Tasso’s Bubbles

Tasso’s Bubbles

Meet the Newest Member of our Family……..

Tasso The Fish

I have wanted a fish now for quite awhile and I decided to finally get one.  I just wanted a nice fish that I could keep in a bowl in the kitchen to look at while I did dishes or cooked dinner.  I didn’t want to deal with any pump or elaborate lights, I just wanted something simple.

So I bought a bowl, some fish tank sand, some greenery, and of course, a diving helmet.  Oh, and a seashell that I found on the beach.

Tasso was originally part of our condo sponge diving party, seen here.

Tasso is a betta fish.  They are from the rice fields of Asia.  The males are beautiful and take care of the “children” fish, the females are not so attractive.  Tasso is a male.

The betta males prefer to live alone.

Also they bond with their caretakers. 

I have noticed this.  Tasso will recognize my face and come to the side of the bowl to greet me.  Tasso can also play games with you.  I find this fascinating.  Bonding with a fish?  Who would have thought that?

Tasso’s Bubbles

See all the bubbles gathering at the top of the bowl?  That means that Tasso is happy.  He is making a bubble nest.  Watching fish in aquariums is very healthy for us.  A natural stress reliever.

We named Tasso after our sponge diving friend.  A good name for a good fish.

I’m so glad he’s happy to be with us,



Tasso’s Cousins

Brian and Veronica’s Betta Fish

Brians betta fish_small

Veronica and Brian also have some betta fish in their home that are so beautiful. 

I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

beautiful betta_small Veronica and Brians betta fish_small

(See the betta at right?  That is our Jose Gasper.  He came to live with us January 2017.)

See Jose’s Blog Page:

Jose Gaspar Pirate Fish


Veronica and Brian’s Gold Fish

fish at Veronicas_small

And if you haven’t noticed we are fish people.  Being around such a soothing and calm environment is good for your health and just makes us happy. 

They are also the easiest of all the pets.


Merry Christmas Tasso


Tasso liked his Santa_small

Tasso liked his Santa, he kept swimming by and staring at him.


Tasso’s Creature From the Black Lagoon Halloween


We love old movies and had just completed a Silver Springs, Florida kayak trip where the movie, The Creature From the Black Lagoon was filmed.  Hence, Tasso’s Halloween.

tassos-pad-4_small tassos-pad_small

He seemed to enjoy it all.  There was so much for him to look at. 

The life of a fish is all about observation anyway.


Happy Halloween Tasso!


Tasso’s Last Christmas

Tasso and the gingerbread house_small

You can see Tasso emerging from his diving helmet, looking at Gordon’s Gingerbread House he made at work.

Gordons gingerbread house with see saw_small

Gordon’s Gingerbread House

Tassos gingerbread house 2_small

Tasso liked to look at everything that we would place around his bowl.  He was a very friendly, curious, betta fish that loved to look at things.  What else was there to do?  So we would try and make his environment nice and colorful.


Tasso with ornament painted by Panama the dolphin_small

Tasso’s Panama The Dolphin Ornament

If you look to the left of Tasso’s tank.  Right beside it you will see a glass ball ornament that was painted red and green.  That was painted by Panama and Dolphin from The Clearwater Marine Aquarium. 

Panama the dolphin_small

Panama died in 2013.


December 30, 2016

Our Tasso has died.  We are very sad about it as he was part of our family.

He may have ‘just been a fish’ but he had the capability to recognize faces and swim over to see us when we would stop to interact with him. 

He also seemed to enjoy watching me wash dishes as he would always swim over to that side of the tank and look at me. 

We are going to miss our little sweet Tasso.

RIP Tasso, you were a good fish.

Julie, Gordon, Veronica and Brodie


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