dryer.  I would also run the dishwasher while I was washing dishes and viewing that ocean view.  It was my perfect storm.

The information that traveled through that white noise and water was stimulating.  I would just stick my hands in that warm soapy water to wash all those dishes while being surrounded by the white noise and  water of the washer/dryer, and dishwasher and I was a conduit for all that information.  I loved it!  My Perfect Psychic Storm!

And what was I receiving?  Anything and everything!  I could read politicians, neighbors, world events, family members, friends, celebrities, people I knew when I was 6 years old!  A question that I had a decade ago is suddenly answered.  I loved it!  It was almost orgasmic.  🙂  I was gathering information from all over the world and it was stimulating!


Although I no longer manage my mother’s beach condo, I do have my own Psychic Storm inside my house, although not as strong.  All I have to do is to go into the laundry room and boom!  I pick up information from all over.  All I have to do is to stand by my coffee pot in the kitchen and then boom!  I get information.  All I have to do is to turn on my dishwasher WHILE I wash dishes and then boom!  I get information from everywhere!  And also while I shower with the fan on in the bathroom because it is white noise.  And while I sit on the toilet.  Sorry for the scary visual.  But many an epiphany has been had while on the toilet.  I just need water and white noise and I am in heaven!

I HATE quiet appliances!  I LOVE loud appliances!  White noise is my friend.  Water is my friend.


I Talk To Myself and Myself Gives Me Answers

I have touched on the fact that I do talk to myself before in my Empath blog posts but I never told you the extent of it.  I talk to myself most every day.  I call them my Therapy Sessions.  I only do this when I am alone.

When I talk to myself I am given answers, I just don’t know where those answers come from?  But they are the answers that I need.  I have some theories on this that aren’t just about being psychic.  I have wondered if my conscious self is talking to my sub-conscious self which knows things that I don’t consciously know.  As if I have both sides of my brain communicating with each other instead of being separate.  Understand?  And other times I have always felt as if I have some team looking out for me and helping me.  When I say “team” I am referring to a group of about up to 20 entities that are with me but I can’t see them but yet I feel they are there.  As an Empath I feel their presence.  And sometimes during my “therapy sessions” they have even gotten mad at me for being a bit petty, or a bit mean to someone and then I can feel them leave me.  So, I will then apologize and examine where I went wrong with something I said, or something I did and then I can feel them come back.

GOD!  You must think I am a lunatic!!!  🙂

Well, I guess now you are figuring out why I never told you all this.

Sometimes I feel them touch my hand or my arm in a very loving way.


Before I talk more about this I remembered a test that I took decades ago in the 80’s and it was a trick test.  It was a test designed to tell how you feel about death.  Although I can’t remember everything that pertained to the questioning, it went something like this:

‘How would you feel if you were all alone?  Totally quiet.  No noise whatsoever.  Just you alone and in a dark room?’

Most people said that they would be scared, or sad, or lonely.

I was the only person in the history of that test (at that time) to ever answer, “I would love it!”

It was then that I was told the test was to determine how I feel about death.

And according to that test I apparently don’t fear death.  But I will say that I do fear dying.  There is a difference.  I mean, I really don’t look forward to suffering some tragic sickness or pain.  My fear lies there.  And apparently not with the end result.  Perhaps because I may know a little bit more about the other side than most people because I have never feared it.  I’ve always had one foot there as it is.


My “Team”

For lack of a better term I am calling them my “Team.”  Probably because that is the slang now.

I have said in the past that I know I’m not protected by magic fairies which is why I take things seriously.  And I do still believe that I’m not protected by magic fairies, but, I have always felt this presence watching me.  Helping me.  Whispering things to me.  But not in a religious sort of way.  It’s actually something that I don’t know how to explain.  They are more like guides.  Maybe even tagalongs sometimes.  And I don’t know who or what they are?  But I do talk to them and they talk back to me by giving me answers in my head.  I’ll ask the questions and then the answers pop in my head.

But don’t think for one minute that I am some oracle.  I am not!

The kind of things they help me with is people that I am connected to.  I can sometimes hear in my head conversations that my mother is having with my brother Ben and step-brother Scott.  I can see them sitting around the kitchen table, and I can hear her bad mouthing me to them and then they laugh about it.  I can hear full sentences.  I can see facial expressions.  And how can I confirm this?  Well, there are others around that will confirm it to me later on when I ask them about it.  Except, I already knew it before they told me.  I can hear conversations that will happen in the future.  And conversations that happened when I was in high school.

This is why I call them “Therapy Sessions” because they are very therapeutic.

I don’t know who they are, or what they are?  I just know that they exist on some other plane of existence. They have a foothold here with me.

And who knows?  Perhaps all of us have these sorts of guides but people like me are able to interact with them because we have that 6th. Sense.  You could very well have the same thing I have except I am just more aware and connected to them.


So, if you are thinking….  Oh, Julie, Oracle that you are, please give us answers to this tragedy unfolding right now all over the world?  And I know you asked that sarcastically.  🙁

Well, I’ll tell you what I know.  But, I will choose my words carefully.  You can just read between the lines.

Think Tanks hire experts to predict futures and sometimes take action.

Virus spares young and healthy, kills old and weak and others with serious health issues.

This saves Social Security.  This saves money in health care industry.  This saves money in insuring sick.

Millions dead help to save our planet.  There are too many people as it is.  Too much pollution.  Planet is rejecting us as we are a cancer to it.  Virus kills, keeps people quarantined, atmosphere clears up.  Corporations save money.

Just because something started in one country doesn’t mean they started it.

That is as far as I see.

Oh, and Mr. PREZ is infected!  So is his family.

When he spoke on T.V. two nights ago the second he came on T.V. I told Gordon that I can tell that he has it!  I just knew from looking at him.

That is all that I will say for now.

Seeing as how I am not religious, I will say Good Luck to You!



January 9, 2020

Harry and Meghan QUIT!

I write below this posting of my empathic take on the “Cookie Cutter Royals,” and then the news of Harry and Meghan wanting to leave the family firm comes out a few days later.  First of all I don’t know what is fully going on “officially.”  But I can tell you what I know unofficially.  I can very much relate to Meghan and all that she is going through because I have gone through similar in my life with my own parents, and with Gordon’s family.  I think that Britain is collapsing and all the chickens have come home to roost through a series of events.  Oh, the same thing will happen here in America.  It’s been happening.  It is never an overnight thing.

Oh, and this isn’t a blog post about how my country is better than yours.  I happen to think that both countries are pretty shitty which is why I hope Harry, Meghan, and Archie move up to Canada.  They can be snowbirds and vacation down here in Florida every winter.  Little Archie will love the beach here.  🙂

But what is happening is that by Meghan and Harry’s actions of wanting to leave and move away to start their own lives, they are exposing an extremely dysfunctional Royal Family of abuse and lies, backstabbing and sabotage, hypocrisy, racism, classism, and a few other ism’s I just can’t recall right now.  Kate and William have never been very nice and supportive of Meghan.  And up until she arrived on the scene they were able to control Harry and get him to do whatever they wanted him to.  But, now they can’t because he has Meghan encouraging and supporting him in having his own opinions and being a bit more independent.  Therefore, Meghan is seen as the enemy!  So, Harry is also to be punished and suffer the wrath of whatever these narcissistic Royal Family members come up with simply because they cannot control the Sussex’s for having the audacity to NOT be the “Cookie Cutter Royals.”

You know, it’s never the whistle blowers who are bad.  It’s the culture they are exposing that is bad.  They are just the messengers.

I believe that Meghan met Harry, fell in love with him and saw a future of the two of them using his connections, her celebrity connections, and their new titles to wield their power and to make the world a better place.  HOWEVER, she then encountered all the royal rules, restrictions, attitudes, racisim from a few of the royals, jealousy from Kate over Meghan being an independent thinker and not someone in awe of her, blah, blah, blah….  I really could go on and on about all of the “Cookie Cutter Royals” personality defects but I just don’t care to.

What Meghan is resigned to as a member in this restrictive clan is a life of ‘damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t’, never being appreciated for her talents and what she can contribute because of their attitude towards her.  Her only crime is that she is not a sheep.  Her only crime is that she is intelligent.  And her only crime is that she wants a nice life for her son and that is not with this ice cold royal family where his great-grandmother will not display his photo during her Christmas speech to the country and the world because she is uncaring and heartless.

I do feel for them because even though what they are doing is quite brave, the ‘powers that be’ will be there to hurt them over and over again for not towing some ridiculous line of royal traditions that date back centuries.


Gordon’s Parents:  Milton and Sarajane Whann

The Royal Family actually kind of reminds me of my In-Laws.  Both of Gordon’s parents are narcissist’s.  Actually, his dad used to be a lot nicer but I think he sort of turned into her as the many year’s went by.  Their wedding anniversary was January 7.  They have been married over 60 years.  I don’t know the exact number though.  But they never really liked me.  It used to bother me for the first decade but then I realized that it wasn’t me.  They would have hated whomever he married.  When I figured that out then it was actually very liberating as I no longer fretted and worried about buying that perfect Christmas or birthday gift.  I just picked them up anything without a care in the world.  After all, I was ‘damned if I did, or damned if I didn’t’ so I might as well not bother anymore.  It was always funny that when I bought them a gift that they liked Gordon would get all the credit for buying that wonderful gift.  And if I bought them something they didn’t like then I would hear, “Julie must have done the shopping this year.”

Little did they realize that I was buying all the gifts whether they liked them or not.  🙂

The Christmas gifts they would give to me I never bothered opening.  They would gift wrap me cans of soup, or packages of Top Ramin, or boxes of Jello in newspaper.  Yeah, Jello.  Which there is always room in the gift box for Jello.  🙂

But on those times when I would visit them in their home they had so many rules but they never told you what they were.  Millions of rules!  And you were just supposed to know all of them!  If you were to dare break one of those rules then you would get the evil eye, the stare, the snarl, and the rude comment that would always follow.  And of course, the scolding!

At dinner they would fix your plate with tons of food.  You didn’t have a choice in the portion sizes.  They would place all that food on your plate.  Then, when you were rude enough not to eat all that food they gave you, they would then place it in the refrigerator and make you eat it for lunch the following day. 

They also didn’t believe in turning on the heat in the winter months.  Once, Veronica and I went to visit with them in Virginia in the winter when we were living in Hawaii.  We were so cold!  We were used to living in a warm climate and it was in the freezing temperatures in Virginia at the time.  We asked for a blanket but were given blankets that I had never seen before.  These “blankets” were paper thin!  What tha???  I asked if we could have more blankets?  They must have given us about 6 of those paper thin blankets and Veronica and I were still shivering all night.  Finally, I got up at about 2:00 a.m. and turned their heat up to 72 degrees.  Even then I was cold but I knew that was better than freezing.  And boy!  The scolding I got the next day because of it!

I knew then that I would never visit them ever again in the winter time, and, I would never spend the night with them ever again.

Having the heat on a nice temperature was not some horrible demand.  It was a reasonable request.  I think that is what Meghan has gone through her entire time in the Royal Family.  I don’t think she makes demands, I believe she makes requests.  Yet she is rejected for those requests and she is seen as unreasonable.


I hope they make it through whatever the Family Firm has in store for them.  As in their marriage and their family life together.  When you have powerful narcissists after you it does affect your life and your relationships, and your happiness, not to mention your ability to function.


One day I will write more about the Whann’s.  But I will leave you with this for now……

We named our son Brodie after my Great-Uncle Brodie Rondo Keith who died at aged 11 months from diptheria.  He was born January 13th.  His birthday will be here soon.  I always have it written on the calendar because I want to remember him even though no one ever really did know him.  The B-R-O-D-I-E spelling is from the Scottish Clan Brodie.  I have Scotch-Irish Ancestry from my Grandmother’s side of the family.  My point being that Gordon’s parents will always spell Brodie’s name, B-R-O-D-Y as they say it is the masculine version. 

My mother-in-law’s name is SARAJANE, one word.  She gets upset if you break it into two words, Sara Jane.  So, guess how I spell her name on her Christmas card when she refuses to acknowledge Brodie’s correct spelling of his name?

“Merry Christmas Milton and Sara Jane Whann”      🙂

Good luck Harry and Meghan.  If you are up against anything close to what I have had to endure for the past 38 years then I feel for you.  But hang in there.  You are far better than they are!

A Fan and Admirer,



Note:  I actually wrote this blog posting on January 2, 2020 on my Blogging with Julie in 2019 page, but I didn’t post it here on this blog page until January 3, 2020.  I just wanted to clarify when I originally wrote it.

January 3, 2020

The Cookie Cutter Royals

My Empathic Take

Queen Elizabeth and Her Props

Christmas Day message where she snubbed her grandson, Prince Harry, his new wife Meghan, and her new great-grandchild Archie. 

(NOTE:  I write below on this blog post entry my story of having my photos “removed” by my own mother and how cruel it is.)

Every year the Queen of England will use her televised Christmas message to the world to decide whom she wishes in her family to praise, and whom she wishes in her family to condemn, simply by placing photographs around her, as she delivers her words of “goodwill, inspiration, let’s be united, blah, blah, blah” rubbish of a speech.  This year she chose to support William and Kate and their bunch.  While choosing to condemn Harry, Meghan and their child Archie.

NEWSFLASH:  Gan Gan’s Evil!  So lucky for William, Kate and their bunch that they are cookie cutter royals.  That’s what I call them anyway because that’s what they are.  And they will fill that mold at least until George grows up and it is revealed that he is gay.  🙂  That is what I see very clearly.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  But it doesn’t exactly fit that cookie cutter royal mold that he is expected to fill.  Oh, Gan Gan will be long gone by then, and the royals have always dealt with gay Kings, Princes, Dukes, etc.  And these gay men will continue to marry women and bring them into a life of lies and deception in order for their privileged lifestyle to continue.  One always needs an heir.  🙂  After all, without a willing public to support them they all go on food stamps.  Well, not quite but they do loose their excessive lifestyle, just observe Andrew and his future life.  Yes, it’s a bit hard to hide the family pedophiles.  Not as easy as it used to be.

Which btw:  How did the Queen not know of her son’s association with known pedophiles?  I find that very hard to believe that she didn’t.  Funny how there is no outrage or punishment until the vast majority of the public finds out about any such indiscretion.  Only then is there disciplinary action.  But hey, she at least snubbed her grandson, grand-daughter in law, and new great-grandchild without any hesitation whatsoever.

The “Happy” Cambridge’s

The Middleton’s, at Charlotte’s Christening

I wanted to bring the Middleton’s in because I do pick up quite a bit from them and their future places once the Queen, and Prince Phillip has passed away.  After all they are the parents of a future Queen, and the grandparents of a future King.  Although Prince Charles is only about 7 years older than Carole, and only 1 year older than her husband, that doesn’t mean that he will have more influence over William and Kate than they have.  Charles has never been much of a father to his boys.  And they know that very well.  He was always too selfish, and Camilla has hardly been a “mother” figure to them since their mother’s death.  After all, she was the other woman that made their mother so unhappy.  I don’t see William’s personal loyalty leaning towards his father.  I see the Middleton’s whispering into Kate’s ear, and Kate in turn using her influence over William to push an agenda whatever that may be?  🙂

I also very clearly hear Carole Middleton giving her daughter Kate advice in the form of ‘you make sure that Meghan knows her place, don’t let that Meghan Markle from that ridiculous American family get very far, YOU are the future Queen, NOT HER!’  (Well, you get the idea.) The Middleton’s will be made to be powerful through William.

Kate and the Middleton’s are social climbers and they have their eye on the sky.  It is all within their grasp.  They have no intention of sharing anything!  And sadly, I believe that William will sacrifice a relationship with his brother Harry, for Kate and the Middleton’s.


Meghan, Harry, and Baby Archie

When Meghan released this Christmas card to the public she was immediately criticized because her face was clear, and Harry’s face was blurry, therefore the horrible Meghan must have photoshopped the picture!  Oh, the horror!!!  What a bitch!! 

That is what was said about Meghan.

  Meghan is actually a very intelligent, progressive woman that is very ambitious, talented, good and kind.  She has very good instincts and wants to use her connections and her ideas to help to make the world a better place.  The royals are rooting for her to fail.  Meghan knows this and is having a hard time with all these negative people working to sabotage her.  Meghan also knows that she is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t and that there is no way to win with that kind of environment.  Therefore she is searching for a way to survive/thrive all at the same time.

Meghan fills all of the gaping holes in Harry. 

(So Does Doria.)

When Diana and Charles divorced, and then Diana died, Harry was left alone with an un-attentive father and his mistress, an older brother that is to become the future King.  And Harry has said that he was told he is not as important as William is.  I do believe that they brought in Tiggy something or other to spend more time with the boys when Diana died.  She was their nanny at the time through Charles.  I mean how wonderful was that?  Let’s just pay someone to spend time with Harry and William because his mother died and we’re too busy to do it ourselves.  I’m pretty sure that they both knew she was being paid to be there for them.

Children need someone to snuggle with on the couch while watching a Spongebob Squarepants marathon of fun cartoons while eating popcorn or pizza and drinking sodas and juice.  Diana would have done that.  Charles never would have.  But perhaps we can pay the nanny Tiggy to do it for us? 

It’s like I said, Meghan is highly intelligent, more so than Harry is, and between she and Doria they fill all those empty holes in Harry which is why he loves his wife and his mother -in-law so very much.  Meghan is his wife as well as his mother sometimes.  He also wants to be a great dad to Archie because he didn’t have a great dad.  BUT, there will be times that he will resent Meghan telling him what to do even though he needs it.  Just like most children resent being told what to do.  He will throw up the “I’m a Prince” in her face occasionally and she will smack it down when necessary.

Their marriage will not be easy because Harry was raised in a dysfunctional home, with dysfunctional people.  But, he does know he needs Meghan and Doria in order to be whole.  He also knows that in order to be a good dad he needs Meghan.  I wish them all the best even though I know they have the “powers that be” rooting for their failure.  Harry needs to be supportive of his wife and child and not give in to the cookie cutter royals.  I sincerely hope he succeeds!  Kate wants him and Meghan to fail, and William wants whatever Kate wants.  The Middleton’s will be the influence behind the future British royals, sadly.


Beatrice and What’s His Name?  Her Fiance.

This union is a joke.  He is not in love with Beatrice.  He is something of a gigolo.  That is what I pick up anyway.  I see that he is very distressed that his future father-in-law with all the connections and money is going down.  I would be very surprised if the wedding goes through.  If it does it’s because he is not about to leave what he has until something better comes along which he will constantly be looking out for.  If this marriage happens it won’t last past 2 years.  That is what I see.  I’m actually quite surprised that he hasn’t cancelled it already? 


Julie’s Photograph Story

I write above at how the Queen uses family photographs to condemn/praise various family members during her Christmas Day address to the nation, and the world every year.  Well, I wanted to tell you my story of how my mother has done something similar to me and how truly cruel that it is.  My hopes are to point out to those that just don’t understand the significance of how harmful and hurtful it is.  It is a form of bullying.  It is a form of intimidation.  It is also a form of public shunning and humiliation.  And when it is your own mother/grandmother/great-grandmother, it is downright CRUEL!

I have written in a few of my blog postings over the years of the abuse that I suffered from my step-father the psychopath, and my mother the narcissist.  My step-father died in 2013 but my mother still lives.  I don’t have anything to do with her because I’m just to tired of constantly being punished just for having the audacity to exist.  Before my step-father died I did not go up to Georgia to visit with him.  I also didn’t go to his funeral.  I just couldn’t take anymore abuse from either of them.  But, in the late summer of 2014 I did drive up to Rome to visit with my mother, and brother Ben.  I asked her if I could come and relayed our plans to her.  Veronica and I were going to Maryland for her to be in her friend Caitlyn’s wedding while I was to attend.  I drove up from Florida, stopping off in Georgia for a few days, then driving up to Maryland.  Veronica flew up to Maryland and I picked her up at the airport.  We were there for about 4 days and then together we drove down to Rome so that Veronica could see her grandmother for a few days before we both drove back down to Florida together.  But, my going up to Rome to see my mother was something of a test for me to see how I would be received.  To see if we could put the past behind us and move forward as mother and daughter, mend fences, and have a nice relationship. 

The very second I entered the living room there were photos of my step-brother and his adopted child from Vietnam all over the place.  I looked for my photos.  Photos of me and my children and I did find them, they were shoved to the back while my step-brother and his son’s were everywhere.  I knew then that I never wanted a relationship with her ever again.  The cruelty will never end.  She will always let me know that I am nothing to her. 

It was the perfect little “Fuck You” to me.  She never even had to say a word.  To me those are the cruelest people.  The Queen using her platform to hurt Harry, Meghan, and even little Archie, is disgusting.  She is no different than my mother which is why I have no respect for the Queen of England.  Harry and Meghan you are so much better off without her in your lives.  Let her be William and Kate’s problem after all they are the cookie cutter royals.



December 29, 2019

Last Night I Traveled

(Remote Viewing)

When I woke up this morning I was so very happy!  I immediately told my husband that last night I traveled, and it was wonderful!  (I call it “traveling” but the professional word is Remote Viewing.)  I told him that I attended a Christmas party and had the best time of my life.  I also got a manicure for some reason.  He then wanted to know more?  I told him that I know I traveled!  It was wonderful!  It wasn’t some dream.  It was too real to be dream.  I traveled!  There is a difference in “traveling” and dreaming but I don’t really know how to tell you the difference so that you will understand.

All that I knew was that I attended some wonderful party, a Christmas Party.  And that I was given the gift of a manicure.  I hate manicures!  It was a lovely party in a nice home.  Lots of good food, decorations, good people.  I was so happy! 

It was then that I realized that I couldn’t have attended a Christmas party because no one has Christmas parties on December 28, after Christmas!  But I distinctly remember a Christmas Party! 

It was the following day, today December 29, 2019 that I found this online:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7833865/Oprah-Winfrey-treats-BFF-Gayle-King-manicure-65th-birthday-setting-party.html

So, Oprah gave her friend Gayle a birthday party, while probably having Christmas decorations still up in the background.  And she gave her the gift of a manicure before giving her this great party.  Huh?

Did I view this through Gayle’s eyes?  I never saw myself there.  I only saw things through someone else’s eyes.  I have no memory of seeing Oprah there.  It’s mainly feelings that I recall.  I woke up after having the most wonderful time.  Although I cannot prove it.  I believe that I saw all of this through Gayle’s eyes.  Or rather experienced this through Gayle’s feelings.  And I had a wonderful time!  🙂

I don’t know how to explain any of this.  I only know that I experienced it.  It was wonderful!  🙂  I had a nice spring in my step for most of the day because of it all.

Good night,



December 29, 2919

I write below about “Have I ever Moved Anything with my Mind?”

I then remembered another example that I wanted to share with you.

I actually remembered it this morning when I was in the shower of an incident from when I was very young and in Camp Fire Girls in Dahlonega, GA. when a large boulder dislodged itself from a cliff that I was climbing with my fellow Camp Fire Girl’s and was hurling down towards me.

I grew up in the mountains in the south and it was a common site to see boulders and rocks and debris blocking a road while we were driving through the mountains. 

But, it was while I was scaling a very deep mountain cliff that someone above me dislodged a very large boulder and sent it in my direction.  I heard the cries of warning from those that were above me.  My Camp Fire Leadership and some other Camp Fire Girls.  I then look up to see it coming towards me.  I must have been about 8 years old.  I didn’t see it until it was about a few feet away from hitting me.  All of a sudden it veered off it’s course and went in another direction just as it was about to slam into me!

It went around me.  It also missed all those girls that were climbing that mountain behind me.  I never thought anything about it until this morning.  Did I direct it around all of us in order to save us all?  Did I do that?  I don’t know!  But I want to know!  Can I do that?  Why is it that things move when I need them to?  Oh, I can look at something right now and it will not move.  But, If I need it to move for some reason it will. I don’t know for sure if I made that boulder veer off course but it did.  Right before it was to slam into me.  I can tell you of countless times when I was in danger but for whatever reason, I was spared.  Why?  I always wondered, why?  In some cases I just closed my eyes and whatever danger passed me by.  I can remember many times me expecting something to hit me, but it passed me by for whatever reason.


October 10, 2019

Have I ever moved anything with my mind?

I get asked this sometimes because people associate psychic’s with T.V. movies where some heroine, like Rey from the Star Wars saga, will move things with her mind.  I always hesitate answering the question because my answer is, “I don’t know for sure.”  I can’t definitively say no, but I also can’t say yes either.  Allow me to explain.

I suppose the best way to explain it to you is to tell you a story.  This is the best example that I can come up with.  It was when we were living in Rockingham, N.C. on Love Lane, before we built the lake house, we lived in town.  The house we were living in was called a split level.  Meaning that you entered the home through the front door that was the middle level.  On that level was a hall closet, a living room, dining room, and kitchen.  Out of the kitchen door were stairs leading down to the backyard.  There was also an upstairs and a downstairs.  The upstairs had bedrooms and a bathroom.  My parents and brother’s were up there.  The downstairs had my bedroom, a bathroom, and a family room, or game room.  Kind of like the Brady Bunch’s family room.  We also had those 70’s day beds in there as well.  Also a game table.  T.V., lots of shelves for board games, books, Encyclopedia’s, shag carpet, etc.  There were also sliding glass doors from the game room that led to a deck, and then into the backyard.  We did have a basketball hoop in the driveway on the garage, where it was mainly me that would shoot hoops most every afternoon.  We did have a garage in our backyard that wasn’t attached to our house but we had a driveway that led to it.  I would also skateboard most every day as well.  I was very athletic and something of a tomboy. 

If I had a date then I would invite my date down to the playroom and we would watch T.V..  Oh, and p.s.  I did used to date Franklin Stubbs from Hamlet, N.C.  Just one or two dates.  He called me up on the phone most every night of our senior year in high school.  He was a big athlete in our high school, I was the bat girl in high school for the baseball team.  Meaning that I would travel with the baseball team to all of their games and it was my job to retrieve the bats.  The guys would ride the school bus with the coaches and us 3 bat girls would drive the coaches station wagon behind the bus to the games.  It was lots of fun!  I even won a few rewards and plaques for my contribution.  Which my step-father would ask, and I will never forget it, “Who would give YOU an award?” 

But, Franklin Stubbs went on to pitch for the Dodgers.  He retired at 32.  That’s all I really know.  He did write me from his college in Blacksburg, Virginia for awhile.  He was African-American, and quite handsome as I do remember.  🙂

When I graduated from high school at Richmond Senior High in 1979 I was originally supposed to go off to school with my best friend Joyce Ann Young to a college in Georgia, where we would be roommates.  But, I didn’t.  She was one of the worst people I have ever known in my life, did me horribly dirty, and I backed out of going to school with her.  I do thank my lucky stars that her real self was revealed to me and that I didn’t make the mistake of going anywhere with her.  However, with my college plans thwarted, and it being a bit too late to apply and attend any big university’s, I signed up to attend art classes at a community college in Pinehurst, N.C.  The college might have even been called Pine Hills Community College, as far as I remember.  My parents bought me a car, my blue Datsun 310.  It was a stick shift.  Two door.  Brand new.  And NO A/C!!!  🙁  It was a 1980 model.  It got 38 miles per gallon and 41 on the highway.  (Oh, can any car say that nowadays?  Shouldn’t things have gotten better by now?  Not worse?)

But it was during this time while I was attending community college that I remember getting so sick.  I think I had the flu.  I would lay on one of the day beds in the game room watching the T.V. during the day.  I remember being so thirsty.  I don’t remember who/or how/but when I was so very sick that I just couldn’t function, there was this orange Tupperware cup of water on the other side of the game table.  It was just out of my reach.  I was so sick and weak that I just couldn’t reach it.  It was on the other side of the table.  I didn’t even have the strength to get up and get it.  I was so dehydrated!  I needed that water so badly!   But, I kept coming in and out of consciousness and I kept noticing that the cup of water was getting closer to me.  You could even see the trail of condensation on the table.  Being from the south we always loaded our cups/glasses with ice, that would then start to melt causing condensation on the cup/glass.

At one point I even looked at the cup of water wanting it so badly that I could see it move, sliding closer to me.  Finally, it was within reach.  I was able to take it and drink out of it and it was the best thing I ever tasted.  WATER!  I then thanked the “ghost” that gave it to me.  That is what I thought at the time.  That some friendly ghost moved it towards me so that I could drink.  Seriously, that’s what I thought it was.  But now that I know more about what I am I do wonder if it wasn’t me that did it?

Oh, trust me.  I’ve given lots of thought to what if the floor was slanted and the cup just slid along the table because of it?  What if the table was a bit slanted?  Well, if that were true then everything we ever placed on that table would have slid off.  Right?  Do you know how many cups we have placed on the table that never slid off and landed on the floor?  Never in the years we lived there?

I have gone from thinking that some friendly ghost helped me that day, to wondering if I did that myself?  There are other things that have happened that make me wonder if I moved them as well.  If I look at something right now I cannot make it move for me.  But, what if I need it to move?  What if I am desperate for it to move?  Then will it?  I guess I will have to wait until I am desperate again and see what happens.  That is the time when things move.



October 2, 2019

Being an Empath in a Non-Empathic World, I can Sometimes be Construed as Rude

I’ve wanted to write about this for awhile because this is an area where Empaths like myself, can be seen as rude when we aren’t being rude at all.  This is where we can be misunderstood.

An example that I can give you is when my son Brodie was dating his very first girlfriend Lauren W., she was here at our house a lot.  They were both in high school at the time.  It was in the evening when Lauren’s mother, Amy, would come by to pick her up.  She would knock on our door, usually Gordon would let her in and then call for Brodie and Lauren to let them know that Lauren’s mother was here to get her.  I was usually sitting on the couch and I would talk to Amy, being very friendly and polite, but I never once asked her if she would like to sit down.  And why didn’t I?  Because as an Empath I knew that she didn’t want to.  I knew that she was here to pick up Lauren and head home.  I knew that she wasn’t interested in sitting down so I never bothered to ask her.  But, in our non-Empathic culture it is polite to ask someone if they would like to sit down?  Looking back Amy probably viewed me as being very rude because I never asked her to sit down.  But what she doesn’t know is that the reason I never asked her is because I read her and I knew she didn’t want to.  Had I read that she wanted to then I would have asked her.

This is just an example but when you are empathic in a non-empathic world I cannot just erase who I am and conform to being someone else.  I’ve always been a misunderstood person.  I’ve always been seen as a bit rude, or blunt.  Game playing isn’t in my nature.  I have tried it before but I’m not very good at it.  I have no patience for beating around the bush, I tend to go straight for the jugular.  Playing dumb and pretending that I don’t know what I know is almost impossible.  When someone is lying to me and I know they are lying to me, I can’t just pretend otherwise.  How I tend to handle those situations is to get out of there if I can.  As an Empath sometimes the only proof that I have that someone is lying to me is, ‘because I know.’  Hardly a defense.  Which is why I try and leave that person because I refuse to sit there and be continuously lied to, yet I know I can’t exactly point out to that person that they are lying.

There have also been times when I am having a conversation with someone and I realize that they need to leave and cannot finish the conversation, or that they no longer care to have the conversation with me, so I immediately quit talking, say goodbye, and leave.  To that person I may seem a bit weird in my behavior.  But what I am really doing is giving them what they want.  If they need to leave then I am giving them the “out.”

But if I lived in an empathic world then I think life would be so much easier, happier, and better for me.  I would be around other people that were like me.  In the same way that I can relate to dogs and other animals.  They can’t verbally tell me what they want, but I know what they want because I can read them.  I know when they want to go outside just to play, or to go to the bathroom.  There is a difference.  And I know that difference.

Sometimes I don’t ask how other people are doing, which can be seen as uncaring and rude.  For example, if someone I know has a relative in the hospital and I don’t ask how they are doing it’s because I know how they are doing by reading the person I am with.  But to that person that I am visiting, they may view me as very uncaring.  I’m not uncaring.  I read that everything is fine so there is no reason for me to ask?

Sadly, sometimes I will write myself little notes to remember to ask about something that I already know the answer to just so that I can be seen as caring when I am with someone I am visiting.  It’s not in me to ask someone about something that I already know the answer to.  But sometimes I have to try and be like other people so that I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Sometimes it’s really hard being ME! 

Which is why I have come to accept it when people don’t like me, or view me as rude and uncaring, or different.  Because I am different!  I’ve always prided myself on being different.  But at the ripe old age of 58 I really no longer care to go to such length’s to please a bunch of rotten people.  As an Empath I can tell you that there aren’t a lot of people worth knowing now.  Don’t measure yourself by some yardstick for the “average” person.  Get your own yardstick and make it how long or short that you want.  Live your life by your standards, not other people’s.  After all, someone in the past just made all this stuff up at one point, and we are born into a world where we are forced to conform to this version of life.  I’m not saying to break any laws.  But I am saying to be the person you want to be, and not what some self-anointed group of people want you to be.

Be Yourself, and also be your own Best Friend!



September 25, 2019

On Being an Empath

I had a nice day today.  I did have a dentist appointment this morning at 11:00 a.m.  I saw my most favorite dental hygienist, Roshanda.  She is always a hoot!  We talk politics, issues of the day, laugh a lot, and watch The Price is Right on her t.v. in the cubby where I am getting my checkup.  I always tell her that my sister in law Heather was on The Price is Right and she won a ton of things!  🙂  But, what the average person doesn’t know is that you have to have the money to pay the taxes on everything you win, otherwise you don’t get to take home any of the prizes.  (Surprise, surprise!)

My check up went well.  My teeth are healthy and perfect.  Oh, my bottom teeth are shifting and I will most likely do the veneer’s on them in the future, but my mouth is always healthy.  I take very good care of it.  You know, I was born with perfect teeth.  Perfectly straight, no braces.  The braces kids would always look at me and ask if I ever wore braces?  You could see the disappointment in their faces when I would say, “No.”

So, after my dental appointment I came home and discovered that my dogs, Spooky and Sparky, had managed to open the dog gate, poop in my bedroom closet, AND on the dining room carpet.  Enjoyed sitting on all the chairs in the living room.  Spinning around on my computer chair, eating the trash from the trashcan, chewing on my new flip flops.  Etc., etc., etc.,…..

So, after cleaning all that up I pretty much sat on the Lazy Boy chair and tried to relax until it was time to go and visit my daughter, Veronica.  Oh, and by the way, she just got a raise and was told that her salary is the highest of anyone working there.  She was surprised seeing as how some people have been there years longer than her?

I had brought over Brian’s belated birthday gifts.  Oh, Brian wasn’t there.  He was working a 48 hour shift.  That is the life of a first responder.

But I did bring by his gifts from Gordon and myself.

I did stop off at Chick-Fil-A on my way over.  I always feel the need to bring food whenever I visit anyone.  And we are Chick-Fil-A fans!  Oh, I hate the owner of the company.  But I am from Rome, Georgia.  My grandmother’s friend Edna had ties to Chick-Fil-A and always gave us coupons for free meals there.  And, did you know that a man from Rome is the one that came up with the “Eat More Chicken” slogan?


I had also brought over a bottle of wine for Veronica and myself before we ate our dinner.  I asked her to play Season 3 of Stranger Things on her t.v. because I had not seen it.  I just wanted to watch an episode or two.  It is really good too!!!!

I always bring over a toy for their dog Chewie because he is such a stinker and will not let us visit without his horning in on us.

A typical toy for Chewie will only last one hour.  But that is one hour we all have together without Chewie interfering.  🙂  Chewie thinks he’s a lap dog.  Try having an 80 pound dog sit on you.


Veronica and I had a nice visit, Gordon called via What’s App and was able to talk to both of us, that was nice, and then I packed up and left to head home.  It was at that point as I am so happy and driving home that I passed a teenage boy walking down the road on the sidewalk with a backpack.  He had his head down.  He was just too ashamed to hold his head up.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone hold their head so low before.  He had been particularly bullied today.  Singled out.  He was skinny.  It just took one look for me and I could feel his entire feelings.  They flooded over me!  I started crying.  I cried all the way home.

This boy is so sad that he wants to die.  His family doesn’t care about him.  He has no friends.  He’s bullied everyday.  No one cares for him.  I am now weighted down with his sad feelings.  I will not be able to shake these feelings until our tie is broken.  The curse of being an Empath.  So, for those of you that envy people like me?  Empath’s.  DON’T!

For every gift there is a curse,



April 10, 2019

Brodie and Mackenzie

My Son’s Girlfriend is an Empath

From the moment that I met Mackenzie I knew she was an Empath but I also knew that she didn’t know what she was.  I remember back in mid December when Brodie first met her that he was very excited about this new girl he met.  He kept wanting to bring her here but I kept telling him to let me get the place ready before he invites her over.  All that I knew was what he told me about her.  I really didn’t read anything into it other than the fact that Brodie was very excited about her.  So, when I got the place a bit in order I told him to invite her over.  WOW!  Was she ever special!  She is like sunshine suddenly entering my home.  I knew instantly from the moment I met her that she was empathic.  I also knew that she didn’t know that she was.  I also knew that Brodie didn’t know that she was.  Brodie tends not to believe in these things even though I prove to him over and over that I can read his mind.  Literally!!  He just chalks it up to luck.  That is really too bad for him seeing as how his mother is an Empath/Psychic, and his new girlfriend is an Empath as well.  Perhaps that was why he was subconsciously attracted to her?  On some level perhaps he does know?  Maybe she was comfortable?

(You know, I never understand  why a person still doubts even when presented over and over again with evidence of proof?) 

Mackenzie is a wonderful girl!  She is very nice, thoughtful, considerate, smart, intelligent, pretty, beautiful, attractive, funny, friendly, kind….  I really could go on and on about her.  It’s funny but the day after I met her I was literally telling everyone that I hope she is my future daughter-in-law.  Unusual, right?  But, I am an Empath and I can read her.  I know she is special, I don’t need to wait around for a year or two like the rest of you.  I know immediately.

Mackenzie comes from a very interesting background.  Her family was on The Mayflower.  Her ancestor is the first birth on The Mayflower.  She and her twin sister Susannah were given the names of their Mayflower ancestors.  Her grandparents owned LIFE Magazine.  There was a huge scandal of the affair that her grandmother had with another man during that time.  That man actually went on to die at The White House during Richard Nixon’s Presidency.  Are you not as glued as I am to all the details?  🙂  I will certainly be writing more about her and her ancestry in the future but for now I just wanted to focus on her.

She and Brodie are the same age.  Mackenzie was born in New York and lived just outside The Bronx.  She wanted to move down here to Florida, so she did.  And after she came down here her twin sister decided that she wanted to move down here too.  Shortly followed by their parents.

Mackenzie is still in school and interestingly enough, works with the elderly.  (If you know anything about Empaths we tend to gravitate toward the elderly, and counseling.)

On my:  On Being an Empath Blog I posted this:

My family members always said, “Julie helps old people.”

My Grandfather Franklin, My Great-Grandmother Honnie, and Me

(That is me, aged 3, helping my Great-Grandmother up the stairs.  How many 3 year old’s that you know do that?  I knew that she needed help so I turned around and helped her.  I read her feelings.)

As far as Mackenzie is concerned I’ve been working with her a bit so that she can understand what she is and how her ability can help her and others.  I wish that I had had someone to spot me many years ago and help me to understand this ability.  It is difficult being an Empath in a non-empathic world.  We will never be able to live up to our potential.  But I would not trade this ability for the world.  I sometimes wonder if I don’t have a brain tumor?  It is said that some psychic’s have been known to have brain tumor’s and that the tumor puts pressure on a part of the brain that is paranormal.  From the time I was a small child I’ve had stabbing pains in my head.  It’s as if someone thrust a knife into my brain!  The pain only last’s about 5 seconds but it is enough to bring me to my knee’s.  The pain is excruciating, but it goes away quickly.  My last episode was 2 weeks ago.  I was in my bedroom when the pain suddenly hit me and I collapsed unto the floor.  The thing is, If I were to discover that I have a brain tumor I don’t think that I would want it removed.  It would be like loosing my eyesight, or my hearing, but on a much higher level.

I do wish that the non-empathic world would recognize our potential.  Place us in airports, concert venue’s, stadium events….  we can spot psychopaths and sociopaths very easily.  I can’t help but wonder if an Empath had been hired to screen the people entering Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, England would that bomber been able to succeed?  When a psychopath or a sociopath is getting ready to do whatever terrible thing they are about to do is when their feelings are strongest and we can read them easily.  But, there are plenty of psychopath’s and sociopath’s that don’t commit terrible crimes.  But we can spot them and flag them so that they can be watched and monitored.

But until that time that we are acknowledged, accepted, believed, etc.  we stay secluded.  Pity, because we could really be of some help.



May 10, 2019

Poltergeist Update:

He’s still here.  I see that black ball at night many times either hovering near the ceiling or hovering near the floor.  Don’t know anymore than what I am telling you.


December 17, 2018

(I got this photo from online from Cork, Ireland.  This is the closest thing that I have found online that I saw.)

A Poltergeist for Christmas?

Although I have some unfinished posts below…. I am still starting this new one because something new and interesting, and exciting has happened.  So, to basically recap from my message below, because I was building up to it….. I am a Heyoka Empath. Blah, Blah, Blah….   I’ll get into that more later on but now I want to post about my latest inhabitant in my home.

I always refer to myself as an Empath because I am an Empath 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  But I am also the “Clairs.”  Clairvoyant, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairscent, Clairagency, etc……  But those abilities come and go.  I have no control over them.  Being an Empath is what I am most comfortable with.  My other abilities, because I cannot control them, are more foreign to me.  But I am able to spot what I refer to as “UFO’s.”  I call them UFO’s because I don’t know what they are?  Just because I see them, doesn’t mean that I understand them or know what they are?

8 days ago I looked up towards the ceiling in my living room and saw a black round circle probably the size of a cantaloupe just hovering underneath the ceiling over my breakfast bar.  I blinked, and blinked, trying to clear my vision and to understand what I just saw.  It disappeared within a few seconds.  It was at night.  I was sitting on the Lazy Boy chair.  I had my usual lights in the house on.  It’s funny but when I see something “strange” I always try to justify it within the norms of what the average person assumes it to be.  Whenever I do that I do myself an injustice in trying to erase what my eyes actually see and conform into what would be acceptable to the masses.  Well, screw the masses!!!

Two days later I saw the same thing only the “black cantaloupe” was 6 feet away from where it was originally.  That was when I decided to take it seriously and I was kicking myself for trying to dismiss it as being insignificant just two days prior.

I had no idea what it was.  I had never seen anything black that I can remember.  So, I started looking online.  I found a few people that say that it was a poltergeist.  When I think of poltergeist I automatically think of the movie, Poltergeist.  That suddenly alarmed me as poltergeist’s are usually mean.  If someone was to start taking up residence in my home then I want them to be nice.

Two days after this I was in the kitchen cooking and when I exited it and entered my nook area I was suddenly overwhelmed with the smell of cigarette smoke.  I was so shocked by that!  Why do I smell cigarette smoke?  None of us smoke in this house.  Gordon is overseas, Brodie had been gone for days, it was just me and Monk and all of a sudden I smell cigarette smoke?

I know what cigarette smoke smells like because I used to smoke myself.  Shock!  Confession time!!  Yes!  I did smoke!!  I smoked a total of 11 years over a period of 20 years.  I started at 18 and finished up totally at 38.  But during that 20 year period I only smoked 11 of those years.  So when I say that no one smokes in this house, I am not ignorant in stating that.  I also noticed that a few hours later when I exited the kitchen that the same strong smell of cigarette smoke was present.  In the information that I was reading it states that a person will emit the odor in order to let you know they are there.  That is a bit bizarre to me as the odor is probably present because they used to smoke and not because they want me to know they are here.  So, how in the world would anyone know the “intention” of the poltergeist?

It was at this point that I decided to let the poltergeist know that it is very welcome here as long as it is polite and respectful.  As long as it stays out of our bedrooms and bathrooms, and is very respectful then it is allowed to live here.  Consider this their home and help to look after it and protect it.

I have always been very welcoming with things like that.  I get excited about them, not scared of them.

Spirit Photo

I posted this “spirit photo” on Twitter yesterday as being a real Spirit Photo.  First of all, I don’t know for sure that it is.  It could just be a reflection.  You can kind of see the same “line” on the Scotch tape above it.  I was really just joking that it was an authentic spirit photo.  But, I will say this, it looks the same from every angle I took the photo from.  🙂

Well, it’s been two days since any poltergeist activity that I have noticed.  I’ll keep you informed if there is any more activity.  At this point I don’t know whether to be happy about it, or sad about it.  Either way it is always very exciting for me to see new things.




April 4, 2018

The Different Kinds of Empaths

(This entire posting will take me a while to write so I will list the different kinds all together in this piece and have them listed from top to bottom.  So, the date above may say April 4, 2018 but the next postings will say different dates.  Just keep reading downward.)

Empaths that are Connected to Animals

I have to admit that I thought all Empaths were the same.  I never realized that there were different kinds of Empaths.  When I read about the different kinds I noticed that I am all of them.

My take on Empaths was my take on anything else, you will always have those people that are better at it than others.  For example, dissect any great basketball team and it’s true that they are all great players, but there are always those “star” players on the team that are just a bit better than everyone else.  To me, that’s how it is in every profession.  You have a lot of talented people that can do something great, but then you have some that are just so much greater at it than the others.  That’s how I view Empaths.  I believe some are more powerful than others.

So, I wanted to start out with the different kinds of Empaths and where I fit in all of this.

My mother, Mary Keith, and her cats.  I have that couch, I have that alabaster lamp, and I have that table it sits on, and I even have that sconce on the wall.

I always grew up with animals because of my mother.


My Connection to Animals

This is our old barn in Rockingham, North Carolina on our property.

That is me, when I was dating Gordon, and my little brother Frank.  Oh, and the man is my step-father.

Our Horse Prince, he had blue eyes.

Me at my best.  A horse in one hand and a kitten in the other.

In Dahlonega, Georgia, our dog, our cat, and her kittens.

Because my mother was an animal lover I grew up with lots of dogs, cats, horses, etc.  I got to know them.  I observed their behavior’s.  I knew when they were upset, happy, hungry, sad….  I was never afraid of animals even when some of them tried to hurt me.  I don’t know why?  I just wasn’t.  For example, one time I was riding a horse that I was unfamiliar with and he didn’t want me riding him so he walked through the owner’s wife’s clotheslines outside trying to knock me off.  Although he wasn’t successful, I did do the Keanu Reeves Matrix bullet dodge where I was laying sprawled out on that horse’s back.  I have had horses to try and kick me.  I never got upset about it.  I made sure that I stayed directly behind them because a horse needs room to kick you.  So, if you stand directly behind them, as in right by their rear end, they can’t kick you.  They will try to move around in order to get room to kick you.  Be sure to continue to move right along with them, standing directly behind them until you can get away.  But that is horses.  Dogs, they are empathic.  And at one point I literally scaled Prince’s stall to get away from him trying to trample me.


Me and one of our Dogs

Me, with my Great-Grandmother Keith and our dog Cookie

Dogs are like me, they are empathic.  They empathically know who is good and bad.  Dogs and I have always had a connection.  Now, I’m not talking about some Dr. Doolittle talking to animal’s connection.  But I am talking about knowing things about each other instinctively.  Sometimes I think instinct is some code word for being empathic.  I have never been afraid of dogs, even those dogs that have tried to chase me and scare me.  I know they are only doing the bidding of their masters and that they aren’t really that way.  Let me explain…..

Whatever happened to my Freckles, by the way?  🙂 I used to have a ton of them!

When I was about 8 or 9 I was cutting through a man’s property on my way home.  This is when we were living in Georgia.  I was alone.  The man didn’t like that I was on his land and he came outside on his front porch waving his shotgun around in the air trying to scare me and telling me to get off his land.  I stopped and looked at him but continued on my way.  Not running, just walking.  As an Empath I knew that he was only interested in scaring me, not shooting me.  I think he got upset that I wasn’t running away because I then heard him let out a loud whistle and suddenly I could hear dogs running my way.  As they got close I turned around and stared them down.  When they got to me they just sat down.  There were 3 of them.  Two sat down and one did just stand there barking at me.  I then turned around and continued walking home.  The dogs didn’t follow me and the man on the front porch started waving his shotgun around yelling at me saying things like, “What did you do to my dogs?  Hey, girl!  What did you do to my dogs??  He was upset!

I didn’t do anything to those dogs.  Those dogs were trained to scare people off this old man land.  When it didn’t work, the dogs didn’t know what to do so they just sat there looking at me.  I wasn’t scared because I knew these dogs wouldn’t hurt me.  It wasn’t in them to hurt me.  It’s in them to follow their master’s instructions.  And they did.  But I didn’t react the way they assumed I would so therefore their master’s instructions didn’t work.  That confused the dogs so they just sat there looking at me as I was leaving.

Me, with our cat Snowball, and my new Hamster

Another time I was with my friends in Georgia when suddenly a dog started running towards us.  He was big, and barking and growling.  I must have been about 9 years old.  When the dog got close to us I turned around and stared at him.  I didn’t run, I didn’t move.  I could hear my friends yelling at me to run.  I turned around and they were all up a tree.  I asked them what they were doing?  They looked at me as if I were a crazy person, and I looked at them as if they were crazy as well.  I seem to remember saying to them, “It’s just a dog.”

Me, Age 8.  I always loved my stuffed Animals

I think that we have all seen photos on the news of places like Abu Graib where our soldier’s in Iraq were scaring and torturing detainees with ferocious looking dogs.  And the detainees cowering in fear in some corner of the room.  They are very unpleasant images.  But, when I look at those images all I can think of is, “It’s just a dog!  Stand up and face it down!  Scream at it that it is not in control here!  You are!”  To me, it’s just a dog.  What are you afraid of?  The dog is just doing the bidding of it’s master.  If you respond differently then the dog won’t know what to do?  Dogs are Empaths by nature.  They may be trained to do things that aren’t in their nature.  But if you offer them another way, a peaceful way, they will take it.  Which is why dogs rescued from dog fighting rings are usually rehabilitated.

If the owner’s are nice and respectful and loving toward their dogs then the dogs will be nice and respectful and loving toward their humans, even when they are a ferocious breed.



Before Monk and Sugar, there was Kona

Kona was a gift to my son Brodie from my parents for his 8th. birthday.  Kona is a Black Lab.  We gave Kona a Hawaiian name.  We got Kona as a puppy and he grew up to weigh about 125 pounds, I seem to remember he got up to 140 at one point.  We were living in Maryland at the time on a military base.  Some days I would take Kona for walks on the base but it was more like Kona was taking me for a walk.  He dragged me everywhere!  You try controlling a massive dog on a leash.  It’s not easy!

Julie, Ft. Meade, Maryland

A behavior that I noticed while I would walk Kona around the base was that when I would encounter an African-American person coming my way that they would cross the street when they saw us coming.  I noticed it a lot.  I also noticed that when I took Kona outside that African-American children playing would then hurry into their homes.  It started to really bother me and hurt my feelings.  It’s as if they were afraid of Kona.  Thing is, Kona wouldn’t hurt anyone.  Sure, he’s happily dragging me around for our “walks” but he’s just happy to be outside.  Being afraid of Kona was like being afraid of a big marshmallow.

I started asking some of the neighbors that I knew as to why the African-Americans in our neighborhood were acting that way toward Kona?  That was when they all responded by saying, “Because dogs don’t like blacks.”  I think that I very shockingly responded in disbelief with a “WHAT?  WHAT are you talking about?”  Of course they then went on to explain to me how everyone knows that.  They are scared of Kona because they know he doesn’t like them.  I responded by saying that we have had some of Brodie’s school friends over to our house that are black and that although they were nervous at first, Kona was very good to them.

I was SHOCKED by what they said to me!  I had never heard anything more ridiculous in my life but then as am Empath I figured out what was really going on.

DOGS are empathic, so if they are wary of any African-Americans Or any other race for that matter, it’s because they are picking up those suspicions and dislike from their owner’s and then directing it toward people of color.  It’s not that dogs don’t like black people, it’s that they know their owner’s don’t and it translates back to them that they shouldn’t either.

If the owner’s are good, the dogs are good.


Next up!

Emotional Empaths

April 11, 2018

I just Googled Emotional Empaths to see if they had a better definition than I can give you.  I talk about it a lot in my other Empath blog post so I wasn’t really going to get into all that again, but I actually didn’t go very far in explaining how it affects our moods and behavior’s. 


Definition from Google

Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world.


First of all, I differ from that definition in the fact that I do intellectualize feelings.  I will ignore my feelings and make decisions based on my intellect.  BUT, I do tend to stay in relationships longer than I should because of the feelings that I have for someone.  It’s when I realize that their feelings toward me will never change that I exit those relationships because knowing that makes me too sad to be around them.  These people are also very surprised that I’m the one that is ending the relationship.  For some reason they just seem to assume that I’ll always be there for them.  They also always seem so surprised that I can cut ties to them so quickly.  But what they don’t understand is that as an Empath I’ve known their true feelings toward me for awhile so I’ve already been moving away from them long before their even knowing it.  So, when I formally cut that tie to them, I actually cut that tie to them long before I leave them.

Most of the time being an emotional Empath is about feeling other people’s feelings and having their feelings go inside of your body.  Sometimes it can feel like a wave sweeping over me.  Sometimes someone’s feelings just creep inside of me and other times I can be so overwhelmed that I want to just collapse onto the ground from all the weight of it.  I work on my happiness every single day.  But I don’t ignore those feelings that I get.  My detective skills kick in and I then go on a mission to find out whose feelings they are.  I do a lot of thinking.  Actually, it’s one of my favorite things to do.


Emotional Vampires

I do talk about Emotional Vampires in my other blog post so I’m not going to get into any of that again but those are people that subconsciously seek out empathic people and drain us dry.  I do give an example that we used to have a neighbor that was a nasty person, a trouble maker, but she was a very social person and would seek me out every single day.  I may wake up in the morning with lots of energy and ready to start my day and get a lot accomplished but then I would encounter “Edna” (not her real name), and I could not get rid of her to save my life!  And, she wouldn’t budge and go home until she was finished with me, as in draining me dry.  So, she would walk away with a nice spring in her step, feeling so much better, whereas I’m now laying on the couch the rest of the day with no energy because “Edna” stole mine. 

It was sad but for my own health and happiness I had to dump her. 

Empaths know very well those kinds of people.  They are drawn to us because we are absorbing some of their nastiness, or their sadness, or their pain, so they end up feeling better whereas we feel worse.


How Feelings/Moods Affect Behavior

I mean everyone knows that, right?  Of course our feelings and our moods affect our behavior but what you don’t realize about Empaths is that other peoples feelings and moods affect OUR behavior. 

One example that I can give you is something that happened to me years ago.  I knew a woman in Hawaii that invited a few of us to a cabin in Volcano for the weekend.  We all 3 split the rent and bought our own plane tickets to fly over from Oahu.  When we all met at the airport and I approached the other 2 women that I was going with I could sense immediately that for some reason they didn’t want me there.  I had this horrible feeling inside my stomach and so much dread.  I suddenly didn’t want to go with them but what could I do?  I had already paid money for the plane ticket and the cabin rental. 

I viewed this situation with some hope that perhaps whatever was bothering them would change, after all we were going away for the weekend to have some fun so perhaps they will feel better once we get started.  I was trying my best to be pleasant and nice but I also had inside my body their horrible feelings.  After all, I was not wanted!


What I was feeling emotionally was the equivalent of visually having someone roll their eyes at you, glare at you, and throw in some heavy sighs! 


Now, think about this.  What if you were with some people that rolled their eyes at things you would say, glared at you with dislike for just being there, and would sigh just looking at you?

So, how’s your mood now?  And not only that but how is your behavior now? 

Let’s say that you ask them if anything is wrong?  What is the standard answer?  “No, nothing.”  So, now you know you are being lied to. 

Understand that you have to spend the next 2 days with these woman that do not want you there.  What do you do?  Pack up and leave?  I didn’t have a lot of money back then to pack up and head to a motel/hotel.  I had already sunk my money into that cabin with them.  I had no choice but to stay and stick it out.  It was difficult but I decided to just try and enjoy a few things on my own and left the two of them to be together.  When the trip was over I thanked them for including me but I never had anything to do with either of them ever again.  I was contacted a few times by one of the women but I never saw her again.  I never wanted to.


When you are around people that don’t want you there, but you have no choice but to be there, it affects your mood and behavior.  It’s hard to be this pleasant person and relax and have a great time when you are feeling what they really think of you.  Especially when you are staying in the same living space as they are.  And it’s not just knowing they didn’t like me or want me there, I FELT it!  Those feelings are now inside of me and they aren’t going to leave my body until I get away from them.

I cannot push out the bad, negative feelings of someone that I am still around.  The only thing I can do is to get away from them, then I can get rid of their feelings.  Which is why I have ended quite a few relationships in my life and now only surround myself with genuine people.  When I say genuine people I am referring to those people that like me for me and whose feelings I pick up on are of a nicer more genuine nature and not the petty mean girls that I’ve known throughout my life.


The story I describe above has happened to everyone whether you were aware of it or not.  But it’s one thing to suspect that someone may not like you and it’s another thing to KNOW it and FEEL it!  And some time’s when you feel someone’s feelings then you know what they are thinking.  Not always, but often. 


Some time’s it can be very clear and other times it’s a bit foggy but either way I can still see it.


I may add more to this if I think of a better example but for now I guess it’s time to move on……

Next Up….

Medium Empath

I’ve heard that Mediums are always Psychic but Psychics aren’t always Mediums.

I don’t consider myself to be a Medium but I can do some things that Mediums do.  Mediums have pretty much fine tuned their abilities, mine are still raw.  An experienced Medium can interface with spirits on another realm.  They can communicate.  I have written in my other blog of my experience of seeing a man sitting in one of my chairs in our house that we live in.  I believe him to be the man that used to live here that died and his wife kept his ashes here.  I have also written about how I have seen many strange things throughout my life that I can’t explain that do fall into that “Medium” category, but a Medium, from what I have read can control it, I can’t.  However, a Medium also knows how to turn it off from what I understand.  And if that is possible then perhaps I’ve turned mine off without knowing it.  And if that is the case then I have no intention of turning it back on, I’m overwhelmed enough as it is!

I do feel every day someone touch me.  I can’t explain it except to say that it happens to me a lot throughout the day.  Last night Gordon and I were watching a movie and I could feel someone touch my arm and my forehead.  When that happens I automatically think of my grandparents but I have no idea who or what it is?  I’ll be sitting at the computer typing and I will suddenly feel someone touch my hand or my arm.  I’ll be washing dishes and the same thing happens.  Sometimes I feel someone or something touching my ankles.  The touch that I feel is not of a negative nature.  It’s as if someone cares about me.  Perhaps our precious deceased Sugar is rubbing up against me in the kitchen while I do dishes.  🙂

I do find talking about this Medium stuff uncomfortable so this is all I will say for now.  Perhaps I will talk more about it in the future as I figure more out about it.


Next Up, The Future Empaths can See


April 2018

This is a personal message to someone (a woman) that I have admired for many years whom I am not going to name here, but who I have parted ways with.  She knows that I have parted ways with her but I keep hearing this Taylor Dane song in my head.  As an Empath I do pick up when people think about me and it sometimes translates into a song that will suddenly pop in my head and it will sometimes play out for weeks until the person I am connected to moves on and then it goes away.  So, N.L.  I wish you the very best.  You are a successful woman and you have a very nice life so enjoy it.  I do not need to be insulted by you via a third party interview in New York.  Have a nice life!  Much success!  I have put up with the little insults now for a few years and I have dismissed them but I do have my limits.  (Passive- Aggressive, that I am.)  🙂


p.s.  This is a lovely song so I guess if I have to have a song stuck in my head it might as well be this one.   This isn’t just a song about lovers it is a song about ending a relationship and one person thinking the other will be back.

p.s.s.s.  I have not always been treated very well by women my entire life but because I want the relationship to succeed I will stay in the relationship and sometimes put up with a lot of crap so I will then end the relationship when the crap continues and I realize that things will never get better.  But for people that don’t want me, they sure do miss me when I’m gone.  Go figure?

Sometimes psychics can see the future N.L.!!  Don’t knock what you have no idea of.  🙂

The ideas that we post on this website are for those that are genuinely interested.  Not for someone to copy/revamp/and resell.  We freely give them away, not for others to make money off of them.  I have watched you on Twitter and Instagram and in your books not because you are some inspiration, but because I look to see what you copy of ours, and other people.


March 16, 2018

On Being an Empath

My family members always said, “Julie helps old people.”

My Grandfather Franklin, My Great-Grandmother Honnie, and Me

In the photo above I am about 3 or 4.  I believe we are in Vincinnes, Indiana here visiting my Great-Grandmother’s family.  The reason that I am posting this photo is because you can see me helping Honnie up the stairs.  How many 3 or 4 year old’s that you know stop to help the elderly?  That is what being an empath is about.  I felt her feelings, she needed help, so I turned around and helped her.  She didn’t need to say a word to me, I just knew.  I will forever miss my Honnie, and my Grandfather.

 It was always said in my family, “Julie helps old people.”  I always have and I always will.


Julie Barefoot

Although hard to see in this photo, I am showing my barefeet to a cousin in Indiana.  I have always hated shoes and I do get asked why?  I think for many reasons.  Number 1:  I have Greek Feet. 

My Greek Feet

My second toe is longer than my big toe.  Hence the term, Greek Feet.  Number 2:  I have flat feet.  I have absolutely no arch whatsoever.  Number 3:  Whenever my mother would take me shoe shopping she would push down so hard on my shoes at the toe to feel how close my toes are to the end that it was painful.  I HATED shoe shopping!  Number 4:  I am from the south where starting May 1st. we didn’t wear shoes until time to head back to school in September.  Now you know! 

Although I didn’t wait until May 1st. to go barefoot, those were rules when I was a child that I never really followed.  I’ve always been Julie Barefoot since I was born.  Ask anyone that ever knew me growing up.  🙂



March 2, 2018

Comfort Therapy Dogs Waiting to Greet Stoneman Douglas Kids

Dogs are Empathic

The school shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day 2018 that resulted in the deaths of 17 people, teachers and students alike, was heartbreaking.  I had turned on the news that afternoon just to see what was going on, and was surprised to see this ongoing event unfolding right before my eyes!  Needless to say that I was so drawn to it all that I sat down and didn’t budge for hours.  Monk and I snuggled up and watched the horror unfold.  It was so very sad.

I believe that I was very down for days after this shooting.  I don’t think that I even unfolded my Valentine roses that Gordon brought home to me for days later. 

The tragedy was obviously very sad for the students and families that lost loved ones and went through such horror. 

But now they bring in the comport dogs…….

Let me tell you about the comfort dogs.

Just look at those sweet faces in the photo above?  And let me tell you what they are going through.  How do I know?  Because I am empathic.  As sorrowful as I feel for those kids, I also feel for the dogs that are sent in to help those children.  As an empath, we absorb feelings.  For example, I may wake up feeling good and ready to start my day.  Then I encounter someone that is nasty, or sad, or defeated, and their feelings then go into me.  Now my happy mood is gone and I am weighted down with their unhappy feelings.  I made them feel better by absorbing some of their pain.  Which is why empaths are known as healers.  We absorb some of your unhappiness so that you feel better, but we end up feeling worse. 

Those precious therapy dogs above with their sweet faces will be absorbing some of the pain of so many students and adults that they are assigned to comfort.  They will be filled with so much sadness, so much pain.  So, who will be comforting them?  No one!  They are on their own to deal with all the emotions that they are forced to deal with. 

The dogs are who I feel for at this time.



March 1, 2018

I Believe I foiled My Own Abduction

The Day was June 5, 2016 (The motive at the end.)

I’ve been afraid to write about this for a long time but I’m going to now.

I used to manage my mother’s beach condo out in Indian Shores, FL., and did so for about 14 years.  I enjoyed the job because of the benefit of being able to use the condo when it wasn’t being rented.  I was out there quite a bit over the years.  Either by myself, or we as a family.  I was also a regular beach goer.  Quiet Waters is actually located across the street from the beach, with the Intracoastal Waterway running directly behind it.  Our building had it’s own beach access path to the beach.  Actually, we shared it with Water View, the building next to us. 

Indian Shores is something of a best kept secret because we don’t get the large crowds that other beaches do in Florida.  There were many days where I was the only one on the entire beach for as far as the eye can see! 





Some days I was the only one on the beach.

(These are old photos that I took from the past and I’m posting here to give you an example.)


It was wonderful!  I looked at it as being all mine to enjoy.  All that just for me!  I loved it!  I loved the privacy.  But most days there were always a few people.  I would use our beach access path to get to the beach.  I always left the condo around the same time, around 10:30 a.m. to head to the beach.  I always carried my large beach bag full of beach towels, about 6, and magazines, reading glasses, backup reading glasses, tissues, napkins, lip gloss, tons of plastic bags for collecting shells, sun screen, back up sun screen, back up, back up sun screen….my folding beach chair…..


Everyday is Julie’s Day when I’m at the Beach

(Another old photo that I took of my things at the beach.  But this is how my stuff always looks.)


Oh, and my lunch of course, always a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread and some BBQ Kettle Chips, and plenty of water to drink.  It was always heaven being out there, soaking up all that Vitamin D, finding shells on the beach, driftwood too.  Lost in my thoughts….

So, as I started out on this day to head for the beach I was happy as I walked out of the condo, locking it behind me, and taking the elevator down to the ground level which is the parking lot.

Quiet Waters has lots of security cameras so anyone can access them to see who’s parked in the parking lot, who is exiting their condo’s, who’s getting on the elevator’s, who is leaving….  As I was walking toward our beach access path and was nearing the road to cross the street a truck pulled into our parking lot and parked at the spot right beside the road where I was walking.  I saw it and it made me nervous but I kept on walking and crossed the street to the other side.  I remember actually being relieved to hurry across the road away from it.  It was at that point that I had crossed the street and was starting to walk down the path toward the beach that the truck suddenly pulled into the parking lot and parked right by me.  The same truck!

The Red Truck

It has two of those large silver storage trunks in the back.

I was on the beach access path when that truck pulled into that spot.  It was at that point that my stomach was sounding alarms inside of me. I recognized that truck as the one that had just pulled beside me before I crossed the street!  This sense of terror just came over me and before those men could even get out of the truck I doubled back quickly and crossed the street heading back to Quiet Waters.

It was at that point that I saw the building supervisor out front, we’ll call him Will, and he was standing next to another man that I know who comes down to Quiet Waters every year with his family.  I ran up to them because I was scared and I told them what happened.  Will said that he noticed that truck pull into our parking lot and he thought the men were acting funny.  Then he saw them drive to the parking lot across the street where I was.  I told Will that I don’t mean to sound paranoid but I just feel like something bad was about to happen to me.  So Will very reassuringly let me know that he understands and that women are taken all the time so anything is always possible.  So Will walked over to get a good look at the truck.  I told him that I was too scared to walk across the street to the beach and that is when Will suggested that I walk up the road heading north to the public beach access path and cross over there.  It’s much busier and more people cross there so I should be fine.

It was at that moment that I was debating whether I should continue on or head back to the condo.  I was looking forward to going to the beach and I didn’t want to just head back up to the condo so I decided that I wasn’t going to let two men acting suspicious in a truck ruin my day so I headed up the road to the public beach access path and crossed over to the beach there.


I was still feeling nervous and I just didn’t feel good but I was around people and I felt safer so I continued onward.  When I got across the beach I immediately took a left and walked down to where I usually set up camp.  It was a long trek for me but I wanted to be where I usually go so I walked down to where our private beach access path comes out onto the beach and it was at that point that I saw an older man standing underneath this canopy with those two beach chairs that you see there.  One is blue, the other is pink. 

He was an older man probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s but he was fit.  He had gray hair.  He was standing to the right underneath the canopy around where the pink chair is and his body was facing toward the right of the beach, not facing the ocean.  He was looking down at his phone and all of a sudden he looked up at me, I was still a little distance away but he was staring directly at me, as if he was expecting me to come walking down the beach any minute.  There were other people on the beach but he never looked at them, only me.  He didn’t take his eyes off me.  But not in a flattering way as if he thought I was attractive or something.  He looked at me as if he wanted to kill me.  I started to panic inside and I didn’t know what to do.  I was walking toward him but I wanted to remain cool and calm.  It was at that point that I saw a family coming down to the beach from one of the buildings on the beach so I slowed my pace so that they would be around me as I passed the man standing underneath the canopy. He had set up that canopy around where I usually set up camp and the man was really freaking me out so I just kept on walking further down the beach to distance myself from him.

It was at that point that I dropped my beach bag and chair onto the sand and got out my cell phone and called Gordon at work.  I told him about the two men in the red truck and I described them to him.  I told him what happened, and about how I used the public beach access path because the two men made me nervous.  I also told him that if anything happens to me that day that those men had something to do with it.  I also told him that Will got a good look at the truck and talk to him if something happens to me.

Gordon and I went on to talk more and as we were talking I saw the man that was standing underneath this canopy walking  along the ocean and heading toward the left, walking along the beach until he disappeared out of sight.  But as he walked passed me, he looked at me with such hate on his face.  It’s as if I pissed him off somehow.  I knew he was a psychopath and it was then that I put it all together.  He was part of it.  He was upset because I foiled whatever plans that they had for me.  I stayed on that beach for a few hours longer and the man never came back.  He never came back!

Everything Here is NEW!

The Canopy, and the Two Beach Chairs

Who set’s up a brand NEW canopy with two NEW beach chairs underneath it, and then walks away and desserts it at 10:45 a.m. and doesn’t come back for it?  That is my question?

You set up a canopy if you will be staying on the beach all day.  That’s what local’s and tourists both do.  Not everyone has a canopy, but it is very common to set them up.  However, you don’t go to so much trouble and expense and dessert it on the beach, especially before you’ve even had a chance to use it.  The only people that should be on that beach are either vacationer’s that are renting condo’s in that general area, and their guests, or owner’s that live in the condo’s in that specific area.  The public beach access path that I crossed over is for the public to use.  Meaning that some buildings along the beach or the Intracoastal Waterway don’t have their own private access beach paths, like we do, so they make general ones for cases like that.  As a local Floridian I can tell you that local’s go to “local” beaches.  They don’t crash the beach access paths where tourists vacation, they can’t park their cars without them being towed away.  They have various public access beach paths along Gulf Blvd..  We however, are an area that is more private.  The only people that I have ever seen on that beach in my many years of going there either live there, or vacation there.  The reason I know this is that when they leave the beach they turn around and walk straight backward to whichever building they may be staying in.  They don’t gather their things and walk down the beach until they disappear from sight.

The man I saw walking away down the beach glaring at me with such hatred all over his face, the only thing he had in his hand was a t-shirt that he was unrolling as he was walking away.  For a split second there I wondered if there wasn’t a gun in it?  That’s how creeped out that he made me.  My insides were trembling.  I remember wondering where is his water?  He didn’t take anything with him.  Just that t-shirt he was unrolling.  There was no cooler left underneath that canopy filled with cold drinks and food like a real tourist would have if they were planning on staying on the beach all day.  There was no fishing equipment to make me think that he was some local there to spend the day fishing.  And who was the pink chair for?  I always wore my pink swimsuit to the beach every time I would go.  Was that pink chair for me?  Was he going to stick me with something to make me pass out and then plop me in that pink chair.  Perhaps even telling curious onlookers that his wife had passed out from heat exhaustion?  Oh my!  I need help!  Someone help me get my wife to our room!  And then suddenly 2 men in that red truck appear out of nowhere and help carry me underneath that building thus dumping my body and my beach things in those two silver trunks in back of that truck?   

You know, I stayed on that beach until around 2:00 p.m. and he never returned to retrieve his property.

So why was that man even there?  Glaring at me as if he wanted me dead and as he was walking away he just looked at me as if I were something worthless to be discarded.  They way he looked at me terrified me!  No one has ever looked at me like that before.


It was after 2:00 that I headed back to the condo across the street.  The truck was still parked there.  There are actually people walking directly behind me.  I waited until someone was leaving the beach and I either wanted them in front of me or behind me because I wanted to take a photo of that truck.  So, I quickly did, and then walked down our beach access path back to Quiet Waters.

The Suspicious Red Truck


My Conclusions

So, why would anyone want to harm me?

In this day and age no one has to know you to harm you.  Women, children, and men disappear all the time.  Sometimes they are found dead, if the families are lucky then the loved one is recovered alive but forever damaged, and sometimes a person is never seen or heard from again.

This incident happened about 6 weeks after I exposed someone on my website of stalking me for decades.  I even wrote a blog post about him.  Eventually naming him. 

The thing is that I told anyone who knew me well, decades ago, that if anything ever happens to me, look to You-Know-Who.  He did it!  Oh, but he won’t do it himself, he’ll hire someone to do it for him.  He won’t want to get his hands dirty.

So, what do I think happened here?  I believe, as an empath, that this particular person did hire someone to discard me.  This is Florida after all.  We have swamps filled with alligator’s.  What better way to discard a person than to drug them and dump them in a swamp.  The alligator’s will take care of all the evidence.

After this happened I did some research online about murder for hire.  Oh, I didn’t go into the internet underground.  I researched articles that were written by people that did the research themselves.  Mostly reporters in the U.K.  What I read was so chilling.  Anyone can hire anyone over the internet to dispose of someone.  You just deposit money, bitcoin, and someone answers the add and takes care of the person.  The person that does the hiring doesn’t know the person that takes the job and visa versa.  So, for $10,000 you can have someone disappear.  When I read that it made me so sick to my stomach. 

I actually quit going to the beach after that.  Oh, I would occasionally, or if Gordon were with me, but I was never the same after that.  I never felt safe again when I was out at the condo.  But when I was out there I had a series of baseball bats and wasp spray that I had at my disposal if anything happened to me out there when I was alone.  I also slept only on the couch when I was alone out there and not in any of the bedrooms.  I wanted to be alert to any intrusion if it happened. 

Sadly, this is what happens to people when they experience something negative.  It affects you forever.  In my case I believe I thwarted it, but you still live with fear because you know that it almost happened. 


January 25, 2018

Unpleasant Empathic Encounters

Julie, September 2017, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Magic Kingdom, Orlando

If you’ve been a regular reader of my empath blogs, this being my second one, then you know a little bit about me and what it’s like to be an empath, at least from my experiences.  Sometimes it can be very unpleasant coming across someone that you know things about yet there is nothing you can do about it.  I’ll try and explain.  First of all, empath’s, depending on how highly sensitive they are, are usually a bit of an isolationist.  I know that I am.  And I am becoming more so as times get worse in our country.  It’s because I pick up on so many people’s unhappiness and it stays with me throughout the day, and into the week.  Also, empaths tend to put on weight in bad times because that extra layer of fat around our middles does help to dull our sensitivity to other people’s feelings and pain.  We feel everything in our stomach’s.  That’s why I put on weight during 2017, I call it my “Trump weight.”  I have since gotten it off.  I would like to shed a few more pounds though and I am hitting the treadmill more and I’m back to eating better.  (I did go off the rails for a short while but I’m getting back on track now.)  It’s also fine to occasionally eat something that we shouldn’t.  Let’s just not make it a day to day thing especially when it can affect our health negatively.

But, when I do go out in public, and I’m not talking about doing some shopping and running some errands, I’m talking about being around large groups of people.  I tend to shun that.  I haven’t set foot in a mall since 2000.  I shun concerts, black Friday shopping, large department stores, etc.  I also avoid most movie theaters unless they are small ones where not many people go.  We do have our ‘out of the way’ places where we go to enjoy an evening out that aren’t very crowded.  I also revolve my life around rush hour.  I make appointments at low traffic times and do my shopping at non-busy hours.

I do my best to avoid crowds.  If they all run right, then I run left, even if I am the only one doing so.  But, about the only places that I can be around a lot of people and enjoy myself, is at places like Disney, Universal, the beach, various tourist attractions, nature, then I do very well and I’m happy because the emotions of people that I am encountering, are pretty good ones.  Either tourists on vacation having fun, or nature lovers who appreciate beauty and respect wildlife, or local’s, like myself, enjoying an outing to parks around Florida.  I am considered to be a Highly Sensitive Empath.

The Entrance at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Gordon and Julie

(We are enjoying an evening at Disney after having endured Hurricane Irma.)

But it was last September that I encountered a man at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando while Gordon and I were waiting for our dinner reservation at, Be Our Guest Restaurant, the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant, and we were walking around the area that I saw a man, probably in his mid to late 20’s.  He looked very good, as in his appearance.  He would have impressed anyone.  People would have instantly welcomed and embraced him into their circles.  He looked that good.  But I spotted him instantly, even though he was walking among a crowd of a good 30 people or so.  I zeroed in to him immediately.  And when I saw him I got sick to my stomach.  I recognized him instantly as a sociopath, and I knew that he tortured kittens in his basement.  That’s all that I knew!

Understand that I don’t KNOW him.  I had never seen him before in my life!  My empathic self recognized him as a sociopath, and a horrible flood of visuals came pouring into my head of him torturing kittens in his basement.

I kept on walking past him, what else could I do?  I was holding Gordon’s hand and I started to squeeze it hard.  I believe he said something like, ‘Ouch, what’s wrong?’  I told him that I just passed by an evil person and it upset me.  He then squeezed my hand affectionately and we kept on walking.  He knows as well as I do that there is nothing that we can do about it. 

Imagine had I flagged down Disney security?  Pointing him out and saying, ‘Arrest that man!  He tortures kittens in his basement!  I don’t know his name, or where he lives, or where he’s from, but I know he’s evil!!  Arrest him!’

Yeah, I would have gotten thrown out of the park for causing trouble.  You see, I have no proof.  All I have is what I know empathically.


I Wanted To State

(Off Topic)

 I left something up on my other empath blog where I looked at a photo of a very popular celebrity couple, (Blake something and Gwyn Stefani), but, in the photo, I saw something.  I saw in the photo that he was looking around for the next girl, if you know what I mean?  That was over a year ago when I said that, and he is still with Gwyn.  So, to some of you that would mean that I was wrong?  Right?  Well, I left that up, even though I haven’t been proved correct because that is what I saw.  So, whether he is still with her or not, I am standing by what I saw when I looked at that photo.  But I left it up because whether or not I can prove any of it at this time, I still stand by it. 


There are some things that I know with great certainty but cannot be proved.  Sometimes what I see can be proved, and other times, no.  But I am stating what I saw, and what I know to be true, whether I can prove it or not. 

It can be very difficult coming across someone very evil, such as the man I encountered at Disney, yet not being able to do anything about it but carry on with my life.  For these reasons I am becoming more isolated.


Disney’s Magic Kingdom again, January 6, 2018, Same Thing……

We have been doing Disney a lot over the past year, and that has been my large crowd that I do my best to shun, normally.  For the most part my experiences there are very good and positive, but even the worst of us like Disney as well, and that’s when I encounter the most horrid of our society, sometimes.

Gordon and I went to Magic Kingdom on Saturday, January 6th. with my brother Johnny, sister-in-law Sabina, and the best niece I could ever know, Vivien.  🙂  I just love her so much!!! 

My Niece Vivien, Sweetest Girl Ever!

We had the best time, all day long!  But, it was nearing 10:00 p.m. and we were in Tomorrow Land riding a few of the rides, Buzz Lightyear, The people Mover, and The Rockets, that I encountered a young woman.  Surprisingly enough, when I was looking through my brother’s photos that he took, he got a photo of her!

The Girl in the Blue Sweatshirt

I know Johnny was taking a photo of the fireworks, but he got a photo of the girl that I was able to read.  That is me to the left of the photo. 

The second I saw her and approached her, I knew what she was.  Funny, but as I look at this photo of her I see a different person than the one I read.  That’s what being an empath is about.  Being able to read a person based on their feelings, not their appearance.  I mean, doesn’t she look like a nice girl in the photo?  I wish as an empath I could say that she was nice, but what I read was horrible!  If you notice in the photo above I have my arms crossed?  When I encountered her I crossed my arms immediately as a defense mechanism.  I knew she was very bad news!

We are waiting in line for the Rockets here.

What I read of this girl was that she has been horrible to other people so much so that she has caused great pain and suffering to these people.  She has no problem bullying others at school and it wouldn’t bother her a bit if someone killed themselves over rumors she starts on them.  I knew that she would not have a problem lying to authorities about someone just to get them in trouble, and she would be pleased with herself for having duped the authorities.  We had an Asian girl directing us in line for the rocket ride and I knew that this girl in the blue sweatshirt was very racist against her.  The dislike she had for her was overwhelming me.

I was so appalled by this girl that I no longer wanted to read her.  It upset me way too much!   I didn’t want what I knew of this young woman to ruin the rest of my wonderful day so I tried to ‘switch her off.’  But unfortunately we were then herded into an elevator that took us to the top level to ride the rockets and while we were in the enclosed elevator and I was standing near her, her life came flooding into me.  In just a few seconds I saw her in her 30’s as an obese woman with shoulder length brown hair, wavy, and that same disgusting smirk she had on her face.  I saw her between the ages of 33 and 38.  But I couldn’t read her after that.  So, I don’t think she lives past her 30’s. 

Oddly enough that gave me great satisfaction, knowing this woman would no longer exist after her 30’s.  I’ve read people before where I can see them in old age, but her story ended for me in her 30’s and what that tells me is that her future obesity will be her undoing. 

It gave me satisfaction that she could no longer do any damage to those whom she has hurt and who’s reputations that she has ruined because of her own selfishness.  So, when it came to getting on the rocket ride, Gordon climbed in first, I then tried to squeeze in with him, but sadly we no longer fit together!  I couldn’t squeeze in with him and I was laughing so hard that at one point I’m sprawled all over Gordon and I couldn’t move.  🙂  You know how when you are laughing so hard that you get weak?  I was so weak that I couldn’t get off of Gordon and go find my own rocket.  I was laughing so hard that the ride attendant came over and had to pull me off of Gordon.  I then got into my own rocket, still laughing hysterically!  (I also wet my pants just a little bit because I was laughing soooo hard!.)  🙂

But you know what?  I sat back and just watched the fireworks as they are going off and enjoyed the ride!  I took no photos!  Seriously?  How can you enjoy anything when you are taking photos??  But, here are my brother’s photos…..

Johnny and Vivien, cutest girl in the world!  🙂

I can’t remember the last time I felt so at peace.  I was all alone in my rocket and I just sat back, watched the fireworks, and I had this sense of peace.  It was wonderful!  Beautiful fireworks display!  Best day ever!


Oh, and p.s.  I can’t always see everyone’s future.  I can’t control it.  I just get this flood of emotions and feelings and I can sometimes see things that are many years ahead of us. 


January 22, 2018

Engagement Announcement!

Our little girl, Veronica, and her longtime boyfriend, Brian, are engaged!

He popped the question underneath the fireworks at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella’s Castle.  Ahhhh……

But then again, I did pick up on it before we even know a thing:  🙂

Just thank goodness that song is finally leaving my head.  You’ll understand when you read the blog post below.

Gordon and I are very happy!



January 19, 2018

Wedding Bell Blues

The Fifth Dimension

Beautiful Marilyn McCoo and her husband Billy Davis, Jr.

(They’ve been married since 1969.)

So, what in the world does my psychic ability have to do with a popular singing group from the 1960’s, The Fifth Dimension?

For the past two and a half weeks this song has been playing in my head on a loop!  And I have been singing it for the past 2 1/2 weeks because it won’t go away.  Gordon even asked me last weekend why in the world was I singing that old song?  I told him that I have no Earthly idea why.  It popped in there one day and it won’t go away.

Luckily, Gordon knows what I am and he understands these things.  All that I can do is to just let it play out until whomever I am connected to moves on to something else.  I do talk about this in my other Empath blog post and even give some examples. 

However, this time we found out who I was connected to! 

The premise of the song is about a woman who’s in a long term relationship yet her boyfriend won’t ask her to marry him.

It was on Tuesday when Gordon was leaving work that he got a text from Brian, our daughter Veronica’s boyfriend.  He wanted to meet with Gordon and talk to him, but he didn’t want Veronica to know about it.  I knew instantly that he was going to ask for Veronica’s hand in marriage!!!  So, I got out my engagement ring that Gordon gave me, that I cannot get my fat finger in anymore, and I told him to give it to Brian and maybe he can reset it or something.  Oh, my ring is a 1 carat diamond shape and it is gorgeous but I can’t wear it.  So, Gordon set off to meet Brian at a pub for dinner and to talk.

It was at that point that I had my Eureka moment and realized that I had been connected to Brian for the past few weeks and that he was finally going to propose to Veronica!  They’ve been together for almost 11 years.  Their anniversary is coming up and he wanted to ask Gordon’s blessing for her hand.  Isn’t that noble?  🙂

Turns out Brian bought her a ring, and his mother even gave him her heart shaped diamond to give to Veronica as well.  So, Brian will be presenting Veronica with 3 diamond rings on their anniversary and she gets to choose which one she wants.  They may even do a combination of all the rings.  Most girls barely get one, Veronica will be getting 3! 

Well, once this is over then I’m sure the song will leave my head but it’s still in there.

So, with The Fifth Dimension on my mind I might as well post my most favorite song by them, Age of Aquarius and Let the Sun Shine!

I do have an Aquarius birthday coming up soon.

When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planet

and love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius….