Spooketti Dinner With Hitchcock

Spooketti Dinner With Hitchcock

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It’s like looking in a mirror, isn’t it?  🙂

My favorite movie in the world is Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window

It’s just not Halloween without a big plate of “Spooketti” and a marathon of Alfred Hitchcock movies.


Spooketti Dinner and Alfred Hitchcock

Julie as Grace Kelly 1_small

Every Special Dinner Requires a Grand Entrance

Our Alfred Hitchcock wine glasses that Gordon and I painted at an art class. 

They look really good here.

The Montrachet

Saturday Night Spooketti Dinner

Green food coloring in the pasta water is all that it takes.

Now what else would I be watching????

Rear Window, of course!

I’ve posted all of our big Rear Window party pictures to my:

Click Here For:  Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window



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