Potting Bench Gifts of Herbs, Flowers, and Food

Potting Bench Gifts of Herbs, Flowers, and Food

Julies pottery bench_small

I love gift giving probably more than the recipient loves to receive the gifts that I give.

One of my favorite gifts to give is the gift of anything in pots.

Herbs, Flowers, Plants…

Especially in little pretty pots.

Here are a few examples that I put together this spring to pass out to family and friends.


Veronica getting her herbs for her kitchen_small

gift to Veronica for her kitchen_small potting bench project gifts_small

Gift of Herbs for Veronica’s Kitchen

Rosemary and Lemon Thyme, for her Chicken

Gordon and I are trying to get her to eat healthier now that she has a home of her own she’s too busy to cook.  She’s been living off ‘fast food’ for the past few months but she does love to cook chicken.  We’re trying to get her to incorporate more herbs into her diet.  Fresh herbs help to stave off cancer.   So we have chosen two herbs for her to cook at home with her chicken dishes.


colorful saucers_small

Pretty saucers are a favorite of mine.


 Julies pottery bench_small

Julie’s Potting Bench

This spring Gordon and Brodie created this lovely potting bench patio for me.  A lovely place where I can work on my herbs, plants and flowers.  A place that I enjoy very much.

The AFTER for our potting bench landscaping photo_small

This is the landscaping project that Gordon and Brodie made.

My flowers and bench_small

It’s a Beautiful Area for all of us to Enjoy


delicious desserts on the potting bench_small delicious floral desserts_small

Recently, we used the potting bench as place to showcase some nice garden inspired desserts.

pretty pink flowers_small this just says spring to me_small

This Just Says Spring To Me!


Hand Painted Pots

our hand painted pots_small

When we were living in Hawaii and my kids were little I always had them to do craft projects with me.  We would literally paint anything that we could get our hands on.  Flower pots, tiles, coconuts…..

But pots were a favorite as I did Craft Fairs and they would usually sell.

The above example is one that I did, one that Veronica did, and one that Brodie did.  I guess you can tell which one Brodie did.  🙂

potting bench getting some use_small

This is Beautiful To Me!

potting bench for herbs and flowers_small potting bench gifts project_small

Lots of Pots, Soil, Watering Cans, Gardening Gloves, and Tools

 calla lillies_small I love flower pots_small

Calla Lily and Some of my Pots

in the ground or in pots_small PPWFAH_small

I Love Lavender

It looks lovely in whatever pot I put it in. 

potting bench lavendar_small

lavender_small Snow White plant_small

Plant top right, Snow White!

I love chopsticks in plants_small Jade plant with chopsticks_small jade with chopsticks_small

I LOVE Chopsticks in Plants

Here I’ve got some lemon thyme, some basil and a few jade plants.


herbs with pots_small

The colorful blue and green pots I purchased at the Dollar Tree.


Gordon planting_small leftover flowers_small

Gordon filling in some of our leftover planters with some pansies.

Pretty blue garden cake_small

Cake in the Garden Beside the Pansies


pots herbs bugs and cupcakes_small

I Like Placing These Pretty Potted Herbs Onto Vintage Saucers

an old pot that Brodie painted when he was little_small Plants and bug cupcakes_small

Herbs and Cupcakes

The little painted pot to the left was painted by my son Brodie when he was very young, probably 5. 

The cupcakes are from my Potting Bench Dessert Blog and yes, those are real chocolate covered bugs!

mudpie cupcakes with bugs_small

For the Recipe see:

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Cute Calla Lily Gifts

cute calla lily gifts_small

I got the idea the make some Calla Lily tea sandwiches, although the idea was a good one, the execution was a bit tricky.

a calla lily plant and my potted call lily sandwiches and even some on a plate_small great sandwich idea_small

Here are my Calla Lily Tea Sandwiches

cl sandwiches_small

They work better laying down on a plate.

making my calla lily sandwiches in pots_small

How To Make the Sandwiches


White or Wheat Bread

Cream Cheese

Spring Onions

cream cheese and pots_small softening the cream cheese_small

I used a regular cream cheese and I also had a seasoned cream cheese as well.  To make the seasoned cream cheese I simply added a dry packet of Good Season’s Zesty Italian mix to one 8 ounce cream cheese.

You want the cream cheese to be at room temperature.

any colored salt will do_small sea salt for soil_small

I used sea salt as soil for my “standing” calla lilies, but always use a plastic bag in these pots because they are not safe to eat out of.

I thought about also using some crushed wheat crackers if the salt idea didn’t work. 

NOTE:  The salt doesn’t stick to the spring onion but it does help it to stand up.

trying to cut an oval shape out of a slice of bread_small you can also use a cup to center out a slice of bread_small

I used some White/Wheat bread here.  Make sure it is fresh and you want to cut out a portion to be used as the “flower”.  I tried doing it by hand, photo left, but it worked better when I used a cup to carve out a portion. 

 spreading the cream cheese onto the bread_small next place the spring onion_small

Once you have cut out an oval shape for the calla lily flower, then spread the cream cheese onto it.  Next place your spring onion onto the “flower” and use toothpicks at the base of the “flower” to secure.

its starting to take shape_small

It’s Starting to Take Shape

I did add some extra spring onions to the pot to help secure the calla lily sandwich ones.

great sandwich idea_small

For the extra “greenery” I added some of our garlic chives from our herb garden.

The lovely plant to the right is called a ‘string of pearls’.  It looks just like peas to me.


cute little pots_small

The little oil can was my grandfather’s.  I took it from his garage after he died and I’ve kept it ever since.

Happy Spring!



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