Christmas Gifts From the Garden

Christmas Gifts From the Garden


Welcome to Christmas Gifts From the Garden

ready for delivery_small

Aren’t they beautiful?

This is the equivalent of a ‘dirty martini’ in a jar.

Isn’t it so lovely for Christmas?  Or anytime, really.

We did focus on choosing food items with that Christmas color theme, but you could change things around if you like.

Excellent Edible Gifts

Here is what we did.

1 our ingredients_small

The Ingredients:

2 our ingredients_small 3 pearl onions_small

15 White Pearl Onions

2 Jars of Tomolives

2 Jars of Whole Castelvetrano Green Olives

1 Jar of Hot Cherry Peppers

Juice of 6 Key Limes

Zest Strips and Juice of 2 Lemons

4 1/2 Cups Gin

3/4 Cup Dry Vermouth

3 Cups Water

4 adding the pearl onions_small 5 boiling the pearl onions_small

Boil the Pearl Onions for about 5 min. remove from the heat and set aside.

6 our key limes from our tree_small

Our Key Limes from our Backyard

7 the ingredients and cooking_small

8 adding the gin_small 8 adding the_small

In a large bowl, combine the alcohol and water with the exception of the Pearl Onions.

9 adding the vermouth_small

11 drain the olives_small 12 draining the olives_small

Be sure to drain all the ingredients in a colander well before adding them to the bowl.

13 adding the olives to a large bowl_small

Castelvetrano Olivs are so Pretty and Green

14 the tomolives_small


15 drain them_small 16 drainging more olives_small

17 add to bowl_small

18_small 18 draining the liquid_small

Hot Cherry Peppers

19 add to bowl_small

Look How Beautiful!

20 already in the bowl_small

This Couldn’t be any Easier to Make

21 draining the pearl onions into the sink_small

Drain the cooked Pearl Onions in a colander.

21 removing the lemon rind_small

Using a zest stripping tool, remove the zest of the 2 lemons into strips.

22 removing the rind into strips_small 23 all around the lemon_small

24 the lemon rind_small

26 add to the bowl_small 27 into the bowl_small

Place the zest strips in with the other ingredients.

28 adding our key lime juice_small 29 slicing the lemon for the juice_small

Now, juice the lemons and the Key Limes and place it in the bowl.

30 squeezing the juice_small 31 squeezing that lemon juice_small

Remove the Pearl Onions root end and stem end.

32 removing the skins from the cocktail olives_small 34 like so_small

Squeeze the soft onion out of the dry skins and place in with the other ingredients.

35 ready for the jars_small

37 refrigerate for a few hours_small

Store the combined ingredients in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

38 prepare your jars and lids_small

Using sterilized jars and lids…

39 ready for the assembly_small 41 into the jars_small

Spoon the mixture into the jars using a funnel, being sure the jar has a variety of items.

40 using a funnel to load them into the jars_small 42_small

40 perfect jars for this_small 44_small

45 beautiful and Christmassy_small

Seal the jars with lids and rings and tighten securely.

44 ready for delivery_small

Eat… Drink… and ENJOY!


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