Our Outdoor Life Preview

Our Outdoor Life Preview


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          Creating Beauty  All Around You

 This is a living website as we update often.  We are a husband and wife ‘do-it-yourself’ couple that are used to getting our hands dirty, (actually I wear gloves), and sweating out in the yard working and creating new fun projects to make our home attractive, not to mention raising the property value. We have many projects listed on our website pages if you care to take a look.  This is our photo gallery to give you a hint at what we are all about.  So happy to have you here!


                                                Julie and Gordon


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A beautiful striking front entrance should always reflect the personalities of the owners.  Here our foo-dog keeps watch.


The Back Yard Should be Your Oasis

We have a fenced in backyard where we like our privacy and enjoy the nice mild climate of Florida.  Gordon and I have built all of this up ourselves.  We were given a clean slate to work with when we first bought our home.

Back Yard Fountain


One thing I wanted when we bought our home was a fountain.  A beautiful white fountain that I could look out my window and enjoy all year long.  And weather permitting, being able to sit outside to enjoy not only seeing it, but hearing the water trickle.

Barefoot In The Backyard

Beautiful Ap’es, Pretty Hydrangeas…..

Gordon built this retaining wall and added a lovely flower box underneath the window.  I added the pretty birdhouse so that I could give a bird family a home.

Gordon also built this path around yet another retaining wall that we added as a centerpiece to our backyard as we walk out the back door.

I Love Placing Flowers Into The Fountain

I also love statuary accents all over our property.


Our Home

Gordon Built the Retaining Wall

Gordon standing in front of his front yard retaining wall.

    You-Tube instructional video below to build your own.


 Barefoot in the Back Yard Herb Garden

Julie’s Herbs

Be sure to check out the pretty garden in my backyard.

Smelling these delicious herbs from my garden.

Gathering Herbs for meals as well as Cocktails

Learn how you can start your own herb garden.

Julie’s Herb Garden


Weekend Landscaping Project

The Before Photo

Gordon is building up what was a landscaping border and turning it into an accent retaining wall.

The After Photo

This retaining wall houses our grand bougainvillea and one of our pink lemon trees.

Such a Pretty Side to our Yard

Just another face lift for the backyard.

We have many more to go…….


Our Real Foo Dogs

Sugar Booger and Chunky Monkee

The Bookends


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Nothing makes us happier than a car full of lovely things to plant in the yard and new projects to work on Ape’s, Anthuriums and Bromeliads.




Gordon sitting on one of his retaining walls that he has built in our front yard.  You-Tube instructional video below.


We are by no means finished with everything that we want to do on our property.  It will take us years but we will eventually get there.

Care to get there with us?

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Then stay tuned!

Gordon and Julie