Our Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas

Our Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas


Ahoy Matey!

A big Yo Ho Ho to ye on tis’

Christmas Day.

The Crows Nest


Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Curse of the Black Pearl

The very first movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, and an excellent cast of characters, first debuted in 2003.  The movie was based on Disney’s Magic Kingdom ride, Pirates of the Caribbean.  (One of our favorite rides.)  🙂

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney’s Magic Kingdom

This movie is the first pirate movie to ever be successful in about 50 years prior to it’s debut.  Even the actors portraying the character’s doubted it’s success until they saw the movie in it’s entirety at the movie premier and were impressed.  I believe that Keira Knightly even remarked to Orlando Bloom while they were watching it that it was actually pretty good.  🙂

The Pirates Auctioning off Women

Although this part of the ride was supposed to be removed, it is still a part of the pirate history.

We happen to be huge fans of the Pirate Movie Franchise.  My favorites, Julie, is the 1st. one, 5th. one, and the 2nd. one.  In that order.  The rest are fine, just not my favorites.

But we love the ride, always have.

The atmosphere of the ride is perfect!  All the Spanish touches here and there. 

The pirate lore, the scattered rum bottles and barrels, whoever created the scenery knew what they were emulating.

Gordon and I entering the ride.

The most perfect place to wear my Bone Dress.  🙂


While on the Ride……

What we loved about the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Curse of the Black Pearl, was the fact that they took portions of the ride and included them into the movie.

This has always been a favorite scene with tourists.  The imprisoned pirates trying to coax the dog into giving them the key that he has in him mouth, so they can escape.

Skull and Crossbones at Night

That would be me on the bridge from The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.

I love The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House from the Movie.

Swiss Family Robinson Dining Room

I’m wondering if I didn’t have this in mind in the back of my head, when Gordon and I designed this……..

Although The Swiss Family Robinson weren’t pirates. They were a family that lived on an island in a tree house and were attacked by pirates.

So, there are pirates in the movie.


Click Here For:  Jose Gaspar Pirate Fish

Joses tank 2_small

Jose’s Tank

Jose Gaspars tank_small Joses sunken ship_small

Jose Gaspar’s Sunken Pirate Ship and Booty

(Jose Gaspar is actually our famous Florida pirate that invaded Tampa and we named our fish after him.)

our jose gaspar_small

Jose was our betta fish.  He was a happy scruffy fish and is missed by us all.

But if you would like to take a look at his home then click on the link above. 

We happen to LOVE pirates!

(And Fish)  🙂


We also had a wonderful Halloween experience at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Click Here For:  Our Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween

Meet Captain Monk Sparrow

We based our Halloween on our time at Disney and our Pirate theme at home. 

Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did creating and experiencing it.

Gordon’s Swashbuckling Pirate Ship Pumpkin

Me, Getting Monk in Costume for Halloween Night

Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, a Pirate’s Life for ME!!!


Our Pirates of the Caribbean Set for Christmas

How this originated was that we had an Alice in Wonderland Christmas all set up just out of site on the left side of our backyard.  It was my idea to have something fun for the “boys” because I figured they may not be too impressed with our Alice Christmas.


Click Here For:  Our Alice in Wonderland Christmas


Interestingly enough, it turns out that the “boys” LOVED our Alice in Wonderland Christmas AND our Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas themes.

Here is our nighttime Alice Table, except you can see Gordon helping himself to some delicious Pirate Pork Shanks.


As I pointed out to people, It’s like Disney’s Magic Kingdom in our very own backyard.  🙂  I wanted there to be something for everyone.


Our Pirate’s Lair

Palm Tree, Presents, Palm Fronds and Coconuts

An Aargh!  Christmas!

Our Set

The “table” is actually a tall bench that Gordon made year’s ago for my Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Bird’s set.  The “treasure chest” is one that I gave Brodie year’s ago for his pirate birthday to store his “treasures” in.  The cabinet directly in the back was a dresser that we were throwing away in the trash.  We had even set it on the curb for days in the hopes someone would want it.  They didn’t!  So I took the drawers out of it and draped it with fabric, while adding the pirate gifts.

The Barrel Top, an Old Rum Bottle, a Coconut, and an Exotic Looking Bromeliad……

……enhance our Pirate Cupcakes.

The cupcakes are nothing more than a sugar free Devil’s Food cake mix and Peanut Butter Whips frosting.  I tried to slather it on very roughly as if pirates had done it.

This peanut butter is whipped so light and creamy it almost resembles a cake icing so instead of making a frosting I just used this. 

It’s delicious and everyone loved it!


Jack the Monkey with the Deviled Eggs

Pirate’s Eggs



Pirate Pork Shanks

X Marks the Spot

Pirates Tack (Bread)

Actually they are Pretzel Buns and some Sourdough.

Pirates Dice Shots of Rum

Pirates Helping Themselves


Pirate Booty

Skull Glasses and Skull Shotglasses

(Gifts for all the pirates.)



Yo Ho Ho Ho MAAARGHY Christmas!


Caribbean Rum Cake

Every Pirate Received Their own Rum Cake for Christmas



The Game of Pirate’s Dice


Merry Christmas to ye Matey


Don’t forget to fly the Pirate’s Flag.


Now the guests have wandered over from the Alice In Wonderland section to take a look.

And here is Alice……..

Alice Loves Pirates Too!


Brodie Checking out his Skull Mug

Jason, Gordon, Joseph, and Brodie

Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, Don’t mess with the Pirates!


Making Black Marbled Deviled Eggs

(I also made blue marbled deviled eggs for our Alice In Wonderland Christmas.)

You first want to boil however many eggs you desire.  The best deviled eggs are a bit old.  Boiling new eggs is never a good idea as the shell doesn’t peel off very well and your egg white’s are usually a bit beat up.  Whereas when you boil older eggs the shell peels off beautifully.  So, when I refer to old eggs I mean eggs older than one week in your refrigerator.

You will also need some BLACK food coloring.

(The blue food coloring pictured were for my Alice in Wonderland Marbled eggs.)

Look How Beautiful!


I have deviled egg recipes on this website so I wasn’t going to offer up one here.  You can use whatever family recipe you have or you can search through our website, or you can Google a recipe.  Deviled Eggs.


But this is more about how to make the eggs marbled, and not just some Deviled Egg recipe.

Once you have boiled as many eggs as you like.  And they have cooled in water.  You want to get some large plastic baggies and add some water to them.  You then want to add your boiled eggs but first you want to crush them a bit.  Either gently beat them on the kitchen counter until they are crushed, but NOT peeled.  Kind of cracked all around, like you see in the baggie.  You then add your black food coloring to the water and eggs.  Seal the baggie and place into the refrigerator for a few days so that the eggs will STAIN.

Then you are ready to make your Deviled Eggs, anyway you like, as long as the egg white is a marbled black. (Or blue.)

Traditional Deviled Eggs with Bacon


Pirate’s Pork Shanks

(Gordon’s Write Up)


Fresh Pork Shanks of various sizes

Smoked Pork Shanks

2 Bottles of Spanish Mojo Sauce (Badia Brand)

Not shown, rinse off the fresh pork shanks to get the old blood off
the meat and to clean the skin and meat of any bone shards.

Place the shanks into large zip lock plastic bags and add a good
amount of the Mojo Sauce to coat the shanks as shown.

Here is a close up of the marinade and the shanks.

After 24 hours, remove the shanks from the marinade and place in an
oiled cast iron skillet on medium heat as shown.

Using a sharp knife, slice the fat lengthwise as shown to help render
the fat and give it a nice presentation.

Here you can see me slicing the fatty area of the shank.

Continue to slice the fat all around the shank.

Here you can see the shank is getting cooked and the cuts I made
earlier are more easily seen.

Turn the meat occasionally on all the various sides to promote even
cooking. This is going to take some time as it is a large bone in
piece of meat, so don’t have the temperature up too high.

Here I removed the smoked shank as it was already cooked and just
needed to be heated through.

Continue to turn the large shank until the internal temperature reaches
145’F. You can tell you are getting close when the bone starts to
protrude away from the meat as shown in the back shank to the left and
the one, I am holding with the tongs.



How to Make a Pirates Hut


Items needed:

Measuring Tape

4 PVC poles 10 ft. long and ~3 Inches in Diameter

Post hole digger



Many bamboo poles

6 sheer sheets ~18 Ft. long

20 Clothes pins

Thin wire – 20 Ft. long

Palm leaves, bamboo poles, etc.…for decoration



(BEWARE:  Gordon wrote these instructions and I don’t even understand them and I was there every step of the way.)  🙂

Measure the distance of the bamboo poles, because they
will be joining the four upright PVC poles together, as shown. We had
them go a little longer, so they would extend beyond the poles.
Measure a square on the ground using your measuring tape and mark the
center point of each hole with a rock.  Measure again to make sure your
square is square.  Dig your four holes for the PVC poles using the post
hole digger about 1 ft. deep. Place one PVC pole in each hole and
surround each pole with rocks pressing firmly so your pole will remain upright. Also pack dirt around the rocks that surround your pole.  Your poles should stand
upright on their own.

Take a bamboo pole and lash it to the PVC pole
about waist high using the wrap and frap method.

To wrap is to wind
your rope around your poles. To frap is to wind your rope around
itself, usually in-between your poles. Wrap and frap the bamboo to the
other pole ensuring the two PVC poles are standing straight up. Do the
same with more poles ensuring that bamboo poles are on the outside of
every pole. Now, wrap and frap the bamboo to the upper part of the
poles. Doing this will allow you to have a place to drape the sheer

 Once completed, drape the sheer fabric over the poles, keeping
the ends even as shown. Use clothes pins to keep the fabric in place.

Sheer Fabric Draped Over Bamboo

Lashing the bamboo to the PVC poles.


I, Julie, also wanted Gordon to tie some bamboo half way up the PVC poles because it was a little windy and I didn’t want the fabric blowing into the foods that would be on the tables.




Using the wire, lash some palm leaves or banana leaves etc. to the PVC
poles to hide them and to give your hut a tropical feel.

The only thing missing is the Pirates Flag.



I hope that you have enjoyed our Pirates of the Caribbean Christmas as much as we did.  It was actually more of an addition to our Alice in Wonderland/Disney Christmas.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Yo, Ho, Ho, Shiver me Timers and a maaarghy Christmas to ye all!

Julie and Gordon