Our Homage to John Carpenter’s Halloween

Our Homage to John Carpenter’s Halloween






Still More to Come……  Happy Halloween

Have a KILLER Halloween!

The original Halloween movie premiered in 1978. 

I was living in Rockingham, North Carolina at the time.  My family  moved there before my senior year in high school.

Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, Haddonfield

The movie was written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill.  Directed by John Carpenter.  Starring a young Jamie Leigh Curtis, Donald Pleasence,

Nancy (Loomis) Kyes, P.J. Soles, Kyle Richards, and Tony Moran, along with a cast of others.


Jamie Leigh Curtis as Laurie Strode


(I happen to love this scene and will recreate it soon.)





The Tombstone of Judith Myers

This movie was probably the start of my love of scary movies.  I believe after this movie came out that the Friday the 13th. movie franchise followed suit.  I believe there are 11 Halloween movies.  I do like 1 and 2, I also like Halloween H2O 20 Years Later, and I even like the Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers, and Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers.  The rest of them I don’t really care for but I do love a good Halloween movie marathon of all the movies every October.  Woooooo…..  🙂  And so does my daughter, Veronica.  I suppose it was my love for the movies that sparked her interest.

THE Halloween Movie Pumpkin


Halloween 2018

Last year, 2017, I was thrilled to hear about the filming of this movie and how Jamie Leigh Curtis was reprising her role as Laurie Strode.  Once again dawning the blue jeans and light blue button down shirt and standing on the front porch. 

Ahh, the memories…..


The Official Trailer for Halloween 2018



The Original Halloween Movie Pumpkin


The Original Halloween Movie Trailer, 1978

(If you were to watch this movie with the sound off you wouldn’t be afraid.  But if you watch this movie with the sound on….it’s terrifying!)


My Homage to my favorite scary movie of all time.

One of the things that I loved best about this movie was that it was a low budget film.  $300,00.00 to film and yet grossed $47 Million at the Box Office.  Which proves that you don’t need a big budget and lots of special effects to make a brilliant movie.  You just need a creative theme, good writing, decent actors, and a great story line.

I also liked that they hired Jamie Leigh Curtis as the heroin.  Kind of a ‘right of passage’ from her mother, Janet Leigh in Hitchcock’s Psycho.


Gordon Carved the Pumpkin

I told him that I especially wanted that “slit” from the nose to the mouth.  No one does that when they carve a pumpkin, yet they did in the movie.  It wouldn’t be THE Halloween movie pumpkin without it. 

Me, waiting for Halloween Night…..

Will Michael Myers make an appearance?  We shall see, won’t we?  🙂


Veronica the Pumpkin Carver

Veronica carved this Michael Myers pumpkin herself.  She is a very talented artist and carver.


Our Halloween Foyer

Enter if you DARE… ha, hahaha HA, HaHaHa, HAH!!!!


We Do LOVE THE Classics


Carving THE Halloween Pumpkin






Happy Halloween

Julie and Gordon