Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Universal’s Islands of Adventure


Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure

Orlando, Florida

I Wanted to Start This Blog Post off with a SPLASH!!!!!!

The Jurassic Park Ride

You can see Gordon, Veronica, and our niece Kelcy in the back row, L to R.

They had a great time!

I got some great photos!

I found a great spot and I perched there waiting to take the photos.

Kelcy is a Cutie!


And this is ME, Julie.  I am the family photographer. 

Mostly by choice.  And besides, you will never see me on a water ride.  No water will ruin this Doo for the day.  Hair-Doo, that is!  🙂


I was thinking…….

Like My Lens? 

I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on it, but not from women, only men.  Wonder why???


Cousins, Mirroring Each Other

When we met up with Kelcy at the park, Kelcy lives in Orlando, as the girls were walking ahead of me I couldn’t help but notice how similarly they were dressed.  I guess it’s that Whann DNA.  🙂

Walking Around the Park

When you live in Florida our famous theme parks are not only for tourists, they are for us as well.  Most of us have annual passes to all the parks and go frequently.  Many Florida parents will drop off their kids for the day and then come back and pick them up at night.  Older kids, that is.  Those Floridians that don’t hold annual passes usually get discounts for all the parks simply because we live in Florida.

We usually avoid the theme parks during the summers because we are on the same school schedule as Canada and the U.K., meaning that is HIGH tourist season.  NO THANK YOU!  Nothing against tourists, we certainly need YOU, but I just don’t like the heat or the crowds, so WE come out to play in September.  🙂


The Amazing Adventures of Spider- Man

And LOOK!  Apparently some Spider-Man Villain!  (I think)?


Comic Strip Cafe

Betty Boop

(Our Favorite Russians, Boris and Natasha.)

The Russians are Coming!!!


I think we are waiting in line to ride Spider-Man here.


And you can always rely on Kelcy to ‘ham things up a bit.’  She’s very funny!


Oh Noooooooo…..

Hang on Kelcy!!!

She’s being dragged by Marmaduke!


Actually, no she’s not!  🙂


But I am Getting Ahead of Myself…..

Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure is located in Orlando, Florida.

There are actually 2 different theme parks, the one I just mentioned, and Universal Studios.


The parking here is better than that at Disney World.  This parking is located in Parking Garages so therefor you don’t have to walk as far, or take some shuttle to the front entrance.

We Parked In King Kong

(Don’t trust your memory.  Take a photo of where you are parked so that you won’t get lost when it’s time to leave.)


As you enter the Universal Studios area you will walk past several shops and eating establishments.

There is plenty to whether you actually visit a theme park here or not.  It costs nothing to enter this area.




Chocolate Factory


Entering Our Theme Park


This is the new King Kong Ride

Gordon at SKULL Island


We didn’t ride the ride, the wait was too long, but I do love the whole King Kong theme here.




Welcome to Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was Brodie’s favorite movie when he was little. 

He always loved the dinosaurs.

Lots of Fun for Everyone!

Julie, Veronica, and kelcy….AND Gordon in Jurassic Park.

Oh, we love nothing more than playing tourist.  We do not find it embarrassing, we find it FUN!

That “spot” on my shirt, is not a “spot” on my shirt, it’s a “spot” inside my camera that I simply cannot find.  🙁


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Me, Entering the Harry Potter Section of the Park


This is probably the first time we’ve seen “snow” in years.

This is the Harry Potter Section

Hogsmeade Station

I do love the luggage, and the conductor! 


The Owl Post

Love the Wrapped Packages


By the time we made it here, I wanted a Pumpkin Juice.

It doesn’t matter how many snowmen you place here, this is Florida and it looks very out of place.  🙂


Time for Lunch


The Menu

I always get the Fish and Chips!

We also got one of the souvenir mugs.

Kelcy is a sign language interpreter by profession and came across of table of people that were signing.  Being the very friendly person that she is, she joined in their conversation.  I took photos of her because I loved watching her sign and communicating.  It is a beautiful language.

Kelcy is also a theater major and appears in local theater. 


The Three Broomsticks Restaurant

Our Food Table

Veronica and Brian, Outside Hogsmeade

In Line for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Ride

Gordon and Julie

If you are a fan of Harry Potter then you recognize all the props and fan fare from the movies.  It’s almost as if you are on the set of a Harry Potter movie.

It was very exciting photographing all of this.  I loved it!


Love all the Paintings!


I Believe this is Dumbledore’s Office


I believe this was a simulation of a classroom at Hogwart’s.


More Harry Potter Atmosphere

Paintings, Tapestry’s, Candle’s, Window’s

THE Sorting Hat!



Hagrid’s Home

Love the Large Pumpkin

In this section of the park is The Flight of the Hippogriff, we did ride it, it is a roller coaster.



Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizzardry

Looks like pigs with wings can fly!

The Waterway Side of Hogwarts


The Greek Section



Treasures of Poseidon

Beautiful Decorated Skeletons

These beauties are in a jewelry shop at Universal Studios Island of Adventure in the Greek Section.


I thought they were lovely!

Looks Like Poseidon

Poseidon’s Trident


Veronica Shopping


My, Julie’s, Lovely Backpack Purse and Camera


Ahh, Greece….

The Beautiful Waterfall and the Lovely Fountain

I did love the Greece Section of the Park

Gordon and Julie in Greece

So Lovely……


Mythos Restaurant, Universal

This was an Excellent Restaurant!


Mythos Restaurant

The Ceiling….

The Hostess Station…..

And the Floor…..


The View Above our Table

This is a beautiful Restaurant

Our Drinks, Our Bread, and our Butter

Our Window View, Look at the Waterfall


Veronica Enjoying Her Drink

Our Table

Fried Calamari


Brian’s Pad Thai and Veronica’s Egg Salad Wraps

Some Quinoa

Julie’s Blackened Fish Taco’s and Gordon’s Greek Dinner


The Dr. Seuss Section


Be Sure to Checkout Our Green Eggs and Ham…..

Click Here for:  Green Eggs and Ham and Green Biscuits with Gravy


One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish…..

Who doesn’t love the Dr. Seuss Section?

This represents our childhood.

Gordon, Brian, Veronica and Julie

Dr. Seuss Landing

Veronica, Brian, and ME

Love this guy!

The Dr. Seuss Fun House Mirror

Who Doesn’t Love Green Eggs and Ham?


Gordon the Photographer


Me, in Dr. Seuss Land

Roller Coaster

I do love the Foliage of Dr. Seuss.


Expedition Photography

I’m drawn to any photography display.

This one was quite unique.


At the Exit, Waiting to Leave the Park

Gordon, Same Thing.


One Last Look at the TWITTER Stairs

One Last Tweet

It was a lovely day at the park.  We will return.  Have a nice day!

Julie and Gordon