Julie Vintage Memories

Julie Vintage Memories

Julie Vintage Memories

This post will be about some of my vintage memories that I feel like sharing with you.  I’m happy that you care enough to be here.


Slides from my Bachelorette Trip with my Friend Scarlett to Orlando.

My Grandmother’s Slide Projector

Metal Slides

When she died, my mother asked if I wanted it?  Of course, I said YES!

She also gave me her slides as well.

Interestingly enough, some of the slides are metal.  I thought that was cool.

Grab The Popcorn!

And a Coke as we Venture Back in Time….


This is me on a cruise that my grandmother took me on as a high school graduation present.  We went to The Dominican Republic, San Jan, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.  The year was 1979.

The name of the ship was The Song of Norway.

I brought it all out to the beach condo with me.  I love going through things out here when I am alone.  I am out here right now as I am blogging this.  I guess before I showed these slides to my family and friends, I wanted to view them first by myself.

Seeing and remembering my grandmother through these slides reminds me of how unique that I am.  I’m not here to tell you how special I am.  I’m just here to say that most people wouldn’t care.  How many out there would want an old slide projector that gets super hot!?  How many would plow through so many unmarked and unorganized slides as I have done?  Sorting and organizing?  I know that I represent a small portion of people that care enough about the past, even a relatives past, to do this.  I miss my grandmother so much.  To not do it would be a disservice to her.


Our Dinner’s on The Song of Norway

Me and My Grammaw


My Photo Album of My Cruise

We Flew From Atlanta To Miami

Cabin 665

I kept the key.  I wanted a souvenir.  I love the key, it say’s “Made in Norway” Ving. 

It also says “Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.”

Some Photos in my Album of my Cruise

The Dress I Bought in San Juan, Puerto Rico

I still have my ticket too.  I don’t throw memories away like so many other’s do.  I hoard them!


Gordon Fixing the Projector

The Parts Inside were Beautiful!

When I first pulled the projector out of our storage I couldn’t get it to work.  So Gordon took it apart to try and fix it.  He did!  But what we loved about it was all the components that were so old and unique.  Also very simple.  Nothing complicated which is why he got it to work.

We noticed that my grandmother had a lot of these old t.v. show title slides.  I’ll get to that soon, but his was a Jeopardy slide.


The glasses cases you see in these photos also belonged to my grandmother.

I did discover that my grandmother’s slides are NOT in any kind of order.

Look at this slide I found!  Me and Gordon from when we were dating.

It’s like finding a treasure!

This slide was from the same day.  Me, my grandmother and her friends.  Gordon is taking the photo.


My Grandmother’s Paris Trip

Notre Dam


The slides in the photo bottom left are unopened and are from EPCOT.  They feature Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom, or rather England.


This was so much fun!  I can’t wait for the next vintage memory.