Out on our NEW Lanai

Out on our NEW Lanai



(Aren’t they beautifully unique?)

Out on our New Lanai

Me, Julie, Out on our New Lanai


Welcome, we Love our Lanai

We walk outside our sliding glass doors and see this……

Our Lovely Living Trellis and our Table, Chairs, and Fountain


Our Living Trellis that Hangs on our Lanai


Here, we just celebrated Mackenzie’s birthday with lots of flowers.

It is a lovely space on our lanai where we can eat and relax.


The photos you see above are of the existing lanai from when we bought our home several years ago.  It is 10 x 40 and covered.  Now, that is a nice sized area for extending our indoor living space outward simply by opening up our sliding glass doors on nice days.  That is what is so nice about Florida living.  Our winter’s are mild.  But sadly, our summer’s can be brutal!  Heat, humidity.

We do have 2 ceiling fans with lights above that does help to keep us a little bit cool during those hot summer days.

Metal Palm Leaf Ceiling Fans with Lights

I suppose for most people this 10 x 40 lanai would be enough, but not to us.  We wanted to extend our backyard living and entertaining by adding an addition to our existing lanai, building outward by an additional 18 x 36 feet and placing a pool cage over top.  The pool cage does prevent leaves and branches from littering up the area, but sadly it doesn’t prevent it from getting dirty.

Our New Lanai Extension

We are greatly enjoying it as we have been able to spread out.  It has also been fun buying new furniture and giant pots and plants to accentuate our new area.


Tour of our Lanai Extension



The Dirty Section

This section of our lanai is devoted to gardening.  As much as we do garden I cannot have some perfect lanai.  I need a section that is for the dirty work.  Here is that section.

On the other side of my messy section here is our Herb Garden.  If you would like to take a look……

Julie’s New Herb Garden


 The table is a living table as the living plants come and go as I pot them and then distribute them wherever I need to throughout the yard.

Growing Some Bell Peppers Here

Also some lovely plants.

I consider this my perfect little table of pots, some plants, and gloves.


Past the table is a screen door that opens into our herb garden to the left of the tall topiary you see in the photo top, then you see some of our plants in pots along the inside of our lanai extension.  I have since added more but this was one of the earlier photos.

Our Peach Tree

Coming from the state of Georgia (originally) I wanted a Peach Tree.  Most peach trees do need others to help pollinate so the peaches will grow.  However, this one does not need other trees to produce fruit.


Our Banana Tree

When we lived in Hawaii we had a banana tree in our backyard that would produce the best tasting bananas.  When I saw this small little banana tree for about $10.00 I purchased it and found a nice sized pot and planted it.  It then grew several feet in just a few months.  No bananas yet, but I do have my fingers crossed that we will see some soon.

That is a Pitcher Plant I have hanging from my Banana Tree.

The “pitcher’s” have a syrupy, sweet nectar inside that attracts bugs and then digest’s them.  They are a natural and healthy way to keep your bug population down without using those harsh chemicals.


On the other side of our Banana Tree in our yard beside our fence, is our little vegetable garden.  If you would like to take a look.

Julie’s Side Project

My little vegetable garden doesn’t yield much but whenever we need a bell pepper and have run out in our kitchen we can usually always find one ready for us out here.  Let’s just say that it does come in handy and does provide for us when we need it to.  🙂


I love these Terra-Cotta Clay Pots

This one is holding our Thai Cilantro.

And as always I love pretty pots with flowers in them.


Table, Benches, Pots

The reason I chose the furniture and accessories that I did was because I wanted it to be sturdy because of all of our Florida storms and hurricane’s, but I also wanted everything to look a bit elegant and old as if it came from another country.

Little Sparky Exploring

I do tend to rearrange the furniture every now and then for whatever occasion we have going on.

I also love succulents and orchids as they tend to thrive in our humid and hot climate and do quite well without me killing them.




My Honeysuckle Vines

  I am just waiting for the blooms to emerge.  Having grown up in the south most every property had Honeysuckle growing, whether it was crawling all over fences, gates, trellis’s, it was everywhere most of the time growing wild.  It was also overlooked as being some weed and not really appreciated.  Same with grape vines that grew everywhere.  My friends and I would always pick the blossoms off the Honeysuckle Vines and place the sweet stem from the bottom of the blossoms in our mouth and suck out to taste the sweet nectar.  I still do whenever I see the vines growing.

Finally, my Honeysuckle is Starting to Bloom  🙂


Entertaining On Our Lanai

Happy Birthday, Mackenzie

Having a Cookout for our Son’s Girlfriend


Now this is what our New Lanai Extension is all about.

Bar-B-Q’s, Cookouts, Parties, Celebrations, Entertaining

And uh, FOOD!!!

Brodie and Mackenzie

Gordon and Julie

Family Get Together’s,

Even While Self-Isolating due to Coronavirus.


If you would like some of the recipes above?

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See Y’all Later!