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Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome to Thanksgiving Prep and Extras

This is where the stray recipe, or idea will end up. 

This post isn’t about some grand dinner or how to make the perfect turkey, this is about the small stuff. 

Nothing big, just simple ideas and thoughts.  I have mixed feelings as it is when it comes to Thanksgiving.  The holiday is pretty much based on a slaughter.  Yeah, I know, I’m terrible for bringing that up, but I am a realist, I am a truther, and although I know the history I still love the holiday because there are people out there that want to get along with everyone, and that is the message of Thanksgiving.  Different people coming together to have dinner and share.  It may be a fantasy, but I love fantasy, so here I am.  I am always on the Native American side!  And I always will be.  This is their land, their home, and we inhabit it.  I just want to acknowledge that it is theirs.  With that said, I welcome you here.

Although I don’t fully know my roots, Gordon is descended from Delaware Indians.  We always acknowledge that in our celebration.

Writing out our Thanksgiving Menu with Wooden Pencils

So, Happy Thanksgiving! 

It is one of our favorite holidays!

So Happy you are Here!

Reflecting on Thanksgiving

A nice quiet moment outside on the lanai with some pumpkin flavored coffee and Nigella Lawson’s Carrot Cake.


Corn Liquor





Broccoli Cottage Cheese Corn Bread


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