Meet Hurricane

Hurricane is a Blue Mustard Betta Fish

If you look closely you can see his mouth here. 

It kind of looks like he’s smiling.  🙂

Hurricane Acclimating

Betta Fish are from Asia.  They live in the rice fields.  The males are more beautiful than the females.  The males also build the bubble nests for the babies.  They make beautiful bubble nests.  It also means they are happy.

Before I purchased Hurricane from the pet store I already had the fish tank, and had it prepared for when I brought him home.  Meaning, that I already had the fish tank, and the sand, as that is a very comfortable ground for any fish.  I also had the drops that you place in the water to soften it to make it habitable for them.  I even had in place the shells so that Hurricane would have something to look at and even a hiding place or two.

When you have the bowl ready for your new betta, then you make the purchase from the pet store.  I tend to carry a small cooler in my car at all times, and a few hand towels.  That enabled me to have something to safely transport Hurricane, and Miranda, home in.  (Miranda is our other betta fish.)  Without worrying about them falling over in my car on the way home and possibly dying.

When you do get your fish home, immediately place the entire container with the fish in it, in the fish tank where they will be living.  You need for them to acclimate to that water temperature naturally.  If you just dump them in the bowl, they may die.  There needs to be a transition.

You can see the example in the photo above.

After about 20 minutes I dumped Hurricane in his new home and he loves it!  After all, anything is better than that small container he was kept in.  And I do view it as “rescuing” him from the pet store.

The photo at left is Hurricane eating his pellets of food.  I feed him twice a day, about 3-4 pellets at a time.  From what I know there are two betta fish foods.  One is flakes, the other is pellets.  I buy the pellets and I am told that the pet store used the pellets as well so therefor you should buy the food they already eat. You can ask the pet store which brand they are feeding them.


Miranda left, Hurricane right.

(Two different bowls.)


Betta fish are fighting fish.  They will fight to the death.  Which is why you keep them in separate tanks.  You also need to keep them out of sight of each other.  Otherwise they can become very stressed out and can harm themselves. 

Hurricane in the Kitchen

Although the fish tank bowl is magnified, and Hurricane looks larger than he actually is, a betta is recommended being in a tank twice this size.  But, as I see it, it is better than being in that cup in the pet store. 

A betta fish life span is usually two years.  However, his life span depends on how he was treated prior to arriving at the pet store.  And, how he was treated at the pet store while he was there, and then how he is treated once he arrives at your home.  All these factors play into how long he/she will live.


Hurricane is an extremely friendly betta fish.  My son’s girlfriend Mackenzie is quite attached to him.  So is my son’s friend Jason.  They were both amazed at how friendly that Hurricane is and they were amazed at how he can interact with you.  How he recognizes your face when you come over for a visit.  Betta fish do have personalities that you can become quite attached to.  The only way you will ever understand is if you acquire one yourself.  🙂

Give a betta a home!

Julie and Hurricane


p.s.  I named him after the Spanish word Huracan.  Meaning Hurricane. 


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