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Welcome to 2021 Julie Barefoot Blogging

Happy New Year!

(I guess.  We’ll see won’t we?)

Julie Lancaster-Whann

Normally I like starting out a New Year, New Blog Post with new photos of myself, usually sitting at my computer desk blogging.  However, we are into January and our house is currently under dissarray due to the renovations that we had going on since October 2020.  It’s also cold outside and things are a bit dull and wintry here in Florida so there really isn’t some lovely spot I can plop myself down upon and have Gordon take photos.  We do tend to just stay home because of the pandemic as it is.  So, I harkened back to these photos that were taken in September 2020.  Not that long ago, I know.  But still.

I find it very intriguing that we are living in such an interesting time.  That is an ancient Chinese Proverb, ya know?  ‘May you live in interesting times’ sounds like such a nice blessing but it is actually a curse.  Because we are living in interesting times right now and I don’t think anyone views this in a positive way.

I have no earthly idea what 2021 holds for us.  Well, actually I do have a hint of it, but we will end up exploring it together as we go.  I want to thank all of you that have been a part of my life for almost a decade now, since I started the website in 2011.  I want you to know that I appreciate you.  You are always welcome here.  As an Empath I am closer to you than you realize.  I believe that is one reason that I am so honest and open with all of you, exposing my life, my frailties, my past, and the abuse that I have suffered from childhood on.  I mean, as an Empath I can read so many of you, that I think that is why I confide so much of myself.  I believe in evening the score.  If I can know about you, then you should know about me.

I believe in asking for help.  I believe in giving help.  We are all in this together.  Whatever “this” is.  We need to put aside the pride in ourselves, and we need to put aside the prejudice as well.  Quit looking down on those that need help, and quit resisting asking for help when you need it.

America, and the American people need to change in order to survive.  We need to quit this ‘go it alone’ attitude.  No one can make it alone.  We need friends.  We need allies.  We need supporters.  But, we also need to be worthy of that support.  We need to quit imposing our beliefs on other cultures and just allow them to believe as they wish.  And to respect their beliefs.  We don’t have all the answers and we need to realize that.  I like other cultures.  I like their foods, I like their arts, I even like their beliefs.  I don’t have to follow them, but I like knowing about them.


My wish for 2021 is that we can actually be the America that our ancestors realized. 

I’m onboard for that!  Are You?



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February 24, 2021

Texas and Tiger Woods

(Exactly why should we feel sorry for either one?)

I realize that I am coming across as a bit harsh and rather heartless.  I would like to state that I always feel for the suffering of children and animals.  It’s most adults and their selfishness where my empathy ends and does not extend to them.  I would like to start with Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods

When I first heard of the accident my thoughts went to him in the hope that he would be alright.  Hearing that no one was in the vehicle but him was a bit of good news because he does have 2 children.  Other thoughts that I had were on how did this even happen?  Did someone run him off the road?  After all, the accident occurred at 7:12 a.m.  I knew that alcohol probably didn’t play a role in the crash as most people aren’t drinking that early in the morning.  But, just looking at the extent of the damage done to the automobile, hearing how extreme the wreck was, and learning that he had to be cut out of the car, it just brought to mind some sort of other automobile that just had to be involved but fled the scene?

Only to learn that Mr. Woods was the only car involved and that he just lost control of the vehicle because he was speeding to meet up with his football buddies for some Golf T.V thing.  Really?  So all of this is because he was running late and in a hurry?  Do you know that he could have seriously injured or killed others on the road that morning?

The man is in his mid 40’s with 2 children and if I remember correctly doesn’t he have a fiance?

Tiger Woods has a long history of recklessness.  Reckless behind the car and reckless in his personal life. 

So what if he is the greatest golfer in the world?  He is a danger to himself, his family, and to anyone that he may encounter on the road because he is a reckless person.  I don’t feel sorry for people like him.  I feel sorry for the people that may encounter him.  It’s one thing to be reckless in our youth, it’s another to be reckless in middle age at a time when he should have learned a thing or two from his past mistakes.

If I were his ex-wife Elin I would from now on insist that he be barred from driving his children anywhere in the future.  He is too much of a danger to them.



(Everything is bigger in Texas, even their disasters by design.)

Now comes the controversy where my opinions should net me a lot of hatred coming my way.  Well, then so be it.  You see, I know quite a bit about Texas and the people thereof, especially their mindset. 

My step-father, the man who raised me from the age of 7 when he married my mother, up until the day he died in 2013 was born and raised in Texas.  Pecan Gap/Ben Franklin area.  He was my “father” for 44 years and the man who has done the most damage to me in life.  He also brought with him into the marriage a son, my step-brother, who also is one of the most horrid human beings I have ever known in my life.  He lives in Texas still and is a proud as punch republican who adores the likes of Karl Rove, George W. Bush, Ted Cruz, and I’d bet my life he voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.  So,need I say more about him?

My step-father’s family that are all still out there scattered throughout Texas are pretty rotten on their own.  I don’t know of any redeeming qualities that they have?  Whether from personal experiences or from all the gossip I’ve heard about them and from one of their own.  The point that I am trying to reach is that a large portion of the people of Texas don’t have a problem with concentration camps being on their borders.  They don’t have a problem taking children away from their parents and relocating those children to other people around the country without worry if they are o.k. or not?  They also don’t have a problem inflicting their religious beliefs on others where health issues are concerned.  Whether that be birth control or abortion. Those are the kinds of people that live in Texas.  These Texans do not have a problem denying people they don’t like healthcare, or basic living wages, or simple respect.  They don’t believe in charity or helping others.  The only people they believe in helping is themselves.  I really could go on and on and on….. but I don’t want to.

Oh, and let’s not forget how the “pro-lifer’s” that they are love their wars, guns, and the death penalty.  Super fun!

Just 2 weeks prior to the big storm they, the politician’s and the people of Texas were all talking about secession.  Well, well, well.  What do they do when they need help?  Turn to government to help them.  Well Texas, the way you have your energy system set up is nothing that Biden and the rest of America can help you with.  You chose that system yourselves because your favorite son’s George W. Bush and Kenny Boy Lay set it up that way.  Oh and Ken Lay was responsible for the collapse of ENRON.  Funny that W. went from calling him Kenny Boy, to Mr. Lay.  Cute!  Oh, and Kenny Boy died shortly after the collapse of ENRON when the government was closing in on him.

Texas has bragged about the fact that they don’t like helping people.  For decades now!  So, now that they need help, because of pretty much what they have done to themselves, we are all supposed to stop what we are doing and help them?  Sorry, the mean girl in me, who has been a victim of quite a few rotten Texan’s, finally say’s “F*ck Off Texas!  I’m done with you.  Whatever happens, happens.”

When they are ready to sit at the adult table and act like adults then I will welcome them back.  But, not until then.  They have done way too much damage to way too many people.

I would like to say this to those good people of Texas:

I sympathize with you.  I want you and your families and pets to be o.k.  I am rooting for you and I am on your side.  I too live in a red state filled with some pretty rotten people so I understand your pain.  The same thing you are going through can very easily happen to us in the form of a hurricane.  And when people across the country turn against us here in Florida?  Well, then my state will deserve it.  Sadly.

I don’t have the answers to all of our problems but I do know that we need to shun the ways that don’t work, and support the ways that do.  Shun the people that don’t work, like Ted Cruz, and welcome and support the people that do, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who raised money for Texas while Ted Fled to Cancun, Mexico.

  Do you want to live?  Then quit voting for republican’s.


P.S.  Have you noticed that there haven’t been a lot of offers to help Texas?  Whether it be around the world or in our own country.  Guess no one really cares about Texas anymore.  Texas only has itself to blame for that.


(I have that dress and that blanket.)  🙂

Turning 60 on February 13, 2021

February 6, 2021

And Why Can’t I Be Happy About Turning 60?

The photos that you see above were taken one week before my actual birthday.  I knew that I wanted to spend turning 60 canoeing in alligator infested waters on my big day.  But, I do love choosing a nice birthday menu and having Gordon make it for me.  Which is why you see me above happy and twirling that I get good food and gifts prior to my gator swamp trip.  And why can’t I twirl at 60?


February 13, 2021

Canoeing on Hillsborough River, Thonotosassa, Florida

Brodie and Mackenzie came with us.  Veronica and Brian were invited but Brain had to work and couldn’t switch shifts with any coworkers, and Veronica didn’t want to come without Brian to protect her.  🙂

Me, Gordon, Brodie and Mackenzie

We only saw about 4 canoe/kayak’s the entire time.  It was wonderful!  All that beauty just for us!  I could not have asked for a better birthday.  Plus, I got to sit back and take photos of it all which is all that I wanted to do anyway.  🙂

Al E. Gator

We must have seen about 35 alligator’s.  Most of the gator’s we saw were from small to medium in size.  We were told that they do have some 10 – 12 foot gator’s but we didn’t see any of those.

It was just so peaceful and tranquil.  I started a new post specifically for this trip and I can’t wait to work on it.  So I will wait to fill you in on all the details, but it truly was a wonderful trip.

One of the many gator’s we saw.

Being out in the raw nature of Florida you really are transported back to some primeval era that just seemed to exist long before I did.  I’m just happy that I got to be a part of it on my special day.



So, How Do I Feel About It?

When I think back over the years to all of my birthdays there are a few that stand out the most.

  Some happy, some sad.

L to R:  Edith, Shannon, Monica, Me, Anne Catherine, Donna, and Joanie

Me, in the back on the left with the red pants.  It is my 9th. birthday and we are living in Dahlonega, Georgia.  I had the best friends there.  I was looking for my 10th. birthday photos in Dahlonega but I can’t find them right now.  But I did come across this photo.  I do remember those Dahlonega one’s as being the best birthday’s.  Probably because I had really good friends that liked me and that I liked in return.  That makes a difference.

One of my saddest birthday’s was moving to Roanoke, Virginia and being the new kid in school.  Roanoke at the time was not very friendly to newcomers.  When my 5th. grade birthday rolled around I invited about 12 girls to my party and only 2 showed up.  And even then I think they only showed up because their parents made them come.

Birthday’s to me are bitter sweet.  Life is bitter sweet.  But, life is also what we make of it.  So, instead of waiting around for someone to plan my birthday at any given age, I started planning them myself.  I stated that THIS is what I want to do for my birthday.  And, everyone got onboard.  It’s been that way now for many years and I have had the best birthday’s because of it.  🙂  Sometimes I think we need to just take charge of our own lives and make them what we want them to be.


At this writing I feel good.  I don’t seem to have the aches and pains that other’s have.  Living in Florida probably has something to do with it.  I have yet to experience any arthritis or joint pain.  I am able to all that I have been doing now for years.  I do notice that I am getting older looking when I look in my bathroom mirror, but that is understandable.  I AM getting older.

I have no idea what my future holds but I plan on enjoying it as long as I can.

My Pistachio Birthday Muffins

Happy Birthday to ME!



January 30, 2021

Happy Birthday Lola

(Finally, something nice and fun to write about.)

My niece in Ireland turned 17 on January 28th.

Her step-mother Sabina made the cake.  Sabina is so talented.  I love the little Covid between the 20 and the 21 in the photo above left.  Some people may be critical of that but life reflects art and creative people will always incorporate life into their art.  Covid is with us everyday and we are lucky to have birthday’s in this age of Covid.

Lola and Vivien

Vivien is Apparently the Comic Relief  🙂

Lola and Kate Playing a Game

Kate Jude, my Oldest Niece in Ireland

You would never know the 3 girls are sisters.  I asked my brother how in the world he had such gorgeous daughters?  He did go through the spectrum of having a blonde, brunette and a red head as his daughters.  🙂

Sometimes I wish they lived here but actually I’m glad they are over there in Ireland.  America isn’t the country it used to be and I think they are much better off living in Europe.

I love and miss all of you!

Aunt Julie


January 23, 2021

Thank Goodness It’s Over!

(For now.)


I think I held my breath all day, that day.

Check out that Biden family Bible Jill is holding.  🙂

Now that the 2021 Presidential Inauguration of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. (Robinette?)


Vice President Kamala Harris…

…is officially over.  I think that most of their supporters have since breathed a big sigh of relief.  WHEW!

We’ve had a few days just to drink everything in and I just can’t get over how quickly the two of them have hit the ground running.  That was something that Obama should have done when he got in there in 2008.  Oh, I love the Obama’s, but, he didn’t do all that he should have done and I do believe that had he done more things we wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand in our country that led up to a Trump in the White House.  Those dangerous republican’s should have been reigned in a long time ago.

I did love that all the significant women wore shades of purple and some blue.

A Show of Unity

But also, I believe, to represent the many colors of our Democratic Party.


The Biden Granddaughters

Although I didn’t watch the entire 4 nights of The Democratic National Convention in 2020, I did watch the last 2 nights and on one of those nights all 4 of the Biden granddaughter’s were interviewed.  That interview was the highlight for me.  They were so cute and funny and just normal young women talking about their grandfather.  Oh, they didn’t sing his praises.  They talked about how annoying he was because he would always call them to check up on them.  They also talked about how he would sneak ice cream out of the freezer and he would try and hide it.  🙂  (Jill must monitor his sweets habits.)

I can’t imagine Donald Trump allowing any of his children or grand-children to say anything about him that didn’t make him out to be a god.  The Biden’s are real, the Trump’s are plastic.  I happen to like “real.”

The Biden’s Walking

(This was also a highlight for me.  Seeing the granddaughters again, walking behind their grandfather and being so proud of him.  Talking, laughing and giggling just like young women do.  I loved it!)

As you know I was not for Joe Biden.  I was more of a Bernie fan.  However, I am for anyone that will conduct the business of the people and if Joe does that, then more power to him.  Personally, I happen to think he is too old.  (Same with Bernie.  But Bernie wanted to erase student debt.)  The job of President of the United States in good times seems to age our leaders.  But, here we are in exceptional times.  I just hope he gets through it and survives it all.  I also hope that our Vice President will be there to take up the slack.  They are another family that I am enamored with at the moment.

The Harris Emhoff Family

I adore Kamala.  I wish her all the best and I am rooting for her to succeed in her endeavor to be a good Vice-President.

I know she wants change but she will also encounter ‘powers that be’ that don’t.  That will be very frustrating for her.

I love the relationship that she has with her husband, and his children from a previous marriage.

Kamala (Momala) with her Step-Children, Cole and Ella

It says a lot that they love her as much as they do.  It also says a lot about their biological mother, Kersten Emhoff, Doug Emhoff’s ex-wife.  I can’t tell you how many women that I know that would do their best to sabotage a good relationship between her children and the new wife.  I know that my former sister-in-law in Ireland will always be there to sabotage 2 of my niece’s minds into making sure they don’t like us here in America.  I believe that is because Cathy is very insecure.  Same with my half-sister’s mother, Dot.  She never wanted her daughter’s to like me because I was just too liberal for them and that threatened her hold over them.  Or so she thought. 


I do so love these two great families and all that they can bring to benefit our country.  I am very worried about them though.

I have a thought on Joe Biden that I would like to share that may be a bit unpopular for me to say, but I am going to say it anyway.  I believe that the reason that he was able to move forward from the death of his first wife Neilia, and baby daughter Naomi, from a car wreck that killed them both, and severely injured his 2 surviving boys in the automobile, is because he was able to replace them.  Before you get mad at me hear me out. 

His first wife Neilia Hunter Biden

Wasn’t She Lovely?

(She would have made a beautiful First Lady.)

The Biden Family

It breaks my heart that Neilia was out shopping for a Christmas tree with her children, Beau, Hunter and Naomi when a tractor trailer slammed into their car killing Neilia and Naomi.

Joe was heartbroken that he lost his wife and his daughter, but then along came Jill.  She was a wonderful woman that loved Joe and his 2 boys.  They got married, she became a mother to Beau and Hunter,  and then had Ashley.  So, Joe was able to replace his lovely wife and daughter that he lost, with another lovely wife and daughter.

I’m not saying that he didn’t love the wife and daughter that he lost.  I am simply pointing out that we only miss those that we cannot replace.


A lot of people would not be able to get over what Joe Biden got over.  That loss would have held quite a few people back in life.  I know that something that tragic would have held me back.  Yet, Joe was able to go on to continue to occupy his Senate Seat.  Then going on to be Vice-President to Barack Obama, and then go on to be President of the United States of America.

If I were to loose Gordon I would be devastated.  Yet, If I could replace him with a Gordon 2.0 then my loss would not be as great.  I would still miss him but the loss would not be as devastating to me if I could find another one just like him. 

Joe Biden is probably the luckiest man in the world that he was able to find 2 wonderful and lovely wives while most of us are lucky to just find one.


The Biden’s

My favorite Biden is Maisie, 3rd. from left.  I love her Valentine dress.  At least that’s what it is to me.  I also love her antique name, Maisie.

The Inauguration Day was beautiful!  I’m glad we all had our social distancing celebrations and festivities.

I can’t help but wonder that if the terrorist attacks of January 6, 2021 hadn’t happened would Joe Biden still be alive?

January 6, exposed the lot of insurrectionist’s in our country and what they are capable of.  It also exposed the Capital police and their role in helping them.  It also exposed our own lawmakers and their role in aiding the terrorists in their attack on our Capital building and our democracy.  But, what if none of that had happened?  Would some lone Trump loyalist have pulled that trigger at the Inauguration and we wouldn’t have a President Biden right now?

Last year I predicted that Joe Biden would win the Presidency but that he would never be President.  Apparently, I was happily wrong!  I don’t know everything.  Sometimes things change, that end up changing the picture.  I was right about the terrorists though.  I was right about the threat.  I don’t know how things will end.  I just don’t see it right now.  But I do know to be cautious.

Until republican’s are made to be accountable for their role in trying to thwart our democracy, and in endangering our democratic lawmakers, then they are still a threat.  They need to be held accountable.  They need to experience jail time.  They need to lose their jobs.  The democrats can no longer sweep the bad behavior of republican’s underneath the rug.  They need to be arrested and face trial for their crimes.  Please, do it for our democracy that you claim to uphold.



January 10, 2021

There is a Blueprint for Everything

There is a blueprint for invading a country.  There is a blueprint for taking over a country.  There is a blueprint for getting a populace to go along with a war, and in starting a war.  (Which always involves a terrorist attack of some kind.  The people must be afraid in order for the government to be able to control them.)  There is a blueprint for discrediting or slandering a person or a business/corporation/country, etc. etc.

There is ALWAYS a Blueprint

The bad people will always be there to follow the blueprint and it’s up to the good people to recognize the blueprint when they see it and try their best to stop it.

What happened on January 6, 2021 will live in infamy.  And what I find so unbelievable is that for the first time in my life I don’t have a problem convincing other people that this was an inside job done by the President of the United States and his supporters, inside and outside of the Capital Building.  I don’t have people thinking I’m crazy for daring to suggest such a thing.  I haven’t been told how paranoid that I am, or that I need to just get a life and quit worrying about such nonsense.  I also haven’t been called ‘un-American and un-Patriotic.’  This is new for me.  I’m not used to other people knowing what’s going on in our own country or the world.  And as happy as that does make me feel.  I’m also saddened because I liked being in that top group that was aware and educated in the going’s on while everyone else was ignorant of facts and figures.

But, as happy as I truly am that finally the American people are awake and becoming aware of our government and the republican party for their role in how we got here, is there really anything that can be done about it?  I mean, when something finally becomes obvious to the people then it’s too late to do anything about it.  The time to squash it is before it gets to this point.

It’s funny but there are a few people that know that I predicted this at Trump’s Inauguration on January 20, 2017 and are now looking to me as to what we do next?  My answer is that I don’t really know?  I’m into prevention, not reaction.  I try to prevent bad things from happening.  But when the bad thing happens then it’s kind of out of my hands.

I’m happy that American’s are realizing that it is important to participate in our country’s democracy, otherwise we might lose it.  Like what’s happening right now.  But when Trump has the support of almost 75 million people, and Biden has the support of about 82 million, we are a country of 330 million so most of the rest that didn’t vote are children, and illegals and the incarcerated.  We may outnumber the Trump supporters by a few million but it isn’t enough to snuff them all out.  They are going to be around for a long time.  (Unless Covid kills them from their ignorance and lack of taking the virus seriously.)

The thing about the pro-Trump supporters are that they are a cult and cult members will tend to die for their cult leader and do whatever terrible things their cult leader asks of them.  All you have to look at is what happened last Wednesday. 

Those 82 million of us that voted for Biden tend to approach things differently.  We may get angry and upset but we handle things a bit differently than they do.  We write letters, we vote, we speak out, and might I suggest that we now SHUN!

Unless you would like to go toe-to-toe with them and prefer some non-violent ways in snuffing them out, then I would like to offer up a suggestion that we just try shunning them.  You know that Trump supporting neighbor that you are friendly with ‘just to be neighborly?’  Well, quit being neighborly.  You know that rotten step-brother of yours that sends out all that pro-Trump baloney that you follow on Facebook just to be nice?  UN-FOLLOW HIM!

Don’t allow them into the mainstream.  They don’t belong with us.

  I believe in freedom of speech, but I do not believe in freedom of hate speech.

If you think that by still knowing them that some of your good qualities might rub off on them, then you are stupid.  You are not dealing with a rational person.  You are dealing with a cult member.  And besides, if they can’t convince you of their belief then why do you think they will listen to you?

One reason that we are at this point in our history is because there were so many American people that just went along, choosing ignorance over knowledge.  Not getting involved in politics because it’s just so unpleasant.  Yes, it can be very unpleasant, but you do see where we are now?  This is even more unpleasant.

  There are more of us than there is of them, that is saying something.  But when they speak they are just louder and more forceful.  Kind of like having 100 people on a train together.  You may not like the person you are sitting next to and they probably don’t like you either but the two of you aren’t at each other’s throats over it.  Everyone is sitting in their seat minding their business when along comes some loud drunk getting on the train and then insulting some people that he doesn’t like the look of.  Perhaps even bumping into some other people on purpose trying to get them upset.  And then before you know it some people join in with him in insulting others.  There will be a few brave individuals that will come of the aid of those that are being harassed, but most will just sit there because they don’t want to get involved.  They either don’t care to or perhaps they secretly like what is happening?

We will always have those obnoxious individuals that love to cause trouble but that doesn’t mean we have to join in with them?  Or worse, just go along.  Those are the worst people because they know better.  When you see a wrong and you do nothing or say nothing, then you are complicit.  Perhaps you can’t personally intervene but you can go for help you know?  There are several ways that you can help without some confrontation.  All I’m asking is for you to try?

The Hunger Games movies were on T.V. last night and I did watch them here and there.  I’ve seen them all in the past and they are very good movies.  I don’t like the subject content but they are very good.  Well, as I watched the movies I was watching them through new eyes.  They were just different somehow now.  I think that because of what has happened with the Capital siege I am a different person now.  I used to always see life in grey.  I recognize that each and every one of us has good and bad inside.  Some people have more good than bad.  And some people have more bad than good.  But now after what has happened and we just have 2 sides to choose from, I only see life in Black and White.  Not caucasian and African-American, but actual black and white as in good or bad, right or wrong, black and white.  There is really no middle now.  You have to choose a side and hopefully it will be a non-violent side.  There is no going along anymore.  Not if you care about our democracy.

I believe that things will get worse. 

If you really want to know my next prediction?  WORSE!  And why do I think things will get worse?  Because I recognize the blueprint.



January 7, 2021

Message From My Brother Johnny

(My brother Johnny is 8 years younger than me.  He lives in Ireland with his partner Sabina and their daughter Vivien.  He also has two wonderful girls from a previous marriage to an Irish National.  Johnny graduated from The London School of Economics, and has a degree in Political Science and he minored in German.  Every major political or economic event that happens my brother has predicted it sometimes years in advance so I listen to him with he speaks.  This is what he messaged me today……)


9:36 AM

Sadly, I won’t either,





I am from Rome, Georgia

I am a Roman of Floyd County

(Although I cannot vote in Georgia as I am a Florida resident.)

January 5, 2021

Georgia Election Night

A Conversation Between My Brother Johnny Who Lives In Ireland, and Me via Twitter

(Johnny was born in Dahlonega but last lived in Savannah, Georgia.  Therefore, he is a legal resident of the State of Georgia.)


Our Conversation

(I had sent him photos of the DIY projects that Gordon and I were doing in our kitchen.)


5:15 PM


6:11 PM
6:16 PM
6:24 PM
6:34 PM
6:38 PM
7:01 PM
7:14 PM
7:17 PM
7:21 PM
7:28 PM
7:32 PM


Julie Barefoot Mask and Sun Glasses

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