Sandwiches on the Grill

Sandwiches on the Grill

Welcome to Sandwiches on the Grill

On this post we will feature a few sandwiches that you can make on your grill at home.  The first two selections is of a grilled veggie sandwich.  We have made this particular sandwich before and have it on another of our grilling posts, but we decided that sandwiches needed their own post.  So here is where they will end up.

Grilling adds such a distinct taste to food which is why I always grew up hearing, “Everything tastes good when it’s grilled.”


The Grilled NO MEAT Sandwich

This sandwich is so delicious and satisfying.

You do not need meat here.  All the flavors of the grilled veggies, the hummus, the goat cheese, and the herbs speak for themselves.

The only thing you need to add to this is a brew!


Our Next Sandwich…..

THE Ultimate Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Beautiful, Colorful Vegetables

Ready For The Grill


How To Make Basil Butter

(Recipe Down Below.)


The ULTIMATE Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Served here with a side of Grilled Cherry Tomatoes, our Potato Salad, and our Homemade Pickles, and our Homemade Mustard.

 Pickles, Mustard, and some Grilled Portobello’s

A Delicious Jumbled Mess on our Counter

(This Sandwich Recipe is Down Below)


First Up!

Our First Grilled Veggie Sandwich


3 -Italian or Cuban Bread Loafs

1 Cup Hummus

8 oz. Goat Cheese

1 Cup Kraft Italian Olive Oil Vinaigrette

1/4 Cup Balsamic Vinegar

Grilled Vegetables…. we used

3 Yellow and 3 Green Bell Peppers

3 Zucchini

1 Red Onion

20 Cherry Tomatoes

20 Leaves of Fresh Basil

Gordon doing the grilling while is assistant Monk looks on.


Gathering all the ingredients together for this delicious sandwich.

First, skewer your cherry tomatoes.

Brodie stopped by, I think he smelled this food from his and Lauren’s apartment a few miles away.  🙂

He HATES it when I take his photo!


Next, slice your zucchini in long strips about 1/4″ thick.

Like so…..

Slice your bell peppers taking out the seeds leaving them in chunks making them easy to grill.

Slice your red onion in half then in quarters keeping them in chunk size.

In these sizes, you can either skewer you vegetables or place them flat on the grill.

Beautiful Bell Peppers and Red Onions

I skewered the onions, but I kept the bell peppers flat on the grill.

Carefully slice your bread in half using a bread knife.

This particular knife is from Chef Ming Tsai.

Set your grill to med. high heat and place your vegetables on the grill.

Brush your vegetables with the olive oil vinaigrette.

Here, I started with the zucchini.

Then I place the skewered onion on the higher part of the grill to start the cooking process.

Cook the zucchini until browned on both sides.

Then add the rest of your vegetables and grill them until wilted.

The bell peppers will become charred on the skin side, which you can remove later revealing the cooked pepper.

The Smell of This is Fantastic!

Here Gordon Added the Vinaigrette to the Zucchini


Such a Colorful Array of Veggies

When all the vegetables are cooked, grill your bread slices.


When Everything is Ready to Assemble…

To put the sandwiches together, start with a good dose of balsamic vinegar on one side of the bread.

Then on that same side place a thin layer of your hummus, any flavor that you like.

  On the other side spread on the goat cheese.

Then start loading up your vegetables.

I personally like the charred skin of the bell peppers, so I left it on.

Here, you can make the sandwich look like a piece of art.

Add a some freshly ground black pepper and a pinch of salt.

Gordon Adding Some Pepper and Some Specialty Salt

Combine the two halves and slice into portions.




Even though we have a Grilled Veggie Sandwich above, this one just goes on giant step forward with Extra, Extra, Everything!

Especially nice with our Potato Salad

Here Gordon is Getting the Grill Ready


Making Basil Butter

This gave the sandwich a very nice buttery herbal taste. 

You can also make this ahead of time.


2 Tbsp. Red Onion – finely chopped

1 1/2 Sticks Butter – at room temperature

1/2 Cup Basil – finely chopped

1/2 Cup Parsley – finely chopped

1/4 Cup Oregano finely chopped

Hot Sauce – we used (Old Florida) to taste

Lemon Juice – 1 Tbsp.

Sweet Paprika – 1/2 Tbsp.

Ground Black Pepper – 1/2 Tbsp.

Finely chop 2 Tbsp. of Red Onion

Place your room temperature butter and red onion into a small bowl.

Finely chop your fresh Basil leaves.

Now, finely chop your Parsley and Oregano and place them both into the bowl.


Add to taste your hot sauce, then the lemon juice and the Sweet Paprika to the bowl.


Then, add your ground Black Pepper to the bowl.

Mix the ingredients well and refrigerate until ready to use.

I used a fork to mix the ingredients. 

Use a rubber spatula to form the compound butter into a more attractive ball shape.


Our Kitchen Counter Never Looked More Colorful



1 Red Onion – sliced into rings

~20 Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

2 Red Bell Peppers

2 Green Bell Peppers

2 Yellow Bell Peppers

2 Orange Bell Peppers

9 Portobello Mushroom Caps

3 Yellow Squash – sliced to 1/2 inch thickness

3 Zucchini Squash – sliced to 1/2 inch thickness

3 Chinese Eggplant – sliced to 1/2 inch thickness

1/2 Cup Olive Oil

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt – 2 Tbsp.

Ground Black Pepper – 2 Tbsp.

1 Loaf of Cuban Bread

3 Tbsp. Mustard

10 Bread and Butter Pickles

3/4 Cup Hummus

1/2 Cup Goat Cheese

1 Cup Mixed Greens

5 Slices Provolone Cheese

Place your onions, cherry tomatoes, and bell peppers on a Medium hot grill.  I used a cookie cooling rack on top of the grill grates so the cherry tomatoes wouldn’t slip through the grates.  This is also great to use when you grill asparagus.

Gordon and Brodie Grillin’

As your place the items on the grill, brush them with olive oil and a dusting of some of the seasonings.

Grill the onions until grill marks appear then turn over.  Grill the cherry tomatoes turning frequently until just soft, which will take only a few minutes.  The mushroom caps will take a little bit of time and will shrink considerably as they cook and lose their moisture.  Again turn over as grill marks appear or when the mushroom becomes soft.

Grill the bell peppers until the skin is very dark to burnt all over. 

Don’t be alarmed, the underlying bell pepper will not be harmed.

Having a cold beer with your son makes for a great grilling day!


As the grilled items are done, remove them to a platter and place more in their spot. 

Here you can begin to see the bell peppers begin to blacken.

Place the burnt bell peppers into a bowl when done.

Place some plastic wrap over the bowl as shown allowing the steam to further cook the peppers which will release the blackened skin.  After ~10 minutes of steaming, remove the skin from the bell peppers.  It should easily remove revealing the softened bell pepper.  Then remove the stem and seeds from the bell pepper.  Set the peppers aside in a bowl for later use.

Here you can see our well grilled vegetables on the platter.

Our Cuban Bread Sliced with All Sides Face Down

Grill the bread until slightly brown and toasty. 

We grilled 2 loafs, but only used one to make this particular sandwich.

Let your Basil Butter come to room temperature to make it spread easier.

Immediately when toasted, smear your Basil Butter over both side of the bread.

We used both our home made pickles, and our homemade mustard in this sandwich.

We Are Always Short on Counter Space

We used store bought Red Pepper and Artichoke hummus.

Lay out all your ingredients for easy access.

The Colorful Assembly

Smear your Goat Cheese over 1 side of the bread over the Basil Butter.

Then we smeared on the other half of the bread, partly with the Artichoke Hummus, and Red Bell Pepper Hummus.

Here you can better see the bread half with artichoke, and the other half with red bell pepper hummus.

Place your Mixed Greens on top of the hummus.

Now, add some of your Grilled Onions on top of the Mixed Greens.

Evenly place your Grilled Zucchini, Eggplant, and Yellow Squash slices over the Goat Cheese.

Then evenly space your Grilled Portobello Mushroom caps over the squash.


Spread your Mustard over the top of the mushroom caps as shown.  Here we are using our Almost Yellow Mustard.  Why, Almost Yellow?  Because it is almost yellow.  🙂

Now, slice your bell pepper into wedges …

and evenly place your various types of peppers over the onions and mixed greens.

Top the pepper slices with the provolone slices as shown.

Using a fluid motion, push both sides of the sandwich together as shown. 

Then lay the sandwich down, top side up.

This Sandwich Would Also Taste Nice Pressed

Slice into sections and enjoy!

Here we served the sandwich with our grilled heirloom cherry tomatoes, bread and butter pickles and potato salad.

Me Julie, Enjoying My Sandwich

Brodie used the other half of the sandwich and used some deli meats (Ham and Salami) and provolone cheese to create his hearty sandwich.  He did sprinkle some chopped onions and drizzled some Italian Dressing on top creating an Italian Sub of sorts.


Goodness in Every Bite!

Julie and Gordon


Be sure to try our homemade MUSTARD’S!

Click Here For:  Pork, Sausage and Mustard


Another Mouth Watering Sandwich  🙂

This is a sandwich that Gordon and I made a few years ago that I had forgotten about until I came across the photos and I decided to add it to this post.  Because it’s been so long and I can’t remember all of the ingredients, I thought that I would place it here at the bottom of this post.


We love Sandwiches on the Grill

Here Gordon is set to Grill some Rustic Italian Bread and some Portabello Mushrooms.


The Olive Oil was a gift from Gordon’s sister in Raleigh.

Here Gordon is brushing the Portabello Mushrooms with it.

The Mushrooms on the Grill

Olive Oil is Excellent When Brushed onto the Bread to Grill

Mushrooms and Bread Grilling

Grillin’ With Gordon

Look How Beautiful the Bread Is!

Gordon scooped out the bread in the middle of one side, but left the other alone.

Apparently, I must have been busy during the making of these sandwiches because I have no photos of that.  But, I do have them here on a baking sheet on the grill warming until Gordon assembles them for us.

I can take a guess as to the ingredients.  Obviously Portabello Mushrooms, and obviously Green, Red, Orange, and Yellow Bell Peppers sliced into strips.  I see lots of cheeses, mostly white, which means Swiss, Pepper Jack, Mozzarella…..

The meats are most likely Ham and Turkey.  I also see some Chicken.

Now just add some lettuce, tomatoes, condiments, and most likely some pickles, and you have perfection!

Wanna Bite?

Create Your Own Perfectly Grilled Sandwich