Stay Out of the Water, JAWS Week

Stay Out of the Water, JAWS Week








Good Morning!

Welcome to our JAWS Shark Week Dessert post:

Microwave Note: 

Make Dish that looks like the Beach

I’ve had that note on the microwave for the past 2 years. 

Then I finally created a dish that looks like the beach.

The Beach from the first JAWS Movie

The Lagoon from JAWS

I based my “Beach” dessert on this beach, and lagoon from the original movie, JAWS.

I believe this would make a great dessert for a child’s birthday or pool party, beach get together, etc.  I just recommend eating it outside as all the “sand” gets everywhere!  🙂


Julie’s Beach House

Click Here For:  Julie’s Beach House

Gordon and I made this beach house for me, that I absolutely love! 

I have since added some real sand underneath my beach house.  Instead of getting sand off our beach, I just bought a bag of it from the pet store.  It’s cleaner that way.  I just wanted it to look a bit more authentic.

If you would like to know how we built this beach house then just click on the link above.  This beach house does play a role in my Beach Dessert below.

Does this not look like a beach house where the “people” walk down the steps to the “beach” to enjoy their vacation? 

I think it does.  🙂

I did add a few extras to Julie’s Beach House.

The nice lifeguard station with some tourist beach chairs, beach ball, and a cooler. 

LOOK OUT!  That first step is a doozy!

The Beach, and the Lagoon

I LOVE how this turned out.  It really does look like the beach.  You have the “wet” sand, which is darker than dry sand.  I used graham cracker crumbs underneath the “water.”  You see how the waves come in and flow leaving some beach areas exposed and other’s underwater?  You can also see the “dry” sand as well, those are ground up cookie crumbs.  The dry sand is always lighter in color than the wet sand.

All the little beach chairs, float ring, beach buckets, cooler, beach ball…..  is all dollhouse furniture.


(You know there had to be a shark in there somewhere.)  🙂

The Beach on a Plate

This is a cheesecake dessert with a graham cracker crumb crust, topped with sandy cookie crumbs, and chocolate sea shells.  Served with cookie crumb rimmed glasses of pink juice.


I made this cheesecake for Brodie and Mackenzie.

The Shark Bite!

I made this from all the leftovers.


Oh, NO!!!  A shark is eating Spooky!! 


Blue and Pink


Here you can see how the beach dessert looks when you cut into it..


I would like to state that the color of sand on my beach is the same color of sand in Hawaii.  Oh, they do have the black sandy beaches, but the sand on most of them are a very coarse, tannish, brown color.  However, our Florida beaches are a bright white with sand that resembles powder.


How To Make a Tasty Beach

Oddly enough when I first got the idea to make an edible beach I knew that I wanted it to be a no-bake cheesecake instead of something like a giant cookie, etc.

I remembered back to this very easy, and tasty cheesecake that I made years ago.  Could I have made one from scratch?  Yeah, sure, but I didn’t want to.  Making this brand is fast, easy, and delicious.  I like cutting corners every now and then.

I bought about 5 or 6 boxes of this cheesecake but only 4 are shown in the photo above.

I bought about 3 Classic, and 3 Cherry Cheesecakes.

Just follow the package directions.  It’s nothing more than crumbled graham cracker crumbs, melted butter/margarine, and sugar.  It does call for making the crusty bottom first.  I even bought some extra Graham Crackers because I knew I would need to stretch the “sandy bottom” much further than a pie plate.

The Melted Butter/Margarine, Graham Cracker Crumbs, and Sugar

When you mix it all together it looks like sand.  🙂

This is a no-bake sandy bottom cheesecake.

I gathered up a large baking sheet, and I purchased 2 smaller baking sheets that are recyclable. 

You just want to spread the sandy beach around the baking sheets, pressing with a spoon, or your hands, to get the “sand” flat.  You don’t need an oily spray before you apply the “sand” because the butter in the “sand” keeps it from sticking.

I did anticipate that I would need more “sand” so I bought a box of Graham Crackers.  I ended up using that entire box in making my beach.  I would like to state that each box of cheesecake does come with a packet of graham cracker crumbs, but it was not enough to make my beach, which is why I bought extra.

Once you have finished with the “sandy beach,” set it aside and work on the cheesecake filling itself.


Just follow the package directions except I do add one thing not included in this kit.  BLUE food coloring!  Which blue food coloring you use is up to you.  But I just keep adding it until I get the color that I want while I mix the cheesecake filling in my mixer.


My BLUE Ocean Cheesecake

I do recommend using a cake frosting knife on this.  It will make it easier to spread.  You just want to cover the graham cracker crumbs with the “ocean” all the way up to the top of the baking sheet.

I did 3 baking sheets.  Now it’s time to place them in the refrigerator overnight.  We have an extra fridge outside in our garage so that is where I placed them.


How To Make The Dry Sand

3 Boxes of Nilla Wafers (reduced fat)  Why not?

(Cheaper version of Vanilla Wafers)

I used the dangerous Ninja food processor for this. 

Those blades do scare me! 

I did grind into a light sand all the cookies and placed them in baggies.

These are an Iced Almonette Cookie that I ground to a fine powder.  But what is so different about these cookies as opposed to the Nilla Wafers is that these cookies were iced.  That made them a moist sand, which I liked.


Making the Beach

What is so great about making this “beach” is that everything can be made the day before so that all you have to worry about is assembling your beach on the day of.

Here is our beach, and lagoon.

Something to consider when creating a beach is that the water/waves that come into the shore should show more “sand.”  Whereas the water deeper out should show more “ocean.”

I first set my “beach, and ocean” on the table to see how I wanted it to look.  I wanted to place it on our wooden table as it does kind of resemble a beachy drift wood.

My dry sand cookie crumbs, dollhouse beach furniture, and candy coated sea shells.

(I did have some gummy sharks for this project but Mackenzie and I ate all of them.)  🙂

I placed the table underneath my beach dollhouse that I have on this cabinet.  I also placed the steps that I had made for my beach house above to look as if they were steps leading down from the beach house to the beach.  I also placed a lifeguard station along the “beach” as well.

Spread some of the cookie crumbs around the outside of the table, like so in the photo above.

You then place your beach and ocean/lagoon where you want them and then cover with the cookie crumbs.  Add some beach furniture, candy sea shells, and then you are all set!

Oh, yeah, and just because it’s for Shark Week………







I had one box of cheesecake leftover from my beachy project so I decided to make it and give it to Brodie and Mackenzie.  It was a cherry cheesecake.  I also had some extra packets of cherry glaze that I wanted to use up.

So, I made everything according to package directions.

The Crusty Bottom

Seeing as how I had 3 cherry glaze packets leftover from all those previous boxes from above, I tried to use them all up here. 

First, by placing on top of the crust.


Adding PINK food coloring to the cheesecake filling.

I then just globbed it on top of the cherry filling…….

And added the remaining 2 packets of glaze to the top of the cheesecake…….

And NOW we have a SHARK BITE!!!

See you at the Beach!



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