Ghostly Frights Bites with Tasty Spirits

Ghostly Frights Bites with Tasty Spirits


Happy Halloween!

Gordon Carving our Halloween Pumpkin

The Toasted Ghost (Cocktail)

Ghost Busters Toasting the Marshmallow Man


Gordon Toasting the (Delicious) Marshmallow Men


Julie Enjoying a Toasted Ghost Cocktail

Our Ghostly Grilled Cheese Sandwich



Every year this is something that we do:  Carve a pumpkin, and enjoy a delicious meal themed on Halloween!  Sometimes we have several themes in a year.  Other times, we just have a few.  This one is a lovely ghost themed cocktail and dinner.  I told Gordon that I wanted everything white, as in Ghostly White!


The Original Ghost Busters (1984)

(My Favorite)

(Who ya gonna call?)

As much of a feminist that I am, there is no improving the original Ghost Busters by suddenly substituting a female cast. 

Ghost Busters was, after all, their movie!  They wrote it, starred in it, directed it!!  It’s their’s!  Just as you can’t take my life story and make it yours.  No one can take their story and make it someone else’s story.


Stranger Things

Veronica and Brian’s Living Room. 

Ghost Busters, and their Halloween Decorations.

Stranger Things and a fake Fireplace

The Pumpkin that Veronica carved in 2018, Stranger Things Alphabet

The Boys from Stranger Things, Halloween (2017)

Dressing up as The Ghostbusters

Veronica and Brian’s Living Room Wall

I have to say that I LOVE this series!  Veronica gave us Season 1 and Gordon and I were glued in every episode!  We love it!  The characters are wonderful!  The theme is wonderful!  The story is wonderful!  The cast is wonderful! 

The bravery of some of the characters is quite admirable.  My favorite part of this whole franchise is the friendship of the 4 boys.  I love that they went trick-or-treating as

The Ghost Busters.

Their Friendship is Special!


Three Musketeers (They were one of my favorites too!)


(With leftover Halloween candy.)

Me, with Dart at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

We recently did the R.I.P. Tour at Universal Studios in Orlando for their Halloween Horror Nights.  One of the Haunted Houses at the park was of STRANGER THINGS.  It was one of our favorites!

Our Eggo Waffles Breakfast

The T.V. series takes place in the 80’s and one thing that we all ate, at least in my family, were Eggo Waffles for breakfast.  So, in honor of Elle here is our Stranger Things Eggo Waffle breakfast.

Although difficult to see in the photos above, I placed the candy bars into what looks like a Demogorgon’s mouth.  They are actually antique incense holders from the Middle East.  They open up to look like a flower, although I saw potential here.  They can also close up, kind of like when the demogorgon’s close their mouths.

Baskin Robbin’s Ice Cream, Stranger Things Flavors

Ice Cream Gift from Veronica, she gave us about 2 flavors.  Brodie and Mackenzie ate one of them.

(That would be one of Gordon’s old sailor caps from long ago.)  🙂



We spotted many kids at the park that were wearing the Scoops Ahoy tops and sailor hats. 

They were very popular Halloween costumes as well.  We had several little “sailor’s” to come to our door on Halloween night.


Our Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights


Gordon and Julie


For Gordon’s homecoming I wanted to do something special for all of us.  Veronica is always going on and on about all the great haunted houses at Universal Studios in Orlando every year.  Her and Brian always go every year either just the two of them, or with some of his family members.  There are usually about 10 haunted houses of varying themes.  I remember that one year they had The Walking Dead, and another year they had one based on the movie, Halloween.  So, when I heard from Veronica that the main haunted house attractions this year were the original Ghostbusters, and Stranger Things, I knew that this is what I need to plan for all of us to do.  The original Ghostbusters is mine and Gordon’s generation, and we also watched it over and over again with our children as they grew up.

Gordon had been working overseas for 15 months and he was looking forward to coming home and seeing all of us.  Getting to know our two new dogs, resting, relaxing, and having some fun.  So, seeing as how we all love Halloween, the Orlando theme parks, AND drinking….  🙂  I knew this was for all of us!

That’s when I contacted everyone, Veronica and Brian, Brodie and Mackenzie, and told them to all give me the days they have off from work, or are available to go with us to Universal Studios.  I told everyone that this is our treat!  We will pay your tickets, and the R.I.P Tour tickets, and all that is involved in that, but that they would be buying their own food and drink at the park.  Gordon’s only request was that he be allowed to rest up before we go.  I gave him 4 days.  🙂



Included in the R.I.P Tour package is Valet Parking which normally runs $65.00.  I told Veronica and Brian to save their ticket for validation when we check in to pick up our tickets.  Gordon and I drove him my car, Veronica and Brian drove in Brian’s car, and Brodie and Mackenzie decided to get a hotel room in Orlando and just Uber to and from the park that way they didn’t have to worry about driving.  (SMART.)




We all met at the fountain at Guest Relations once we entered here.


Signed in with Guest Relations, picked up our Tickets, and Lanyards.

I signed us up for our walking tour to begin at 7:00 p.m.  The R.I.P. Tour would last between 4-4 1/2 hours that night.

Veronica and Brian, left.  Brodie and Mackenzie, right.

We always have to check out the souvenir’s. 

Just one of the many park employees preparing for the Halloween Horror Nights.

We had some time before we met up with our tour guide so we walked around the park a bit.  For the Halloween Horror Nights the park closes to daytime guests around 6:00 p.m.  They have to leave the park.  Then the rest of us arrive for the Halloween fun!

Killer Clowns from Outer Space

Brodie made me stand there beside that yucky clown. 

Gordon gets into it, but I HATE clowns!

And Killer Clowns from Outer Space is one of the haunted houses this year.

(I think the reason that I hate clowns so much is because my grandparents took me to the circus all the time when I was young.  I would look at those ridiculous looking men with all that make up on wearing tacky clothing and acting silly squeaking toy horns while wearing large red shoes and trying to get in and out of cars.  I hated them!  And to this day I hate the circus.  That is why I never took my children to one.)



One of my favorite stores at Universal.  It isn’t on the main drag so a lot of people don’t know about it.  Veronica and Brian had been going to Universal for years and never knew this store existed until we pointed it out to them one day we were visiting the park.

My Hero Alfred Hitchcock

It was all decorated for Halloween and looked wonderful!

Love all the Displays!


( I bought a few things from here!)


Photo and Signatures of our favorite Stranger Things boys.

Brodie and Mackenzie

(If you can, zoom into Brodie’s shirt.  Gift from Mackenzie for Halloween Horror Nights.)  🙂



Hollywood Hotel

Cafe La Bamba

Hollywood’s Original Restaurant

Here is where we meet our tour guide.


Horror Nights

R.I.P. Tour

Two of the Stranger Things drinks at the park.


Inside Cafe La Bamba

(And one of the many characters we will be interacting with on this haunted tour.)  🙂

All the food and non-alcoholic drinks we want are included in our tour tickets.


We will stop in here twice during our tour for food and drink.

Mackenzie loading up on Nachos.

Another encounter with a park character.

The only people allowed to dress up in costumes at the park are the park employees.  Guests are allowed to wear Halloween t-shirts, and things like that but no masks, or heavy Halloween make up, or clothing.


The Halloween Desserts


Meeting our Tour Guide

(We were a group of 13!  Love the number!)



It was at this point that we left with our tour guide and visited the first of the 10 haunted houses. 






(None of these I cared about one bit!)

I do have some photos but they were taken at night and just too dark to post here.  Also, we are not allowed to take photos inside the haunted houses so I don’t have any photos of them.)

Now we are onto our next lounge on our R.I.P. Tour…….


I believe this is Lombard’s.

Finally a chance to relax and have a drink for the next 30 minutes.

Halloween Horror Nights Specialty Drinks and Souvenir Cups

This was our first chance to have a cocktail. (I think I got Vampire’s Curse.)

What a beautiful environment.  I love the giant fish tank.

You know, when you don’t have to stand in line for any of the rides or haunted houses then there is plenty of time to do some lounging and just enjoy the evening with nice conversation.


Mackenzie and Me, Gordon and Veronica


Time to move on and visit another few haunted houses. 

That section there would be Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly’s.


It was at this point that we visited our next haunted houses.

Don’t quote me on the order in which we visited them but I think WE are about to visit…..






I hated the Killer Clowns house but I did enjoy the US house.  It’s a scary movie by Jordon Peele.  I think what I liked about the house was the kitchen and living room area.  I could care less about watching the movie but I did enjoy being on that set and looking around at the furnishings. 

And you know STRANGER THINGS was EPIC!!!!

It was by far the largest haunted house that night, AND the largest haunted house they have ever had for Halloween Horror Nights.

Now it’s time to visit Jimmy Fallon’s Backstage Pass Bar………


This was our second cocktail of the night.  And I got my light up Universal Monsters souvenir cup.  I believe I ordered a Twilight something or other.


My drink with Brodie in the background.

The new updated Universal Monsters. 

They also have a Halloween haunted house.  It was great!!!


On the balcony at Jimmy Fallon’s.

Looking Down at The Monsters Cafe

Our View from Above

The line for The Ghostbusters Haunted House

This was THE haunted house this year. 

On that screen are interviews with Dan Aykrod, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, and the entire cast about The Ghostbusters movie. 


Now it’s time to move on to the next thing on our schedule.  I believe it was at this point that we saw The Ghostbusters haunted house which was all of our favorites!  🙂  It was just like the original movie.  It was spooky and ghostly but not scary and terrifying.  It was wonderful!


I believe it was at this point that our tour guide took us back to Cafe La Bamba for some more food and drink, that is included in our tickets.  By this time we had worked up an appetite and ate a bit more than we did when we first got to the park.


Now it’s time for………

Halloween Marathon of Mayhem

Halloween Horror Nights


Rising from the lagoon at Universal Studios is none other than THE Creature from the Black Lagoon.



It was AWESOME!!!!

Look, I’m not into lights and laser, and water shows, but this was spectacular! 

And if I liked it, then you will LOVE it!


It was after the beautiful show above that we visited our last haunted houses……






I actually LOVED the YETI haunted house!  It was my second favorite.  It takes place in snowy Canada.  I loved the atmosphere of winter and cold, and of course the Yeti’s running about.  And I did scream like a little girl through this house.  The thing is I am not a “screamer” normally.  I may yelp, or exclaim an AH!, but I don’t scream.  But through this house I screamed!!!!  Brian and Gordon were even teasing me about it when we got out of the house.  🙂

The Universal Monsters House was great!  They really did update the classics.  And they did do a good job of it too!  Gordon and I agreed that it was one of our favorites.  We grew up watching these old classics.  I’m glad they had something for us senior citizens that we could relate to.  🙂

The very last haunted house we visited was Graveyard Games.  It’s based on a movie that I’ve never heard of but what was so excellent about it was that it is your typical graveyard scary haunted house.  The set and design were excellent!  I happen to love graveyards and this one did not disappoint!  I have no desire to see the movie but the haunted house was perfect!


Our tour ended up lasting until midnight.  The park closed at 2:00 a.m.  We could have stayed until then but we were ready to go.  We did do a little bit of shopping before we left though.  🙂


Next Morning……

Coffee just takes better in souvenir mugs.  🙂



Universal Studios

Halloween Marathon of Mayhem

Light, Water, and Laser Show

The Ghostbusters and Slimer


My Ghost Buster Gals

As much as I LOVE these girls, the boys did it better!  (2016)

(I also don’t think that anyone has written a part good enough for Kate McKinnon.  In my opinion she is probably the most talented person that I have ever seen on t.v. or movies.  It will take someone just as talented as her to write her a good enough script.)


The Chinese Restaurant

The Ghostbuster’s Headquarters

Our Chinese Take Out is HERE!

Our Recreation of the Chinese Meal, and Ghostbusters Memorabilia in the Background


“I have now moved above you and you still can’t help me.  How does it take you an hour to go up one flight of stairs?”  Abby

“I have really bad knees.”  Bennie

“What is that?”  Abby

“It’s our hot and sour shrimp soup.”  Bennie

“That looks like dishwater and one, one shrimp, and I think it’s, I hope that’s a water chestnut.” 

Our Recreation

(Actually, we recreated the early scene in the movie when Abby got only 1 wonton in her wonton soup delivery.)

Any excuse for us to order out Chinese delivery, and we will take it!

We wanted to recreate Abby’s frustration with dealing with this particular Chinese restaurant.  She is so cute and funny in her frustration with Bennie, her Chinese food delivery guy.


I have to say that I have come to appreciate this movie more than I did initially when it first came out. 

At first I was very judgy in comparing this movie with the original.  But I have to say I have come to appreciate it more than I did before.  I love the friendship of the 4 women.  They are something of misfits that finally find a place where they belong.  And even though they are still misfits they use that to their advantage and save the world in the process.  🙂  They are funny, smart, brave and talented.  And now I have to say that I have come to really enjoy this movie.  It’s not some 5 STAR Oscar Winner but so what?  I only care to be entertained and they do entertain.


The Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man


In honor of the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man Gordon created…..

The Toasted Ghost Cocktail

Drink Recipe

Garnish with Grated Sweet Coconut and Marshmallow Ghosts


1 part – Malibu Rum

1 part – Rum Chata

2 parts – Mr. T’s Pina Colada Mix

2 – Goya Coconut Water

1 part – Skinny Syrup “Vanilla Almond” 

Grated Coconut

1 Cup – Ice



I can always make Gordon laugh.  🙂


Julie’s Microwave Selfie (Hi!!)

(I am the photographer after all.)

Pour the Malibu Rum into your shot glass that you will use for each pour part, or shot glass full, and empty all the rest of the ingredients mentioned below into your blender.

Then add 1 part Rum Chata and 2 parts (2 shot pours) of Mr. T’s Pina Colada

Now, pour in 2 containers of Goya Coconut Water

Then 1 part of Skinny Syrup “Vanilla Almond”

Lastly, add 1 cup of ice to the blender…

And blend until frothy and smooth

Pour the mixture into your ghostly glass

And now garnish the top of the drink with the Grated Sweet Coconut and your Marshmallow Ghosts

Gordon Toasting the Marshmallow Men



Ya know, this is pretty good.

I love coconut!

Back to Pumpkin Carving……


Now it’s time for a sandwich……..

The Toasted Ghost Sandwich



2 Tbs. Olive Oil

1 Med. White Onion sliced thinly

3 – Sour Dough Bread slices

Miracle Whip, or Mayonnaise as needed

3 – Provolone Cheese slices

2 – Roasted Turkey slices

3 – Aged Swiss Cheese slices

3 – Sharp White Cheddar slices

Garlic Salt to taste

Jumbo Black Olives – sliced for eyes

Diced Pimento as needed


Slice your white onion thinly as shown

Add your olive oil to a sauté pan preferably non-stick and heat to medium heat

When to temperature, add your sliced onion…

you will likely make more than one sandwich so you will use all of the sliced onions.

Saute “To Flip” as shown and cook until softened, but not caramelized and brown

Delicious Onions

Add your Miracle Whip, or Mayonnaise to one side of one slice of your sour dough bread


Using a preheated to medium heat cast iron skillet, add your bread slice Miracle Whip side down to the pan.

Place on your provolone cheese and your roasted turkey slices

Place Miracle Whip to another slice of bread…

This is a Triple Decker Sandwich

And place it Miracle Whip side down on top of the roasted turkey slices

Now, smooth on top of the bread some more Miracle Whip

Add your aged Swiss Cheese slices

Now, place some of your sautéed onions on top of the Swiss Cheese

Lastly, layer your sharp white cheddar cheese slices on top of the onions

And add your last slice of bread with Miracle Whip on top.  Add a dash of garlic salt to the top of the bread

By now, your bread is likely at the golden-brown stage and ready to be flipped using a spatula

Cook for a few minutes on the other side and remove when golden-brown and again add a dash of your garlic salt

Garnish with your black olive eyes and red pimento dices and you are all set!


Oh, and uh, Gordon finished carving the pumpkin!

Pirate Ship


Have a Spooktacular Halloween,

Gordon and Julie

(Just try not to get Slimmed!)