Pumpkin Carving Party

Pumpkin Carving Party







Happy Halloween!

Welcome to The Pumpkin Patch

Ready to Pick Out Your Pumpkin?


Halloween,  2019

Hoarding Pumpkins Throughout the House


To kick off our Halloween celebrations we all went to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights for the R.I.P. Tour.  It was wonderful and we all had a blast!  This really got us into the Halloween “Spirit.”  🙂

Gordon, Julie, Brodie, Mackenzie, Veronica and Brian

I documented our fun time here on our Ghostly Frights Bites with Tasty Spirits if you would like to take a look.

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We are now in the mood for a great Pumpkin Carving Party!


Welcome to our Pumpkin Carving Party

The Stage Is Set…..

for All the Excitement to come…..

This year we decided to host a Pumpkin Carving Party for our family and friends.  Gordon had been working abroad for over a year and just did get home about a week prior to our party.  Seeing as how we love Halloween we couldn’t resist hosting this.

Here I, Julie, am thawing out some Baked Ziti that I had made prior to for our Pumpkin Carving Party Dinner.  (Any shortcuts are good shortcuts.)  🙂


Gordon and Julie

Welcome to the Party!

Come on in!

We set up tables on our back lanai, some lined with paper bags on top so as not to mess the tables up.  Paper Towels on each table top.

We had baskets lined with trash bags beside each table so that the pumpkin carvers had somewhere to dispose of their pumpkin waste so that they could be free to carve.

We also gave them bowls to collect the seeds if they so desired.

The Mayflower Twins, Mackenzie and Susannah

Brodie’s girlfriend Mackenzie, and her twin sister Susannah.

The reason I call them The Mayflower Twins is because their ancestors came over on The Mayflower and they are both named after their Mayflower ancestors.

Brian and Veronica, Carving Their Pumpkins

(Our Daughter and Son-In-Law)

Our Son Brodie, and his Best Friend Justin


Brodie and Justin Choosing Their Pumpkin Patterns

Brodie is carving Yao Ming, a Chinese Basketball Executive that used to play for the Shanghai Sharks and the Houston Rockets.

We Offered Plenty in Wine, and Beer, in an out of the way iced Cooler. 🙂

As well as bottled water and non-alcoholic drinks.


Here Veronica and Brian are Saving their Pumpkin Seeds

Here Gordon, the Pumpkin Carving Expert, is Helping Susannah and Mackenzie

The Cat is Susannah’s, The Skull is Mackenzie’s

Susannah and Mackenzie working intently on their pumpkins.

Time to Start Thinking About Food

Gordon and I made a very delicious healthy salad with some salad dressings, cheeses, toppings, bread sticks and crackers.

Everyone can just help themselves!

Brian is the first one finished carving his pumpkin.

It looks GREAT!  Doesn’t it?


Pizza’s HERE!

We also decided to make things easy on ourselves and just order some pizza.  Brodie used to work for Jett’s Pizza so he did the ordering.


Our Food Table

It’s getting dark!  Time to turn on the fog machine!

Brian Taking a Picture of his Pumpkin

Carving Pumpkins……..

This was originally MY pizza.  I wanted a pizza with sausage, green bell pepper and mushrooms.  Everyone said, “Gross!”  I got ONE slice of my “Gross” pizza because everyone else ATE IT!

Mackenzie Photographing Her Pumpkin

It’s getting dark but Veronica is still at it!

Spooky and Sparky Exploring

It’s getting VERY DARK!!!!!

We started setting up portable lights around the lanai.

Veronica, Brodie and Justin are still at it!

And Then…….  It Started to RAIN!!!!

So, we all then moved into the covered part of our backyard lanai.

Brodie and Justin’s Pumpkins

Veronica and Brian’s Pumpkins

Susannah’s CAT

Susannah and Mackenzie’s Pumpkins


Baked Ziti’s are READY!!!

Just fix your plates with some nice Bread and Baked Ziti!

Delicious Happy Halloween!



Julie and Gordon  🙂


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Happy Halloween Carving!

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