Julie Vintage and Treasure Hunting Continues….

Julie Vintage and Treasure Hunting Continues….

There is nothing more fun to me, than visiting antique malls, thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, and even a quick visit to Goodwill.

loading-the-car_small all-of-our-treasures_small

My car is usually filled to the max with my finds!

Usually what you find at these places are Made in the USA, good quality, hand crafted with pride, lovely unique items that still look beautiful, and that still work because they were made well at the time.  Even if they were made 100 years ago. 


What most people discard as being “old”, I treasure as being special. 

I have inherited so many lovely things from my Great-Grandparents, my Grandparents, and my Great Aunts and Uncles.  I treasure them for many different reasons, most of all because the items belonged to them.

I love a good pile of junk_small

Dedicated to all those like me that love nothing more than digging through a good pile of junk!

Julie Lancaster-Whann


Vintage Records

All summer long I have been listening to my son Brodie, listening to the music that I grew up with.  He fell in love with the movie, Guardian’s of the Galaxy, and they play all those old songs.  Not necessarily the records I have posted here, but the music that I grew up with.

I decided to drag out my old collection to show him. 

Between my mother and myself, we indexed all of my music.

The upside of being a hoarder.  I carry my past with me each and every day.  When I told my son of my record collection I didn’t have to dig it out of some attic, or some basement, all I did was to walk into the guest room, open the closet and pulled all of these out.  I don’t hide my memories and past away, I keep them very close.  🙂



Beautiful Book full of Treasures

I bought this old book for about $2.00 at my favorite thrift store.  Not only is the book itself such a beautiful treasure, and at such a wonderful price, but when I opened it all these beautiful things just spilled out of it.  Every page was loaded with all these dried flowers.

There were also 2 watercolor paintings in the book as well that someone named Christine had painted.  So, Christine, thank you for the paintings.  I love them.

Rarely is a book just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, but this one is!


Some Favorite Thrift Store Finds

You can find the nicest things when you go thrifting.

Here is an example of some of my favorite things I find on Saturday morning excursions.


There is so much value to be had in books!  And no, I’m not talking about monetary value, I’m talking about history, creativity, beauty, tradition, ownership, quality, craftsmanship…..

The artwork that went into the book cover, the book binding being unique, the aging pages, the quality.  My god, I could go on and on and on….  To be able to hold a book in your hands feel the weight of it, to turn the pages and feel the quality of the paper that was once used but no longer is.  To me there is no comparison between reading a book and reading a book off a tablet.  You can have your tablet.  I’ll take the book!

I also love finding old barware and cocktail picks and napkins.

I was so pleased to find an antique ice chopper for cocktails.

You can’t find these treasures in today’s department stores. 


January 13, 2018

Mystery Date with Vivien

My Old Mystery Date Game from the 1960’s

Johnny, Sabina and Vivien

We had family visiting from Ireland and I knew I would be spending time with my niece, Vivien, so I got out my old Mystery Date and we played, and we played, and we played.

I won twice, Vivien won once…..

And we had the best time.  Even though there is a 50 year difference in our ages.

What was a new game to her was a happy nostalgic time for me.

Vivien looking at her cards underneath the table.

I hope we can play again….



June 2017

My Grandmother’s Chocolate Set

My mother, Mary Keith, brought this down for me when she was here last week, it is my Grandmother’s Chocolate Set.

I do think that it originally belonged to my Great-Grandmother, Honnie.

I am so very excited to own it, especially for Christmas this year.


Julie Mothers Day 2016 cake and flowers_small


I will tell you where to find the nicest things at very cheap prices.

purse hat and gloves_small

Here I have a vintage purse that I bought on Ebay for mere dollars.  Also a pair of beaded gloves that I bought at a thrift store for $2.00.  Each bead hand sewn by a seamstress that took pride in her work.

My MD 2016_small coconut cake with roses_small

The vintage cake plate, luncheon plates, pink bowls, vintage purse and hat, all bought at thrift stores by me.


I do love my junque_small Asian dress from thrift store_small

I adore these items as they are very special to me and I only paid a pittance for them. 

fabric-for-jar-lids-accents_small our-cranberry-sauce-for-christmas-gifts_small

The lovely Asian dress I paid $7.00 for.  I couldn’t fit into it, as it was too small, but I did cut it up and use the fabric to cover our canned cranberry sauce for Christmas gifts.


You can even see the zipper and the snaps from the dress above.

I thought that added something interesting to the gift jars.



The light fixture below has played a grand roll in our Halloween and our Christmas 2016.

I love antique and vintage!

These are items that you just can’t find out there.  Unique, one of a kind items.

my great treasure finds_small

So come with me as we find even more items.

I am gearing up for January 2017 thrifting.

Won’t you come along??