Diana, Kate, Meghan, and ME!

Diana, Kate, Meghan, and ME!

In Descending Order…..

Diana, Kate, Meghan, and Me!


This is a bit of my Mother’s Day

Roses and Cards, 2019


(I have new content at the very bottom of this post if you care to take a look.  July 2020.)

Welcome to Diana, Kate, Meghan, and ME!

The tiara I bought at a thrift store, the ring is a replica of Diana’s engagement ring.  And the envelope is a letter from Princess Diana’s former Lady-in-Waiting, Anne Beckwith-Smith to me, thanking me for sending Diana a baby gift when Prince William was born.  (I just did it for the official letter.)  🙂

Tea With Charles and Diana

Some of my Commemorative Souvenir’s


An Invitation to a Wedding

Shannon Diana Veronica, and Brian Frances

Eclairs, Chocolate Covered Strawberry’s, Chocolate Cakes, etc.

Champagne and Chocolate

This is my little homage to Veronica and Brian.


Veronica and Brian, January 19, 2019

Gordon and Julie, Parents of the Bride


Click Here for:  Mother of the Bride

My Account of Veronica and Brian’s Wedding


Julie and Gordon, June 22, 1985

I can’t begin to talk about the wedding’s of Diana and Charles, William and Kate, and Harry and Meghan, without referring to our own wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Whann

Driving off in to the sunset in a jeep.  🙂


June 22, 2019

Our 34th. Wedding Anniversary

Recreating a Happy Wedding Anniversary Memory


I Adore Cake!

Our Wedding Colors were Pink and Gray


Photos, Newspaper Clippings I laminated, Old Silk Flowers,

My Wedding China

A Box of My Wedding Keepsakes

Our Rehearsal Dinner, June 21, 1985


Did I mention that I love cake?


Mother’s Day

This is about Honoring the late Princess Diana and her children, and their wives and families.  I was such an admirer of hers from the moment I heard of her, until the day she died.  I have most every book written of her, countless newspaper and magazine clippings all saved in boxes and kept all these year’s later.  She made an impact on my life in a very positive way.  I considered her a good role model.  We are the same age.  She was empathic just like me, and I recognized that in her.  Although I didn’t understand it at the time.  I just knew that I was very drawn to her.  I also knew that it was important to her to help people and make them feel better.  That is the goal of Empaths.  And she did.  I see that overwhelmingly in her son Henry, (Harry) right now.  He makes people feel good.  As for William, I see him as more like his father.  A bit stodgy, stiff, formal, duty first, etc.  I suppose because he is in line to be King.  That has to be an overwhelming prospect for one to bear.

Diana and Her Boys

I wanted to do a Mother’s Day Edition because Diana loved her boys, and being their mother.  I believe being a mother to them was what she was proudest of.  So, when I think of her I think of them.  At this writing, May, 2019, baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor has been born and I can’t help but think that Diana would be so proud of Harry and Meghan. 

I do believe that Meghan would have adored Diana had she the privilege of knowing her.  I believe the two of them would have bonded as they were outsiders entering into this massive family firm.  Diana being the Empath would have taken Meghan under her wing.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex with Archie Harrison (Harry’s son) Mountbatten-Windsor

Not to mention the children of William and Kate as well. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their children, Louis, Charlotte, and George


But I do believe that Diana did have a special fondness for Harry.  She once said that he would make a great King.  I think his care and concern for so many people proves that Diana did know what she was talking about.  He seems to be following in her footsteps with her love and care of people.

My Favorite Things for Mother’s Day

Flowers, Cards, Gifts, and Bags

I do still love people that send cards. (That is pretty much my cousin Susan Keith in Gastonia, North Carolina.  She still hand writes long letters onto cards and paper and sends them through the USPS mail.  And I adore her for doing it!)

To me it is a thrill to go to the mailbox and there is a card inside from someone thinking of me.


When Diana died we were living in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.  I remember that I had taken my children and some of their friends to a movie, I think it was George of the Jungle.  When I got back home I checked my answering machine and I had about 25 messages.  What the hell?  So, I checked them.  No one said what happened.  All I heard was, ‘Hey, Julie.  I hope you are o.k..’ and ‘Julie, I was just worried about you.’ And ‘Julie, give me a call when you feel better.’

So, I called my step-brother Scott out in Texas to find out what the hell was going on?
He told me that Diana was dead!  I remember chastising him.  How dare you say that Scott!  She is not!  But he kept insisting that she was.

I was shocked!  Just like a lot of people.  I honestly never saw this coming.  To my way of thinking is how can a member of the royal family die?  Don’t they have protection?

But I found out that she no longer had protection when she divorced Prince Charles. 

You know, I can go on and on about my theory on this, but it won’t do any good.  ( I do think she was murdered.) 

There, I said it!

I do believe that they could have protected her but chose not to.  I do blame the royal family, and the “firm” for her death.  I also think that the “firm” was upset that Diana was set to become engaged to a Muslim and they just couldn’t stand the prospect of the mother of a future Christian king marrying a Muslim.


And on my front door this adorable little bird built a nest into my wreath.

You can see this cute little mother bird on the left, and her eggs in the nest on the right.  There are 5 eggs and I am very excited about the prospect of 5 little birds.  I am doing my part by not using my front door so that she is not disturbed.

But, this is motherhood at it’s best.  Which is why I wanted to include her.  I just can’t believe that that little bird had those 5 big eggs inside her.


Diana and Charles

I have to say that I do love a royal wedding. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales

….on their wedding day July 29, 1981


I was in college at the time attending The American, Business and Fashion Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina.  the college was owned by the Hummel people.  You know, those little Hummel figurines?  Our dormitory was at Queen’s College.  I remember waking up at 5:00 a.m. on a school day to watch the wedding on my roommate Bunny’s t.v.  I think she had a black and white t.v., meaning that I couldn’t watch the wedding in color.  But I didn’t care.  I was happy to see what I did. 

Bunny, Sheik, and Me

My college roommate Bunny left, and me and a boyfriend Sheik, right, outside our dormitory.  Sheik and his family were from Saudi Arabia.  The most impressive thing to me was when I went to his house and his parents bar would suddenly emerged from out of the wall.  I was impressed!  Sheik was very smart.  We once went to a movie and watched it for the first time.  Then as we were leaving the theater we encounter Bunny and a date wanting to watch the movie so we decided to watch it again with them.  Sheik had memorized the entire movie and could recite it word for word after only watching it one time before.  I was impressed!  But, me being the southern woman’s libber that I was, and he being the Saudi person that he was, it didn’t last past a few months. 

NOTE:  It just occurred to me last night after I wrote this that I remember Sheik was a Saudi prince.  I was told this at the time I was dating him by some people that knew his family.  It also just occurred to me that that was my chance to be a Princess.  🙂  🙁

Sometimes I think my mind just doesn’t work like everyone else’s.  I literally just did connect the dots that I was dating a prince and that I perhaps, could have been a princess.  But let’s face it.  This union would never have lasted very long as I am just too liberal to marry someone so….how shall I say…..Saudi?  But none the less…..I dated a Prince!!!!  🙂 


Diana and Charles on their Wedding Day

Prior to Diana’s arrival, I don’t think any of us here in America cared one bit about the Royal Family.  I believe to most of us it was an outdated institution full of old stuffy people.  Diana was the breath of fresh air they needed to be relevant again.  Too bad they didn’t see it that way.

Tea and Scones

Had they let Diana be Diana then I think she would have been happy and I do believe that good things could have come from it.  But Charles never loved Diana and as she claimed once that she was the sacrificial lamb, I do believe that.  They just needed a virgin to fit the bill, she was it.  How old and outdated is that?  Diana has paved the way for things to be better for her children and their partners.  She did more good than people realize.

She was a pioneer and a trailblazer of sorts.  Life for her children is a bit better thanks to her fights and sacrifices.  She helped to make things better for them and their spouses and ultimately their children.  I do believe that she paved the way for Harry to marry an African-American/Caucasian.  I have also observed how Kate has had a smoother transition into the Royal Family and I believe that William fought for her to have that.  And why would he?  Because he knew of the tough time his mother had.

I do know that I miss Diana.  I wish she were around to take us into our 50’s and 60’s with grace, beauty, and style.  I wish she were around to enjoy her grandchildren as much as she did her children.  I adored her so much that I gave my daughter Veronica, her name.  As in Shannon Diana Veronica Whann.  So yes, I named my daughter after her.  The Veronica part comes from my love of the Archie comic books.  Which I also can’t help but notice is trending with the birth of Baby Sussex.


Diana, Kate, and Meghan……and Me!

Me, with baby Shannon Diana Veronica July 1987, Honolulu, Hawaii

(I would post a photo of me with baby Brodie but my scanner hasn’t worked in awhile so I can’t scan anything.  But perhaps I will in the future and add a nice photo of the two of us here.)


My daughter Veronica gave me the t-shirt I am wearing above, for Christmas.  She knows how much that I love Diana and miss her to this day.  She also gave me a documentary on her that I am looking forward to.  Veronica had been watching a series about Diana that she really enjoyed on t.v..  I can’t help wonder if I didn’t influence her interest in the first place?  Although I’m pretty sure that I know far more about Diana than most people because I was so enthralled by her from the moment I heard of her in 1981.  I could even spot mistakes written in books about her and the Royal Family.  Names that were associated with her were wrong, some dates were wrong, family history events were given different dates.  I knew her that well!

I am interested in Diana’s children and their spouses, but not as interested as I was in her. 

I do read about them occasionally, but not to the excess that I did about Diana.  I do wish them all well and I want them to succeed.  Just as I want my children to succeed in life.

Me, with my children, Brodie and Veronica


Diana and Charles Engagement February 24, 1981


My Diana Replica Engagement Ring

I purchased this in 1983, I believe.  I so loved the ring.  At the time it would fit on my middle finger.  But now it will only fit on my pinkie, so I don’t wear it.  But, I do adore it.   I also purchased the matching necklace and earrings as well.


William and Kate Engagement October 20, 2010

Harry and Meghan Engagement November 27, 2017

I do so love this couple and wish them all the best.


The Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

May 19, 2018

(I photographed every one of these photos with my own camera.  Granted, the wedding was being broadcast on the t.v. but I had my camera catching what moments that I could.)

Gordon and I got up very early this morning in order to watch the wedding.

St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle

I love all the costumes. 

Although I don’t think they view it that way.  🙂

Meghan Exiting her Car


This man is madly in love……

……with this woman.

I love that Prince Charles stepped up and met Meghan half way down the isle, to escort her to the finish line.  🙂

The Happy Couple

When I took this photo the t.v. camera must have been fading from one shot to the other, and I captured that!

I love it!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex


The Royal Breakfast

(Napkins Shaped into Crowns with Jewels)

How often does a Royal Wedding come along?

I’m not talking about just any Royal Wedding, I’m referring to Diana’s, and her children’s.  The other’s I really don’t care about.  But, congratulations to them none the less.

I have woken up in the middle of the night to watch only 3 Royal Weddings in my lifetime and those were of Charles and Diana, The Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

My Charles and Diana Wedding Day Dolls

Prior to the wedding of Harry and Meghan I wanted to drag out some of my Royalty things to display and enjoy.  I also got the idea for us to create some sort of Royal Wedding Breakfast.

I wanted it to be our interpretation and not based on any royal tradition.

You know it had to be formal.  🙂



English Muffins, Canadian Bacon, Hash Browns, Smoked Salmon

English Muffins, Omelette, Canadian Bacon, Smoked Salmon

Delicious Smoked Salmon with Breakfast

Let’s not forget the Tea

Check Please!

Just pay at the front.  All Royal Breakfast recipes are located there as well. 

(In this case the “front” is at the bottom of this post.)  🙂



The Carriage Ride

The juice glasses with the carriages on them belonged to my Grandfather, Franklin Ellwood Haskin.

Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in their carriage ride.

This Breakfast was fun!

English Muffins -2 whole, for obvious reason’s, English Mustard,  Canadian Bacon, a Commonwealth of the Kingdom, Eggs, Chives, Sauteed Red Onions, Topped with Smoked Salmon, and some Chives.  And let’s not forget the Orange Juice.


The Royalty McMuffin

(An American Classic blended with a British Tradition.)  🙂

It was a Beautiful Wedding


Gordon and I originally had planned to make the big elaborate “Royal Breakfast” on the day of the wedding but we were just too tired from getting up so early.  Plus, we were just too glued to the t.v. to step away from all the coverage for very long.  So…….

Eggy in a Basket it is!

(Said with a British accent.)

Just take a slice of bread and use a cookie cutter to form a shape, then discard that piece of bread.  Place some butter/margarine into a saucepan to melt.  Then place the piece of bread into the pan, crack an egg into the center and cook until done.

The slice above is of a crown.  The slice below is of a glass slipper.  She did marry a Prince, ya know?

Eggy in a Glass Slipper


Meghan and Harry Departing on their Honeymoon

My Aquamarine Ring Gordon Gave Me Recently

When Diana wore this ring years ago I loved it because it was a beautiful clear blue.  Then Meghan was gifted the ring on her wedding day to Harry and she wore it while wearing that gorgeous white dress getting into the blue sports car to drive off with Harry into the sunset.  🙂

The thing is that I never told Gordon that I wanted one.  I just kept thinking about it.  Then all of a sudden the ring arrives in the mail from Gordon.  (On being an Empath…..)  🙂


My Ring

What you see here are some Royalty stamps.  I am a Philatelist!  And I have been since my teenage years.  My Grandfather being the Post Master that he was instilled this collecting in my mother, and in me as well.  This is just a few examples of my Royalty Collection.

When I was a teenager my mother would take me and my step-brother Scott, and my little brother’s, Johnny and Frank, (Ben wasn’t born yet.) —-To the Stamp store every Saturday and we would look through what we wanted to buy to add to our collections.  Scott and I were the most into it.


Charles and Diana

I brought out all my old Diana Newspaper and Magazine Clippings. 

I started this collection from the moment I first heard of her. 

On looking at all of my clippings I can’t help but wonder… Am I a Fan?  Or a Stalker?

Royal Visit to Florida, 1985

Palm Beach Country Club

Gordon and I were married in June of 1985 and we moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida.  It was while we were living in Port St. Lucie that Charles and Diana made a trip down to Palm Beach for a Polo Match.  I wanted to go so badly.  I believe the day was a Tuesday.  I had called in sick in the hopes of being able to drive the 3 hours distance, I believe?  In order to catch a glimpse of her.  I didn’t make it, but I did save the newspaper clippings.  Interestingly enough there are some great recipes on the back of the article of foods that were served to Charles and Diana.  I am thinking about recreating them sometime.

My Diana Beta Collection

(Tea and Scones)

I paid big money for these BETA tapes back in the 80’s.  I also still have my own BETA Player.  Which last I tried it, it still works!  And Sadly, mine and Gordon’s wedding video is also on BETA.

The Video Veronica Bought for Me

Diana and Meghan on DVD

I haven’t watched them yet but I am looking forward to it.


The Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

April 29, 2011


Just a few of my Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cups and coasters.



Rest in Peace, Diana

Diana Frances Spencer July 1,1961-August 31, 1997

Diana’s Final Resting Place (or so they say.)

The Spencer Family’s Althorp Estate

This is an island on a lake at Althrop where they buried Diana.

I have to say that I found this to be so heartless to lay her to rest in some isolated remote island where she is all alone.  She hated being alone in life.  She wanted true love and never found it, not even in the end.  She was in love in the end but it wouldn’t have lasted had she lived and she would have just found more unhappiness but, she would have focused on her children and grand-children.  And they would have adored her! 

I miss you Diana.  Humanity misses you.


My Empathic Take on Diana’s Family

The Late Princess Diana with sons, William and Harry

I’m placing it down here at the bottom as most people won’t read this far down anyway.  But I would like to write down what I read very clearly.  I suppose we can all chalk this up to “opinion,” so o.k.

Charles is happy to be rid of Diana.  Same with Camilla.  Oh, they may go through the motions of some kind of respect towards her but they are happy they are together and just focus on themselves and don’t care to bring her memory into their lives.

William really doesn’t think much about his mother.  She has been gone for so long and he is busy raising his family and fulfilling his duties.  He does miss her, but his attention is on the now.  Kate never really cared much for her.  She grew up during the so called “downfall” of Diana and I believe that is what has shaped her opinion of Diana from the beginning.

Harry is the one that misses her the most.  I see him very tearfully confiding in Meghan and her being very supportive of him.  Meghan genuinely cares about Diana and wants to incorporate her into their lives, and their children’s lives.  It is she that will help to keep Diana’s memory alive.  Her and Harry together.  Meghan is proud to have married into Diana’s family, which is why she includes Diana’s siblings in important announcement’s and will in future events.  (After all, Meghan has rotten half siblings.)  Meghan didn’t have a “real” family growing up which is why she wants to have a successful life, marriage, motherhood, and family now with Harry.  It is she that wants all of this to work.  Her and Harry.  But sadly, there are those that don’t care for her and will always be there to give her a hard time.

I can tell you that Kate doesn’t really care for Meghan.  There may be some sisterly moments of closeness that they share, and will share in the future, but other than those “moments” there isn’t a connection for Kate.  I see her as feeling very threatened by Meghan.  I also think that is why Kate has been wearing some Diana inspired outfits lately to try and prove to people that, ‘Hey, I like Diana too.’  But it’s just a wardrobe to her.  Kate is competitive and see’s Meghan as competition.  Too bad for Kate that Meghan doesn’t see her in the same way.  Meghan is an individual.  She would rather be doing far more important things than competing with Kate, or anyone else for that matter.  Kate will give the fake support of Meghan, but it is fake.

Kate, not one to be upstaged suddenly decided that she wants to do something to honor the late Princess Diana by designing a garden for the Chelsea Garden Show with Diana in mind. 

(I see this photo as a bit sad.  I see someone trying desperately not to be upstaged and trying to grab the attention away from Meghan and onto herself.)


Meghan didn’t grow up in the “Class Divisions” that the British are more familiar with.  The “upper class” do see themselves as better than those in the “lower classes.”  Meghan, as an American, and a successful actress and humanitarian, may be second fiddle to Kate in rank, but in Meghan’s mind she isn’t.  Oh, she may stand the required 2 steps behind her, but that means nothing to Meghan but an outdated tradition. 

I also believe that Harry had a big crush on Kate from the beginning, and I think Kate enjoyed that.  Kate is beautiful!  She is tall and slim.  Some might say that she is too skinny but I was skinny most of my life and I loved it.  I felt light as a feather and could move my body with ease.  Just think about our poor feet and someone that weighs 200 pounds.  Imagine those feet having to support all that body weight?  Not to mention the stress on our knee’s.  To me Kate is like an elf from Lord of the Rings.  Light, beautiful…..  and snobby, and arrogant.  Just like those elves were.

I do believe that Kate would have been happier had Harry married someone like his old girlfriend Chelsy Davy.  Kate never saw her as competition. 

I will say this, when you see Harry smile and wave it is genuine.  But, when you see William smile and wave, it is duty.  Same with Kate.  She will forever fulfill her obligations and do with grace and style but not necessarily sincerity. 

Meghan will fulfill her duties because she is thrilled to do so.  She will even incorporate some of her acting skills into assignments.  Not because she is fake, but because she knows those skills will help to enhance her role.  In the same way that I use my modeling background to try and make my website a bit more professional. 

The Queen wants The Monarchy to continue and survive the coming times so she is doing her best to act supportive of Harry and Meghan and all that they do.  She is throwing her royal weight behind them in the hopes that her subjects will as well.

I adore Meghan!  I want her to succeed.  I want her and Harry to be happy and have more children and enjoy their lives together.  I want them to make a positive difference in people’s lives and influence people to go in a positive direction.  They both genuinely care about people, animals, the environment, climate change, the future…..

And I am thrilled they have that opportunity.

  I just hope that other people think so too.


(The almost Saudi Princess had I just realized it at the time.)  🙂  🙁


Diana and her Falling out with Friends

Diana the Empath

I have mentioned in one of my Empath blog posts that Diana was an Empath.  How do I know this?  Because I am an Empath as well.  Diana was known to occasionally fall out with her friends.  Most of us Empath’s do.  Imagine if you could read the feelings of someone you are with, or a few someone’s you are with?  Imagine that you are picking up negative feelings from them about you?  How do you then proceed?  Do you just sit there at lunch with them, feigning ignorance, knowing full well that they are annoyed with you about something?  Or, that that particular day they decided to gang up on you prior to your arrival?  So, how do you get through the lunch?  How do you continue to smile and make polite conversation when you can feel that they really don’t want you?  They don’t have to say a word, we know what they are thinking.  Empath’s cannot fake ignorance for very long.  Our true feelings always come out and we react to what we are picking up from others. 

It becomes even worse when we ask those around us if anything is wrong?  And then they proceed to lie to us and say, “No.”  How do you act when you know someone is lying to you?  Do you go along with the lie?  Or does it make you so sad that you are being lied to that you just want to get away?

Empaths are Human Lie Detectors

Very few people in life are genuine, true, and sincere.  Most people lie and don’t have a problem doing so.  Which is why Empath’s have falling’s out with their friends often.  Or, we just tend to be isolationists and just surround ourselves with true people.  That is what I do.  I’m 58 at this writing and I have been around too many horrible people throughout my life to waste another day on them.  I only care to be around a few people.  But those few people are good and honest and true and that is heaven to me!

Diana would have eventually whittled her circle down to a few good family members, friends and associates.  But, she would have continued to have a role helping others because that is where her true fulfillment was.  The world lost a true, genuine person.  There aren’t that many.  It was all of our loss.


The Royal Breakfast

(Actually, we have a few here.)

I am going to do my very best to do an accurate write up.  However, It’s been so long since we made these.  Also we have versions of the same breakfast so it may be confusing.  I will do my best not to confuse you.

Gordon makes the most phenomenal breakfasts. 

Usually, all I have to do is to tell him what I want and he can create it without going online for recipes or direction.

This Breakfast Consists of an Omelette, Hash Browns, Canadian Bacon, and an English Muffin

This Breakfast Consists of an English Muffin, Hash Browns, Canadian Bacon and Smoked Salmon

Canadian Bacon and Smoked Salmon


Gordon was in Seattle, Washington earlier in the year, 2018, and brought back this great Smoked Salmon.

Canadian Bacon, Frozen Hash Browns, Shaved Parmesan Cheese, Grated Parmesan Cheese, Egg Whites, Eggs, Chopped Onion, Mozzarella Cheese…..

Mushrooms, and Fresh Herbs from our Garden, Parsley and Chives

We first start out by adding some olive oil to a frying pan on a medium heat and then placing some of the sliced Canadian Bacon in it to cook.

We just want to brown it up.  That gives it a nice flavor.

Next we add some olive oil to another sauce pan, on medium heat, and break up some of the frozen hash browns to add to it.

Now add just a handful of chopped onions, any you prefer.

We are accentuating the hash browns here.  You do want them to sautee up in the pan.  Also try adding some freshly ground black pepper, to taste.

Here Gordon is opening the English Muffins with a fork.

Like so…….


Here he is Chopping some Mushrooms

The Hash Brown’s and Onion’s Cooking Stove Top


In these two photos Gordon is frying up some red onion in a sauce pan to use for later.  To top off our Omelette.  Just add some olive oil to a medium heated saucepan and let the onion rings soften.  Be sure to flip them so the other side will soften as well.

Then Set Aside


English Muffins and Sliced Mushrooms

Meanwhile, the hash brown’s and onions are cooking…..

Place some sliced mushrooms into a sauce pan on a medium heat.  Just add some olive oil, then sautee.


Next we want to scramble up some eggs for me!

I prefer the Egg White’s.  Here Gordon added some olive oil to a sauce pan, then blended in the egg white’s with some milk.

He then added a few sauteed mushrooms and flipped it into an omelette for me.

Now he is grating over some Parmesan and adding the Red Onions.

Sadly, I don’t think we have a photo of my finished Omelette.  🙁


Next Breakfast:

We start out by sauteeing some onions into a sauce pan with some olive oil in it.

Next, Gordon is adding some sliced Red Onion to the White Onion.  And then some Chopped Mushrooms.

All of this is cooking down to perfection……..  🙂

Adding the Leftover Sausage from yesterday.  All fried to perfection.  We just want to warm it through here.

Does that not look wonderful?


Slicing Some Mozzarella Cheese

This will play a role in our omelette’s.

Now Gordon is adding some egg white’s to the onions, mushroom, and sausage mixture.

The bottom can cook quite nicely on the stove top, but you do need to cook the top part in the oven.  Make sure the sauce pan is oven safe and then place it into the hot oven on broil to cook the top.

You just want to make sure the top is cooked nicely.  Keep Watch!

Now Gordon is adding some Mozzarella Cheese Slices to one side of the omelette and flipping it over.

But, before he flips it over he is grating Parmesan Cheese onto it.

As if that weren’t enough cheese……NOW Gordon is adding some Shaved Parmesan to the top.

Snip some Chives over top and you have perfection!!!

Fit for a Duke and Duchess of Sussex


If you have never purchased Smoked Salmon it is all ready for you.

Just remove from the sealed bag inside the box…..

You then want to remove the skin, like so.  And place the beautiful coral chunks onto a plate to eat and enjoy with whatever food you may be serving.

Gordon Peeling the Silver Skin


Our Royal Dinner is Served


Just a few of my Royalty Souvenirs

I’ve got MUGS!!!!

The majority of the books you see here are about Diana and the Royal Family.  One or two on William and Kate, along with a few of their souvenir’s.  I’ve yet to get anything Harry and Meghan which I will have to remedy that and check out Ebay.  🙂  I would love some plate, or mug, etc.

I do even have Prince Charles’s watercolor book.  I think he is very talented and it is an excellent hobby to have.  I do see him as being very deep in thought but not when it came to Diana.  He lied to her so much and hurt her so deeply that I do blame him in part for her death.  He may not have physically killed her but his lack of compassion and his lies to her were a death by one hundred cuts in itself.

You are probably wondering what in the hell is this?

Those are every Royalty, and Majesty Magazines that I ever owned, all stuffed into that basket.  And I brilliantly stuffed them in in such a way as to fit about 75 of them in there.  🙂


I’ve told my children that when I die everything in this house will be valuable on Ebay to collectors.  I don’t think they believe me.  My fear is that they will set some sort of card table up outside and have a Yard Sale with my precious collectible royalty spoons with some sign that reads, “Spoons.  Get your Spoons, .50 cents each!  Charles and Diana!  William and Kate!  Cheap royalty souvenirs!  Get ’em right here!”


‘Spoons!  Git ur spoons!  Cheap spoons!  Royal spoons!!!’

I’m rolling in my grave……….


Julie  🙁


July 25, 2020

My Take on Megzit

I have been meaning to write about Harry and Meghan and the whole Megzit thing for awhile now.  Where does one even begin to venture into the inner workings of an archaic institution, which is the Royal Family of Great Britain, and the dysfunction that it obviously is?  Where not only do they see themselves as being better than your average non-royal person, but they see themselves as being better than those that are already in the royal family?  Where birth determines your importance in the family.  Or who you marry.  They may have loosened up a bit in the last few decades, you know Diana had a lot to do with that.  But, the class system and snobbery is still there.  Diana may have paved the way for an American divorcee mixed race woman to be able to marry into the family, but she was unable to erase the racism and snobbery that still exists not only in the family but also in the country.  (Hey, I’m not throwing any stones as my country is horribly racist.)

I believe that had Diana lived, she would have been around to make sure her boys got along and supported each other in life.  Harry did say that he was always told that he was not as important as William.  Diana would have bee there to say ‘Oh, yes you are!  You just have a different role to fulfill.’  I believe that if Diana were still alive that there would not have been a Megzit.  Oh, there would have still been snobbery and back stabbing in the family, but Meghan would have had an ally to help her through it and to help her go forward with some support and praise and applause so that Meghan could have accomplished those goals that she had for her and Harry to fulfill.  But, as it was all Meghan got was the snobbery and sabotage.  Most likely always being reminded of how unimportant that she was and constantly being reminded of her lack of importance in the family firm.  I also think that giving birth to Archie made her not want to remain in a family where he would receive the same kind of treatment that she was getting.  Also, the strong and powerful women of today are not about to put up with any of that shit.  I believe that Meghan did the only thing she could do by leaving that oppressive atmosphere.  And yes, this is all about Meghan.  Harry was pretty much raised rudderless so he follows Meghan as she has the dominant personality and he believes that where she is leading him will be a better place.  Maybe it will be?  Maybe it won’t?  I do see that once Harry does come to a place in his life where he will want to go back home because that is all he knows and he will miss it.  I do believe that had the pandemic not hit the world so hard that things could have turned out better for them.  They had lots of plans, they were given opportunities, but when the Coronavirus hit those plans were put on hold.  I think they should have stayed in Canada but the Canadian people refused to fund their security.  Too bad for you Canada as they were the only thing that made you interesting.

Harry just wanted the same things that his brother had.  A beautiful wife that he was in love with, children, and a role to fulfill where he could make a difference in people’s lives.  He wanted his wife excepted by his family and even supported.  He wanted Kate and Meghan to get along and not only be sisters-in-law but to also be friends.  But his family never fulfilled their roles in his plans thus making his new wife unhappy.  

I know what it’s like to not be welcomed or accepted because Gordon’s family were not particularly nice to me in the beginning and for the decades that have followed.  There were about 3 family members that have always been nice and respectful towards me.  And there are a few more that have been born since then that I like.  But I guess you could say I had my own little Megzit, I call it Julieszit.  And no, it’s not about having a pimple.  🙂 

In the beginning I even had some of Gordon’s family members calling me up on the phone and telling me that I was going to burn in hell.  Yeah.  Nothing says welcome to the family more.  🙂

It hurt at first because you want to be liked and excepted into the family that you will be marrying into.  However, after a while you do change your attitude and no longer see them as being relevant or important and then they no longer mean very much to you.

When Veronica and Brodie grew up and started dating I told Gordon that whomever they choose in life whether we like them or not, we will be good to them.  We will respect them and welcome them into our family with open arms.  And, luckily for us we love our Brian and our Mackenzie!


I would like to close by saying this.  Although I have not heard a word about this from anyone online, etc., I do believe that when Meghan left the royal family that she disappointed a lot of African-American women and children here.  They finally had one of their own elevated up and in the royal family of Great Britain.  Something they never even imagined in their lives could ever be possible.  I believe that they had dreams that they hoped she could fulfill with Harry and that they could help to bring about change over there, that would spread to over here.  They have stayed quiet in order to be supportive and not to join in the Meghan bashing, but they are disappointed.  Their Princess Meghan is no more.


p.s.  I also wanted to add that had William and Kate been more supportive and recognized that Meghan does appeal to a certain British populace and how important that truly is.  After all, if they are to be King and Queen and want to serve their “subjects” to the best of their ability, they just threw away an important asset. But, then again, if they only want to cater to white people then they are on the right track.