Halloween X-tras

Halloween X-tras

Happy Halloween

I am a big fan of all things Halloween, and we do have many Halloween posts for you to look at, but sometimes I’ve got a small Halloween project, or idea, or photo of this and that, and I never have anywhere to put it.  So, now they will all have a home here.

My most favorite holiday is Halloween because it is the only holiday we have that is just plain FUN!

Welcome, I do hope you won’t get SCARED off as I fill this post with all things Halloween Extra.


I’ll be your host.  My name is Ghoulie.

Right this way……

My Ghostly Purse

The Maddest of Hatters, and the Ghostly Bride

(Do you recognize the ghosts from Disney’s Magic Kingdom, The Haunted Mansion?)


The Witches

Sitting on some Cookbooks

My friend Trish who died a few years ago sent me these witches before she died.  Whenever I see them I think of her.  Of course, I think of her all the time anyway.

I think it funny that when I originally met her she didn’t care at all for Halloween.  But my love of Halloween changed her mind and she started to get into the holiday.  When she was last here she was buying up some Halloween decorations to take back to New Zealand.  She knew how much I loved the holiday and last sent me these lovely witchy women.  🙂


Jiffy Pop Popcorn and SCREAM

The last meal of babysitter’s on Halloween night.  🙂

This was such nostalgia for me.  My old VHS T.V. sitting on the kitchen counter just like in the 90’s.

Making Jiffy Pop on the stove top just like we did back in the 70’s. 

Brought back such good memories.  I put in the VHS tape of SCREAM and it was perfect!


The first time I saw SCREAM was when I was visiting my family back in Rome, Georgia in the late 90’s and my brother Ben insisted that I watch it.  I was TERRIFIED!!!  I couldn’t sleep that night because of that movie!  But now it seems so tame compared to what’s out there now.  But I do love this movie!


The Big Bang Theory Halloween 2018


I can’t stop laughing over this one!  I told Gordon that one Halloween soon, that he and I should go as Sheldon and Amy being Howard and Bernadette.  🙂  I hate that this is their last season, as in the last Big Bang Theory.  The writing never got old and stale.  The characters were always interesting.  But I do understand why Jim Parson’s would finally want to move on.  He has had to maintain that same pale and thin look for over a decade.  However, Sheldon and Amy will always be my favorite t.v. couple.  I love ’em!


Halloween Colors

I bought these beautiful pears that had this lovely “gold leaf” look to them.  I knew that they needed a lovely bowl to place them in so I pulled out this one.  My New Zealand, Kiwi friend Trish sent me this bowl years ago.  It was hand-painted by a New Zealand artist.  Perfect for my pears.  Sometimes “Halloween” isn’t about a theme, Some time’s it’s about a color.” 



The Gift of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(and a Stake)

Maybe it’s time to introduce Buffy to a newer generation.  It was an excellent show with a fantastic cast and great writing.

Excellent Gift!

Just make sure the recipient knows the stake is just a prop.  🙂


Vampire Themed Movies

I love giving the gifts of themed movies for Halloween just as much as the recipients enjoyed receiving them.


Metal Jack-o-Lantern


Fun Skull Soap Dispenser


Beautiful Decorated Skeletons

These beauties were in a jewelry shop at Universal Studios Island of Adventure.


I thought they were lovely!



I purchased the black and green backpack purses from L.L. Bean many years ago and I would always take whichever one to the parks when we would do Disney.  I started putting the pins that I would purchase on them because I love collecting pins.  (I was putting pins on my tote bags and pocketbooks over 30 years ago.  They weren’t Disney in nature, but they were pins.)

Now, whenever we do Disney or Universal I always grab one of my bags and off I go!


Halloween Gift Ideas to Mail

Imagine receiving a Halloween box in the mail and opening it up to find this!!??

Here are some Halloween Goodies that I would mail out to my nieces in Ireland when they were younger.


The Gift Table

This is the FUN part!

I would start shopping for Halloween goodies the year before while looking on the sale items table of “after Halloween” goodies.

Hey, there was always some really good stuff!

I also loved it when the Halloween candy and gifts were set out in my favorite stores so that I could start buying it up.

These goodies are for my niece Vivien.

(I especially love the hanger!)

Books, candy, costume, accessories…..

I think she will LOVE it!


For that Little Witch in your Life

This was for Lola

She was even a witch a few years in a row for Halloween in Ireland

I always loved to send a combination of books, toys, cards, and candy.


For Kate

The start of a Witchy Halloween Wardrobe

(Hat, Gloves, Spiders)

I do love wrapping everything in gauze and adding some spiders, eyeballs, and body parts.  🙂

Not to mention that there is lots of candy and books and goodies in there as well.




The Gift of Nightmare Before Christmas

The Book, The Movie, The Doll


Halloween Breakfast Cereals

The Halloween cereals that were around when I was a little girl are still around every Halloween.

Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry….  🙂

I always would throw in a box or two for the girls to enjoy.


Stuffed Monsters


Happy Halloween,