Spring Backyard Fountain Pedestal Sink

Spring Backyard Fountain Pedestal Sink

My Backyard Fountain Pedestal Sink

the very pretty faucet_small

I have always wanted a backyard sink. 

One that would be lovely to look at, as well as functional to use.

in the window box_small

backyard sink_small

The only way that we could rig that up was to make the sink a fountain.  So I asked Gordon to do it for me, and here is how he did it.

Julies pedestal sink outside_small love my outside sink_small


A week before this project was completed, Gordon and Brodie had created this patio area for our new potting bench.

The AFTER for our potting bench landscaping photo_small

We spend a lot of time outside, that’s why I wanted a nice area to use as a base for my gardening. 

Gordon started to the far left along the back of our house and built a retaining wall, then we added a water barrel to help us to save a little bit of money on our water bill, by using rain water, then he and Brodie built this patio area for us to use for our gardening purposes.

pretty chair with flowers_small end retaining wall_small

This is a beautiful, functional area that we will use, I just wanted to add one more thing to make this all come together for me. 

A pretty view_small Julies pottery bench_small


The Spring Landscaping Project for the Backyard

Click Here for:  Spring Landscaping Project for the Backyard

Gordon and Brodie Working Together


Our Backyard Fountain Pedestal Sink

Our new backyard sink fountain_small


What I like about this is that I can either use it as a fountain, or a sink when I do some potting.  The water drains out the back and into the rocks and soil so there is no buildup or clogging. 

When used as a fountain, the water comes up out of the fixtures and shoots up into the air.

Veronica Easter_small Veronica and Brian out back_small

My Veronica and Our Brian

Julie and Veronica backyard Easter 2016_small

Veronica and Julie

This area worked so nicely for our Easter.  We even enjoyed some of our limoncello lemonade by the fountain.


Our Outdoor Limoncello Lemonade

basket of lemons and limes_small

lemons limes and lemon balm for lemonade_small

Lemons, Limes and Lemon Balm Herb

Julie making our drunken lemonade_small

I love lemons, and I love lemonade, and I love alcohol…..

So Limoncello Lemonade it is!

Just a nice cocktail to have outside by your very own potting bench.  🙂

makind the drinks_small Julies Drunken Spring Lemonade_small

I just eyeball this but I use an entire bottle of any brand of Limoncello liquor, a 2 liter bottle of lemon/lime sparkling water, about a cup of 100% organic lemon juice from Italy.  It’s a volcanic lemon juice.  Then I add various lemon flavored waters depending on what I find at the store.  Pour in some sugar just to get rid of all the tartness.

add some herbs with some slices of lemons and limes_small lemon balm with limes and lemons_small

Sliced lemons and limes with some fresh lemon balm as a garnish.

lots of mason jars with lids_small limoncello lemonade with herbs_small

Mason jars with lids and straws were perfect for this.

My drunken lemonade drinks_small

Our Limoncello Lemonade

refreshing Easter_small

Put On Ice

It was Perfect for our Easter Refreshment Outside by the sink

our outdoor lemonade_small


the perfect spot for my sink_small

We Found the Perfect Spot for my Sink


To make this project you need…

a few bags of paver base to give your fountain a steady base,

a concrete block large enough to hold the base,

two bolts and mounts rated to hold the weight of the sink,

two washers large enough to cover the holes in the back of the sink,

fountain pump and water tubing,

normal faucet tubing with an adapter to fit into the water tubing outlet,

threaded pipe cap,

thread tape,

large PVC pipe and end cap,

measuring tape,

level, drill, drill bit, and rubber mallet.  Whew!

ready to start our sink project_small Gordon is using a paver sand base_small

always adjusting and playing with it_small leveling the area for the stone slab_small

Smooth out the base in the area the concrete stone covers.

building up sink area_small

this is where the sink will go_small

Make sure your base is level using a rubber mallet and bubble level.

centering the area for the sink_small just look how happy he is_small

placing the base_small making sure the area is level_small

using a rubber mallet_small

Use your rubber mallet to make small adjustments.

you can see what is behind it_small the start of our sink_small

Mark on the wall the height of the pedestal sink.  Also take the measurement of the area within the pedestal for the pipe which will hold the water and pump.  The pedestals come in various shapes and sizes, so yours may not be the same as the one I have.

area prepared for the sink basin_small

Now, place the sink on top of the pedestal to get the measurement for the sink’s mounting holes.

the back of the sink_small

You can also attach the sinks drainpipes as seen above.


the marks on the wall for the drill_small requires a drill_small

Drill the holes large enough for the wall mounts.  Ensure your bolts are rated for the weight of the sink.

for the holes in the wall_small

Mount your sink onto the wall being sure not to tighten the screws too tight.

If your measurements are correct your sink will be nice and level!

perfect level_small perfect level 2_small

Now that we have determined where we want the sink to be, it’s time to attach the hardware.

capping off 4_small

Use thread tape to create a tight seal.

capping off_small capping off 2_small

Cap the side of the sink not being used.

the basin_small

attaching the faucet_small

capping off the faucet_small capping off the faucet 2_small

Tighten the sink’s cap.

starting to take teh shape_small

Use of a sink pipe wrench helps to accomplish this.

sink 1_small sink 2_small

Now, tighten on the inlet side water tubing to your sink.  This is the normal tubing you would use in a sink.

sink 3_small sink 4_small

Tighten the end of the tubing to the fitting which also fits into your clear tubing for your pump.

sink 5_small sink 6_small

sink 7_small sink 8_small

Tighten them both until snug.

sink 9_small sink 10_small

Cut this clear plastic tubing so it’s just long enough to reach your pump while it is within your large PVC pipe.  The PVC pipe is used to hold your pumps water and will be shown later.

sink 11 measuring the hose for the fountain attachment_small sink 12 cutting the hose_small

sink 13 attaching the hose_small sink 14_small

Cut your PVC pipe so it will fit into your sink’s pedestal.  Using PVC glue, affix your pipe to your end cap.

this goes inside the sink pedestal_small the after of pedestal insert_small

stbs_small stbs 2_small

stbs 3_small

Let the glue dry about 15 to 20 min.  Fill with water and test your system and fixtures for leaks.

sink 15_small sink 16_small

where the sink will go_small

Slide your pedestal under your sink and you are done!

I hope you enjoy this project!



Our Little Backyard Bird Parents

the birds nest_small

These two cute little birds built a nest in our plant here.  Because we our outside near it the parents are keeping their eyes on us.

Not to worry little parents, we are happy to have you live here.

shes keeping an eye on us_small our little mothers got a worm_small


Julie and Gordon



our backyard sink_small


Happy Spring!