Welcome to our Home Renovations Thanksgiving

A.K.A. Our Thanksgiving During our Home Renovations


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We managed to fit in a lovely Thanksgiving in spite of our Home Renovations. 

If you would like to take a look:

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Time to Grill the Sides

We wanted our Thanksgiving to be simple and easy. 

 We knew that we just wanted turkey sandwiches with the works!

Our Thanksgiving Dinner consists of Turkey Sandwiches made on either Sour Dough Bread slices, or our Cornbread Dressing that we made into bread slices by spreading it out on a baking sheet and then baking it until done, then slicing it into sandwich sized bread, and then placed back into the oven to brown a little bit. 

Like so:


Here Gordon is fixing his sandwich using our Cornbread Dressing as the bread slices.

Our sandwiches consist of our Thanksgiving Turkey, Bacon, our homemade Tarragon Mustard, White Cheddar Cheese slices, Grilled Yams, Grilled Onions, store bought Cole Slaw, and our last jar of homemade Florida Christmas Cranberry Sauce.

Gordon dolloping the last of our:

Florida Christmas Cranberries

An Excellent Recipe if you care to take a Look


Our Sides are the Hasselback Potatoes cut into medallions to resemble Potato Chips. 

With a nice drizzle of Sour Cream and Chives.

Also, our homemade Dill Pickle slices and some store bought Salt Cured Olives.

Gordon’s Dinner Plate

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There is Always Room for Leftovers

The Last Taste of Thanksgiving

Try dipping your sandwich into a side of gravy.


Time to Cook the Turkey



I’m pretty sure they are dog tired.  🙂


Our Den Bookcase Shelf Used For Storing Thanksgiving Spices


Making the Cornbread Dressing










Now It’s Just Time To Make The Sandwiches







Decorations were simple.  A pumpkin with some flowers in a bucket.  🙂

Putting all the food away was actually quite easy because dinner was easy.

We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!