Corn on the 4th. of July

Corn on the 4th. of July

Julie corn 1_small

Corn on the 4th. of July

Getting ready for corn on the 4th of July_small

Happy July 4th.!

old glory for the 4_small

America’s Independence Day

Gordon Corn_small


Rice Krispy Treats for the 4th_small

Sparklers and American Flags

RKT outside_small

Rice Krispy and Whole Grain Marshmallow/Caramel/Peanut Butter Treats

Julie treat testing_small


using different peppers_small vfor the 4_small veggies for the 4th_small

Corn on the 4th. of July

It All Starts Right Here

corn for the 4_small

This is a Day of Food, Fun, and Fireworks

I am originally from Georgia where our traditional July 4th. meal consists of Pork B-B-Q Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, Corn on the Cob, and Brunswick Stew. 

watermelon outside_small

Usually followed by a nice juicy and sweet watermelon for dessert, nothing ever fancy about this meal, it’s just always simple and delicious.

Gordon is originally from Pennsylvania, but when I met him we were both living in Charlotte, North Carolina working at an amusement park.

Gordon’s parents made the best corn relish in the world.  It was always a treat whenever they would send us some through the mail in Christmas and birthday packages.

Julie sweating that corn relish_small

So, in the spirit of “Hey, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter.”  “No YOU, got your peanut butter in MY chocolate.” 

Julies 4th plate_small Gordons 4th plate_small

Gordon started putting his parents corn relish onto our traditional southern B-B-Q Sandwiches, which turned out to be perfection!  From then on every July 4th. when we break out the B-B-Q Sandwiches, it’s just not the same without some Whann Corn Relish on it.

This year it was my idea for us to try  our luck by making some of our own.  Gordon contacted his parents for the recipe.  We bought all the supplies needed, bought all the vegetables needed, and then went to work on 4 batches of corn relish.

intoxicated with corn relish

Get Your Corn Relish!

corn option 3_small


corn option 7_small corn option 5_small

Southern Belle, Lazy as Hell

Julie with her Corn Relish_small

We made a traditional batch from his parents recipe.

traditional corn relish_small

I got the idea to make a Red/White/and Blue (Purple) Corn Relish.

Julies red white and purple cabbage_small

Then we made a Peaches and Cream Corn Relish.

peaches and cream corn_small peaches and cream_small

Peaches and Cream Corn is a mixture of yellow and white kernels on the same cob. 

It is from Georgia, hence the name, Peaches and Cream.

peaches and cream corn on the cob_small

Above Gordon is using a bundt pan as an easy way to cut the corn off the cob and gather it into the pan at the same time.  That was my grandmother’s old bundt pan, by the way.

Brilliant Idea!


grilled corn relish_small

And last but not least a Grilled Corn Relish.

Gordon with his grilled corn relish_small

This was my idea.  Seeing as how we grill corn on the cob all the time, why not do it for the relish as well?  The trick was not to grill it to much, we didn’t want all these charred flakes floating around in the jar.

grilled corn relish for the 4th_small


First The Shopping

Shopping at Wolfe's Produce Market_small

We went to a few farmer’s markets to buy our produce for our relishes.  This is where we bought all of our corn though.

Gordon getting green bell peppers_small Yellow Bell Peppers_small

Gordon Choosing our Green and Yellow Bell Peppers

Gordon getting some onions_small Onions_small

Buying Sweet Onions

Gordon corn_small

We Bought 70 Ears of Peaches and Cream Corn

Loading up the car_small

Loading up the car. 

time to go_small

Oh, good.  You remembered the watermelon.

Now onto the next market.

Anaheim and hot peppers_small Gordon getting some red bell peppers_small

Oooo, look how beautiful!

Hot and Sweet.  Don’t forget the red bell peppers.

Anaheim peppers_small

Let’s try some Anaheim too.

found an Australian fern that we want_small

We found an Australian Fern!  Yeah!

trunk is full lets go now_small

O.K.  Trunk’s gettin’ full.  Time to go.

gotta get the fire works_small

Gotta Stop and Get Some Fireworks

buying the fire works_small sparklers people_small

We’re very tame when it comes to fireworks, sparklers only.

Oh, one more stop?  Can we run by the Indian grocery store and buy some homemade somosas?

samosas in the car for lunch_small samosas in the car_small

Ahh.  Hit’s the spot every time!


Julie veggies_small



Back Home and Time to Start our Canning

corn relish project beginning_small

Yeah, and why is it called canning when we put it in jars?  Anyone?

Are you gonna make my Google it?

Uncle Sam_small

Uncle Sam and Old Glory

this is going to be a big job_small

This is going to be a big job and I’m already tired.


Doing the Prepping

All the veggies for the relish_small

All the Veggies

patriotic veggies_small p veggies 2_small veggies are patriotic_small

Our Patriotic Veggies  🙂

table of veggies_small

Once everything is bought then you need to sort things out for the project.

everything for canning_small

Notice all the condensation on the windows?  That’s because of the difference in temperature from inside our home, and outside our home.  It is Hot, Hot, Hot!


Corn, Corn, and More Corn

Bag full of corn_small Bag full of corn 2_small


jars jars jars_small

Jars, Jars, and More Jars….

just an option_small just some supplies_small

Also some funnels, a large pressure cooker, some apple cider vinegar, lots of sugar…

going into the dishwasher overnight_small sanitized setting on the dishwasher_small

Everything is going into the dishwasher overnight.  We even have a “Sanitized” setting just for jars for canning.


So While the Jars are Washing, It’s Time to Shuck the Corn

Gordon shucking corn_small Gordon shucking corn 2_small

This is a messy process, but the rewards will be great!

Gordon shucking corn 3_small Gordon shucking corn 4_small

We even did an assembly line of corn.  Gordon would shuck it and place it into the pan on the left.  Then I would inspect it and remove all the fibers that he missed and then placed them into the pan on the right.

Each fiber is connected to each kernel of corn.

assembly line_small assembly line 2_small

its a corn mess_small its a corn mess 2_small its a corn mess 3_small

all the corn_small easy way to cut kernels off of cob_small

Once the corn has been thoroughly shucked and cleaned of fibers, now you want to remove the kernels of corn from the cob.  A good way to do this is to use a bundt pan.  Just stick the cob into the hole in the middle and use a knife to remove the kernels.  They should all fall into the bundt pan making it easy to then add to a bowl.

drowning in corn_small after the kernels are gone_small

Transfer to a large bowl.  Discard the cob when you have removed the kernels.

look at all this corn_small look at all that corn_small

Look at all this corn, look at all that corn.  It’s time for dinner and we are making it easy on ourselves.

It’s Naan Bread Pizza from the Indian Store for us.

Our naan bread dinner_small

Hey, only $3.00 and a great meal for each of us.

our naan bread pizzas in the oven_small right on the rack_small

Soooo Good!

our Naan bread pizza dinner_small

I had the spinach, and Gordon had the eggplant.  I highly recommend the eggplant.  🙂


Our Spices Needed

We buy our spices from the Indian Store_small

Shop at your local ethnic stores and you will find very inexpensive prices.



Your next ingredient for the Corn Relish is onions.

chop your onions very fine_small

We used Both Vidalia, and Yellow Onions

The Vidalia are very sweet so they add a sweetness as well as the sweet Peaches and Cream corn that we used.  The onions are from Vidalia, Georgia.

chop onion 1_small chop onion 2_small chop onions 3_small

You Want to Chop the Onions Very Fine

chop the onions very finely_small

The Beautiful Bell Peppers

The Beautiful Bell Peppers_small

Yellow, Red, and Green

all the bell peppers_small

chopping the bell peppers_small chopping b peppers 2_small chopping the peppers 3_small

chopping the b peppers 4 remove the white part_small

You Want to Cut the White Part out of the Bell Peppers

chop into strips_small chop finely_small chop finely 2_small

Chop Very Finely into Small Chunks and Set Aside in a Bowl

bell peppers into bowl_small



Gordon in the kitchen 2_small

Gordon Cutting out the Core

cut out the middle part_small cutting out the middle part_small

You Want to Discard it

chopping the cabbage_small chopping cabbage_small chopping the cabbage very fine_small

You Want to Chop Your Cabbage Very Fine


We Doubled the Batch so we used Two Large Pots

sorting the corn into two different pots_small two different pots_small

Here Gordon is dividing the corn equally between the two pots.

adding the peppers to the corn_small adding the onions to the corn and peppers_small

Add the Chopped Bell Peppers to the Corn and Onions

fixing to add the cabbage_small

Add the Chopped Cabbage


Next You Want to Add Your Spices

We buy our spices from the Indian Store_small

Turmeric Powder, Mustard Powder, Mustard Seeds, Celery Seeds, and Salt


adding termuric 1_small adding termuric 2_small adding termuric 3_small


Turmeric will give the corn relish a golden color and also kills cancer cells.  It has a light earthy flavor.  By adding the turmeric we are erasing the pretty white corn kernels so our ‘Peaches and Cream corn will just be ‘Yellow’.

celery seeds_small mustard seeds_small Himalayan sea salt_small

Celery Seeds, Mustard Seeds, and Himalayan Sea Salt

next comes the sugar and the apple cidar vinegar_small

Now It’s Time to Add Your Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar

adding the sugar 1_small adding the sugar 2_small adding the sugar 3_small

Adding the Sugar

adding the apple cidar vinegar_small adding the apple cidar vinegar 2_small

Adding the Apple Cider Vinegar

getting water from the fridge_small

Water Goes in the Pots as Well

before cooking_small

Stir Everything Together

This is what the corn relish looks like prior to your cooking it.

two batches_small

smells delicious_small

Mmmm…  Smells Wonderful!

cooking time different for both pots_small

Each of these pots cooked the corn relish differently.  The pot on the left cooked quicker and we had to watch it more.  While the pot on the right seemed to have an even cooking time throughout.  I liked that better. 


So while we are waiting on this batch to cook, what about a nice little snack?

salsa and blue chips break_small

Salsa and Blue Corn Chips

really good salsa_small

This is very easy and very good. 

Just add the tomatoes and the salsa packets to a blender into a smooth consistency, then add some pico de gallo once you have poured the tomatoes into a bowl.  Short cuts can make our lives a bit simpler especially when we have all this corn relish to cook.


constant stirring_small

Gordon Stirring the Corn Relish

You do need to keep a close eye on it and stir pretty frequently.

cooking away on the stove_small our Golden corn relish_small

when the corn cooked down Gordon poured both batches together_small

As the corn relish cooked down Gordon combined both pots into one.

traditional corn relish_small

allowing the golden corn relish to cool a bit_small

Now we are just going to let it cool a bit while we start on the next batch.


Basic Corn Relish Recipe

Ingredients for 18 Pints:

20 ears for corn (shucked and cut off the corn)

12 Bell Peppers chopped (we used Red, Yellow, and Green)

4 Large Onions chopped (we used Vidalia)

1/2 Head of Cabbage (thinly sliced)

3-4 Cups Sugar

2 Tbsp Dry Mustard

2 Tbsp Celery Seed

2 Tbsp Salt

1 Tbsp Tumeric

5 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Cup Water

(Gordon’s parents use celery in their corn relish.  We didn’t.)

Place all ingredients into a large pot or two, cook until the corn is tender.  While the corn relish is cooking, place the lids which have the rubber ring in water for 15 min. at a temp not above 180’F,  any hotter will ruin the rubber seal.  Now, top your jar with a now sterilized lid on top of the jar using your rod with a magnet tool.  Place the ingredients into your sterilized jars leaving 1/2 inch to 1 inch of head space which will then create the vacuum.  Wipe the top of your jar with a wet paper towel to remove any relish pieces.  Place the rings on the jars to just tight.  If you over tighten them, the air will not escape to create your vacuum when submerged in the boiling water.  Boil your jars under an inch or so of water for 15 min.  Using your canning jar lifter, lift the jars onto a wooden cutting board to let them cool and wait for the pop of the seal which let you know you have a good seal.  Once done, the rings are mainly there so you don’t accidentally pop off your sealed lids.  If a jar doesn’t seal, take off the lid, wipe off the top of the jar, and process the jar again under the boiling water for 15 min.

TIP:  Be sure to take off the rings when done to ensure they don’t rust when in contact with your lids.


Julie’s Red, White and Blue (Purple) Corn Relish

A.K.A.  Julie’s Old Glory Corn Relish

Julies red white and purple cabbage_small

Julies ingredients for RWB corn relish_small

Ingredients for Julie’s Corn Relish

purple cabbage for me_small

Purple Cabbage

chopped fine_small chopped fine 2_small

The main difference here is that I wanted purple cabbage in my batch of relish.

my old glory corn relish_small

In order to keep the colors looking the way that I wanted, I didn’t add any green bell peppers to this, or any turmeric.  I also hoped that the white kernels of the peaches and cream corn would show through, which they do.

Gordons Golden corn relish and Julies Old Glory corn relish_small

Gordon’s Golden Corn Relish and Julie’s Old Glory Corn Relish

Julies rwandb_small

You can see the difference.


Time to Place into Jars to Actually do our Canning

the jar lids and caps_small

Gordon and I did some shopping and found some pretty decorative lids for this. 

The Blue and Red were Perfect!

Jar lids and caps_small jar rings can be washed by hand_small

Lids and Bands

my anniversary roses with our lids and bands_small

My Anniversary Roses Still Look Beautiful

jars all in a row_small

We washed the jars in our dishwasher.

sanitized setting on the dishwasher_small

We have a ‘Sanitized’ Setting on our Dishwasher Which is Perfect Here

jars and lids_small

We also left them in the dishwasher until we needed them.  It gave us more space in our very small and crowded kitchen.

the lids need to be heated to 180 degrees_small

The lids need to be simmering in 180 degree water.

Gordon used his cooking thermometer_small

Gordon used his cooking timer that his parents gave him years ago.

Gordon putting these lids in this pot_small GPTLITP_small

You just want to put the lids into a pot of water and raise the temperature to 180 degrees. 

Then you know they are sterile.

adding the cooking thermometer_small

When the lids are ready you want to place them on top of the jars with the corn relish in them.  However, you don’t want to touch them.  So we used this tool that we bought specifically for canning.  It has a magnetic end so it’s easy to remove from the hot water.

pat down with a fork or spoon and make sure the liquid does go up to the top_small remove the lid from the water_small

Gordon Used a Funnel

use a ladle and a funnel to place the corn relish into jars_small

You can see here that as Gordon filled the jars with corn relish, I then added the lids using the tool above.

without touching the lid you place it on top of the jar_small

The next thing that you want to do is to place your corn relish jars into boiling water.  You do NOT want them to touch the bottom of the pot.  Here we are using an old pressure cooker with a base on the bottom so that the jars are not touching the bottom.  We also used a regular cooking pot, see the photo at left below, but we added something to the bottom so that the jars wouldn’t touch.

you dont want the jars to touch the bottom of the pot_small corn relish in jars boiling_small

Before Placing into the Water you want to add the Bands to the Jar Lids

pressure cooker for canning_small removing the jars with the corn from the water_small

The tool above right, is perfect for placing, and removing the jars from the pot. 

boiling away in the pot on the stove_small

While the jars are boiling you will see bubbles escaping from the jars.  That is good.  It means the air is escaping and that is when the jar lids seal onto the jar of corn relish.

remove from the boiling water and set aside for the jars to pop_small corn relish cooling_small

You then remove the jars from the boiling pot and place onto either a cookie sheet or a cutting board.  You will start to hear them POP!  That is good!  It means they are sealed.

If they don’t POP and seal, then you must get a new lid being sure to wipe the top of the jar, then back into the water for 15 minutes.  They need to seal, then you know they are ready.


Peaches and Cream Corn Relish

no turmeric in this batch_small

No turmeric was added to this batch so that the white kernels could show through nicely.

Other than that, this is the same recipe as the Golden Corn Relish above.

Peaches and Cream corn relish 2_small the peaches and cream batch_small

when the corn is ready set aside to cool and the lid to pop_small this batch of corn relish_small

You can see the white kernels as well as the yellow ones.


Grilled Corn Relish

gifts of grilled corn relish_small

The only thing to say about the grilled corn relish is that Gordon grilled the ears of corn before shucking them.  Other than that, it was the same recipe as the Golden Corn Relish, minus the turmeric. 


Come and get your corn relish_small

Ways That You can Eat Corn Relish

Patriotic Corn Relish with Corn Chips_small nice appetizer for the 4th_small

Try it as an appetizer/dip with some blue corn chips.

corn relish on a sandwich_small corn relish on a sandwich 2_small corn relish on a sandwich 3_small

Try adding it to your sandwich. 

Here is a turkey/Muenster/ and Romaine sandwich.

Julies sandwich with corn relish_small

I started eating it when I realized that I forgot to take a picture of it. 

It is good though.

Julies 4th lunch_small dont forget the corn relish_small

I also took a nice lunch with me when I had to go out to the condo that included my corn relish.

corn relish sandwich lunch_small just add to the top_small my sandwich_small

Such a great lunch!


corn relish for hot dogs and bratz_small Gordon grilled bratz with onions peppers and corn relish_small

Corn Relish is Wonderful on Hot Dogs or Bratz

Julies hot dog with corn relish_small

perfect BBQ 4th dinner_small

And of course, on your BBQ sandwich.


Gordon and his weiners_small

4Th. of July Brats and Hotdogs on the Grill

bratz cooked in beer with sauteed onions and peppers_small bratz cooked in beer_small

We are not big on processed meat but occasionally we like a brats or a turkey hot dog. 

Today was that day!

pour your beer_small and your water into a tall pot_small

Boil Your Brats in Beer and Water for about 20 Minutes

adding the bratz_small boil on the stove top for 20 minutes_small

In the Meantime, chop your garlic and bell peppers.

chop your garlic_small chopping your garlic_small

cut around the top of your bell pepper_small remove the middle part_small

You want to remove the stem and the middle part of your bell peppers.

cut in half_small

Cut the Bell Peppers in Half

then slice into strips_small ready for the pan_small

Next you want to cut them into strips.  This will all look consistent. 

add olive oil to a pan_small pretty in the pan_small

Sautee your peppers and onions and garlic in some olive oil in a pan for about 20 minutes or so until they soften.

now chop your onions into moons_small sauteed onions and peppers_small

Cut your onions into half moons.

Gordon getting the grill ready_small Gordon removing the bratz from the pot_small

Here Gordon is removing the brats from the beer and water mixture and placing them onto the grill.

ready to go on the grill_small check out those bratz_small

Grill until grill marks are present.  You are mainly reheating the brats.  But you are cooking the hotdogs.  So grill until you see the grill marks.

enjoying a brew on the 4th_small

Gordon Enjoying a Brew

sauteed onions and peppers_small very pretty and tasty_small

The perfect peppers and onions ready for the hotdogs and brats.

Gordon grilled bratz with onions peppers and corn relish_small

Only at our house do you eat a hotdog with a fork.

Oh, and don’t forget to top them with our Corn Relish!

outside table option_small

Our Brats, Hotdogs, Buns, Onion dip and chips, and Sweet Potato Fries

buns and dogs_small

We also grilled the hotdog and brats buns on the grill.

old school chips and onion dip_small

Kickin’ It Old School with Onion Dip and Ruffles Potato Chips

Topped with our garden chives.

ice in a jar to keep the dip cool_small

I wanted the dip to sort of hover over the chips so I turned to Gordon to make it happen. 

He got the idea to place a wide mouth jar inside the bowl, then add ice cubes to help keep the onion dip cool.  A coozy would have been nice to wrap around the jar but we didn’t have one.  It would have absorbed the sweat from the ice cubes and not gotten the chips wet.


watermelon for the 4th_small

Watermelon Outside for Dessert

I like the seeds_small salt for grammaw_small

Salt for Grammaw

My family was never big on desserts.  If it was summer, then it was watermelon.  Always eaten outside either on a picnic table, or a screened in porch.  Always eaten on old aluminum pie plates, with a salt shaker for those that wanted it.  I never did, but my grandmother loved her watermelon salted.  So to me, it’s just not summer without a good watermelon and there has to be a salt shaker on the table whether anyone uses it or not.

watermelon outside_small

It’s also not a family get together without someone bringing up the fact that I once dropped a watermelon down the steps at my grandmother’s house.  It would never fail.   We’ll all be sitting there ready to dig in to that juicy watermelon when someone will always say,  “Remember the time you dropped that watermelon down the steps when you were little Julie?  Grandma was so mad at you for doing that.  She really wanted that watermelon that night.”

baby Johnny is born_small

That’s me with my grandmother and my baby brother Johnny. 

Also the infamous steps where I dropped that precious cargo of watermelon that broke into a million pieces and went everywhere that no one will ever forget about.  It was probably that summer too when I committed the crime by insisting that I can carry it all by myself.

(In the south they write that stuff on your tombstone.)

‘Here Lies Julie, She Dropped the Watermelon’


Traditional Southern 4th. of July Dinner

Old Southern BBQ

perfect BBQ 4th dinner_small

The 4th. Just Doesn’t Taste Any Better Than This!

Gordons BBQ_small Gordons BBQ 2_small

bacon and eggs deviled eggs_small deviled eggs and red potato salad_small

Bacon and Egg Deviled Eggs, also Chive and Paprika Deviled Eggs

Red Potato Salad

Topped with our garden chives.

(Not the traditional southern potato salad that I grew up with.  That was made with Idaho potatoes.  But I’ve incorporated red potatoes into my diet as they are more waxy and not so starchy.)

One regular sized Idaho potato turns into a half cup of sugar in your stomach.

my red potato salad_small shaved potatoes_small

You know, most people that make red potato salad leave the red skins on.  I didn’t want to.

I peeled them, and I boiled them.

boiling my potatoes on the stove top_small onion and celery to chop while the potatoes cook_small

potatoes cooling_small

When the potatoes were cool I chopped them into bite sized chunks, added some mayo, yellow mustard, pepper, a few dashes of Tabasco Sauce, chopped onion, chopped celery, pickle relish, and some sweet pickle juice to taste.

Some Paprika Sprinkled on Top Looks and Tastes Great

Aunt Margie and Uncle Ray with Joe and Grandmother Keith and Grand_small

Seated, My Great-Grandparents Keith.

Standing, My Great Aunt Margie, and Great-Uncle Ray with their son Joe in the middle.

(My Grandmother Nellie Mae’s parents and brother.)

Whenever I think of Yellow Potato Salad, or Mustard Potato Salad, I always think of my Great-Aunt Margie and the trick that she would play to get my Great-Uncle Ray to eat her potato salad.  Uncle Ray hated mayonnaise so she would tell him that she only used mustard.  One day I nearly exposed the secret by explaining to someone at a family gathering that it is impossible to make potato salad without using mayonnaise with the mustard.  Uncle Ray overheard me and brought up the fact that “Margie does it.”  He then called Aunt Margie over to school me in the art of potato salad.  I then realized that I was close to starting a family drama over potato salad when I backed down and said that I must be wrong then.  Aunt Margie gave me that smile of approval and then went back to the kitchen.

This from the woman that punished me at age 6 for telling a lie.  🙂


your welcome world_small Julies southern baked beans_small

Julie’s Southern Baked Beans

My Pride and Joy

I would like to think that this is something that I have perfected.  I guess it was all those southern pot luck dinners, luncheons, July 4th’s., cookouts, picnics, etc…..

Baked beans are a staple in the south.  I loved them so much but they weren’t my grandmother’s specialty and seeing as how she never made any, I decided to try my hand.  She just gave me the basic ingredients and I went from there.

Julies ingredients for baked beans_small

You know, I can only give you the ingredients in making it, the rest is up to you.  I have no Earthly idea of measurements, I just eyeball it and taste it, then I know it’s right.

I use the cans of Van Kamp Baked Beans, drained.  Then I add a lot of ketchup, some yellow mustard, chopped onions, chopped green bell peppers, lots of black pepper, dashes of Tabasco Sauce, brown sugar, Molasses, and BACON!!!

Julies secret ingredient to baked beans_small Julies southern baked beans in the making_small

You want to chop your green bell pepper into small pieces, same with the onion.

I add about 2-3 Tablespoons of Molasses to my beans.

oh forgot the brown sugar_small

I add this to taste as well.  But I probably put at least a half a cup in this batch.

our wonderful dinner for the 4th_small

I add a lot of bacon to my beans.  A nice thick cut holds up really well in this.  A thin cut will just turn out to be kind of mushy.

adding cooked bacon to my beans_small

Adding the cooked bacon to my beans.

Julies baked beans going into a 350 degree oven_small

Here Gordon is putting them in a 350F oven for about 45 minutes.

I add the bacon on top when they are done_small

I always hold a few nice strips of bacon back in order to add them as a garnish when the beans come out of the oven.

Gordons 4th plate_small Julies 4th plate_small


Franks and Beans

leftover grilled franks and leftover Julies beans_small

An American Classic

My leftover Baked Beans and Gordon’s leftover Grilled Franks



Now For The Pork Butt

(I Like Pork Butt and I Cannot Lie)

Gordons BBQ_small

How to make this great Barbecue

When ready set your oven to 300’F and cook for 4 hours.


chop your onion_small

adding onion to cast iron pot and crock pot_small

Before you cut your pork, it’s a good idea to chop your onion so you don’t work on a contaminated surface as you may not want all the onion for your Barbecue.  Here I used 1/2 of a Vidallia Onion for each pot containing the pork.

pork butt_small

unwrapping the pork butt_small

I sliced the pork butt in half keeping the bone in one side of the pork.  Be sure to trim off some of the extra fat as the meat has plenty.  The fat gives the pork a lot of flavor.  If you were doing this in a smoker or grill, the fat would help protect the meat from drying out, keeping the meat moist and juicy.

cutting the pork butt_small cutting in half_small

Gordon preparing our pork butt_small

cutting off the extra fat_small discard the fat_small

cutting into pieces_small this is so fatty as it is_small

ingredients for Gordons pork butt_small

Ingredients for Gordon’s Pork Butt

I like to use the seasonings first when cooking the meat, so they give it some good flavor.  I will then add the BBQ sauce after the meat has partially cooked. 

I used …(For Each Pot)

1/2 Vidallia Onion

1/2 cup Splenda Brown Sugar

1 Tbsp Chinese Ginger

1 Tbsp Paprika

1 Tbsp Smoked Paprika

1 Tbsp Ground Cumin

1 Tbsp Ground Cardamom

~1  1/2 cups Chicken Broth

1/2 tsp of Himalayan Salt

~1  1/2 cups Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce

1/2 cup during cooking and 1 cup when done

putting it in the cast iron pot_small putting it in the crock pot_small

cooking two different ways_small cooking the pork butt two different ways_small

As you can see, I cut up the meat some so it sits in the pot better.

Gordon adding all of the spices for the butt_small

adding spices 2_small Himilayan sea salt added_small

some Chinese ginger_small

spices added to the butt_small

next comes the delicious brown sugar_small chicken broth added_small

then comes the vegetable broth_small

ready for the oven_small

After about an hour, I add the BBQ sauce and my favorite is Sweet Baby Ray’s.  They have many types to choose from and I haven’t found a bad one yet.

ready for the oven 2_small

adding the BBQ sauce after an hour of cooking_small after an hour Gordon added BBQ sauce_small

lots of fat in this_small meat is done and ready to remove_small

Here you can see the fat breaking down, which then evenly distributes the seasoning.

removing the pork butt from the crock pot_small

After about 4 hours of cooking time, you should be able to pull the meat right out and the bone should come out cleanly.  This is also when I pull off the un-melted fat from the meat.

there is lots of fat on this_small you want to remove the excessive fat and discard_small

When completed, you will have about 1/2 inch of fat and then the rest is seasoning and onion.  Do you best to pour off the fat keeping the great cooked onion and seasonings. 

pour off fat and leave pour whats left onto meat_small

readding the meat to the pot of flavor_small

Here, I am pouring off the excess fat from the pulled BBQ.  When done, add the seasoning and onion mixture to your BBQ then add the rest of your BBQ sauce and mix.  Add as much or as little as you want to suit your taste.

Gordons BBQ 2_small

Above is the amount of BBQ I got from both the slow cooker and the cast iron pot.



Julie outside with treats_small

Rice Krispy/Whole Grain Oats Treats

rice krispy treats melting_small RKT close up_small


made with whole grain oats and peanut butter_small

Julie treat testing_small

sooooo good with peanut butter_small

The whole grain oats batch held up better in the heat.

RKT outside_small

Gordon and I made two different kinds of “Rice Krispy Treats”.

caramels in the RKT_small add caramels to the butter and marshmellows_small

For the traditional ‘Rice Krispy Treats’ recipe, we added about 20 caramels to the marshmallows and butter.  Of course we always add more butter/margarine that is required.  Same with the marshmallows, and the cereal too.  We don’t really follow the traditional recipe anymore.

it becomes a beautiful color_small pour over the cereal_small

Look how beautiful and golden it is?

stir together to blend_small spread into a greased pan_small

Just pour over your cereal, (any cereal that you like) and spread into a greased pan to set.


2nd. Batch

This Batch We Used Peanut Butter and Whole Grain Oats Cereal

toasted oats cereal treats_small made with peanut butter_small

This is as DIET as I could get it!

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Toasted Whole Grain Cereal, AND Simply Jiff with less sugar added.

add about a cup of peanut butter_small

Look How Beautiful!

pour over the whole grain cereal_small pouring over the whole grain cereal_small

Ooey, Gooey, Goodness

look how gooey_small spread it in the pan 2_small

Mix together and then spread into a greased pan to set.

let both of them set_small

When they have cooled you can cut them up into blocks, stack them on top of each other and I added some sprinkles of Red, White and Blue, along with some American flags.

supplies for my patriotic rice krispy treats_small

My Embellishments


Bruce is one of the Good Ones!



I realize this is an anti-war song, but we are an anti-war family.

Here, here!


I happen to like Miley and I love this song.

So welcome Miley to my website.


This is a past July 4th. celebration of pictures.

Corn is always a big part of the meal. 

Usually served just like this, in a pool of melted butter with just salt and pepper.  Usually having it’s own plate.

Photos From Our 4th.

Appletini’s with Sparklers

(The flag is an art piece that Brodie did when he was in pre-school, I’m using it as a place mat).


In the Crockpot


In the oven.

Gordon bought 10 pounds of pork butt.

The one thing that Texas does better than anywhere else is barbecue.

This is the same recipe. 

Except one cooked in our crock pot and another cooked in the oven in our cast iron pot.  Both were perfect!

Don’t forget the beans!

(You know that when the pots look this messy and gooey that the food is going to be wonderful)!

My Dinner Plate!

And my other dinner plate.

A Very Happy 4th.!

FYI:  I don’t advise trying this inside.  WE should not have tried this inside.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

I’m almost embarrassed to say that I made this.  Hey, it tastes delicious, it’s just not the prettiest thing.  I used two no bake cheesecake mixes, let them set, and then I added the fresh berries and the redi-whip cream topping from the can.


Happy Independence Day!



Patriotic Muffins

This is National Blueberry Month.  We eat a lot of blueberries. 

Love those antioxidants.  Whether it be in juice or pancakes, muffins or any dessert.



Grilled with Herbs and Lots of Butter

Love that Corn!

corn relish gifts_small

Corn Relish as a Take Home Gift

Don’t forget your corn relish!

4th set_small

Have a Great Holiday

corn flowers and flip flops_small

Julie and Gordon