Julie’s Cinderella Sequel

Julie’s Cinderella Sequel

Welcome to Julie’s Cinderella Sequel

Christmas Buffet 2015_small

This page is dedicated to my daughter Veronica, my nieces Kate, Lola, and Vivien, and girls and women everywhere that love to celebrate their femininity and I know of no other way that best depicts that than getting dressed up and wearing a tiara.  With Disney World here in Florida we frequent the parks quite often so the ‘Disney Princesses’ are ingrained into our psyche.  Also which of us didn’t grow up loving the Disney movies?

My two little Irish princesses

Lola and Vivien

So this is my homage to all the beautiful ‘Princesses’ everywhere, whether they be real or created out of someone’s imagination.  For those little girls that love to play dress up and walk around in mommy’s high heeled shoes (or not.)  🙂

tiaras everywhere_small

  All little girls are beautiful and should be celebrated for who they are, their uniqueness, and how beautiful they are on the inside, where it really counts.  Beauty is after all an opinion.

Julie and her carriage

I also wanted to pay my homage to my most favorite Princess, Diana Frances Spencer.

Beautiful kind Princess Diana_small

I miss you.

The Glass Slipper at Disney’s Magic Kingdom


Julie’s Cinderella Christmas

Be sure to check out my Julie’s Cinderella Christmas as well.


Disney’s Cinderella Movie Link

Cinderella in her rags_small

The Beautiful Lily James as Cinderella


Lily James Cinderella_small

Cinderella Making her Grand Entrance


Creating My Own Cinderella Christmas

Cinderella ornament_small

I wanted lots of white, silver, gray and blue.

Cinderella a top her tower_small

Cinderella Atop Her Tower

Those were the colors I wanted to create the look that I desired.

My winter wonderland dining room_small

The Dining Room Christmas Table

 Fantasy table_small

The lights play a big role in creating the look that I wanted.

lights table_small

I draped the table with this silver/white sort of netting.  It was in a roll and it fit snugly on it’s own by cuffing underneath the table’s edges.

Cinderella ornaments_small

I would like to introduce to you my own little Cinderella, my niece Vivien.

I saw the dress and I just had to buy it for her, for her birthday. 

I was thrilled that she liked it and loved wearing it.

Cinderellas dress for the ball_small


Vivien Twirling

Vivien on her way to the Ball

Vivien Twirling as Cinderella

Cinderella twirling_small

Cinderella Twirling in her Gown

Backyard fountain and pumpkin and carriage_small

A Backyard Fountain for Wishing, Along With  a Carriage


Cinderella and her Prince Charming


Julie Cinderella Cookie Background_small


Julie’s Cinderella Sequel

Setting a Cinderella Table

a jewel missing from my frame_small


Cinderella Bust_small


Cinderella table and tree_small cookies hanging on the Cindy tree_small

Try Placing a Pumpkin Underneath Your Tree

Cindy Cookies and tree_small


Julie Cinderella Christmas table_small

My Vintage Cinderella Planter with a Pretty White Christmas Tree

Cinderellas cookies_small cindy snowglobe cookies and roses_small

Roses and Cinderella’s Snow Globe

Princess cookies for xmas_small

A Pretty Plate of Cookies

Cinderella cookie tree 2_small

My Cinderella Cookie Tree

I made some extra cookies to use for this tree.

Cinderella Cookie Tree_small

The tree branch I found in the backyard and spray painted it white.  I placed it in a tree stand for the base and wrapped a pretty blue scarf for a tree skirt.

Cindy bust and garland_small

Instead of tablecloths I used faux fur blankets to drape over the tables and some chairs for an elegant look.

Pretty Presents 2015_small

Presents for a Princess

second Cindy tree_small

Little presents Underneath the Tree with

Pretty Cookie Ornaments

Cinderella tree with trees_small


my Cinderella Trees 2_small Julie with Cindy trees_small


Cinderella section 2_small


Cindy with her roses_small

A vintage wood plaque that once hung in a child’s nursery.

Christmas pumpkin_small

 Pumpkin and Presents

Our Christmas Tree 2015_small

In the large Christmas tree above I just added some lights and other than the silver bead garland I just spray painted some sticks that I found in the back yard, a nice white color and inserted them all around.

white branches in tree_small

I especially liked the branches that kept their leaves.

A Comfy Cozy Pillow and Blanket on a Favorite Chair.


Princess Hot Chocolate

Cinderella and her hot chocolate_small

A Princess Hot Chocolate

Perfect Nighttime Treat

Princess Slipper hot chocolate_small

Because everything tastes better with sprinkles on it.

Hot Chocolate Party_small

Don’t forget the pretty mugs and the cookies.


My Favorite Big Bang Theory Episode

Bernadette, Amy and Penny play hooky and spend that day at Disneyland getting princess make-overs and playing out there favorite characters.  Even fictional scientists love to be princesses.

Bernadette as Cinderella, Amy as Snow White and Penny as Aurora, Sleeping Beauty.

Big Bang Theory on CBS Link


Making Cinderella Cookies

Julie baking_small

We just used a basic sugar cookie recipe to make the cookies.  We made several batches of the cookie dough, forming the dough into a flat round lump, wrapped them in saran wrap, and then placed in the freezer until we were ready to use it. 

dough ready for rolling out_small

I like using one of those clean sheet plastic mats to roll the dough out, and not the table.

The rolling pin belonged to my great-grandmother. 

rolling out the dough_small rolled dough_small

We find that it helps to place some parchment paper over the dough while you roll it out.  Then just peel back the paper and start cutting away with the cutters.

You do need to sprinkle some flour on the mat and the lump of dough to ensure that the paper doesn’t stick to it.

cookie cutters_small

Princess Cookie Cutters

(Slipper, Palace, Various Crowns, and Snow Flakes)

Baking cookies in the nook_small

I wanted to give pretty homemade princess cookies as gifts this year for all the princess’s in my life.

space the cookies_small cookies cooling_small

I like to place the cookies on parchment paper for baking.  Once out of the oven place on a wire rack to cool.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

(We used Martha Stewart’s)

  • 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour, plus more for rolling.
  • 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • 1/2 Cup (1 stick) Unsalted Butter or Margarine, room temperature.
  • 1 Cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1 Large Egg (we found this to be very important, otherwise the dough is too dry)
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  1. In a large bowl whisk in your flour, baking powder and salt.  With an electric mixer you want to cream your butter/margarine and your sugar until it is light and fluffy.  Then add your egg and vanilla, mix together with the butter and sugar.  Now gradually add your dry mixture a little bit at a time, to your butter, sugar, egg and vanilla, mixing thoroughly as you go.  Once all the mixture is combined then form into a big ball and wrap in saran wrap, then place into the freezer for at least 20 minutes.  You can freeze the mixture and just thaw it out for another time if you like. 
  1.  You want to pre-heat your oven to 325F.  Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Follow my directions above on rolling out your cookies.  Because all ovens are different we watched the cookies to determine how long cooking time would be in our oven.  It turned out to be about 12 minutes.

TIP:  Martha recommends that you dip your cookie cutters into flour before using.  We found this very helpful.

Christmas in my cookie nook_small cookie making dragees_small

Some Very Pretty Dragees


I did order most of these dragees from a business called,

Fancy Flours

I’ve ordered from them before and I really do like their products.

Cinderella Cookies Icing and Dragees_small

So Pretty.  I do hope my Princesses like them.

I also used your basic royal icing recipe but instead of egg whites I used meringue powder.

I was mailing out a few batches of these cookies and I wanted them to arrive safe to eat.  But when you use egg whites then you cannot eat them after 5 days.

colorful frosting for the cookies_small Cinderella cookie making_small

Cinderella Cookies

Colorful Frosting’s and Dragees

I placed all the cookies on a rack before I iced them.  I did place some wax paper underneath the rack for the icing to drip down on.

Cookies drying_small cookies for the girls_small

Once you have iced the cookies, place whatever sprinkles or dragees you want to use on top of the icing.

Have fun and be creative.  Let the artist in you come out and play.

Royal Icing

(also a Martha Stewart recipe)

  • 1 pound of Confectioners’ Sugar
  • 5 Tablespoons of Meringue Powder (or you can use 2 large egg whites)
  • 1/2 Cup Water


In your electric mixer you want to combine your confectioner’s sugar and meringue powder on a low speed.  While that is mixing, pour in your water and make sure the consistency is stringy, or a ribbon like trail when you lift your beaters out of the batter after a few minutes.

If you want a thicker consistency then add more sugar.  If you want a thinner consistency then add more water.  We found this consistency to be Juuuuuuuust Right. 

When the icing was finished I divided it into 3 bowls.  I kept one bowl the white color and added some red and blue food coloring to make pink and a light blue to the other bowls.


Some of cookies looked like glass, and some a stained glass quality.

My nieces are under strict orders that when the package arrives they are to eat the cookies while wearing their tiaras.

Cinderellas tiara_small


packing cookies for shipping_small

How else would you eat them?

Kates tiara and ornament_small


dolls and tiaras_small

Cookies, Tiaras and our Favorite Princesses

Cinderella Doll for Vivien_small Lolas Cinderella_small


I Also Like Putting Together Care Packages For My Nieces

Lola and Viviens goodies_small

Frozen themed Breakfast Cereal, Frozen themed Organic Soups, Frozen themed containers filled with sweet goodies to eat while sitting in front of the t.v. and watching, Cinderella!

new Cinderella book and movie_small

Starring Lily James


The Magic Pumpkin?

Still not sure how this whole pumpkin thing works?

I am in need of some glass slippers though.

Julie Christmas carriage feet_small

I could also use a ride to the ball.

yo I need a ride_small

Hitchhiking to the Ball

  My step-sisters and their mother are not the nicest to me.

Note:  I bought this dress at a thrift store for $8.00.  It was the right color and it had butterflies on it.  I was thrilled to find it!



woah is Cindersugar_small

Whoa, is CinderSugar

Her mean step-mother and horrid step-sisters won’t let her go to the ball.

But even if she could she has no way to get there and nothing to wear.

But wait?  What’s this?

CinderSugars Carriage_small

Look!  It’s a pumpkin that turned into a carriage that was sitting by that other pumpkin?

Wonderful!  She can now go to the ball!

But wait?  What will she wear?  After all, she is naked?

Gordon helping Sugar_small

It’s CinderSugar’s Fairy Godfather!

Magically using his wand to place her ball gown on.


Now she is ready to go to the ball!

Cindersugar 2_small

I’m just not so sure about this hat.  

See you at the ball!


It’s our Fairy Godmother!


Cinderella bust and table_small

Goodbye!  Goodbye!  Goodbye!

these will go fast_small edible cookies in tins for Christmas_small

packing cookies for shipping_small

Oh, don’t forget your cookies!

gift of Cinderella cookies_small

I’m including the cookie cutters as well so that you can make your own.

box ready for the post office_small

For my nieces in Ireland that can’t be here, I’m shipping yours through the mail.


‘Twas The Night Before Christmas……..

Julie and the Cinderella Slipper_small

Gordon has created for me the nicest drink this Christmas.

The Cinderella Slipper_small Merry Cinderella Slipper_small

The Cinderella Slipper

(It is of course for adults.  Write up by Gordon.)

To make this drink, I thought of the color in conjunction with the flavor profile. 

With the drink needing to be light blue, Blue Curacao would be a must.  I also wanted something creamy which led me to Silk Almond milk with vanilla flavoring. 

The Blue Curacao has a orange flavor and along with the creaminess of the almond milk made me think of an Orange Popsicle.  This then led me to add Triple Sec with its orange taste. 

Now, I thought of Cinderella’s character and Orange Popsicle came up with Whipped Cream Vodka.  It’s amazing all the various flavors of vodka offered today.  I was also thinking of Birthday Cake flavored vodka, but Whipped Cream won out. 

Using Reddi Whip, a cherry, and blue and white sprinkles, make a great garnish and keeps with the color scheme.  I also found a blue and white straw, so Cinderella wouldn’t get it all over her face when she drank it.

Recipe makes 2 drinks

3 parts Whipped Cream Vodka

1 part Triple Sec

1/2 part Blue Curacao

4 parts Silk Almond Milk (vanilla flavored)

Canned Reddi Whip

Blue and White Sprinkles

Maraschino Cherries

In a Medium shaker add about 6 ice cubes and all the other ingredients.  Shake well and pour into a wine glass.  Top the drink with Reddi Whip.  To apply, use a circular motion starting in the center working out to the rim of the glass, then up and back to the center.   Top off with sprinkles, a cherry, and a blue and white straw.


The alcohol in my Cinderella Slipper_small the other ingredients in my Cinderella Slipper_small

Pictured are the Ingredients Used

the whipped cream flavored vodka_small

I used a shot glass to keep the measurements equal.

pour into a pretty glass_small garnish with whipped topping_small

Here you can see the blue color of the drink which closely matched Julie’s colors.

Julies Cinderella Slipper Cocktail_small

I hope you enjoy the drink I made… we did!


store bought bakery treats_small

Pretty Brownie Bites


Cinderelli’s Chocolate Mice


making mice chocolates_small sneaking some chocolate_small

This is Sooooo Cute!


P.S.  Remember to set out cookies for your Fairy Godmother.

cookies for whomever_small

Bibbity Bobbity Boop!


Obama tiara_small

Looks like we are in good company, ladies.

I love a man that isn’t afraid to wear a tiara.  🙂


I got just what I wanted for Christmas!

Found my gift_small

Gordon Hid my Gift in my Disney Princess Christmas Tree

It was exactly what I wanted, a Cinderella’s carriage necklace.


Don’t forget your animal friends this Christmas!

gave the birds and squirrels their Christmas gifts_small

Cinderella is very kind to animals.

chopped nuts for the squirrels_small

Chopped Nuts for the Squirrels

bread for the birds_small

Bread for the Birds (and the squirrels)

snatch and grab squirrel_small

We gave ours a baguette and some nuts.

bread in the birdhouse_small

Also some bread for the family that lives here.


For Veronica, My little Princess

Little Veronica Ewa Beach Hawaii

Little Veronica age 4

Veronica and Kara playing dress up Ewa Beach Hawaii_small

Veronica and Kara, Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Playing Dress Up


I wanted to end with my one and only princess dress, my Halloween costume.

Julie Halloween age 5 go-go boots_small Julie Halloween age 5 Princess_small

Julie age 5, Rome, Georgia

I LOVED those go-go boots!


Vintage Cinderella Planter Tree_small

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes……….